Who's Got Game? With Nush Cope | Strawberries & Creems Festival | Season 1 Episode 4

  • Published on Jul 10, 2017
  • Filmed By @ricardospace1
    Edited By @charleseveret and @halbray1
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Comments • 182

  • Wall Of Comedy
    Wall Of Comedy  2 years ago +34

    Lets Us Know What You Think Of Today's Show

    • Smartest Guy
      Smartest Guy 2 years ago +1

      The Wall of Comedy SHITE. WE WANT FILLY

    • Eric Draven
      Eric Draven 2 years ago +2

      The Wall of Comedy this is actually a sick series, its just that most of these losers don't actually have game lmao.
      Keep doing your thing though guys ;)

    • Free Max B Owww
      Free Max B Owww 2 years ago

      lmao alie

    • Danny P
      Danny P 2 years ago +6

      Keep this show it's actually entertaining.. I mean Filly is your franchise player but give my boy Willy a new segment tho

  • Jason Ngeno
    Jason Ngeno 4 months ago

    Nush I wanna rack you from the back maaaaamiii

  • A. Frosty
    A. Frosty 5 months ago

    An asian kid called Ruben with 69 on the back of his top who dabs is probably the worst thing that will ever be featured on this channel

  • NaveedCentral
    NaveedCentral 7 months ago

    All these guys have low energy. Most girls love guys wiith high energy, especially when they're going out to have a good time. Even a simple hing such as twirling a girl could change everything. 👊🏼

  • Charlie Brentwood
    Charlie Brentwood 7 months ago

    All black people the disrespect🤦🏼‍♂️😱

  • Ja T
    Ja T 9 months ago

    This just proves how much power women have

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 10 months ago

    Honestly nush is the sexiest girl there

  • Ale So
    Ale So Year ago

    The clickbait was reaaaaal with this one

  • Ali Abbas
    Ali Abbas Year ago

    they call me big man 😂 man sounds like a 12 year going in and out of puberty

  • UK Drill Edits
    UK Drill Edits Year ago +5

    Lets be honest, We only clicked this vid cah we saw Jhus on the thumbnail

    ITS_JOSH Year ago

    bro...ryan's voice is JARRING

  • Meliodas Meurem
    Meliodas Meurem Year ago

    Lol this reporter is GONE, she's brutually honest with the guy (which is good I'm not saying she shouldn't) but fails to show the same kind of honesty to the girls. Is not that impressive for a girl to get a guy's number, but this girl goes over the top saying "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" "OMG, YOU NEED TO START A SCHOOL, WHERE CAN I APPLY" like come on calm down.

  • Silva B
    Silva B Year ago

    Man's brown

  • Sandy Brookes
    Sandy Brookes Year ago

    Its not hard, the boy dem just got no game

  • 1897
    1897 Year ago

    That second guy's voice 😅 omg, wasn't expecting that

  • Mole Hansman
    Mole Hansman 2 years ago

    Big man needs to train legs still

  • oliver goddard
    oliver goddard 2 years ago

    All these people are clapped lol

  • Liam Dodoveci
    Liam Dodoveci 2 years ago

    Ryan sounds like RS 😂

  • Berlz 2bummy
    Berlz 2bummy 2 years ago +1

    I think RS should be one of the presenters that's will be funny

  • Bob Martins
    Bob Martins 2 years ago +1

    Loooooool nush don't ask p money for dating advice cah that breh beats the gyaldemm.

  • Free Truth
    Free Truth 2 years ago

    Girls are waaaaaaayyy better than this 😂

  • Richard Opiah
    Richard Opiah 2 years ago

    J Hus sounds more yardie than Shaggy.

  • Max Black
    Max Black 2 years ago +1

    Oi who remembers when girls used to say "scuse me my friend likes u" when they're tryna move to a guy 😂

  • Rachid Khamlichi
    Rachid Khamlichi 2 years ago

    he ain't j hus body guard

    SUBTRACKSTAR BEATZ 2 years ago

    Bigman was a little like rs lol roll thafe yeah

  • Haroon Khan
    Haroon Khan 2 years ago

    Be like J-Hus see what I done, came with a white chick left with a black one

  • M P
    M P 2 years ago

    6:03 😂😂😂

  • sjsharky
    sjsharky 2 years ago

    Jhus is buzzin

  • Ree Lala
    Ree Lala 2 years ago +17

    Man said "down there big" are you sure? You sound like ur balls haven't even dropped yet mate😂😂

  • mrlildylchillin
    mrlildylchillin 2 years ago

    presenter is stunning, bubbly and that where is she when im about

  • mrlildylchillin
    mrlildylchillin 2 years ago

    yo that last girl moving thirsty

  • MadMaxInks 123
    MadMaxInks 123 2 years ago

    All you need is money to draw girls some girls say that they don't need money but there lying

  • Emmanuel Efezokhae
    Emmanuel Efezokhae 2 years ago

    R.S Jr😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 years ago

    That black guy with that voice 😂 it works everytime apart from the time they are on the spot

  • Jayzha
    Jayzha 2 years ago


  • tay x
    tay x 2 years ago

    Jhus has the weirdest voice

  • 1million subs no videos

    Ryan needs a leather jacket and hes good to go.

  • BIG_14
    BIG_14 2 years ago

    I don't like this girl

  • Smartest Guy
    Smartest Guy 2 years ago +4

    J hus a battyman

  • Abbey J
    Abbey J 2 years ago

    this big man sounds like a little rat🤣😂😂🤣

  • Eric Draven
    Eric Draven 2 years ago

    Dr Singh thought diz could cure bad game, sorry bruh C-

  • Levi Jones
    Levi Jones 2 years ago

    That chicks only angle is sex, what u doing later, mybe we can work something out, dead shallow.

  • Karan Bagri
    Karan Bagri 2 years ago

    All these people hating on this girl, she ain't even that deep uno chill tf out people

  • Mo Mussa
    Mo Mussa 2 years ago

    Too funny they call m big man 😂😂😂

  • Denchimus
    Denchimus 2 years ago +1

    Hus needs a trim

  • King Jay
    King Jay 2 years ago +1

    Click bait j-hus is in for 0.00000000003 seconds

  • Roonho7
    Roonho7 2 years ago

    Nah Ryan reminds me of the Diary of a Badman guy

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 2 years ago +1

    shes moist

  • Jessica Walton
    Jessica Walton 2 years ago

    I don't have a problem with nush cope, why does noone like her ffs 😂

  • Lipsparring champ
    Lipsparring champ 2 years ago +5

    The only game women have is between their legs.

  • Mashtown Drilla
    Mashtown Drilla 2 years ago

    Yhyh I want ure number right now!!! loooool

  • Faizol Mai
    Faizol Mai 2 years ago +2

    The girl with the tattoo her game was dead 💀

  • Faizol Mai
    Faizol Mai 2 years ago

    English girls are not all that to be honest

  • Faizol Mai
    Faizol Mai 2 years ago

    Good video but cut down the intro video

  • Rich14Richy
    Rich14Richy 2 years ago

    Na how many times did the first guy say vibe... Cringe

  • Maestro Boss
    Maestro Boss 2 years ago

    It wasn't impressive bruv lol all guys wanna do is beat

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 years ago

    She's so butters

  • Pavan Virdi
    Pavan Virdi 2 years ago

    Please carry on with these

  • Just Youtube
    Just Youtube 2 years ago

    girls cant have game. any half decent looking girl approaching a guy will obviously have their number taken

  • Faisal Ahmad
    Faisal Ahmad 2 years ago +6

    8:17 Man pulls out the OG Nokia 3310 Trap phone 😂