Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories and Predictions

  • Published on Apr 2, 2019
  • Who will die in Game of Thrones Season 8? Will Jon Snow and Daenerys have a baby? Who will claim the Iron Throne? We asked a psychic, a mathematician and a superfan to address some of the biggest Game of Thrones Season 8 questions and deliver some solid predictions about the final episodes. Game of Thrones Season 8 airs Sunday on HBO.
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Comments • 58

  • prasanna u Bhat
    prasanna u Bhat 8 months ago

    The math lady got it totally wrong

  • Sandymoor's Hippest Hipster

    My predictions, with reasons:
    1. Sansa will end up as queen of Westeros. GOT borrow heavily from English history, especially the period 1000-1500. Cersei has similarities to Mary I (bloodthirsty bitch), while Sansa is clearly heavily influenced by Elizabeth I (ginger, one parent was beheaded by king, was not expected to become monarch due to older siblings and brothers, turned out to be extremely competent and beloved queen etc.). In terms of storytelling, Sansa is probably the best character to end up as the monarch, since out of all the characters she is the one that has learned/developed the most across the series.
    2. All of the Lannisters will die except Tyrion. Tyrion will become the head of house Lannister. It was repeatedly emphasised that Tywin did not consider Tyrion a 'real Lannister' and there has been plenty of dialogue in the series about whether Tyrion is trying to destroy his family/house or to trying to help them. I think the reason for this was to increase the irony when he ends up becoming the head of house Lannister.
    3. If I'm correct, then Sansa will be in charge of the North (and effectively in charge of the Vale) near the end of the season, and Tyrion will be in charge of the Westerlands (and effectively in charge of the Reach, the Riverlands and the Crownlands at least). I expect they'll come to some sort of arrangement regarding how this allows them to run the kingdom. Marriage seems obvious, but given that Sansa's historical analog (Elizabeth I) ruled alone maybe they won't get married again.
    4. For the above to happen, Daenerys and Jon Snow will also have to die. From a storytelling point of view, I would expect Daenerys to die since she's been too successful across the span of the story (so her continuing her success would be boring). I would expect Jon to die since bringing him back to life a few seasons ago would be a bit lame if he then lives on beyond the conclusion of the story. They can't send him off on a boat with the Elves like Frodo did in Lord of the Rings, so I expect to die... although him finishing the story 'alive' but broken and empty might fit the theme!

  • Bleex
    Bleex 9 months ago

    Littlefinger will play the Game of Thrones and sit on the throne at the end.

  • Im going to serve my enemies Fire and Blood

    I agree with the mathematician girl that Dannys death odds are more low than Jons odds and also i definitely see them having a baby in S8 ..If Jon and Danny dies there should to be someone to continue the Targaryen line in the end ..and that will be a son ..The sons always in medieval societies continued their fathers legacy..Sansa being the NQ ..that will be fun to watch .I cant see there being Iron Throne in the end either.

  • alexralph7
    alexralph7 9 months ago

    Are these retards really saying GOT is not complicated story telling???? " just a bunch of people fighting for a throne" you sir are a fucking IDIOT

  • Eddeh 07
    Eddeh 07 9 months ago

    So basically no one knows, and everything is a crapshoot regardless of your method...

  • Electronic Music Selections

    it's bizarre to say that night king wants the iron throne when we don't really know his true intentions.I think that there will be no iron throne at the end to sit your ass in

  • Deen Ali
    Deen Ali 9 months ago

    Someone WILL sit on the throne but not for long. There's gonna be a major catastrophe that wipes out the old world hence giving shape (geography, civilization etc) to a new one...the one that we live in today.

    STAXXMCDOOGLE 9 months ago +2

    Everybody in the 7 kingdoms drinks wine but the night king dont got no wine....maybe he just wants some wine

  • Alan Foxx
    Alan Foxx 9 months ago +2

    Cersi will sit on the Iron Throne, but it's not really Cersi, it's Arya wearing Cersi's face.

  • lordcommander
    lordcommander 9 months ago

    most of these are already very obvious, the one interesting and intriguing idea is that sansa being turned into a ww

  • Philip Todd
    Philip Todd 9 months ago +1

    Everyone of these are idiots lol

    • Vasilis Milonas
      Vasilis Milonas 9 months ago

      THANK YOU I CRINGED THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. I thought i was the only one

  • Jam baar
    Jam baar 9 months ago +1

    If Daenerys wins the throne it ll be the shittest ending ever

    • Sandymoor's Hippest Hipster
      Sandymoor's Hippest Hipster 9 months ago +1

      Too right. 'Magical orphan girl of royal blood frees the slaves, then returns, defeats the spooky monsters and wins back her throne from the evil Queen' belongs in a Disney cartoon, not this kick-ass series.
      Similarly, 'Orphaned prince, unaware of his parentage, proves himself a respected leader and, after heroically saving the land from the monster army, becomes a wise and beloved king' looks like a synopsis for one of the cheesiest sword-and-sorcery novels ever. I'm convinced the GMM Martin has more taste than that!

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      Lol it would be because it's not game of thrones style, it's definitely not going to be her or Jon, I believe nobody will sit the Iron Throne

      TAETAE CABELLO GRANDE 9 months ago

      Jam baar the best ever

  • Anish Akuji
    Anish Akuji 9 months ago +3

    Everyone things cersie will die,but I think cersie will survive

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 9 months ago

    I also think the Night King will wipe out Kings Landing. Danys vision shows a burned throne room filled with snow, making you think Jon Snow will sit the thrown. That seems a bit too obvious. I think the vision means the "King of Winter", the Night King, will sort of sit the throne. He'll at least win a very big victory in Kings Landing

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown 9 months ago

      And the Night king is gonna raise the Lords of Winterfell, including Ned, and thats gonna be a massive stab in the gut for all the fans

  • Pedpost Urgent Care
    Pedpost Urgent Care 9 months ago +2

    Top 6 candidates to win the G.O.T..
    1) Night King: Not interested in the Iron Throne but Interested in killing the azor ahai (the chosen one). Will be dealt with in episode 1 and 2 of season 8.
    2) Daenerys: Not a natural leader. The Gods defy her chances. Too reckless. I see Cersei Killing Daenerys gruesomely with the gold cloaks euron brings.
    3) Gendry: A 30% chance he sits on the iron throne but his purpose is not defined and his storyline is lame. His father led a rebellion. Not likely the throne will be Gendry unless everyone dies.
    4) Jon Snow: The chosen one, a leader not asking for leadership, he is fighting the right wars, has honour, already died and came back, a targaryen and not a bastard. 90% chance he is chosen.
    5) Cersei: A moving target. Too many want her dead. So she does but in episodes 3 or 4 of season 8. I think they will kill her mid sesson.
    6) Euron: Too new to outsmart Cersei. I think Cersei will kill euron shortly b4 she dies. No chance euron ever sits on the throne.

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown 9 months ago +6

    I think bran will die next season. At the end of s7 Arya and Sansa repeat what their father said in season 1. "When the white winds blow and the snow falls, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives"
    Since he became the raven, hes no longer bran stark. He said so himself, hes not really the person he used to be. Hes notably detached from everyone. Ntm after that quote it goes directly to a shot of bran sitting alone by the weirwood

  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh 9 months ago +3

    They can still have a baby on the show if bran sees in the future and sees the baby

    • Lisa S
      Lisa S 9 months ago

      @Ruh Roh Same thing different wording. But there's definitely a male child born.

    • Ruh Roh
      Ruh Roh 9 months ago

      @Lisa S doesnt mean there has to be a time just. Like I said can could seen into the future to show us

    • Lisa S
      Lisa S 9 months ago

      Actually, there's a commentary with D&D and Kit and all three confirmed Dany will have a "little Jon." Therefore, the ending will have a time jump.

  • Jermster_91
    Jermster_91 9 months ago +12

    Come back to this after season 8 finishes and laugh at who got it wrong.

  • Amy Priyanka
    Amy Priyanka 9 months ago

    may be in the end dany and others will be successful and dany finally will die in piece as a hero after death she will go to night lands where sun rises in east west blah blah prophecy and she will meet khal drogo there and yes so may be in season 8 jason mamoa is also playing a role

    • Amy Priyanka
      Amy Priyanka 9 months ago

      @Alex Brown yesss i know i was wrong lol i just cant stop my predictions for season 8 lol well i deleted that topic :)

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown 9 months ago

      In the book the child dies, and s1 follows the book very closely.
      When she gives birth in the book, its said that her baby was born with scales and a disfigured body because of the blood magic the witch used to heal Drogo. That is apparently a common thing that occurs to victims of bloodmagic, as its happened elsewhere in recorded history in the books

  • Amy Priyanka
    Amy Priyanka 9 months ago +2

    I believe cersei will be captured between many white walkers and jamie or tyrion will kill her for her piece and safe death

    Just like jamie killed mad king i believe cersei will become mad queen and again jamie will kill her ofcourse no wonder he king slayer

    But i believe i am wrong 😂

  • xarg1aek
    xarg1aek 9 months ago

    Mathematician: There are approximately 40 million people in Wes...

    • Shannon T
      Shannon T 9 months ago

      xarg1aek Remove her from the equation, it is known!

  • Yoshino Yuuki
    Yoshino Yuuki 9 months ago +2

    i'm basically not going to denied night king survival rate..... well isn't he like really powerful?? 1 hit a dragon dead @.@

  • James Clark
    James Clark 9 months ago

    Little finger isn’t dead and will rule

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown 9 months ago

      Oh no, hes dead. You see the reaction on his face when Sansa says "when I want to know a persons motive, I play a little game"? That's something he taught her, and something only he would know the meaning behind. That was the real him, and he had his throat slit by a girl who's been killing people for sport. Hes dead as fuck

  • OscaPaul 3
    OscaPaul 3 9 months ago +2


    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      Lol I agree that they should've fought Cersei first because it would be quicker to get rid of her and they wouldn't have to worry about fighting her after they defeat the NK and his army after they've lost a ton of people in their own army but I know they won't fight her first because Jon would rather deal with her afterwards and I believe Daenerys would listen to him.

  • OscaPaul 3
    OscaPaul 3 9 months ago +1

    For anybody to say Jon is going to die ridiculous to me. The Lord of Light wouldn't have kept him alive to die without staying alive at the end. If Jon doesn't find out he is the nephew of Daenerys they will get married, but she will not due giving birth as she has already given birth to a baby and was fine. I just don't see it. And I don't think the Night King will win anything although I wouldn't be surprised. He obviously doesn't give a damn about sitting on the throne, he just wants to kill everything.. but then again maybe he does want to sit on the throne. I would be so amazed if the Night King ultimately helped Jon Snow and they team up to kill Cersie and her army. Maybe the Night King is Bran although I doubt it. If there was no Night King Daenerys and Jon's army would easily win the Winter War, I just don't see how they will be able to fight the Night King. The fact that Jon has to fight two battles in order to win the war pisses me off. Mainly because it would have been so much smarter to go straight to Kings Landing weeks before the Night King would have made it to Winterfell BECAUSE THEY WOULD HAVE DEFEATED CERSIE AND BY DOING SO WOULD HAVE HAD A MUCH GREATER ADVANTAGE HAVING KINGS LANDING AS THEIR BASE!!!

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      It does piss me off that Daenerys didn't just go ahead and kill Cersei in season 7 because when they fight the dead, tons of her forces and Jon's forces will die and possibly another dragon will die trying to take out Viserion and by the time they retreat South, Cersei will have the numbers and possibly wildfire. But Kings Landing would've definitely been their best base be ause of the water surrounding it instead Jon and Daenerys were STUPID enough to believe Cersei would actually help them, well Jon doesn't really care who sits the throne because he's all about fighting the dead but him and Dany speeded up the night kings arrival when he took down a dragon and burnt down the wall.

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      @Alex Brown she wouldn't have had to wipe out kings landing had she just burned Cersei at the dragon pit, that would've ended the war without either army having to battle each other that day.

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown 9 months ago

      They couldnt have taken kings landing without wiping it out, which would completely go against every value that has gotten Daenerys to where she is right now. Although she is starting to act more cruel, she may just become another mad targaryen since the whole show is based on history repeating itself

  • OscaPaul 3
    OscaPaul 3 9 months ago +3

    Does anybody remember the episode in season 2 where Daenerys goes into the "House of the Undying" and finds herself in the throne room. The roof is burnt off and there is snow covering the floor. I think that was a huge foreshadowing scene and will be a vision that comes to be real. I really can't predict what will happen, I really hope Arya kills Cersei and I hope she helps The Hound kill The Mountain because he will need help. Motherfucker is undead. So many characters are going to die. I want all the bad characters to die but out of the good ones I really want Sansa to die. She has turned out to be a bitch.

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      I believe nobody will sit the Iron Throne. I think either Cersei will blow herself up in the Throne room to make sure that no one else gets it after her or Daenerys will burn down the Throne room to kill Cersei and that's why there will be seeing snow on the Iron Chair

    • Alex Brown
      Alex Brown 9 months ago

      She really hasnt though. And to be fair, she went through a lot. She was held hostage for years, tortured mentally by cersei and joffrey, sold to the boltons, raped and mentally tortured more. She's become less of a bitch. She actually loves her family now, and shes becoming very smart. Fuck she had littlefinger killed, and he was the catalyst for everything in GoT so far.
      But she will die. If the Wolves theory is true. Lady died in place of Aryas wolf in S1. Sansa will give her life for Aryas in the end

  • Elodie C.
    Elodie C. 9 months ago

    I don't feel like Cercei will die. Jaime too

    • Felix Blacksher
      Felix Blacksher 9 months ago

      @Elodie C. lol. I'm just hyperbolizing. I know nothing

    • Elodie C.
      Elodie C. 9 months ago +1

      @Felix Blacksher no no no no *covers ears* no no

    • Felix Blacksher
      Felix Blacksher 9 months ago

      They die together

  • OscaPaul 3
    OscaPaul 3 9 months ago +3

    I have read a lot of books like the genre of Game of Thrones and the good men/woman/characters don't always win. I would hate it if Cersie won the throne but I wouldn't be surprised. I would be surprised if the Night King won, but I am hoping he goes past Winterfell and goes straight to Kings Landing, but I am sure he's smarter than putting him self in a situation to be caught in the middle. I don't think Daenerys will die if she gives birth to Jon's baby because she has already given birth to Drogo's seed and didn't die. Like I said, the protagonist doesn't always win in this genre. I cannot wait to see how this is all going to play out. So much for one final season I can't imagine how many people will die. Jon Snow will not die, he doesn't care about sitting on the throne. And when or if he finds out his true blood he will not marry Daenyers, at least I would hope not. Daenyers didn't do all this for nothing so I definitely see her sitting on the throne.

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      I think no one will get the throne, like we saw in the house of the undying and in Brans vision in season 4ep2

    • Sydni Taylor
      Sydni Taylor 9 months ago

      @cathy landers me too

    • cathy landers
      cathy landers 9 months ago +1

      I want jon and daenerys have baby and get married

  • Cameron Beltram
    Cameron Beltram 9 months ago +1

    Night King 5%👀

    • James Clark
      James Clark 9 months ago

      Cameron Beltram makes no sense because they’ve said if you kill the night king they all die

  • IX1110
    IX1110 9 months ago +2

    Tyrion to be on the throne. So obvious. Everyone has it wrong.

    • Felix Blacksher
      Felix Blacksher 9 months ago

      Definitely not, although he will try. Even if it means betraying Dany and Jon