£500 Track Car Challenge

  • This week, Alex, Ethan and Jack try to pick up a track car for £500 before pitting it against a brand new Renault Megane RS Trophy in an track battle showdown with a difference!
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Comments • 80

  • Connor Carlisle
    Connor Carlisle 10 hours ago

    I used to enjoy this channel but you went boring after constantly buying shitty little mx5 hairdryers

  • Grand Scheme
    Grand Scheme 19 hours ago

    What's the f**king point?? haha classic

  • Vetrix
    Vetrix Day ago

    you guys all should of each bought 500$ cars and raced each other to see whos car is the fastest and who is the best driver

  • fendt 724
    fendt 724 5 days ago

    Love the videos 👌 you did track off road an few more didnt see a drift car one yet .

  • Johan Harris Zain
    Johan Harris Zain 8 days ago

    Ethan will become the next F1 driver

  • WelkySchullin
    WelkySchullin 9 days ago

    Thx guys!

  • Hahahah Hahahah
    Hahahah Hahahah 13 days ago +1

    This is better than top gear

  • Jeremy Harvey
    Jeremy Harvey 14 days ago

    Obviously im American but what is MOT?

  • Nameless
    Nameless 16 days ago

    Cheap drag or drift car build pls

  • Trevor Dyhrkopp
    Trevor Dyhrkopp 17 days ago

    Why are cars so cheap in Europe, in America I can’t find anything this cheap, maybe i just don’t know how to look.

  • Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Very informative and well done, we will be at Knowledge Fest please take some time to view our page.

  • Petr Šálek
    Petr Šálek 27 days ago

    2:02 Alex:*OOOH* Maisie: Is he summoning a demon¿

  • Frazer Goddon
    Frazer Goddon 29 days ago

    You lot eat a ton of Kebabs :). Enjoying the channel.

  • Alec
    Alec Month ago

    Another awesome episode. Old top gear feels.

  • sam
    sam Month ago +1

    5:22 “its got sparco something.. or spark plug” *those two are not synonymous*

  • Bloodfire
    Bloodfire Month ago

    Why not pick the Hyundai Tiburon Coupe? I have one and I'd beat an MX5 all day everyday.

  • _ Tychee
    _ Tychee Month ago

    Mighty video!! Loved it!!

  • ThatMikeGuy
    ThatMikeGuy Month ago

    why arent you guys hosting top gear?

  • Long Side
    Long Side Month ago

    ahahahahahahahhahaha sounds dodgy ....you 3 a doddy hahahahahahahah big up yourselvs

  • Ray Dulic
    Ray Dulic Month ago

    Guys there’s a facebook group called ‘card for under £500’, it would save you from a lot of searching

  • Joshua Minke
    Joshua Minke Month ago

    Pleasantly surprised by Alex's car control, he handled that over steer like a pro. 💪👏

  • NeedFor_Burnout HD
    NeedFor_Burnout HD Month ago

    Team mx5

  • Nick Riley
    Nick Riley Month ago

    Is this curborough sprint circuit?

  • Chrism8ts
    Chrism8ts Month ago

    Alex in 2016:I feel like the NB is just the akward middle child, i dont like it very much.
    Also alex:

  • Matty flecher
    Matty flecher Month ago

    Mcm chopped sticker added 100 hp

  • Gregory
    Gregory Month ago

    Why are cars in the UK so. damn. cheap. Y’all are so lucky

  • Jack Pellen
    Jack Pellen Month ago

    What about a Toyota Celica 190? Quicker than a 2.7 Hyundai and an Mx5.

  • Félix Bouchard
    Félix Bouchard Month ago

    How can a 2.7L v6 have only 165 hp...

  • just so 1
    just so 1 Month ago

    Was disco boy selling that mx5

  • arda11 arikan
    arda11 arikan Month ago

    What happened to the Garret

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown Month ago

    Anyone else disappointed that they went mx5 yet again?

  • F7OLY فصولي
    F7OLY فصولي Month ago


  • heystirke300
    heystirke300 Month ago

    should hav bought the Hyundai coupe as well and race against the mx5

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C Month ago

    What track is that? Loving these vids

  • Stephen Conway
    Stephen Conway Month ago

    You guys are a great team. Your videos are relevant as well as so funny.

  • A_P A_P
    A_P A_P Month ago

    How do you have MX-5’s like that for that cheap over there? here in the states, you’d pay 2-3 grand for that exact car.

  • epoxone
    epoxone Month ago

    So good, enjoyed that :D

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    Great episode. An mx5 is ALWAYS the answer!

  • FuelTales
    FuelTales Month ago

    MX-5 throttle ssdd

  • Nico Postigo
    Nico Postigo Month ago

    Great video!!

  • Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic

    That wheel work at 19:25 ish tho!! Sheesh

  • Rudder
    Rudder Month ago

    Haha I noticed there is a mighty car mods chopped sticker on the Mazda XD

  • uyeahuyeah
    uyeahuyeah Month ago

    Ethan... got fed up... wkwkwkw...

  • Randi Sallah
    Randi Sallah Month ago

    I've watched this over and over and don't get it, it's a race I.e. Which is faster.
    First bloke does 43.09
    Other bloke does 43.23 and apparently he's the winner.
    Would someone please explain how he's the winner by not beating the first bloke's time??? 🤔

  • TheDarthVader_GR
    TheDarthVader_GR Month ago

    is this 500 quid series sponsored by west kebab? xD

  • Piotr Pilarski
    Piotr Pilarski Month ago

    Wait... That Hyundai... 2.7 V6... 165 hp? What the hell? It should have twice as many.

  • Sebastian Kobialka
    Sebastian Kobialka Month ago

    holy shit does he drive the mx5 gently good on the track. what a legend

  • David Shenton
    David Shenton Month ago

    Breaking news !!!!! Ethan sticks to the racing line !!!!!!!!

  • David Shenton
    David Shenton Month ago

    Breaking news !!!!! Ethan sticks to the racing line !!!!!!!!

  • TechnoGuz GD
    TechnoGuz GD Month ago

    The better new top gear

  • kar oma
    kar oma Month ago

    just checked your "budget" track car, *Mazda MX-5 2005 4th hand*, it costs in my country 15,646 GBP , but it's ok, you can get a 7th hand one for only 14,059 GBP... fuck me! i need to move country

  • Swoosh & WyTiger
    Swoosh & WyTiger Month ago

    Good video, but too much mx5 on this chanel !!!!!!

  • The Yorkieman
    The Yorkieman Month ago

    This video made me want an mx5

  • Thijs Kennis
    Thijs Kennis Month ago

    43.9!!! "oh genuinely" 😂🤣

  • Call A Spade A Spade

    The Inbetweeners dose top gear 👍👍👌👌👌🤣🤣🤣

  • Ek4jordan
    Ek4jordan Month ago

    We need more of this let’s get our old top gear back woohooo!

  • Dgisch
    Dgisch Month ago

    Wtf you got this for 500
    i bought my MX5 in worse shape for 1800€
    Germany is just a joke

  • Hussain AL-Derazi
    Hussain AL-Derazi Month ago

    Would love to drive a Porsche in this circuit.

  • Dankburgh
    Dankburgh Month ago

    idk why bbc hasnt just hired this lot for top gear tbh

  • Patrick Losiniecki
    Patrick Losiniecki Month ago


  • That•320i•Guy
    That•320i•Guy Month ago

    Nooo not an MX5 again... I’ve seen enough of them already!

  • MC gamer
    MC gamer Month ago +1

    This is the new old top gear, I only want a bit more for the challenges.

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Month ago

    Brilliant chaps. Subscribed.

  • Just Ted
    Just Ted Month ago

    Exactly this made Top Gear superb, these cheap challenges and friendship. You can’t find it anymore...

  • TheSwiftGamer
    TheSwiftGamer Month ago +1

    Something wholesome about seeing Alex genuinely chuffed that Ethan set a decent time in the Renault!

  • FuZion Acidic
    FuZion Acidic Month ago

    I feel like Jack doesnt really get involved

  • bds
    bds Month ago

    Got my 525tds for 500 euros 🤩 its a f. peace of s, 😫😝 check me out

  • ian cooksey
    ian cooksey Month ago

    Good job boys proves you dont need a flash toy to be fast and have fun

  • Wind em up!
    Wind em up! Month ago

    These 3 guys are definitely better than Top Gear.

  • Jim Jam
    Jim Jam Month ago

    But surely, in the interest of fairness of weight, someone should have been in the passenger seat of the MX-5?

  • KillSwitxh
    KillSwitxh Month ago

    These cheap car challenges is just me buying any car iv bought, never spent more then 1000$usd on a car my Integra I just got was 600$usd less the your 500pounds

  • Tronci
    Tronci Month ago

    Nice drifts

  • xxoan.16
    xxoan.16 Month ago

    watching this i had similar feeling to watching Top Gear or The Grand Tour ; )

    they deserve a littler more prominence, though

  • josh clarke
    josh clarke Month ago

    Race driver wins. That meg would smash the mx5 to bits if it was fair

  • RI G
    RI G Month ago

    This reminds me of old top gear

  • ev_nero
    ev_nero Month ago

    Don't remember when I was giggling and laughing so much watching auto video 😂😂

  • Blake Walden
    Blake Walden Month ago +1

    "I'm already bored"
    Me, whenever anyone says a V6 is fun.
    They're shot engines for wankers.

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell Month ago

    Be nice to see you guys do something with honda s2000 similar to mx5 but stock much faster

  • John Hosking
    John Hosking Month ago

    As hyundai coupe club member... MX5 was right choice. The coupe is slow even the V6. The older 2.0L RD models are slightly faster than the V6 as the V6 is heavier.

  • Jorn Navarre
    Jorn Navarre Month ago +1

    So very satisfying seeing an old MX5 do so well against a new car with twice the power !