• Published on Feb 7, 2019
    We love abstract art as it is the perfect choice to decorate your home especially if you prefer a modern or minimalistic home design. Abstract art is a way to express your feeling without any special skills as you do not need to follow and guidelines. You can choose any color or form as there is no limitations just pure freedom. Moreover, you can use different unexpected tools to express your creativity. One of the easiest and popular kinds of art if fluid art. It takes only a few steps to create a masterpiece. Besides, it’s a really cool way to paint as you even don’t need brushes instead you can use a hairdryer, a mop and a piece of cardboard. So, you don’t need to have special art skills, take a canvas and acrylic paints and start creating a masterpiece. The main idea of fluid art is the process of pouring paints onto a canvas and spreading paint without a brush. The first step is to take a plastic cup and pour layers of different paint colors in it. Place canvas on top of your cup and carefully flip the whole thing over. Use a hair dryer to spread the paint over the canvas. Now you have a cool decoration item!
    If you love impressionism, you can try to paint a picture using…a mop! Yes, it sounds crazy, but watch our tutorial and you will be surprised by the method.
    You can create a cool bleach pen. Could be used to make cute greeting cards and pictures. Take a bowl and pour bleach into it. Remove the core out of the highlighter and soak it until the original color is gone. It will take a couple of hours. After that make a colorful background, take a bleach marker and start creating.
    01:16 How to draw a hand
    03:47 Make a cool mug
    11:33 Fluid art tutorial
    14:20 Quick way to draw sea
    18:23 Palm art tutorial
    22;16 Awesome spirograph art
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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  5 months ago +262

    Spyrograph ideas you'll like 22:16🌸
    Superb kitchen hacks for you thexvid.com/video/LKGwE0F85OQ/video.html

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    Ya arrebasastes a badabun y al rubius

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    I am positive that the first hack was called...

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    The Galaxy Gamer G.L 19 hours ago

    it corn starch?

  • gacha_ kiwi
    gacha_ kiwi Day ago

    Why can't u jus get a white marker at the dollar store.

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  • kids can do anything!

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  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl Day ago

    are they using canvas?

  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl Day ago

    where did you draw that? i am thinking that if you put any tapes on paper it will be Broken if you remove the tape

  • Random Gurl
    Random Gurl Day ago

    where did you draw that? i am thinking that if you put any tapes on paper it will be Broken if you remove the tape

  • Kassandra Boladeras

    Are they using crayons or oil pastels at 6:28? :)

    • Kassandra Boladeras
      Kassandra Boladeras 14 hours ago

      Lisa Ross thank you :)

    • Lisa Ross
      Lisa Ross Day ago +1

      Kassandra Boladeras,
      Most likely oil pastels. There’s no way crayons will smudge that easily.

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  • Chloe slime and more

    0:09 this is not art 🙁

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  • DragonBone Fiasco
    DragonBone Fiasco 2 days ago

    16 easy and cool artwork hacks?
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  • Aleeshia Mathew
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    Why would you even do that on your hand.. just more work and unnecessary things in this video
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  • Aerro Plane
    Aerro Plane 2 days ago +2

    Yup because these are art hacks

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    why am i watching this i need to go to bed

  • Beauty Gang
    Beauty Gang 2 days ago

    I try these hack it don't work

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  • Alice Ngo
    Alice Ngo 3 days ago

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  • Alice Ngo
    Alice Ngo 3 days ago

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    rezafamily 123 3 days ago

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    If you don’t know what it is it’s called oobleck

  • Simple Girl
    Simple Girl 3 days ago

    For the starch and water so.eone in my brothers grade got first place for a science fair and all he did was put starch and water together when my brother made a solar windmill but my brother got in 4th place and I think the guy who got first only got first bc his grandma was the principal of the school so.... yeah judges better take more precautions when checking out science fair prodjects

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  • A Girl And Her Drums

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    10:39 Im sorry but this is the worst abstract art I've seen. but thats just my opinion

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