Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
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Comments • 5 616

  • suraj narwani
    suraj narwani 5 hours ago

    try street food it's better

  • Abdul Mirza
    Abdul Mirza Day ago

    Indian street food breakfast is soo much better than mcdonalds

  • Sherry
    Sherry Day ago +1

    What? American *superior* ?

  • Nagarajan M
    Nagarajan M Day ago

    U told they were taste like a carboard then did u ate some cardboard

  • Miko Dy
    Miko Dy Day ago

    jackie chan is that you?

  • Maisam Mohamed
    Maisam Mohamed Day ago


  • Waris Warsi original


    SHINY PLAYZ 3 days ago

    i love the way people react to him

  • hola
    hola 3 days ago

    Burgers in India are depressing

  • Shafiqah M Jafreh
    Shafiqah M Jafreh 4 days ago

    Just curious, do they serve beef burgers in mcdonalds there?

    • Pankaj More
      Pankaj More Day ago

      Nope... Indians eat only healthy meat..

  • Editgameing Davey
    Editgameing Davey 4 days ago

    He finally tries something without broth

  • TSA Mario
    TSA Mario 5 days ago +1

    I once threw up in a burger

    in my dream

  • My Strain
    My Strain 6 days ago

    1:30 gotta love those captions *"Jose eats this ain't your porno scrambled eggs"*

  • sandy shores
    sandy shores 6 days ago

    2:11 the guys in the right was like what the is he doing

  • HotCrazyCatLady Me
    HotCrazyCatLady Me 7 days ago

    He didn't look at her in the eye even once while ordering, which seems rude. I hate it when people don't address me directly, and I think that would be made worse for her with his accent (being that he's in India).

  • supaflyjordan
    supaflyjordan 7 days ago

    This guy loves mcdoanlds just like me.

  • JusThat
    JusThat 7 days ago

    this is india ? i thought they dying from poverty why would mcdonalds exist there

  • kyle wiley
    kyle wiley 7 days ago

    the real question is would you spend your money on it

  • Puran Rai
    Puran Rai 7 days ago

    Do vegan challenge

  • Jacob Holm
    Jacob Holm 7 days ago

    Do people in India eat at MCDonald's whereas they serve sacred animals on your place - cows and beef?

  • ꧁ αɓμʝαα ꧂

    i didnt know jackie chan were in india

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A 8 days ago +1

    A McDonalds without beef.. Sounds kinda nice actually. More sustainable too

  • Radhika Chatterjee
    Radhika Chatterjee 8 days ago

    India and its status conscious people. The brown people feel entitled as they eat in McDonald because its a foreign chain. I didn't like any of their food when visiting. Prefer the Normal Original US McDonald.

  • Choco Loco
    Choco Loco 8 days ago


  • DuuuzY
    DuuuzY 8 days ago

    🤢🤢 i hate Mc Donald's 🤮🤮 bleee

  • Ashna Modi
    Ashna Modi 8 days ago

    Damn Im hungry

  • Advocado Gamer
    Advocado Gamer 8 days ago

    There was a shake bag to mix that flavour with fries not just put it above 🤣

  • Arshia Arora
    Arshia Arora 8 days ago +2

    “Thumbs up, the Indian version of Coke”
    Erm, no.

  • Nikki
    Nikki 8 days ago

    You are supposed to use the paper back to shake the fries with the powder LOL

  • MyBean
    MyBean 8 days ago


    Subtitles: 'this ain't your porno scrambled eggs'

  • MagICal__cubE cube
    MagICal__cubE cube 9 days ago

    Who eats breakfast in McDonald's 😒 at least not in India.................

  • jo aap chahe ji
    jo aap chahe ji 9 days ago

    Look like jackie chain...

  • Nitay Kapoor
    Nitay Kapoor 9 days ago

    lol bc

  • aPpArElL mEMes Scooter Bro Gaming


  • Chetandas Khobragade

    Have you came to Nashik for McDonald's because I live there

  • NPN Channel
    NPN Channel 9 days ago

    No beef in india...not cool

  • S&S films
    S&S films 10 days ago +1

    Who eats macD in India ??🙄🙄 , When you got thousands of India famous food ..

    • ribhav jain
      ribhav jain 7 days ago

      There is a whole playlist for India.12videos

    • S&S films
      S&S films 7 days ago

      +ribhav jain seen all videos , reason I have written that line .

    • S&S films
      S&S films 7 days ago

      +ribhav jain thanks 😊

    • ribhav jain
      ribhav jain 7 days ago +1


    • ribhav jain
      ribhav jain 7 days ago

      Saare videos dekh uske 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    MAHALAXMI DAYAL 10 days ago

    Did u eat all burgers?😱😱😱😱

  • Site Bene
    Site Bene 10 days ago +5

    Jackie chan is still looking very young for his age

  • Babak Babak
    Babak Babak 10 days ago

    Maharaja Mac!

  • Karti Kar
    Karti Kar 11 days ago

    Mutta podimass first one

  • Pankti Patel
    Pankti Patel 11 days ago

    Bro Americans have better McDonald’s I live in America but I went to India and tried. There McDonald’s it’s awful I mean there mchickens taste discriminating

  • Jayden Dsilva
    Jayden Dsilva 11 days ago +1

    Why is mc Donald terrible in USA
    Me from India: BRUH

  • Manivel Natarajan
    Manivel Natarajan 11 days ago +5

    1st person to appreciate the chicken patty in McD 😂😂

  • siddhi korgaonkar
    siddhi korgaonkar 12 days ago +30

    You get coke in India
    Thumbs up isn’t Indian coke
    They’re separate soft drinks

  • Halle Johnson
    Halle Johnson 12 days ago +7

    He says it taste like cardboard. How the hell u know what cardboard taste like😂

    • R Perez
      R Perez 9 days ago

      You've never had cardboard before? Lol. Seriously though, it has a smell that you can taste (like soap) and that's what he's talking about.

  • Shy Bitch
    Shy Bitch 12 days ago +2

    No beef!!

  • Lakze
    Lakze 12 days ago

    McDonalds only uses these kind of products, cause they last for years

  • Queen B
    Queen B 12 days ago

    It's awesome that they have so many vegetarian stuff I wish the German McDonald would too

  • Queen B
    Queen B 12 days ago

    Is the McDonald in India halal? Just wondering

  • L x w H v R m
    L x w H v R m 12 days ago

    I live in India and I can tell you 80% of people here dislike McDonalds. Its either pizzahut, KFC or just traditional Indian food lol.

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny 13 days ago

    *Matt Stonie wants to know your location*

  • Bre Sams
    Bre Sams 13 days ago

    That breakfast! Omg!😭😭

  • jalfredl
    jalfredl 13 days ago

    On 1:31, with the captions on:
    “Jose eats this ain’t your porno scrambled eggs”. 😂

  • Eli
    Eli 14 days ago

    You should’ve got the paneer burger it’s delicious

  • Michael B
    Michael B 14 days ago +1

    All this food looks totally disgusting.

  • Franklin clinton
    Franklin clinton 15 days ago

    why is there no meat ? and why only chicken ?

  • Iyed Zarad
    Iyed Zarad 15 days ago +8

    This was very hard to watch since I'm fasting

  • Pizzarrific tanki
    Pizzarrific tanki 16 days ago

    Bruh..... Y is everything chicken? Where is beef. 🥩

    • sameer khan
      sameer khan 14 days ago

      +Pizzarrific tanki bhag bhosdk

    • Pizzarrific tanki
      Pizzarrific tanki 14 days ago

      +Halphas oof " for serious Indian Mafia pls dnt kill me "

    • Halphas
      Halphas 15 days ago

      Pizzarrific tanki bruh, u don’t wanna be asking that in India. The predominant religion in India is Hinduism, and in their religion, cows are considered to be sacred. That’s why you won’t find beef really anywhere in India. Try to learn more before you question the culture.

  • Prisya Nader
    Prisya Nader 16 days ago

    indians looking sharp like they never seen an asian before

  • Nimra Ahmad
    Nimra Ahmad 16 days ago

    Who's watching this in ramadan?

  • Talent Man
    Talent Man 16 days ago +18

    Like who’s watching while fasting in Ramadan 😄

    • Talent Man
      Talent Man 12 days ago

      Fatimah Rehan 😂😂😂 me too couldn’t resist

    • Fatimah Rehan
      Fatimah Rehan 12 days ago

      I love torturing myself

  • Adrian Magana
    Adrian Magana 16 days ago

    The food looks decent.

  • VViNcEnTT :D
    VViNcEnTT :D 17 days ago

    You look like Jackie chan

  • Abi Begum
    Abi Begum 17 days ago

    I thought the marajun Mac said marijuana mac

  • rose russo
    rose russo 17 days ago

    why am i watching this while fasting?? this is making me hungry

  • Ollie Olsen
    Ollie Olsen 17 days ago

    Ha just take care man. People who eat fast food regularly have chance to die early from heart attack.

  • Steven Cheung
    Steven Cheung 18 days ago

    Great video, thanks Mikey! When are you next in Taipei?

  • Brendan kearney
    Brendan kearney 18 days ago

    Welcome to Diabetes land

  • Idk Caracal
    Idk Caracal 18 days ago +7

    Try all junk food in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia !! You'll love it

  • Mrunmayi Jadhav
    Mrunmayi Jadhav 18 days ago

    This jackiechan is mad 😂😂😂 he ordered potato naan and saying it doesn't taste like chicken 😂😂😂😂

  • Ame Bone
    Ame Bone 18 days ago

    In Israel McDonald's also sucks and very pricey.

  • Sport Solutions
    Sport Solutions 19 days ago +4

    2:11 the guy who was staring at the camera 😂😂😂

  • Asian Boy
    Asian Boy 19 days ago

    Bood bood curry buck choy

  • Cliff Carr
    Cliff Carr 19 days ago

    No way am I going to McDonalds when going to India,..India has thousands of delicious dishes of their own tradition I would rather try, but I see why you have made the video all the same.

  • Mazafaka as
    Mazafaka as 19 days ago

    U look like chacky chan hehe

  • Divyansh Gautam
    Divyansh Gautam 20 days ago


  • Divyansh Gautam
    Divyansh Gautam 20 days ago

    Bhosdika inda kam nahi hai

  • Pooff7
    Pooff7 20 days ago

    Why. Me America not so good with McDonald's

  • Suhas Dara
    Suhas Dara 20 days ago +5

    I (a vegetarian) am in the US for the past two years for college and I really miss all these from the Indian McD.

  • M Media
    M Media 20 days ago

    Why? I ask that same question. In the U.S.A, very questionable. Outside on point !!

  • private_ account
    private_ account 20 days ago

    This video is more like Unboxing Mc🍔 😂😂

  • F
    F 20 days ago

    Why is McDonald's all the way in India

  • MiorRizo Amir
    MiorRizo Amir 21 day ago

    Watch this with caption, 😂 its funny

    BTS ARMY 21 day ago

    I saw 2 indian men just staring at the big man like "wtf is he talking to?"

  • Katherine Phaye
    Katherine Phaye 21 day ago +1

    McTSeries :P

  • Taylor Dumas
    Taylor Dumas 21 day ago

    This dude knows food

  • arunanshu sarkar
    arunanshu sarkar 21 day ago +1

    try pipri piri powder next time its damn spicy

  • Crab Rave
    Crab Rave 22 days ago

    Imagine how pissed people would be if they served beef

  • Shantam Moitra
    Shantam Moitra 22 days ago

    Boi this is fake.i live in India there is no such thing as dosa and scrambled eggs

  • Christina Young
    Christina Young 22 days ago

    The guy in the background in the second one 😂

  • Keakzie
    Keakzie 22 days ago

    I just realized that India people don't eat cows lmao

  • Haroon Arain
    Haroon Arain 23 days ago

    Chapata naan is aloo (potatoes) so it’s not supposed to be chicken

  • Not a person Ok
    Not a person Ok 23 days ago

    2:40 it isn’t 24 hrs Everyday :(

  • Heleen Ghafour
    Heleen Ghafour 23 days ago

    Believe it or not i have never tried MC

  • SS gaming
    SS gaming 23 days ago

    Very spicy

  • gauri raj kumar aggarwall

    Omg now I'm craving mac Donald's

  • Vanshini Goswami
    Vanshini Goswami 23 days ago +2

    OKAY, I got Hungry😐

  • 64imma
    64imma 24 days ago

    Dude I practically live off of mcchicken and mcdouble sandwiches lol

  • Elenimarina Georgiou
    Elenimarina Georgiou 24 days ago