Ryu does deadly counter to Fei Long | [HD] Clip from 'Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie'

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • That tatsumaki counter tho...
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    About Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie:
    In this animated film, M. Bison, leader of the international crime syndicate Shadowlaw, is recruiting the world's greatest fighters. Bison targets Japanese fighting master Ryu, who possesses gravity-defying abilities. Unable to coerce Ryu, Bison captures and converts Ken Masters , an ex-classmate who shares Ryu's fighting style. Meanwhile, Chun-Li of Interpol teams with an American soldier to crush Shadowlaw.
    Directed by Gisaburō Sugii

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Comments • 55

  • Isaiah Harris
    Isaiah Harris Month ago +2

    #FeiLong #DLCForSf5

  • fohstick a
    fohstick a Month ago

    1:29 - i thought this move was an anti-air

  • Pikachu Yoshi
    Pikachu Yoshi 2 months ago

    Only Fei Long knocks

  • Kageryu
    Kageryu 2 months ago +1

    In all honesty...They didn't do Fei Long any justice. He shouldn't have gotten his ass beat that bad by Ryu.

  • i khan
    i khan 2 months ago +8

    Why no more such animes. .😭 I miss it. . Memoriess. .i have this in Cassatte

  • Christian G. Castillo
    Christian G. Castillo 3 months ago

    Van Damme vs Bruce Lee

  • Wellington yasmin
    Wellington yasmin 3 months ago

    O melhor

  • Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis 4 months ago +2

    That's wat tat tat whirl kick is ryu bread and butter

  • Pastel Xenon
    Pastel Xenon 5 months ago +2

    I like how Fei Long is kinda animated like Kenshiro. Fits with the style of the time

  • Sift knife
    Sift knife 5 months ago +7

    Hahahhahahaahah this is why I love street fighter. TATSUMAKI SENPAKYU!!!!!!! ALSO fei longs line. NNNOOO!!!! WHERE NOT DONE YET!!!!! YOU HAVENT SEEN ANYTHING!!!!!! GET READY!!!!!!

    • Sift knife
      Sift knife 2 months ago

      @xSteelrain right that motahfucka landed straight on his shoulders and got back up and sent fei long twirling lol

    • xSteelrain
      xSteelrain 3 months ago +1

      Ya Fei Long burned Ryu's gloves and knocked him down. Ryu expression was like "Okay Motherfucker, you pissed me off."

  • Darryl Maddox
    Darryl Maddox 5 months ago +1

    Caught him with a texttextbyuuuukin

  • Nick Franklin
    Nick Franklin 5 months ago

    Fuck with the best.
    Left in your rest.

  • cjmike1024
    cjmike1024 6 months ago +1

    14-19 fei long showing out.

  • neoasura
    neoasura 7 months ago +1

    I fucking love that elbow/knee smash to Fei Longs foot at 0:51

  • Alexandros Tsitlakidis
    Alexandros Tsitlakidis 8 months ago +18

    Fei Long IS the Danger... The one who knocks!

  • Stown_Bawz _Geese
    Stown_Bawz _Geese 8 months ago +9

    Where did ryu gloves go.....?

    • blackchang1981
      blackchang1981 5 months ago +2

      I never noticed that before. 🤔🤣🤣🤣

    • adrenalinex4
      adrenalinex4 7 months ago +6

      Stown_Bawz _Geese they got burned by fei long's kick

  • Blakkheim
    Blakkheim 8 months ago +37

    The animation even for today's standards are some of the most impressive I've seen in anime. That end scene when fei long takes the senpuyka(however you spell it) and the way his body moves, the motion, incredible.

    • Christian G. Castillo
      Christian G. Castillo 3 months ago

      Some of the best animators in Japan participated in this movie, among them the great Minoru Maeda, who was a main animator of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z

    • Brad Mason
      Brad Mason 4 months ago +2

      TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!!!!!⬇️↙️⬅️+👟

    • Sift knife
      Sift knife 5 months ago

      Lol I love it how he put that move to togther and he timed it well

    • neoasura
      neoasura 7 months ago +7

      Definitely some of the best animated choreographed moves. I especially like the one where Ryu catches Fei Longs foot in that knee/elbow crush

    • Powerless Man
      Powerless Man 7 months ago +2

      I waited so long for someone to notice it.

  • EyeHeart Phonies
    EyeHeart Phonies 9 months ago +37

    Fun fact Fei Long is Heisenberg. He's voiced by Bryan Cranston.

    • JJJS 0801
      JJJS 0801 4 months ago

      I was going to comment that 🤣

    • Midnight Pulp
      Midnight Pulp  5 months ago +1

      amazing. you can really hear Walt in there.

  • Alvesama
    Alvesama 10 months ago +9


    • xSteelrain
      xSteelrain 3 months ago

      @Kelly Yang Haha. You're damn right.

    • Kelly Yang
      Kelly Yang 4 months ago

      I laughed at that part

    • Sift knife
      Sift knife 5 months ago +2


  • mikoyyuy13
    mikoyyuy13 11 months ago

    Wtf happened to his voice!?

  • PANADOL ESport
    PANADOL ESport 11 months ago +1

    this is officially or what ?? more intense pls, so slowmo fight

    • Dark Tenka
      Dark Tenka 5 months ago +5

      This is from the movie "Street Fighter II: The animated Movie" .. its an old movie from 1994. It is a real official movie and it is amazing, I highly recommend you watch it.

  • DaBrown101
    DaBrown101 11 months ago +50

    Now this is street fighter! I wish they would make more movies in this style or similar without having "magical" powers. Keeping it a little more on the realistic side.

    • jashard wallington
      jashard wallington 2 months ago

      Chi is a very big part in martial arts. It is your life enegry

    • Christian G. Castillo
      Christian G. Castillo 3 months ago +2

      @Red Sparrow
      Who were those martial arts experts?

    • Red Sparrow
      Red Sparrow 4 months ago

      They had two martial arts experts choreograph the fight scenes for the movie, and their goal was to try and keep it plausible.

    • Imozart0341I
      Imozart0341I 4 months ago +4

      rainbowrabbit He means it doesn’t go overboard like JoJo or Naruto even though I understand the fore mentioned were meant to be overboard

    • Rankurusu777
      Rankurusu777 4 months ago +2

      @rainbowrabbit I think they're stating they like seeing actual "street fighting" as opposed to using Hadoken or Tatsumaki mindlessly, because it's available and a thing they can do. Like the Chunli x Vega fight scene in her room from the same movie, she isn't using Kikoken or crazy uses of Spinning Bird Kick. It didn't seem like a complaint, more of a praise.

  • Pau Nas Jegas
    Pau Nas Jegas 11 months ago +12

    0:31 Damn look at that kick!

    • Brad Mason
      Brad Mason 3 months ago

      Standing hard kick

    • Sift knife
      Sift knife 4 months ago

      @Kevin Mura fei longs shin kick is deadly hit 1:28 ryu got knock all the way on his back with legs up near his ears and slid across the ground his ass never touched the ground lol. but made up for it with that bad ass counter 1:35 TATSUMAKI SENPAKYU

    • Kevin Mura
      Kevin Mura 4 months ago

      That's a strong kick. Though, my favourite kick is at @0:38. Fei Long's-

    • Sift knife
      Sift knife 5 months ago +1

      That's his strong kick and then follow by a medium kick. Well executed