Game Of Thrones 8x06 ENDING SCENE Jon And Arya And Sansa Season 8 Episode 6 S08E06 ENDING SCENE

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Game Of Thrones 8x06 ENDING SCENE Jon And Arya And Sansa Season 8 Episode 6 S08E06 ENDING SCENE
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  • Charlene Beck
    Charlene Beck Month ago +1289

    Sad. Not the ending hoped for.

    • dieauferstehung
      dieauferstehung 21 hour ago

      jon got bckstabbed byhis own people

    • New Profile
      New Profile Day ago

      @Tibby Day i see fair enough. but yes Dany screwed up asking Jon to bend. You cant expect loyalty when he nor Winterfell didnt want to bend the knee

    • Tibby Day
      Tibby Day Day ago

      @New Profile she was, but in the end she finally admit jon as her brother, you can keep blame her cause what she did when she was young, i know she's not a very likeable person, she's my least favorite stark's kids also(*along with rob), but again she's changed, and just like she said to dany and bran, north peoples just want a freedom, no more war, not know how long it will last, but her attention is good

    • New Profile
      New Profile Day ago

      @Tibby Day Well Dany did screw up big time when she insisted that Jon kneel to her. But tbh Sansa wasnt a good person. Treated jon & dany bad. She grew up in a high place and treated Jon like the bastard he wasnt.

    • Tibby Day
      Tibby Day Day ago

      @New Profile she's doing it because she doesn't trust dany, and she's right, she probably start in the wrong way, but in the end her heart in the right place

  • puffgirl1952
    puffgirl1952 5 hours ago

    I think I prefer the Fanfic versions; those stories are offense...

  • Axel
    Axel 8 hours ago +3

    Drogon took Danny east to the red temple to become night king 2.0 in the novels

  • fezmel
    fezmel 11 hours ago

    What a shit ending.

  • Caleb Clifford
    Caleb Clifford 13 hours ago

    When I see Jon & Tormund riding at the end I think of send me my way by rusted root from Ice Age

  • Sadique Basha
    Sadique Basha 20 hours ago

    Fate Whispers To The Warrior
    "You Cannot Withstand The Storm"
    The Warrior Whispers Back
    "I am The Storm"

  • dieauferstehung
    dieauferstehung 21 hour ago +1

    shit ending
    jon gets backstabbed by everybody

    bran snitched on everybody to get the throne told jon parentage so he can betray dany
    arya wanted to go back home NVM i want to go WEST OF WESTEROS LAL
    sansa backstabbed jon too for saying his heritage only to benefit herself
    so jon basically got backstabbed 2 times in the show
    and his targaryen lineage is useless
    shit ending

  • Stupid Moron
    Stupid Moron Day ago

    Sorry your dragon show sucked.

  • Pratham atal
    Pratham atal Day ago

    Shitty episode but i totally loved this scene.

  • Lorraine Kamanda

    I'm happy for the people who loved the starks the only character I loved Danny got nothing.. Not even recognition I prefer Lord of the Rings Frodo was given alot of Love even after almost losing his mind.. Now Danny will be remembered as the mad woman even after everything.. Just not fair

  • WTF!!! Duniyawalo
    WTF!!! Duniyawalo Day ago +1

    Never expected Arya to become Christopher Columbus🤣🤣😞😞🚢

  • Raphael Khan
    Raphael Khan Day ago

    Had a lot of problems with season 8. This was not one of them. I never gave a fuck about Daenerys and her dragons. For me the tale was always about the Starks. A family's life, death, and rebirth. It began and ended with them.

  • Thomas Marzec
    Thomas Marzec Day ago

    i do wonder who Sansa will marry.

  • Tibby Day
    Tibby Day Day ago

    Ned stark would been really proud, his kids going through a lot, maybe too much, but their heart always in right place

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez 2 days ago


  • CatcherOfBass
    CatcherOfBass 2 days ago

    Sansa and Bran always wanted to be in power. Jon was supposed to be King but they screwed over their brother. Bran knew this all of these events would take place for him and Sansa to get to a place in power since he can see the future.

  • TH30-TAR
    TH30-TAR 2 days ago

    the end of the game of thrones would be better if it showed the hot pie routine

  • Natalie Parker
    Natalie Parker 2 days ago

    I'd always wondered why Jon and Tormund never talked about the reason they met in the first place (hint: a certain badass and kissed-by-fire freewoman)? But then in seeing that look from Tormund and then the one that Jon gives back, I realized that they never really needed too... That's one helluva friendship!

  • Schattenvolk Official

    Did anyone register that hint of "Spring is coming" at 5:09? =) I kind of love that!

  • Pinche Guy
    Pinche Guy 3 days ago

    So Jon hears something then turns around and looks back, whats that all about?

  • Lich King
    Lich King 3 days ago

    I have a question. What happened to the seasons? Are they still irregular. Do Winters still last years or have they become normal after the death of the white walkers and the dragons

  • Mo Luj
    Mo Luj 3 days ago

    Torrhen Stark bowed to Aegon I Targaryen during Aegons Conquest and now Aegon VI Targaryen bows to King Brandon Stark.

  • Timetravler 2056
    Timetravler 2056 3 days ago

    So glad I never watch this crap ha

  • D P
    D P 3 days ago

    The music gives me chills every time

  • Humann 67
    Humann 67 4 days ago

    Such a magnificent piece of art tragically destroyed by the creators themselves !!

  • Rufus Bonner
    Rufus Bonner 4 days ago

    This may seem minor, but it is so unlike George Martin to not monopolize on Jon being a Targaryen aside from it being used to create drama with Daenerys. That was the entire point of a buildup for seven years of "Promise me, Ned?" It just seems like a letdown.

  • Don Hendricks
    Don Hendricks 4 days ago

    Still can't believe these crazy writers, the ending was really poor. I think its safe to say it single handedly destroyed the whole show. What a mess.

  • kulerrro
    kulerrro 4 days ago

    so are the boltons, karstarks, umbers, thenns, targaryans, lannisters, tyrells and tarlys all offically extinct houses?

  • Halidrox Ahamed
    Halidrox Ahamed 5 days ago

    All are need to thank lord edderd stark for Giving and training those talented childs
    He is the true hero
    Finally a good familly wOnZ

  • vwgames49
    vwgames49 5 days ago +1

    I would actually like this ending if how the show got here made any sense

  • the English Anime Tour Guide 一橋オタ次郎

    and so, Arya Stark set sail for North America where she eventually became the founder of the Order of the Assassins we seen in Assassin's Creed 3 the video game. Good Job Arya!

  • Laura Ellla
    Laura Ellla 5 days ago

    Honestly this doesnt feel like an end END, its like theres another season after that, i had imagined the series final scene with bran on the throne and the camera zooming out with the music, Besides, what is there to do for Jon in the nights watch now that theres no more Army if the dead lol, I thought the whole point of the nights watch was to guard the wall against the dead army and "winter coming". Honestly this doesnt make sense thats too bad. But great series globally.

  • Liz Onyuh22
    Liz Onyuh22 5 days ago

    Sansa wanted to be queen: became queen of her own homeland
    Jon wanted to be a ranger like uncle Benjen: king of all the real north
    Bran wanted to be a knight of the kings guard: became the king to be guared
    Arya admired queen nymeria: will be her incarnate

  • Angel Velazquez
    Angel Velazquez 5 days ago

    What happened to the queen of dragons

    • Love Me
      Love Me 4 days ago

      you didn't see the last episode ???

  • Ezhan Javed
    Ezhan Javed 5 days ago

    a little part of me died when I watched it. We won't see a show of this standard any time soon

  • AngelicusImmortus
    AngelicusImmortus 5 days ago

    Best part. Jon doesn’t do what he’s told/ordered to do. He doesn’t take the black he leaves with the Wildlings and free folk

  • Mohammad Rasool
    Mohammad Rasool 5 days ago

    It was the worst ending of all time 😒🙏

  • Dr. Oliver Thredson
    Dr. Oliver Thredson 6 days ago +1

    You can say what you want about this season but these last minutes of the final were so touching and awesome

  • Volkier Neigh
    Volkier Neigh 6 days ago

    Arya - I see "adventures of Arya" spin off from this. 10/10 would watch.
    Jon Snow - Mate, at least pick somewhere less cold or something. Looking at you makes my nuts shrivel up.
    Sansa - Meh. Being useless as always I see... XD

  • Anuojat
    Anuojat 6 days ago

    There and Back again, a Bastards Tale. By Jon Snow.

    4/8. *Like the throne, one should never get comforatble sititng a masters seat for too long.*

  • Krzysieks
    Krzysieks 6 days ago

    Bad ending ,bad 8 season

  • Simon Richard Dent
    Simon Richard Dent 6 days ago +1

    I knew it Sansa would end up the Queen . Elisabeth 1st, Queen Isabella the she wolf married at 12 grows into the most power women. both had similar story's .

  • Kermit
    Kermit 6 days ago

    I would watch an Arya and Jon spinoffs.

  • Kōshaku
    Kōshaku 6 days ago

    Arya Stark would later go on to find a strange land full of strange indigenous people. She would ruthlessly conquer them for the Northern Crown, establishing a horrific slave empire that would haunt this new land for hundreds of years. Also she’s not Columbus, don’t look into it.

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 7 days ago

    And they all lived happily ever after
    except for DROGON

  • Mino Montinaro
    Mino Montinaro 7 days ago

    bello schifo

  • Alecc Macc
    Alecc Macc 7 days ago

    Meeeeeeeh :(

  • Pixel Eyes
    Pixel Eyes 7 days ago

    Worse ending indeed

  • Nasur Akhtar
    Nasur Akhtar 7 days ago

    This gives me chills everytime.

  • Ruben Teckmun
    Ruben Teckmun 8 days ago

    Post Sansa there will be no heir to the kingdom of the North?

  • Foreign Jefe
    Foreign Jefe 8 days ago

    I will miss this show

  • Maestro Classico
    Maestro Classico 8 days ago

    If you take into account the stupidity of making Bran King and Dany going so insane that the only answer was for the man she loved to kill her, this was a pretty decent ending (in spite of all the countless red herrings of Jon being the prince/king whatever). I mean Sansa sure AF deserved to be QON.........Arya deserves the chance to spread out and discover the new world (as she was clearly getting tired of the old one), and though the writing that got him here is TERRIBLE.....Jon happy! He pets Ghost and is the new KING BEYOND THE WALL. Did you see all the Wildlings smile while he walked by! But unlike when under, Mance Rayder....they now really ARE FREE! Hell it's the EIGHTH KINGDOM. Jon is a hell of a lot happier then if he had to rule in King's Landing after killing the woman he loved. (Ironically, Jon would have had damn near the same council as Bran). ANNNNND the rest of the Starks don't have to be around when Yara and the Ironborn turn on Bran and Tyrion which she surely will do. If you consider the TERRIBLE writing that got them's not so bad..the closing montage here is visually stunning.. And Ramin Djawadi THANK YOU! Your score did help drastically! Now he can devote his full attention to giving us an amazing soundtrack for WESTWORLD!

  • Axel
    Axel 8 days ago +1

    I’m happy atleast they got a happy ending! Sansa definitely deserved to be the Queen

  • fiachraswaz
    fiachraswaz 8 days ago

    jon snow had sex with 2 people in his life and they both had violent deaths, he has a bigger kill percentage than aids

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez 8 days ago +12

    Meanwhile, in Meereen...
    Second Son lieutenant: I wonder how things are going over in Westeros...
    Daario: I'm sure Daenerys is doing fine, she's probably already Queen.

    • Rosario Manorang Manik
      Rosario Manorang Manik 5 hours ago

      a couple of moments later seeing Drogon flying across meereen.
      "What the fuck Drogon's doing in here, where is danny"

    • Matthew Valentine
      Matthew Valentine 2 days ago

      hah, Daario has probably appointed himself Grand ruler of Bay of Dragons, created a trinity of governors to overlook, Yunkai, Astopor and Meereen, and turned the sceond sons into a legit homebased army.

  • Legio 800
    Legio 800 8 days ago

    I have a question. How did they found out that Jon killed Dany with a knife in her heart if the dragon took her away? Did Jon told everyone that he did it. Was he that stupid?

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar 8 days ago

    ending of every great story is written by a broken pen.

  • living life like Tina
    living life like Tina 9 days ago +1

    It’s sad that the Targaryen blood line is over.

  • A Boy Is No One
    A Boy Is No One 9 days ago +1

    3:40 i hate this bitch
    What terrible d&d did with our queen Daenerys 😖

  • Mainstream fanboy
    Mainstream fanboy 9 days ago

    A lot of things I didn’t like about the last season(I mean a lot). But was pretty happy with the starks winning must admit

  • Gulshan Saini
    Gulshan Saini 9 days ago

    Music speaks louder than words.

    SIREESHA YEPURU 9 days ago

    This all stared with starks and ended with starks

  • Nina Duval
    Nina Duval 9 days ago

    Queen in the North. Queen in the North. Queen in the North. Queen in the North.

  • Matthew Booth
    Matthew Booth 9 days ago

    The true king of the north

  • Mau365PP
    Mau365PP 9 days ago +1

    I wanna propose an alternative meaning to this scene with a little change in the story. Imagine that at the Battle of Winterfell after Arya's impossible jump, when she stabs him instead of killing him she only turns him into his weakest form (you know, just like Voldemort from Harry Potter). So he losses control of his army and goes back to the woods to hide. After the Battle, Bran explains that the NK can't be killed when he has all his powers and when the NK is weak he is impossible to track with magic.
    I say this to justify the existance of the Night Watch, with the NK alive he could come back one day. So Jon agrees to go back to the Night Watch (instead of being with his family, because duty calls).
    Now see this scene with that context, Jon is going back to the woods with the wildlings to trace and kill the NK once and for all...

  • Ryan Burkart
    Ryan Burkart 9 days ago

    As much as I despise these season, I have to be honest when I say that love this ending. It is really bittersweet but at the same time really beautiful.

  • Tash
    Tash 9 days ago +1

    not the ending we hoped for. But the ending we deserved.
    Or better the ending the starks deserved. It started with them, it´s only right that it endet with them. And they have suffered the most of all so for them to have a happy ending is all i hoped for, especially Sansa.

  • InSanity HD
    InSanity HD 9 days ago +4

    Bran the Broken the king of the 6 realms
    Sansa the Queen of the North
    Jon Snow the king beyond the wall
    Arya the Ruler beyond Westeros
    The starks hold power out of all the houses now!

  • KJO 2003
    KJO 2003 10 days ago

    So are they the last starks because the only starks that can have kids are girls

  • DeebO
    DeebO 10 days ago

    If this is how the books end, then I hope its Val waiting for him at Castle Black. That would be a more satisfying ending for Jon Snow. I also hope that there is no romantic entanglement with Jon and Danerys. Its completely unnecessary. He could have bent the knee without them getting together.

  • Gleek Potterhead.
    Gleek Potterhead. 10 days ago +5

    i just really love how sansa's crown is a wolf lifting the other. it truly represents "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives"

  • matariki
    matariki 10 days ago

    We can complain about characters arcs in this video, including Jon (why is he still alive even though Melisandre died and the Unsullied captured him, why wasn't his claim at least discussed) and Arya (wasn't she the one who wanted to go back to Winterfell so bad, what happened to the Faceless men, has she stopped being an assassin now), but Sansa's arc was MAGNIFICENT.

    So well deserved and so foreshadowed from the start (these "I will be queen" from season 1, Cersei and Littlefinger's advices, Tyrion's "you may survive us yet" in season 2, her taking back Winterfell, vouching for her people, ruling even as Jon's regent, going from the "stupid little girl" to the brave lady who went to kill the zombies and protecting her people in the crypts even though she has no fighting skills). I just wish we had seen more of her this season and especially the moment of her crowning as Queen, the talks about it between the Lords.

  • Sai Ramesh
    Sai Ramesh 10 days ago

    I didn’t mind most of the decisions D&D made these past two seasons, they just didn’t give nearly enough time to develop those plot lines.... This could have been a beautiful ending in theory but it didn’t feel earned simply because of the rushed pacing...

  • Greer Henderson
    Greer Henderson 10 days ago +1

    The ending was brilliant as long as Jon found peace and it is where he belongs in the north and I'm glad all the stark siblings have found where they belong, not the ending I was hoping for but in the end it was a happy one indeed.

  • Dillzzy
    Dillzzy 10 days ago

    They could have shown Brandon walkin...... oh

  • Migue Gomez
    Migue Gomez 10 days ago

    house stark win the game

  • Lilpeep
    Lilpeep 10 days ago

    Where was meera reed this season?

  • skinkis :D
    skinkis :D 10 days ago +1

    This guys.. Is how NOT to end a 8 season, 10 year old show!

  • chaos elfa
    chaos elfa 11 days ago +2

    à partir de 4:30 mn c'est tout simplement magnifique j'usqua la fin. et ce génerique de fin qui nous dis " sayé c'est la fin de got " on n'a les larmes au yeux ^^

    • Timothée Bourdais
      Timothée Bourdais 9 days ago

      La musique mes aïeux, la musique... mon dieu qu'elle est belle et émouvante !

  • kj
    kj 11 days ago


  • Miki Beara
    Miki Beara 11 days ago +3

    This ending,everything about it: is a masterpiece.

  • tau rauross
    tau rauross 11 days ago +3

    GOT was so great I will watch it over again.. but for now I will go back to something I know... In a hole in the ground...there lived...

  • Roberto Estrada
    Roberto Estrada 11 days ago

    Jon became Mance raider

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart 11 days ago

    Jon Snow is now the king beyond the wall

  • XxbunnygaboxX
    XxbunnygaboxX 11 days ago

    The Last starks...

  • Carolina Carrión Ottomano

    Unpopular opinion: I freaking love this ending (not the season)

    • Ferry
      Ferry Day ago

      @Shawshank • 69 years ago The white walkers do exist there though. I'm sure they'll get there too. In both the people just thought they didnt exist. And the seasons done by them are usually the worst rated seasons. All characters also lost 50 point of iq and lost their development.

    • Shawshank • 69 years ago
      Shawshank • 69 years ago Day ago +1

      I don't hate the season.. All that matters is that is entertained me
      And mayebe if the writers accepted to do 2-3 seasons now more or just one full 10 episode season more then it would have been better
      They are not terrible show writers
      They are quiet amazing
      They brought up the concept of Wight walkers at this age
      In the books Wight walkers are long gone

    • Ferry
      Ferry Day ago

      Yeah the ending wasnt too bad, its mostly the execution beforehand. Jon not becoming king and going north fits, sansa being the queen also isnt weird. Even Daeny going crazy isnt unexpected, its just how they got there.

    • Super 8
      Super 8 6 days ago +4

      Carolina Carrión Ottomano I LOVE the ending too, I just don’t like the way the writers got there.

    • Joel Miller
      Joel Miller 7 days ago +1

      I love it too, I'm just gonna pretend that they took their time to develop those characters to where they ended up in the final episode, everything is great!

      But unfortunately they didn't, they rushed it because they had no idea how to lead to the end of a character arc...

  • Animazing
    Animazing 12 days ago

    At this point I was hoping for a lovely reunion between jon and the goodest of good boys Ghost which happened and that was all enough for me ❤

  • s
    s 12 days ago

    The winterfell does something to the heart, doesn't it? 🖤

    TIMMYLEExox 12 days ago

    this would have been a great ending if they had extended the setup instead of rushing the season

  • khalid naama
    khalid naama 12 days ago

    We all said Queen in the north at 3:56 😢❤😍 faaacts

  • António Henriques
    António Henriques 13 days ago

    So Tormund people suddenly forgot about Jon Promissing them lands In the south and Instead go back beyond the wall, where they said themselves that there was only few food left and the cold danger. Their point during the last decades was to take back the territory but now the writers discarted that trought the window

  • MattyIce 8a
    MattyIce 8a 13 days ago

    This was so anticlimactic. As this episode ended I was epically stunned at the failure it was. Weeks later I still cannot believe Game of Thrones ended this way. I remember scenes in past seasons that took your breath away, that made you stand up and cheer or scream in anger. It deserved better.
    Jon fought his way from bastard to royalty based off his heart and skill. Not only that, he had zero interest in taking the throne, which is why he deserved it. Jon was our hero, he was failed by a bunch of writers and producers.
    Cersai deresrved a much more epic death. This character had gone from a plain old bitch to Hitler reborn. Season after season of character building, and we were rewarded with the most forgettable death of a major character on the show.
    Lastly, the Night King. They teased a showdown between him and Jon for years. Then we got a quick stabbing by someone who'd never seen him before. While Jon was just standing there screaming at a dragon.
    I hope it's a lesson learned for Benioff and Weiss. I hope they don't make such poor decisions on their Star Wars Trilogy.

  • Klaudie
    Klaudie 13 days ago

    To do the journey Arya is doing you need to be as experienced a sailor as Euron Greyjoy, which Arya is not. She won’t make it a month.

  • Angel Zuniga
    Angel Zuniga 13 days ago

    How is the wall up if the Night kings dragon destroyed it. Big fuck up!!

  • Xar Jobe
    Xar Jobe 13 days ago

    I neuer saw any Episode of this Series

    Should i watch it ?

    • Xar Jobe
      Xar Jobe 12 days ago

      @Why so serious? thanks

    • Why so serious?
      Why so serious? 12 days ago

      S1-6 are great S7 is bad but not S8 terrible. Just watch 1-6 tbh

  • Rosie Thomas
    Rosie Thomas 13 days ago

    Even though I personally disliked the final season (too rushed, character arcs ignored etc.) I did find every episode enjoyable, and this final scene did make me very emotional. The ending arya and Sansa deserved imo. Still the best show of all time to me, even if they didn't quite stick the landing 😢

  • Rebecca Hoffmann
    Rebecca Hoffmann 14 days ago +1

    Stupid Writers! 8 fucking years and they reward their fans with this shit ending.Jon or Baratheons son would have been a better Choice Bran? You crazy. are u going to carry your loyal fans into Your prequel when you don't care....God!

    • António Henriques
      António Henriques 14 days ago

      Right? Bran storyline became ultimate garbage after Hodor end. After that It was just bad writing, he didn't do shit, a lot of character arcs that could ve ended better. Lile Jaime and Cersei. The fight between Jaime and that random ass pirate guy was unnecessary and forced, Everything was trash, not to mention Danny Out of character rushed 360° turnover

  • 428Vaibhav
    428Vaibhav 14 days ago +50

    Well 2019 was all about Starks
    Tony Stark
    Bran stark
    Arya stark
    Sansa stark
    And the one and only real king Jon snow
    All hail the Starks.

  • Ethan Matos
    Ethan Matos 14 days ago

    Don’t hate on me but don’t even know what game of thrones is.😂

  • Juki Hiw
    Juki Hiw 14 days ago

    It all started with the opening of the wall, and ended with the closing of the wall