Game Of Thrones 8x06 ENDING SCENE Jon And Arya And Sansa Season 8 Episode 6 S08E06 ENDING SCENE


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    Game Of Thrones 8x06 ALTERNATE ENDING SCENE

  • Aura Skyer
    Aura Skyer Day ago

    Does someone know how to do that Aryas hairstyle?

  • Sam H
    Sam H Day ago

    Jon went North
    Arya went West
    Drogon went East
    The show went SOUTH

  • Hazues
    Hazues Day ago

    Jons ending was the only good thing about the ending, but even at that how he got there was bullshit

  • Callum McGregor Enthusiast

    The soundtrack throughout this entire scene gives me goosebumps

  • Chung Wayne
    Chung Wayne 2 days ago

    The scene is good , the costume is good , the music , the acting , the visual effect is good , even the shoot skill is also good , but the most most important thing , the soul of the show , the script is ... Bull shit ! Really , the end doesn't match the music .

  • uhh h
    uhh h 3 days ago +1

    maybe this season was bad in general... but this fucking ending scene?!! it’s a masterpiece, it gives me chills

  • hi
    hi 4 days ago +1

    Say what you want about the final season but this last ending scene was fantastic. Hit all the right emotions. The way they got here could've been much better through.

  • Becca Lauren
    Becca Lauren 4 days ago

    I didn’t mind that ending really but the only thing that got me was bran as king? Utter disappointment

  • Connor Vance
    Connor Vance 5 days ago

    is anyone wondering what happened to the last dragon

  • Agent Of Vengeance
    Agent Of Vengeance 5 days ago

    Valar Morghulis. Especially you David and Dan.

  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla 6 days ago

    "The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives" eh? - Bran is to the south, Arya to the west, Sansa to the north and John to the real north.
    The Starks are all but doomed.

  • channelbizt
    channelbizt 6 days ago

    Well, I quite liked the ending... glad to see all the nerds have accepted it and stopped their winging. The dragon queen had to go, she was unruly :)

  • twi Solaris
    twi Solaris 6 days ago +2

    I love daenerys targaryen. I don't like this ending

  • Slamander Roar
    Slamander Roar 7 days ago +1

    Aegon Targaryen is once again going to another kingdom

  • Gaming KnockeR
    Gaming KnockeR 7 days ago


  • Job Bob
    Job Bob 7 days ago +2

    He killed someone he loved..... that’s something different right there.

  • Tj Jizzle
    Tj Jizzle 8 days ago

    I hope they follow jon. I want him to find something he shouldn't, and to start I new tale of something dark, that was left behind.
    We already had someone travelled the lure.

  • Carrie Kira
    Carrie Kira 9 days ago

    WHAT. WAS. THE. POINT. Literally everything was pointless.

  • rpK
    rpK 9 days ago +1

    I've never seen this show. But this ending looks awful and too simple

  • Super Symmetry
    Super Symmetry 10 days ago

    Why this show must end? Now i dont know what to do in my life....

  • Andile Gumede
    Andile Gumede 10 days ago Jon is part of the Free Folk now?

  • Edior Mrvn
    Edior Mrvn 12 days ago

    We have yet to get the final two books, but now that we know the ending pretty much, I can safely say Jons Snow was the best written character and turns out the Song of Ice and Fire is HIS story.

  • Anastasia Stuart
    Anastasia Stuart 13 days ago

    The stupidest end ever, the wall was destroyed by the night king, now it’s standing there. WTF 🙄

    • elevate07
      elevate07 10 days ago

      Given all the other stupid shit in this season, and trust me there's a LOT of stupid shit, this isn't one of them. The Night King only destroyed the portion of The Wall near Eastwatch by the Sea. Castle Black wasn't touched.

    • Maricela Torres
      Maricela Torres 11 days ago

      Right!!!! 😡🙄

  • Jr cell
    Jr cell 13 days ago +1

    Sansa becoming queen made me mad especially when she told bran the north will stay independent when bran is the rightful king of the north.

  • kris kit
    kris kit 14 days ago

    I didn't expect Jon become king... BUT you can't have Jon f@cking Snow do absolutely nothing in battle of Winterfell, you can't have Jon f@cking Snow do absolutely nothing in the entire LAST f@cKing season of GOT just saying you are my queen or I don't want it. WTF they were thinking? Jon Snow was GOT, they ruined Jon they ruined GOT. Period.

  • Dave Lo
    Dave Lo 14 days ago

    I have not watched a single episode or anything from fame of thones but decided to see how it ended and it's still pretty lamo

    • Superonova R
      Superonova R 13 days ago +1

      I feel sorry for you man.. you just miss everything

  • The Entertainist
    The Entertainist 14 days ago

    Say what you want about the ending as a whole (i was disappointed too) but this is a beautifully shot and edited final scene

  • preetham reddy
    preetham reddy 15 days ago

    The best ending ever!....... said no one.

  • Marmik Saini
    Marmik Saini 15 days ago +1

    From This Moment to Eternity, This Episode is going to be remembered as....
    "How Not to End a GODDAMN TV Series"

  • Nik Doodle
    Nik Doodle 15 days ago

    Well it ended like that, but we all know who is the real king and for whom the song Ice & Fire wrote to

  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY 16 days ago

    say sike rn

  • Justin Salazar
    Justin Salazar 16 days ago

    Literally still unbothered by this ending lmfao. RIP mother of dragons, the best character and story arc of the show

  • David Lynch
    David Lynch 16 days ago

    I know the writing was crap in S8 but on the whole I consider Game of thrones my favourite show of all time.

  • Charles Garrett
    Charles Garrett 16 days ago

    Who knows what else lies beyond the wall

  • Andrew Payne
    Andrew Payne 16 days ago +1

    So Jon was brought back to life just so he can go live north ? how shit

  • Giulio Ricciardi
    Giulio Ricciardi 16 days ago

    This show really ended in a shitty , abrupt, and unsatisfying way. Fuck Dan and Dave for cheating their fans.

  • MM45
    MM45 18 days ago

    The North remembers

  • General of your mom
    General of your mom 18 days ago +1

    Jon Snow had a hard life for sure

  • Trevor
    Trevor 19 days ago

    At least Ghost survived

  • Сотир Петров

    One empire and its name is STARK!

  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 22 days ago +1


  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 22 days ago +1

    Arya becomes a pilgrim...STUPID.

  • Kid Peen
    Kid Peen 22 days ago

    Everybody hates the ending but I personally like it. I mean there was nothing wrong with it.

    • elevate07
      elevate07 10 days ago

      The problem isn't so much the ending itself. It's how the characters got there that's the problem.

  • simranb86
    simranb86 23 days ago

    Jon was never really a Targaryen despite his true lineage. I feel like he was a Stark through and through, and I always felt that Ned was his true father. Jon's ending was very bittersweet to me, but made complete sense. He found a place where he belongs, when at one point, he didn't think he belonged there at all. Poetic Justice at its best.

  • freepeople091
    freepeople091 23 days ago +2

    Jon's just heading north to the MCU

  • sansanfan83
    sansanfan83 23 days ago

    My queen finally beat them all.

  • gordonchell
    gordonchell 23 days ago

    Say what you want about the ending, at least Jon is among people who actually appreciate everything he does.

  • youtobe royale
    youtobe royale 24 days ago +1

    Kapının(bir devrin) kapanması ve Jon'un bunun kendi sayesinde olduğunu anlaması, başlangıç müziği ile geleceğe olan umut dolu bakışlarla bitti GoT.

  • youtobe royale
    youtobe royale 24 days ago

    A new beggining and a new age. Maybe S8 was awful but this ending was awesome

  • I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    Having all the characters go from doing whatever Daenerys and Cersei say to whatever they choose is a perfect ending for me.

  • jamesthomasparker
    jamesthomasparker 25 days ago

    This season is by far the weakest of all but has the best soundtrack of all!

  • iinamanda
    iinamanda 26 days ago

    Imagine making the most amazing TV show in the history and then ending it in a shit show... These writers can relate.

  • แบงค์ กล้วยไข่

    the last targaryen

  • thatoneguy
    thatoneguy 26 days ago

    I wish they wrote it for Jon to have gone North by choice rather than a punishment and it would've made up for it. Like he had to escape being beheaded so he went to join them.

  • Black And White
    Black And White 26 days ago +2

    They ruined my boy's Jon story..they ruined the whole series..that's an accomplishment

    • Jim Sty
      Jim Sty 10 days ago

      @elevate07 Oh I will absolutely agree that season 8 was flawed. It was rushed, filled with ridiculous plotholes and doubled back on character development on several key characters like Jaime. But honestly dude, I'm sick of the whole "Jon only had 3 lines in season 8" meme. I get it. It's funny (or it was the first few times I've read it) and it has some truth to it, but his character development in season 8 wasn't that hollow.
      Although I would have liked to see him take out the NK (completely wasted opportunity set aside because D&D wanted something unpredictable), I still think it of like this...
      He saved the a large amount of free folk. He united the North back together to defeat the Boltons. He united the North with the free folk. He united the North and free folk with Daenary's army in a vain but ultimately successful plan to destroy the white walkers. He helped Daenary's overthrow Cersei (he and the north could NOT do it alone), and after seeing what Daenary's quickly (...yeah, again it was ridiculously rushed) became, he killed her, thus saving humanity once more.
      I don't like it but I can see where the prophecy of the prince who was promised fits into Jons story. He stabbed his corrupted lover in the heart, thus saving the world from further death.
      Anyways, I loved how he wound up back in the North with the free folk. Those were truly the only people who ever accepted him. He became Mance's protege and eventual heir.

    • elevate07
      elevate07 10 days ago

      @Jim Sty You really want to know? Well Jon as a character was someone who had to learn to put duty above all else. Just as his father Ned before him did. Just as his vows to the Night's Watch compel him to do. Jon has always taken the hard road for the protection of everyone else. Including not going to help Robb with his war, taking the lead in the defense of Castle Black, facing down the White Walkers when everyone else was running away, allowing the Wildlings south of the wall when everyone was telling him he was crazy, and telling Dany to eat his ass when held her aid hostage until Jon swore fealty to her. Jon has always stepped up not because he wanted power but because it was a duty that needed to be done.

      So imagine everyone disappointment when we get to S8 and Jon turned into an amorphous blob that was relegated to 3 lines of dialogue and had zero motivation for anything after the Night King died. As a matter of fact Jon, the central character of the White Walker storyline, had nothing to do with the end of the White Walkers. The Night King got dropped by someone who didn't even know what a Night King was last week while he was stuck REE'ing at Viserion. And then afterwards Jon had nothing to do but be Dany's cheerleader and tell everyone "I DUN WONT EH" when approached with the one plotline he had left. So I guess the Lord of Light brought Jon back from the dead for no reason other than to kill Dany and then fuck off to the North? Since when does R'hllor even care about the politics of Westeros?

      Jon got fucked and Jon fans are right to hate how his character got butchered in S8. And I didn't even bring up the fact that his heritage didn't even matter in the end. No one sans 3 people even know that Rhegar has a legal heir still alive. It doesn't even come up when debating who the next king is going to be.

    • Jim Sty
      Jim Sty 25 days ago +1

      How so?

  • null hypothesis
    null hypothesis 27 days ago +2

    what if arya discovered the asian part where there samurais and shit

    • Trevor
      Trevor 19 days ago

      That would be a cool spin-off tbh

  • lily monroy
    lily monroy 27 days ago

    Why it ó feel out all the characters I feel Starks kinda only one swho pretty much got what they wanted arya travelling in fine with, Jon I guess kind of king of free folk ish.
    Sanaa Queen of the North.
    I still don't get bran being king tho

  • toscar22 Link
    toscar22 Link 27 days ago +2

    Starting from the bottom now am....back here?

  • Lara Andrea
    Lara Andrea 28 days ago +1

    I really liked Jons ending. Nevertheless it would have been cool to see the wildlings knee for him because he saved them. I read the script and it says that he is the "new leader" of the freefolk now... it would have been a cool scene and one that honors jons heritage
    Anyway I will miss him :/