Hillary Clinton on Why President Obama Asked Her to Be Secretary of State

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • After losing the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton recalls being surprised and honored when he asked her to serve as Secretary of State.
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Comments • 81

  • The Howard Stern Show

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  • Sheree Sheree
    Sheree Sheree Month ago

    I'm sorry but I don't believe her story about why Obama 'asked' her to be SOS. I worked on her campaign and she was kicking butt all over the US. It was John Kerry & Hillary in the run. The first time I ever heard the name Obama was the day of the vote for the special election. News reporters were messing up Obama's name (calling him 'Osama'). Hillary won my state and I got to join in on a telephonic round table with her while she was flying back to NY. A couple weeks later, Hillary made the announcement that she was dropping out of the race. I was extremely upset. I spoke with a couple of people at her campaign office and someone said that the powers that be must have asked her to step aside gracefully and that she would be rewarded with a cushy appointment after the Inauguration. Sure thing too because Obama made her SOS.

  • Jane Fonda
    Jane Fonda Month ago +3

    girl bye

  • Lorna Haskett
    Lorna Haskett Month ago +2

    Hillary so sorry you didn't win, you know it's possible Trump will win again, because of hip Americans.

  • dkaiser83
    dkaiser83 Month ago +1

    Trump > Fartman

  • TheMobileHomestead
    TheMobileHomestead Month ago +2

    Look at all the Idiotic comments below ..if you dipshits hadn't been wasting your time listening to Sanders , Russian Propaganda and Republican lies about Hillary being cold and unlikable we wouldn't have that crook Trump for our President .
    There are 1000's of Videos and News Stories freely available that CLEARLY show that Republican and Democrat Politicians , Black and Women's groups have been saying for the last 30 years that Hillary is not just one of the most friendly and likeable politicians they have ever met ..she also is wonderful when it comes to listening and understanding peoples problems and does her best to help them....
    So no you dipshits are wrong ...Howard did'nt bring out the relatable and likeable Hillary ...she's always been this way ...

  • Ian Hesford
    Ian Hesford Month ago +2

    Bernie 2020!!!!

  • Chi Bang
    Chi Bang Month ago +3

    I just dont understand why people hated Hillary so much. In my opinion, shes down to Earth, confident, intelligent, knows what she wants, honestly truthful(regardless how haters claim shes a liar when shes not), respectful, loyal, strong and I can go on and on. Bottom line is she would of been a great president and still would be.
    America really fucked up in 2016.
    And speaking of Trumps whiney little weak "witchhunt" talking points, its Hillary who's been treated unfairly and was constantly attacked in a witchhunt for decades courtesy of the idiotic GOP.
    Howard Stern is right though, had Hillary would of went on his show in 2016, I do believe it would of made a difference.
    (Welp anyway, I expect some haters, russian bots and trump trolls to attack my statement, LOL, and IDGAF)不不不不不

  • vacasillas
    vacasillas Month ago +10

    The brilliant and most qualified person to ever run for the presidency! Warren is a counterfeit version of the rightful Madame President Clinton and that's being too generous.

  • OneZombieKiller
    OneZombieKiller Month ago +22

    Because you have dirt on him .

  • Switch Back Image
    Switch Back Image Month ago +21

    I have been waiting forever for this interview!!! I hope Elizabeth Warren comes to HS soon!!!

  • cease sp
    cease sp Month ago +17

    The way she shook her head NO as she said it is a remarkably good skill well she really didnt think it was the remarkable hahaha body language 101

  • Evan Hayford
    Evan Hayford Month ago +8

    Love you Hillary! Wish you were President.

  • J A C C
    J A C C Month ago +71

    Youd be president had you done this show when you were running honey! Geeze

  • Angela Santiago
    Angela Santiago Month ago +3

    Great interview!!!

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P Month ago +33

    She's one of the most qualified people to be POTUS.

  • RL B
    RL B Month ago +21

    This is great! Thanks Howard!!

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez Month ago +9

    I cant believe Im saying this but this was a interesting interview. Bernie2020 tho

  • tuck2727
    tuck2727 Month ago +7

    I just remember how bad of a shape Bush left America on the three fronts, economic and international relations (wars), and education. Trump, is an awful, awful human being - but has been a far better president thus far than Bush ever was. And I think people forget that. The reason Bush Jr. can be invited on talk shows now is because, as terrible as a president as he was, he is - at the end of the day - an incredible likable guy.

  • Steve Derderian
    Steve Derderian Month ago +4

    What are those in her ears??

  • rajesh1174
    rajesh1174 Month ago +96

    Where the hell was this Hillary in 2016?!

  • MikeHunt
    MikeHunt Month ago +11

    She beat Obama in the popular vote, but because he wasnt republican, OHHHH well

  • Joe Postove
    Joe Postove Month ago +110

    I'd like very much to hear the whole thing (for free).

  • Larry Mays
    Larry Mays Month ago +30

    Shes just not a genuine person. Like she read a book on how to talk like a politician 101. No wonder so many people disliked her

  • John Wahl
    John Wahl Month ago +189

    Had she been this personal in 2016 - she would have won the election.

  • Vin癟ent Turner
    Vin癟ent Turner Month ago


  • leavethe Aaron
    leavethe Aaron Month ago +6

    Howard always brings out the best in people

  • Reflex
    Reflex Month ago +9

    Is there anywhere I can hear the entire interview?

  • - FREAK
    - FREAK Month ago +24

    Good Sheep, go back to sleep.

  • A Dwek
    A Dwek Month ago +10

    I am still convinced that Donald is president because Hilary was the nominee. I have gained so much respect for her that she is on the stern show thats as real as it gets no more fake censored interviews.

  • NomadX7
    NomadX7 Month ago +6

    We the rest of the world miss Mr.Obama and Secretary Clinton! Please bring they back! We pay You... cause it seems Your ignorant "potus" values $ instead of serius talented people!

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller Month ago +59

    This interview will open the door for the next candidates. Great interview Howard. My hat is off to you.

  • John O
    John O Month ago +7

    VOTE the whole corrupt gop out in 2020!!

  • Variable Volume
    Variable Volume Month ago +23

    C'mon Rogan. You know you want to interview the Hillary

  • ivan black
    ivan black Month ago

    Holy SHIT he really got her!

  • Todor Todorov
    Todor Todorov Month ago +22

    Howard needs to improve his game!

    • UrbanExplorer1000
      UrbanExplorer1000 Month ago +8

      hes been on top of his game since you were a fetus

    • MikeHunt
      MikeHunt Month ago +5

      He really showed how dumb he is here.

    • Lanwarder
      Lanwarder Month ago +9

      Just because you happen to hate Clinton or do you have actual constructive criticism?

  • Tim Iskra
    Tim Iskra Month ago +39

    Great interview! She would've been a great president and she was deserving.

    • Whore Hay
      Whore Hay Month ago +1

      Tim Iskra
      yeah totally... she wouldve been great ....

  • Lou Skunt
    Lou Skunt Month ago +73

    We are now officially the bizzaro universe in the normal universe trump is there and Hillary is president.

    • justicewalking
      justicewalking Month ago +9

      In a normal universe neither of them would have been the top 2 choices for President. In our universe they choose the two least trusted people they could find, by anyone not in they're establishment bubbles.

    • John S
      John S Month ago +1

      It might explain why we don't have our flying cars yet. A shift in the time line!

    • Jessica
      Jessica Month ago +4

      Lou Skunt- Oh if only! I wish that were the case!!!!

  • Pyredor
    Pyredor Month ago +50

    Cant wait for next weeks video with guest star Jay Leno

  • dogtooth47
    dogtooth47 Month ago +3

    Wait, she doesn't LOOK like a lizard?...

  • Jim USA
    Jim USA Month ago +17

    As Secretary of State, its easier for you to identify all female Russian assets serving as a Major in the US Army. Good work!

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude Month ago +26

    She wasn't surprised. It was literally part of the deal.

    • whatthehell1338
      whatthehell1338 Month ago +2

      Elizabeth P Come on you really dont think there was a deal for her to drop out?

    • Dave .E
      Dave .E Month ago +1

      When someones first response is a personal insult. You know they've got nothing.

    • Elizabeth P
      Elizabeth P Month ago +10

      Bad Cattitude were you there? Do you really know? Or are you one of the self proclaimed experts who read this on breitbart? Youre an idiot.

  • Jacob Dean
    Jacob Dean Month ago

    It's because Obama is a respectful decent human...
    Unlike that piece of shit sitting there doing nothing.
    God, give us back Obama

  • Hunter L
    Hunter L Month ago +7


  • Mark Adderley
    Mark Adderley Month ago +7

    ... why was I just fantasizing about having a personal conversation with Hillary ?!

  • Samuel Morel
    Samuel Morel Month ago +15

    Hillary is totally running for Mayor of New York City.

  • j v
    j v Month ago +32

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • faeryfeathers
      faeryfeathers Month ago

      What's about time?

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude Month ago +3

      I hope she runs again. She clearly didn't get the message last time

  • Paul Ferguson
    Paul Ferguson Month ago +2


    • BTGGD
      BTGGD Month ago +1

      People who do this have never won or accomplished anything. Quite possibly a virgin too.

    • Rock D
      Rock D Month ago


  • Cloutnet
    Cloutnet Month ago +3

    love u Stern & staff

  • Red1ne M
    Red1ne M Month ago +24


  • Eckinator 413
    Eckinator 413 Month ago +6

    Howard rules

  • Eckinator 413
    Eckinator 413 Month ago +46

    Bernie 2020 佞休佞休佞休佞休佞休

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle Month ago +16

    Hi From Canada. We got your back.

  • John Aristotle
    John Aristotle Month ago +56

    Hillary was Secretary of State and that's why i voted for her in 2016
    I'm a registered Republican

    • Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay Month ago +5

      sorry to hear that

    • Ziggurat of Ur
      Ziggurat of Ur Month ago +7

      very open minded and bipartisan of you - I am a democrat and i give credit to republican mitt romney and hope he will have the spirit of the admirable late john mccain and go against this particular white house when his principles say he must. they both did so for themselves, their constituents and the nation.

      mccain convention speech 2008: I wasn't my own man anymore. I was my country's. fight with me, fight for what's right."

    • sunnylilme
      sunnylilme Month ago +6

      She woulda been great...

    • marina green
      marina green Month ago +2

      John Aristotle , not many of you left ! Lol

  • Majestic PB&J Cat
    Majestic PB&J Cat Month ago +1