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  • David Yu Perez
    David Yu Perez 7 minutes ago

    Lol 😂🤣 this is amazing. I heard he got a TheXvid channel! Awesome. I feel like I'm getting to know him in a deeper level (no homo tho) lol

  • Yeliz Ozbilgin
    Yeliz Ozbilgin 19 minutes ago +1

    He is very succesful

  • fokadas
    fokadas 19 minutes ago

    Chill nigga

  • Ramond McBeth
    Ramond McBeth 21 minute ago

    I like the TC Magnum PI reference...Of course TC can fly. Just have to find the right TC.

  • Thorfinn
    Thorfinn 25 minutes ago

    Hopefully Will won't turn His channel into weak commercial bs like the Rock

  • Mohamed Amr
    Mohamed Amr 33 minutes ago

    thank god for having Will Smith in our life

  • Mansib Hossain
    Mansib Hossain 38 minutes ago +1

    I love how Yes theory is finally getting some recognition.

  • Vijay singh-awai
    Vijay singh-awai 39 minutes ago


  • Ocean Eyes
    Ocean Eyes 41 minute ago

    Cant wait to see this and I laughed so hard at the simulation . PRICELESS !

  • mayafurlan furlan
    mayafurlan furlan 54 minutes ago +1

    Lindo Lugar Will, me alegra que tu estes ahí! 😇👏👌✌🌟💝💝😉

  • keanu sanches
    keanu sanches 56 minutes ago

    That end got me like: HOOLLYY SHITT! Did he just literally call TC and asked if he knew to fly a helicopter ? Holy shit.

  • Alex Chichester
    Alex Chichester 2 hours ago

    should have been a 2 minute video. dont quit ur day job will

  • Fatima Al Hamdani
    Fatima Al Hamdani 3 hours ago

    So excited for this. This guy is the coolest guy ever!

  • Said S.
    Said S. 4 hours ago


  • DropDealer!
    DropDealer! 4 hours ago

    Gayatri Mantara

  • BULLI baby
    BULLI baby 4 hours ago

    Gayathri mantra

  • Orph
    Orph 5 hours ago

    Im so god damn looking forward to this! Stream it live :)

  • JaDe Bay
    JaDe Bay 8 hours ago +1

    I can't believe Will Smith has a TheXvid Channel

  • chandler bing
    chandler bing 8 hours ago

    all the best ,will!

  • chandler bing
    chandler bing 8 hours ago

    this is gonna be epic !!!!

  • Chama Chelo
    Chama Chelo 8 hours ago

    I’m jealous of Aaron. Vlogging with Will Smith must be the funnest thing ever.

  • Leggomyaggro
    Leggomyaggro 10 hours ago

    lol Will you have lost it

    THE SEARCH LIGHT 10 hours ago

    Stupid rich ass holes

  • Dylanfps
    Dylanfps 11 hours ago

    Casual placement of your son's water company. Sliiiick.

    EIGHTY WON 12 hours ago

    Cool video man fr

  • Mrityunjay Dixit
    Mrityunjay Dixit 12 hours ago

    Which movie?

  • mudokin
    mudokin 12 hours ago

    Still better then his last movies ;)

  • lovely lipsticklady
    lovely lipsticklady 13 hours ago

    Dick ridaders stand up and salute

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton 13 hours ago


  • Sir Kevin
    Sir Kevin 13 hours ago

    I challenge Will Smith to remember what made him who he is and make a good movie, without any of his libtard children or wife.

  • AoM Dramaticz
    AoM Dramaticz 13 hours ago


  • ahmad termos
    ahmad termos 14 hours ago

    Love u Will and live yestheory

  • Admiral Sandwich
    Admiral Sandwich 14 hours ago

    Great simulation 10/10 couldn’t have been peformed better

    • Admiral Sandwich
      Admiral Sandwich 14 hours ago

      Posting a reply on this Will makes it fucking awesome NOTICE how I didn’t say awesome i said FUCKING AWESOME

  • Kia Russell
    Kia Russell 14 hours ago

    Yo. I love me some Will Smith! 😄😉

  • 210sup
    210sup 14 hours ago

    Them and this fckin drone

  • koolerpure
    koolerpure 14 hours ago


  • Forward Automotive
    Forward Automotive 15 hours ago

    Will Smith You Sir Are Still The MAN!!!!!!

  • Adam
    Adam 16 hours ago

    Can't wait to see it

  • TheSuperf12
    TheSuperf12 16 hours ago

    some people are saying that they already have a pilot, can you guys then bungee jump with tom cruise instead? #WillAndTomCombo :]

  • Joshua Noneyour
    Joshua Noneyour 16 hours ago

    Hey Will, you're a Satan worshiping loser.

  • SinisterPlotter
    SinisterPlotter 16 hours ago

    How many times can i hit the like button?

  • Matt Barulich
    Matt Barulich 16 hours ago

    Black privilege at its finest

  • Matt Barulich
    Matt Barulich 16 hours ago

    Go cry in you're mansion punk

  • Messiah38
    Messiah38 16 hours ago

    Will Smith and other sold their souls for frame, I don’t understand people treating these people as GODs.

  • IKEA 2 hard 4 fresco
    IKEA 2 hard 4 fresco 16 hours ago +1

    Just to know, when does your movie contract end?

  • Noureddine
    Noureddine 16 hours ago

    am no physicist but i forgot to say this ,first that simulation was funny, but not accurate + if you just going to hang like the simulation, then the police / military / firefighters already do that but if you going to do it like the real bungee you must get a bad ass Pilot to handle sudden change in weight and wind turbulence since you going to fly over the canyon....

  • PSdissenter
    PSdissenter 17 hours ago

    Lol, I love how the pug from Men in Black has his own bungee cord attached to Will's hand hahaha

  • Karbis Sarafyan
    Karbis Sarafyan 17 hours ago

    Auto Subscribe.

  • SilverSauce
    SilverSauce 17 hours ago

    I want pewdiepie involved in this next

  • chichamatic1
    chichamatic1 17 hours ago

    you should run for president

  • Akoni Ah Yat
    Akoni Ah Yat 17 hours ago

    Worst actor in Hollywood. He laughs like a white man and he's like Tom cruise his movies are shit.

  • Israel Lopez
    Israel Lopez 17 hours ago

    Man, I love this guy!!!!!! :D

  • Riley Ridgway
    Riley Ridgway 18 hours ago

    I swear when he got up from meditating he was gonna anime run.

  • [SGL] Gaming
    [SGL] Gaming 18 hours ago

    Will Smith i'm gonna charge you for murding me !!
    You killed me of laughter more than i can count and i don't like being a zombie !!
    you're insane and you belong to a psychiatric hospital !! at least you'll be able to cure everyone there during your stay XD

  • H Smith
    H Smith 18 hours ago

    BRA, you are whack!

  • An Hardcore Clasher
    An Hardcore Clasher 18 hours ago

    Lord shiva... Interesting

  • Sarah N
    Sarah N 19 hours ago

    will smith doing this has made the fact I spend so many hours on this hellish site, actually worth it.

  • campos3452
    campos3452 19 hours ago

    So he is going to gamble his life away, for a thrill? True friends will not encourage you to take risks or try to talk you into doing something you feel uncomfortable about. The Bible says: “The shrewd person acts with knowledge, but the fool exposes his own foolishness.” (Proverbs 13:16) Before you consider engaging in a certain activity, get to know the risks involved. Ask yourself, ‘Does this activity amount to little more than a gamble with death or serious injury?

  • Feffe
    Feffe 20 hours ago

    Who ever directs these videoes is an amazing person. Loved it!

  • alex alekseyev
    alex alekseyev 20 hours ago

    Once a legend, always a legend

  • riveras_jeeps
    riveras_jeeps 20 hours ago

    It’s the new Willennium😁

  • Rozedo
    Rozedo 22 hours ago

    Will you needa clean your camera sensors/lenses more often.

    PS: Love you bro. You my hero for all the commitment/work you put into landing your first role. Still got that bike? hehe

    MINI TOOL 23 hours ago

    indian bhajan

  • Blanko
    Blanko 23 hours ago

    Man, Will is rich enough to have his own grand canyon.

    ULTIMATEMANNY 23 hours ago

    Is this really will smith page?

  • blackknightkanos
    blackknightkanos 23 hours ago

    Duude, get TC on the helicopter,.

  • X Man
    X Man 23 hours ago

    lolol, get it done Big Will!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noureddine
    Noureddine Day ago

    nice thinking money for Charity, fun for all

  • PresidentDwayneElizondo MountainDewHerbertCamacho

    What? He finally gonna send Tyrese that check?

  • Juanita Chronowski

    Omgaad! when GenX parents get into their kids world... ha ha YEAH people even watch other regular people do dumb things on video now - YOU BET I am watching WS act like an idiot in his bedroom mirror lol
    PS (one parent to another)
    are Jaden and Willow over it now that dad has schooled them in how to promo, and why it is not all that to spread your private life all over the NET ? ;-)

  • Jose Mercado
    Jose Mercado Day ago

    OMG Will is pretty inspirational

  • Aziz Imran
    Aziz Imran Day ago

    T.C is coming?? Oh Yeah.!!!!

  • Buffer Zone
    Buffer Zone Day ago

    Classic WS. I get it.
    Will has a channel because he gets to do ... him.
    Instead of being told what to say, when to say it, how to say it, Will decides for Will.
    Be himself, on his terms.
    Imagine the chaos, if everyone lived their lives this way. We'd go from a "Me Too movement...(Which Back Fired). to a "ME" movement, where "Seeing Eye To Eye" or Compromise, goes down the shitter.
    Live for yourself,... yes.... but also live for the life around you.
    You might get the best of both worlds. Yours and Everyone's else. ?
    Ok that would make a cool part in a song.
    Will, If this is really you, here, thank you for never failing to put a smile on my face, and a well needed laugh.
    And a path to finding Me. So I can clearly see everyone else, as themselves. (Not with your Tube channel, but starting with Fresh Prince)
    Its been working. But the path you choose, decisions you make ultimately decide.
    But myself (Wanna be Rock Star or Miniature model builder) is someone I left behind years ago. Decades.
    So long ago, that, myself today see's little chance of being my-then-self again. So I teach my kids who I was and both love music and the arts. I must be who I am, Now! So my children have a bit of myself, when I'm gone.
    I've become who I am today because I listened to everyone else, but ignored myself.
    So my old self gave up.The day I saw my daughter born,
    But because of this, I've become the best Dad ever, in my children's eyes. And thats myself today.
    Sorry for rambling. And yes, I myself dont know what the hell I just said.
    Being myself.

  • Monica Weiberg
    Monica Weiberg Day ago

    Ohhh nooo! Why would you jump out of a good helicopter, plane, window, anything!! Geez just don't get hurt!

  • Shein12 Graffiti


  • DankPlayz
    DankPlayz Day ago

    This is better than your last 3 movies bro, but i love seeing this side of Will tbh, great video!

  • James Masters
    James Masters Day ago

    All that money, all the best pilots in the world, and you call an amateur like T Cruise. You must be crazy.
    Vanna, Will Smith would like to buy a clue.

  • dannybose
    dannybose Day ago

    Awesome video! Funny as hell! Good luck!? :D

  • Siri Vydadi
    Siri Vydadi Day ago

    All d best.........hope the jump will be successful.

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma Day ago

    don't die man, i order you not to

  • Siri Vydadi
    Siri Vydadi Day ago

    Awesome.......the way you made the video..... I just loved you loads Will Smith!

  • Cyrille John
    Cyrille John Day ago

    i never knew you had a channel will smith, I subscribed, btw love your movies and videos.

  • Joshua Saenz
    Joshua Saenz Day ago

    Will, I know what you know what we shouldn't know. I know.. I'll miss you. Not the fresh prince gig which i did watch but that because i wasnt fully enabled. But i will miss u. Wild wild west. Yeah. Hey not for nothing but... re make of that wit u in it? Mehh.. anyways, top notch tech subjected to an aged body does no good for anybody. Even wave lengths. So, before you kick the bucket soon id just like for u to know, it couldve been different. Hope u found common ground with the sticks ablazed. Thank you.

  • LieorDie24
    LieorDie24 Day ago

    I love that guy and he likes drones thats nice i love them too so Will did you do the Jump?

  • Keith R
    Keith R Day ago

    I challenge you to make a "I am legend 2"!

  • Vampfox illi
    Vampfox illi Day ago

    Will, you're killing it again.

  • GaragemDoChines
    GaragemDoChines Day ago

    Lol well done will, nice video.... hehehehe

  • kenny cox
    kenny cox Day ago

    The simulation idea was funny!! Good thinking!

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar Day ago +1

    glad to find this on my recommendations good job yt...luv u will

  • Suchet Jain
    Suchet Jain Day ago

    YO TC!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Barragh
    Josh Barragh Day ago

    Simulation indicates that Will will bring a dog with him. gonna be fly

  • tasman_devil
    tasman_devil Day ago

    Okay... this is insane, TC Flying, WS jumping, over the GC. You got me interested, CONTINUE! :D

  • Lee K
    Lee K Day ago

    Man... have always been a massive fan. But this shit is on a whole different level of epic! Love it!!

  • Xtreme Fazbear
    Xtreme Fazbear Day ago

    They will keep challenging you

  • ZVST
    ZVST Day ago

    the video with that video are dope!!!

  • Marshall Cooper
    Marshall Cooper Day ago

    What the fuck? Is this dude really doing reverse slavery or whatever. Lol. That's funny as shit

  • Saul Sainz
    Saul Sainz Day ago

    I love you

  • Troy and Gunner
    Troy and Gunner Day ago

    To Will Smith. When is it going down? I really want to see it. I'm a huge fan and don't want to miss it

  • Christian Arabatzis

    Is that an official WS Channel ?

  • Less is More!
    Less is More! Day ago

    was great to watch. great idea!