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  • Z G
    Z G 17 hours ago

    Hancock 2?

  • cr4sher7
    cr4sher7 Day ago

    Will, your channel is amazing! Great content!! :D

    ZONE OF GRATITUDE 2 days ago


  • Alexander Rivera
    Alexander Rivera 3 days ago

    Would he be friends with someone that did not love his movies? I like him more than his films. He seems like a cool and intelligent guy.

  • Heidi Santiago
    Heidi Santiago 4 days ago

    cool video! admiring the editing, the quality, and the humor......... #productiongoals

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  • Rod James
    Rod James 7 days ago

    We need a simulation ........ That drone had me in tears!! love it

  • Shany G
    Shany G 13 days ago

    YES Theory! Are awesome! Thanks Will for accepting their challenge!

  • hadjer lou
    hadjer lou 13 days ago

    wiiiiilllllll WILLLLLLLL

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    TheSilverSurfisher 13 days ago

    Damn...guess this blows my surfing and rock climbing invite to Will out of the water...heh heh...

  • Sissi Chanel
    Sissi Chanel 14 days ago

    Aree wah gayatri mantra and will smith yayayayay

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 14 days ago

    We love you Will Smith

    AMPZ CREATIONS 14 days ago

    hey I'm turning 15 on the 23 of September

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    Keri Helms 14 days ago

    Will Smith I love that the movies that you're in

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    mrbem1000 15 days ago

    AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD. u crazy, hell no not this black man, will u got to much money.;-)

  • Jeff Quinones
    Jeff Quinones 16 days ago

    Need the fresh prince reunion already

  • David Adediji
    David Adediji 17 days ago

    💕💃💃Will for the Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MsCanbelieveit 18 days ago

    This is so much fun!!

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    odwa mkhize 19 days ago

    What movie are you shooting

  • mike davis
    mike davis 21 day ago

    Hahahaha your shit is sooooo funny !!!!!

  • Ashley Guccione
    Ashley Guccione 22 days ago

    WILL! If you want to see something even MORE INTENSE THAN THIS, TheXvid bungee jump into volcano in Chile. Yeah, that’s some sick ass shit right there! You’ll love it & it’ll get you hype for your helicopter jump 😉. Let me know once you watch it pleaseeee

  • Aryan Wirawan
    Aryan Wirawan 22 days ago

    I want will smith meet tom cruise in this youtube channel

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    Éabha Costigan 24 days ago

    This movie just got real

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    I wanna give ya old ass some babies 😍

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    Flying Ant 25 days ago

    Go for it Will! I’ll follow if you go first 👌🏾😆

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    Erix Mercedes 25 days ago +1

    Yo Will what's up. My name is Erix. I'm a huge fan. Can I go heli bungee jumping with you? I will meet you out there myself if I have to. I've been debating bungee jumping for a while, why not take it to the next level and do it from a helicopter? Please help me make sure Will Smith sees this comment.

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    mihir shankar 26 days ago

    Yes theory 👌👌

  • Karuan Otmann
    Karuan Otmann 27 days ago

    Love from Kurdistan/ Iraq

  • Co rré
    Co rré 28 days ago

    Will will smith smith? Yes will smith will smith

  • Willfred Nkanduzi Chisanga

    I am joining this challenge with you Will Smith. Will send you more details soon once my director gives me a go ahead to break the new to the world...i am one of your big fan and gone do this since you left me for Bungee Jumping at Victor fall in Zambia..

  • Chiang Kyle
    Chiang Kyle 29 days ago

    Tom Cruise will be Piloting the Helicopter while Arnold Schwarzenegger is armed with a rocket launcher and Grenades in his pocket, ready to take down any Flying Alien creatures, Evil Robot, Goverment Agent that wants to shut this whole operation down...Of course, Jackie Chen had to be there too...just in case those Evil Aliens made their way to the top of the Helicopter...and Jackie has to fight them off.

    KNOCK WORLD Month ago

    starting time kanda sasti kavasam song from india during yoga...

  • Robin Perryman
    Robin Perryman Month ago

    Damn Will, just say no!

  • Rishab Gulati
    Rishab Gulati Month ago

    Will Smith and Tom Cruise bungee jumping out of a helicopter will be the CRAZIEST THING EVER!

  • Ali Kazmi
    Ali Kazmi Month ago +1

    That product placement tho

  • Braden Brand Reality TV

    I dont know will this is crazy

  • Our Pranks
    Our Pranks Month ago +2

    Is this even happened becz I haven’t seen it

  • Kat Man Doo
    Kat Man Doo Month ago

    Best video ever.

  • Derek Figueiredo
    Derek Figueiredo Month ago

    Does anyone know where this house is? Because it looks a lot like Charleston

  • Ronald Adams
    Ronald Adams Month ago

    We know u ruined her life, I smell it on his silly selfish ass. Go face to face w that woman now!!!

  • Ronald Adams
    Ronald Adams Month ago

    Tryn to look tough, if u a man patch it up w drk aunt Viv , bruh.

  • Bonquva
    Bonquva Month ago

    Just dont pull a trevor here will

  • Andrew Mwesigwa
    Andrew Mwesigwa Month ago

    This is where he dies

  • Netty Voyager
    Netty Voyager Month ago

    that dont look good from any angle :P

  • David Soto
    David Soto Month ago

    How rich are $$$$$$ 😎or $$$$$$$🤑

  • Svilen Konac
    Svilen Konac Month ago +1

    and nothing happened! 5 month now ...

  • Ms Bethea
    Ms Bethea Month ago

    I was nervous when Will recently announced that he is doing this on his 50th birthday. Now I remember it was a challenge. OKAY

  • Lucienda Baxter
    Lucienda Baxter Month ago

    Lmbo Will is hilarious 🤣😂

    MONU KUMAR Month ago

    Is Tom Cruise going to fly a helicopter? It gonna be awesome.

    MONU KUMAR Month ago

    Is Tom Cruise going to fly a helicopter? It gonna be awesome.

  • Rohit kumar
    Rohit kumar Month ago

    Gayantri Mantra. You really chant that?

  • Lewis J
    Lewis J Month ago +1

    What’s the meditation song?

  • Кирилл Шишканов

    It's very funny!

  • Wombus
    Wombus Month ago

    Why is this flagged as inappropriate? TheXvid asks me if I wish to proceed.

  • Aditya Rai Pradhan
    Aditya Rai Pradhan Month ago

    My role model, it is great to hear gayatri mantra from your video!!

  • Gcina Nkomzwayo
    Gcina Nkomzwayo Month ago

    yes theory

  • Jon DiStefano
    Jon DiStefano Month ago

    still awsome videos

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    Youtuber Grudge Month ago

    Comedy Gold.

  • Solomon Northup
    Solomon Northup Month ago

    Wow. seems like yesterday when I was listening to the premiere of the original "girls of the world are nothing but trouble" on the rap attack w/Mr. Magic & Marley. Now here we are.
    Peace & blessings bro

  • Den Di
    Den Di Month ago

    Learn from Trevor, Will! Don’t do it.

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz Month ago

    That scream thooo

    GEKYUME Month ago

    Hahaha this man is a GENIUS

  • mercedes Reyes
    mercedes Reyes Month ago +2

    I need to call to TC!!

  • TheVikash Sarraf
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    Absolutely Crazy...I love it. Cannot wait. See you at your Birthday Party sir.

  • Kareena Ramjass
    Kareena Ramjass Month ago

    The song in the beginning is a hindi mantra for prayers

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed Month ago

    Yo bro, thats madness dont do it, your gonna die. The helicopter wont be high enough then the string will hit the ground and you will just drop onto the ground. DONT DO IT.

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake Month ago

    All indians here be like😂

  • Ali Davis
    Ali Davis Month ago

    I challenge you will smith to do a challenge with bear grill and document the possibility of seeing whats inside the devil's peach bowl in mississippi where conferidate union soliders sent ex black slaves to america's concentration camps do your research send in the drum to cut through those thickets and see what's in their i heard there are all sorts of deadly snakes and alligators in their but that's where the force are people to go particularly are women and children the men were enslaved and also died of starvation. Send in the drums will or back a documentary with bear grill

  • Sammy Vangchhia
    Sammy Vangchhia Month ago

    Damn... i wish you were my dad.!! 😭

  • putri nasria
    putri nasria Month ago

    The best youtuber ever like watching a movie

  • Cellbit Fake Crey Crey

    How did I end up in this video '-'
    PS: I'm Brazilian.

  • Carrie Gl
    Carrie Gl Month ago

    Cuz I don’t wanna be in breach of my movie contract I can’t be jumping out of no helicopter.. 😂😂😂😂

  • Anshuman Pujahari
    Anshuman Pujahari Month ago

    Thats Gayatri Mantra....

  • Bad Gamer
    Bad Gamer Month ago

    That's Indian holly prayer

  • Bhushan Borale
    Bhushan Borale Month ago

    Ok hands down!!! That is the bestest ever video opening right there!!!!

  • isus krist
    isus krist Month ago

    Who be disliking

  • just blessed
    just blessed Month ago

    He is so cool love you will

  • Sic Boy
    Sic Boy Month ago

    Jesus Will just raised the TheXvid content level, to another planet.....#muchlove

  • Conscious Living
    Conscious Living Month ago

    Omg the simulation 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • skadoocher123
    skadoocher123 Month ago

    Careful Will, we all remember what happened to Trevor!!!

  • 40Dogg reid
    40Dogg reid Month ago

    Will, I love your short videos.......LOL Dope..

  • Janelli C
    Janelli C Month ago

    The Grand Canyon 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Janelli C
    Janelli C Month ago

    The simulation 😂😂😂😂

  • Janelli C
    Janelli C Month ago

    Your so funny I can’t 😂😂😂😂❤️

  • Saravanan Arumugam
    Saravanan Arumugam Month ago

    Yes theory... Yes 😂 😂

  • Pata de Perro
    Pata de Perro Month ago

    we challenge you to come to Mexico City and go out with us in a story :)

  • Marc D
    Marc D Month ago

    Still halfway through the video and lovin it! ;) This is why Will is killin it! ;)

  • Kevin Maas
    Kevin Maas Month ago

    I challenge you to drive the 24 hours at Daytona.

  • Maya B.
    Maya B. Month ago

    Hola, soy colombiana, viviendo en Mexico... eres mi actor favorito y siempre veo tus videos , aunque no se hablar ingles, y como sugerencia estaria bien agregar la opcion de subtitulos en español para poder disfrutarlos aun mas, graciaaaas

  • Ashutosh Chandoriya
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  • Marius Kristensen
    Marius Kristensen Month ago

    You should start doing raw vlogs. Just you.

  • Everett Brown
    Everett Brown Month ago

    Will Smith is like the Crazy Rich Cousin Errybody in the family loves to be around...

  • raphael albuquerque

    legendas em português BR

  • Sandeep Kumar Reddy Tadoori

    Eagerly waiting Mama