• Published on Oct 24, 2019
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Comments • 322

  • vanshika andriyas
    vanshika andriyas Month ago +1056

    I’m so happy to see a zalfie video again
    Doing happy things
    Doing couple things
    Being so cuteee
    love ya guys

  • Amy Mann
    Amy Mann Month ago +201

    I started at Lincoln University in September and Tracy Beaker came to one of the local clubs to DJ! Also, Dick+Dom and Paul Chuckle came to our uni night club! It was so good!

  • Emily Ferns
    Emily Ferns Month ago +270

    If you auctioned the shoes if you don’t wear them I imagine you’d get a decent amount of money.

  • Natalie Rowena
    Natalie Rowena Month ago +99

    I used to do this to white plimsolls from Woolworths!

  • Amelia Walsh
    Amelia Walsh Month ago +197

    You should auction then off for charity x

  • WhoJustDied
    WhoJustDied Month ago +95

    Missed the opportunity to write future self

  • Mária Martinez
    Mária Martinez Month ago +63

    I love this video, its simple and cool

  • lilyrose mitchell
    lilyrose mitchell Month ago +47

    I want to do this with my bf 😁 I'm a 13 though so there's not much room to draw hahaha

  • Geri Coates
    Geri Coates Month ago +67

    You have to watch Marko's youtube channel. He does great customizations!

  • Kitty Williams
    Kitty Williams Month ago +49

    Watch @marko on TheXvid! He customizes shoes and they're amazing!

  • MakeUpByMace.X
    MakeUpByMace.X Month ago +49

    Anyone else thinking about the ‘new shoes on table is bad luck’ honestly that’s all I keep thinking lol

  • Angela Stanford
    Angela Stanford Month ago +26

    Posca pens are sold in hobby craft

  • Chlobo
    Chlobo Month ago +138

    Alfie, there was no point blurring the fact you had no trousers on because your reflection was pretty clear in the glass 😂

  • Jane Coles
    Jane Coles Month ago +53

    U do no we can still see u in your white boxers in the reflection of the glass

  • xJulia Luminax
    xJulia Luminax Month ago +4

    Love this

  • Taysia Lee
    Taysia Lee Month ago +19

    Imagine if one of the fans did this and on their shoes and drew Zoe and Alfie on them

    NATHAN LB Month ago +12

    Next time, I would recommend stuffing the shoes so you can fill all the gaos

  • sharon hughes
    sharon hughes Month ago +2


  • cupcake ciara
    cupcake ciara Month ago +8

    First I love the concept!
    Second I love alfies sweater😍

  • Samantha Bateup
    Samantha Bateup Month ago +23

    I would pay good money for those shoes in my size Alfie!

  • Lilas Duf
    Lilas Duf Month ago +12

    With Posca pens you can draw everywhere! I like drawing or writing on my windows for exemple and then you juste have to use water to erase it a few months later

  • Jacqueline Alyse
    Jacqueline Alyse Month ago +11

    Such a fun idea!!! I did that with a pair of white converse earlier this year :)
    Also where are your cups from?? they're amazing!!

  • Laila Douglas
    Laila Douglas Month ago +15

    I love how I’m 12 and my feet are two sizes bigger then Zoe’s who is 29😂xxx

  • Camilla Vittrup
    Camilla Vittrup Month ago +9

    I honestly remember the vlog where Alfie bought the Vans the first time😅 They end up sooo cool😍

  • Georgia Cuthbert
    Georgia Cuthbert Month ago +1

    Hope your ok xx

  • Georgia Cuthbert
    Georgia Cuthbert Month ago +2

    Hope your ok xx

  • JasmineW
    JasmineW Month ago +6

    Even though I’m from Sweden and didn’t grew up in the uk I instantly knew that those were tracy beaker inspired shoes 🙌🏼😍 my english teacher use to make us watch Tracy Beaker at the start of every lesson. I loved it 🥰

  • Slotty Bodds
    Slotty Bodds Month ago +9

    Anyone else sing along when they played the Tracy Beaker theme tune 😂

  • Ruby Broomhall
    Ruby Broomhall Month ago +6

    8.50 the camera lens

  • Megan Bergkamp
    Megan Bergkamp Month ago +12

    those shoes are SIIIIICK Alfie, I def want a pair like that but I know for a fact if I try then they wouldn’t come close to anything like yours! love love love ! 🖤

  • Rosalinda Castillo
    Rosalinda Castillo Month ago +5

    Omg loved this idea! Zoe's shoes looks amazing and I would definitely buy a pair 😍 and alfie's are so cool 👌

  • florian Skakkebaek
    florian Skakkebaek Month ago

    Loves this!

  • Rauze
    Rauze Month ago +2

    love it

  • Tiara & Kiet TKO
    Tiara & Kiet TKO Month ago +5

    Your backyard is so gorgeous

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross Month ago +6

    This is so chilled and laid back but entertaining.. love!

  • yesenia arteaga
    yesenia arteaga Month ago +3

    I knew you can do it... Totally worth the wait 9pm is never too late. You never disappoint ❤️ (Zoella and Alfie are literally couple goals) 😍😂 PS your lucky we can’t see under that table 😅

  • Katie Rose Witt
    Katie Rose Witt Month ago +4

    You should look up MARKO and look at everything he does! You’ll think his style is soo sick!

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Month ago +2

    You look so fit in that jumper, Alf!

  • Brittney Annabelle
    Brittney Annabelle Month ago

    I LOVED THIS VIDEO !! sooo much pklease do more this style hehe !!!

  • Dylan Erasmus
    Dylan Erasmus Month ago

    You guys can du a duet, it sounds really good

  • Ally Beaman
    Ally Beaman Month ago +4

    where is his jumper that he’s wearing from ????

  • Molly T
    Molly T Month ago +2

    can you post clear pictures of your shoes so we can see

  • Kimberly Bailey
    Kimberly Bailey Month ago +2

    I thought you were going to do the face in your sweatshirt I’m your shoes at first

  • Erika Lynn
    Erika Lynn Month ago +2

    New shoes on the table. Uggghhh. Bad luck.

  • Alicia Angel
    Alicia Angel Month ago +9

    Make sure you spray your shoes with a protective seal or melt bees wax on them so they don’t get water damage!! The shoes look sick by the way!

  • Rupali López
    Rupali López Month ago +3

    that's so cool but i would've loved to see zoe's shoes up close and also both of you wearing your shoes and showing us to see what they look like with a whole outfit :(

  • Treat Louis With Kindness

    Get me a boyfriend like Alfie that knows 1D. Priorities yk

  • Sandra Perry
    Sandra Perry Month ago +3

    Hey! You all need to spray your shoes with clear finishing spray (I forgot the real name) when you're done with them I'm still in the middle but just wanted to comment while I'm thinking about it!!

  • Tayonna
    Tayonna Month ago

    are you suppose to hair dry or hair spray them?

  • Denise Baker
    Denise Baker Month ago

    Alfie needs to do another video with shoe number two !!

  • Jack Chaplow
    Jack Chaplow Month ago +2

    Where is Alfie’s sweatshirt from

  • Josephina Lortz
    Josephina Lortz Month ago +4

    The most Virgo and Aries energy ever in the thumbnail!

  • Sarah Skirpan
    Sarah Skirpan Month ago

    Haven’t even watched the video yet and I know it’s going to be a good one!

  • Slugbug
    Slugbug Month ago

    why is he not wearing pants? lol

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  • Vanessa Ledesma
    Vanessa Ledesma Month ago +2

    I think they both came out great. I’d be very intimidated to try it! 😳

  • Hannah Cairnie
    Hannah Cairnie Month ago +2

    Dani Harmer is her name! Theme tune is now stuck in my head😭 I feel 5 again☹️

  • Georgina James
    Georgina James Month ago

    Anyone else going crazy that new shoes are on the table? BIG NO NO

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago

    Love shown

  • Disney Geek
    Disney Geek Month ago +4

    This made me so sad that I stopped watching them for a while I realized again that I love them so much