Selling KSI's $500k Beerus Chain on eBay

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • I sold ksi's $500k beerus chain on ebay and this is how it went down...
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  • Ryan Sheehan
    Ryan Sheehan 4 months ago +2097

    he doesn't upload regularly but every time he does it's a banger. love the video freezy

    • Yeety Boi
      Yeety Boi Month ago

      You dont know What a bad upload schedule is IF you Aint a w2s fan

    • MS7
      MS7 3 months ago


    • Shoto Todoroki
      Shoto Todoroki 4 months ago

      Calfreezy bruv u better run

  • GenoPlays
    GenoPlays 5 hours ago

    u dont understande how a 500k diamond iten can cause harm ? thats because u are stupid

  • Dank cloud
    Dank cloud Day ago

    Your a piece of shit fucking idiot you stole ksi chain stupid fuck you burn in hell

  • Millie Mae
    Millie Mae Day ago

    So are we not gonna talk about Harry’s shirt or?

  • Olly
    Olly 2 days ago

    How did I miss this video...

  • Evan Morgan
    Evan Morgan 3 days ago

    He probably got banned because he said he was selling Simon lol

  • Kyeson Barker
    Kyeson Barker 4 days ago +2

    No one:

    Cal: it’s a flying spider!!

  • Marcus Segervall
    Marcus Segervall 8 days ago

    "Hair and makeup" this nigga got no fucking hair to begin with

  • Ryan Rouquette
    Ryan Rouquette 9 days ago

    Wat kauses harm about a Pokémon chain lol

  • Nosco
    Nosco 10 days ago

    17:15 is the moment i knew to press the dislike button

  • EhmBoy
    EhmBoy 10 days ago

    I actually wanna punch him in the face

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 11 days ago

    ill buy it for 2 million

  • Heyden Leon
    Heyden Leon 11 days ago


  • Ibraheem B17
    Ibraheem B17 12 days ago

    It’s not a Pokemon chain it’s from Dragon ball z

  • OFF Fingerboards
    OFF Fingerboards 13 days ago

    Your such a clip batter bro

  • Z ED
    Z ED 13 days ago

    You fucking sicko killing the bug

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C 14 days ago

    what shoot was he doing?

  • Kris Isinghood
    Kris Isinghood 15 days ago

    I like your videos Cal, but I’m certain you’re one of the dumbest youtubers out there, as tons of folks said, you said you robbed a bank, ya wanker.

  • Kris Isinghood
    Kris Isinghood 15 days ago

    Hair & makeup.... 😂😂 can’t fix that receding hairline, LeBron James hairline havin ass.

  • Jevedi
    Jevedi 16 days ago

    Imagine spelling shiny wrong

  • Raihan Uddin
    Raihan Uddin 17 days ago


  • Aaron Aamir
    Aaron Aamir 18 days ago

    clearly got taken down because you put down "robbed a bank for it"

  • Monni Koira
    Monni Koira 18 days ago

    Pokemon chain -_-

  • Sandis Kļaviņš
    Sandis Kļaviņš 18 days ago

    JJ speling tho :D

  • layla yt
    layla yt 18 days ago

    Hair and makeup

  • Mo Shady
    Mo Shady 19 days ago

    *"some rich donny" stop talking like you're from the road you wealthy nerd*

  • Tanaka Chikomo
    Tanaka Chikomo 19 days ago

    Clout chaser 😤

  • bananaisgood
    bananaisgood 20 days ago +1

    you can just put fake bids on ebay so I wouldn't be surprised if you got a huge bid.

  • War Zone uk
    War Zone uk 20 days ago

    you should put it up on the facebook markets #beerus lol

  • dylan James Maney
    dylan James Maney 21 day ago

    In America I am pretty sure it is 90

  • HypliX'
    HypliX' 24 days ago

    Our Fanta exotics are 49% sugar though in Sweden. That's why our cokes are good and they taste like sheit everywhere else. If you're gonna get fat. Eat the good stuff then

  • Young Cozzi
    Young Cozzi 24 days ago

    When bitches say im da goat
    no cap

  • Mfundo Mgeyane
    Mfundo Mgeyane 25 days ago +1

    Omw it's a Dragon BallZ chain

  • ClipMontages
    ClipMontages 29 days ago


  • Joseph _meihook
    Joseph _meihook Month ago

    4:13 dame that boy from Iraq

  • dumbandpointless
    dumbandpointless Month ago

    Hold on jj could of just bidded like 600k and got it back and then make calfreezy give him the money

  • SvenDaBeast
    SvenDaBeast Month ago

    So my theory is because he said a curse word within the description/name so they didn't want people to see it. My theory is that he knew it and did it on purpose because he didn't want to get sued for not giving it to the highest bidder or something just going wrong.

  • Alexander Myrick
    Alexander Myrick Month ago

    How did u turn black but reflect white??? 0:50

  • Hender Bender44
    Hender Bender44 Month ago

    I shit myself when the bug junped

  • J Byrne
    J Byrne Month ago +1

    Hair designer arrives..... *has no hair, leaves*

  • Hinckley_1 Gaming
    Hinckley_1 Gaming Month ago

    Your ebay account being suspended is a blessing in disguise

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh Month ago

    500k medallion and you put your greezy ass mits on it. calgreezy..

  • Anton Andreev
    Anton Andreev Month ago +1

    Did anyone else notice cal shaking so much when he picked it up

  • Nathan Owen
    Nathan Owen Month ago +1

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun clickbaited

  • Anna Louwrens
    Anna Louwrens Month ago

    it was a mosquito lol

  • Ryan Maguire
    Ryan Maguire Month ago

    Man spelt shiny wrong 😂😂😂

  • Abbas Kakani
    Abbas Kakani Month ago

    That’s anoying as a dbs fan

  • Channel AFL - With cscan

    Ksi starts punching the air when he says it’s a Pokémon chain

  • carl Walker
    carl Walker Month ago

    wing ting ping thing chin win bin.

  • Josh Robertson
    Josh Robertson Month ago

    Harry could of made a video of the bottle trick

  • Connor Meredith
    Connor Meredith Month ago

    Nah he says hair and makeup like he has any hair🤣

  • Max Don
    Max Don 2 months ago

    0:37 tHEy ArE gRapE

  • DOTTY2005
    DOTTY2005 2 months ago

    Has cal never seen a daddy long legs?

  • holgle playz
    holgle playz 2 months ago

    We got Fanta in Norway

  • Afonso Guimarães
    Afonso Guimarães 2 months ago +1

    Cal: How are the grapes?
    Me: they're grape thanks

  • Marshal Hickman
    Marshal Hickman 2 months ago

    Um..... Pokemon chain? You ok mate? 🤣

  • ammar syahril
    ammar syahril 2 months ago


  • Major Bacon
    Major Bacon 2 months ago

    8:33 the 1st guy that walked out looked like he was being a bad bitch.

  • lenny hill
    lenny hill 2 months ago

    7:34 save the turtles REEEEEE

  • ItsFullM
    ItsFullM 2 months ago

    is that a morocco faze rug version