Sony Reveals NEW PS5 GAMEPLAY | Clarifies PlayStation 5 Reveal Date

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
  • Sony Officially Reveals INSANE NEW PS5 GAMEPLAY | Clarifies & Reveals PlayStation 5 Debut Date. Sony are showing off BEYOND next generation graphics and it is mind blowing!
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Comments • 914

  • Dealer - Gaming
    Dealer - Gaming  Month ago +78

    BOTH Xbox Scarlett and PS5 are going to be insane and i cant wait! Sources on all sides claim that either console might be more powerful than the other but for now, im taking the word of Sony and Microsoft directly. Microsoft (as of now) are also the only one (of the two companies) saying anything about being the most powerful, but we'll see.
    "Project Scarlett will set a new bar for console power, speed and performance"
    Official Console Press Statement:
    Check out this great interview:
    Personally i'm looking forward to what Xbox are offering next year, what are your thoughts?

    • Harvinder Atwal
      Harvinder Atwal 25 days ago

      Dealer thanks again for your hardwork making these videos. if is more powerful then congratulations to that company. end of the day its personal choice both will have pros an cons . my choice is simple i get the console where my friends play . I say again embrace next gen play together on crossplay and gave fun. wouldnt it be cool if both the companies were in stage together to launch the consoles side by side and promote crossplay .

    • Ace D
      Ace D 27 days ago +1

      Microsoft has no clue what PS5 has under the hood. They are blowing smoke and hoping. Unless they paid a very large sum to AMD for guaranteed better performance, but MS is usually the one to want to make money/break even on console cost whereas Sony is ok with losing more money on the consoles since they will make it up with game sales since they have so many more devs and exclusives

    • Geoff Lupton
      Geoff Lupton 29 days ago

      Wrong. Company producing the console itself can say, whatever they want buy when 3rd party Devs ans journalists come out and say which console is more powerful time to listen up. I don't hear any dev saying anything about Xbox. Only talking about how powerful ps5 will be. Comparing it to a high end gaming pc. Just like Xbox one x. You Xbox fanboys, will only get an over priced paperweight good luck with that shit. I'll be sitting back playing the best and exclusive games and content while you clowns go on about Forza and halo lol
      I'll be enjoying my exclusive GTA 6 for the first few months and exclusive call of duty content yet again. Eat it fools your mind controlled sheep wake up.

    • Metta Alpha
      Metta Alpha Month ago

      Dealer - Gaming you think game sharing worth it?

    • unrepeatable raddish
      unrepeatable raddish Month ago

      squad coins couldnt agree more... stating how fantastic a game looks and its never been done..... then showing it at 25 to 30 fps?

  • stu
    stu 2 days ago

    Tell you what if they release games at 30 FPS they have failed massively

  • Pankaj Mehta
    Pankaj Mehta 3 days ago

    Game name ?

  • #reboot#
    #reboot# 3 days ago

    Where is gameplay ?

  • jason harvote
    jason harvote 4 days ago

    Woah woah woah did he just say you cant see those type of graphics on pc? Thats lying and misinformation you can play way better on pc than a ps5 and the games are created on pc so how would it not be possible for a pc to run a ps5 game when a pc is way stronger than a console and faster? Dam liars trying to make console seem like its some super powerful machine thats never been see when its just a lower powered pc only made for gaming. I hate liars glad i dont like consoles.

  • Edward Hess
    Edward Hess 4 days ago

    Playstation 5 are not insane.
    You can do more ting with Xbox scarlet than playstation.
    I bay Xbox scarlet because 8n mos't tings are Xbox scarlet better.
    You can have a big powerfull console but they thats not what the game make better.
    The game makers designers make what the game looks like not what for powerfull console you have.
    If you have a powerfull console you must also have good game makers to have the money to make beautifull game's.
    And not every game maker have the money to make expensive game's .
    Its all about the game makers what and how match money they trow in a game.
    Not the console's but every ting can be better .
    Only if we let make the game makers good game's but they do that not always.
    A good game with beautifull grafics and effects cost a lat of money and that have not any one.
    You must also calculate that may by a game can be a flop disaster and that can bring a Company down.
    If you have a Game Company to make expensive game's ypu need people Ritch people to invest in it .

  • Mike jones
    Mike jones 4 days ago

    The xbox consoles ALL OF THEM have been a huge let down especially the xbox one and I will not waste another penny on another xbox console. PlayStation has never let me down and especially the PS4 has been an amazing experience, Spiderman/horizon zero dawn/Detroit become human/God of war are the best games this gen. Oh wait the last of us part 2 can join that list.

  • Chasethechosen One
    Chasethechosen One 6 days ago +2

    From what I’ve heard every journalist has said the ps5 has the edge but in the end it matters about the games it doesn’t look good for Xbox so far

  • Past Timer
    Past Timer 8 days ago

    I wish they would put i the description the game that it’s benign plated.

  • U Toob
    U Toob 8 days ago

    I’m a PlayStation fan, but even I don’t believe the PS5 can possibly have better graphics than a high-end PC, it’s just not possible

  • YoniNadi
    YoniNadi 9 days ago

    I have heard that the handheld controller will be more “hand /finger friendly “; it’s suppose to have a better design, and the ps5 console has been rumored to have a sleek design.

  • Anthony Dalton
    Anthony Dalton 9 days ago

    What is the game he is playing in the video

  • SKD_ IMPushnTTV
    SKD_ IMPushnTTV 11 days ago

    I’m not banned by yt no more 🥳

  • C64remixer
    C64remixer 12 days ago

    Each triple A game will take 5+ years to make...

  • Cheng Chung Chow
    Cheng Chung Chow 13 days ago

    Sony says that for every of their PlayStation

    MSTHOTIANA Bitch 14 days ago

    How bout fortnite

  • Upil Gamer
    Upil Gamer 15 days ago

    PS5 insane graphic :
    Running at 25 - 30 fps : what the....

  • Boi C
    Boi C 15 days ago


  • hendrance
    hendrance 17 days ago

    What game is that in the background

  • chosen elite76
    chosen elite76 17 days ago

    Currently building a PC ryzen 1700x with a gigabyte rtx 2070 super but I'm still getting a ps5

  • Apollyon Rev911
    Apollyon Rev911 18 days ago

    Don't like the console and controller design in the thumbnail.

  • Rajon Rondo
    Rajon Rondo 18 days ago

    Xbox Scarlett they even named their system after a female name LOL

  • Corey Lamar
    Corey Lamar 18 days ago

    Good video dude. Honestly I'm tired of hearing about which one is more powerful. It's not the end all be all. It's important but it's only one piece of the puzzle. Games games and more games are what's important. I have both but play my ps4 pro more as the games are unmatched. Microsoft got a lot to prove but they can be competitive again. Like I've mentioned before while they do have their loyal fans they lost a lot of goodwill this generation and will have to earn it back which I honestly don't know if they can. It'll be really difficult because outside of the blind fanboys the realist know they dropped the ball this generation. They need to give their studios not only the financial resources but the freedom to ensure their games reach their full potential. Anyway I'm done rambling lol

  • Offical Sheldon Rollins

    We better not have 1 30fps game. If we do next gen is trash and it will be time to bulid my own pc

  • Info Troopers
    Info Troopers 20 days ago

    XBox is giving ray tracing at 60fps, that blows sony to pieces, also high settings, a RTX2080TI at $1200 just about makes 60fps with raytracing! THHHIIIINNNNNKKKKK ABOUT THAT.

    • KajMak64Bit
      KajMak64Bit 6 days ago +1

      Either Microsoft is hacking... Or low settings with ray tracing or high settings with low res and raytracing... XD

  • Info Troopers
    Info Troopers 20 days ago

    PC tanks both, the era of consoles is clinging to this kit, it better impress, 1 thing for sure, on max settings, it would be low settings on pc.

  • Sinister Draws
    Sinister Draws 20 days ago

    I highly doubt it would outperform a really high end PC but yeah that's the only claim where I'm like nah dog lol

  • Perihelion74
    Perihelion74 21 day ago

    Maybe people should stop worrying about graphics these days, they're good enough.
    Start demanding originality, creativity, better gameplay, no more Zombie games, no more Call Of Duty part 460, and perhaps demand that games developers stop treating you like a moron by making games that treat you like one.
    Remember a time where you had to figure things out, when you had to use your brain?

  • Chad Carter
    Chad Carter 21 day ago

    What game that is ???

  • I don’t smile
    I don’t smile 21 day ago

    I’ll be getting both consoles

  • Manny’s Unboxing & Reviews


  • Dtrkshadow
    Dtrkshadow 22 days ago +1

    Most likely Xbox has a strategy of withholding information until sony finalizes specs then they change theirs to be more powerful...

    • Dtrkshadow
      Dtrkshadow 4 days ago +1

      Mike jones yeah i sold my xbox because it was a pain in the ass to use... the interface was clunky and the only people i knew who liked it better were total stoners....

    • Mike jones
      Mike jones 4 days ago

      Power means very little without exclusive games, I have the xbox one x and it's a useless console with no exclsuives and ironically the graphics look better on my ps4 pro which also runs smoother and has a much better user interface.

  • Ultimate Quicksilver
    Ultimate Quicksilver 22 days ago

    [PROTOTYPE3] or a Remake of the first [PROTOTYPE] game for next gen would be 🔥

  • dingboy4561
    dingboy4561 22 days ago

    The New xbox won,t have Naughty Dog games nor a Mlb baseball. It,s the games for me not the power.

  • tdub
    tdub 22 days ago +1

    sounds cool and all but i only care for playstation exclusives because i play pc

  • HEK 293
    HEK 293 23 days ago

    Fuck sony!

  • Dom Dellamorte
    Dom Dellamorte 23 days ago

    The fuck would be the point of Microsoft putting out a console that is even more powerful than the PS5 when they won’t have any games to play on it?
    For fucks sake you’re showing footage of a game that came out over 5 years ago here lol.
    I have lost all faith in Microsoft

  • Leonard Petty
    Leonard Petty 24 days ago

    Microsoft has been hush-hush because they already know they've been beaten

    • SilentEvil2
      SilentEvil2 22 days ago

      Or quietly planning a blitzkrieg.

  • yyc for life
    yyc for life 24 days ago

    This game is next gen graphics the fuck

  • goku canfly
    goku canfly 24 days ago

    Insane built my pc in 2017 and its still alot stronger lol than specs of ps5 i fact most people can build one with new parts for 700 to 800 thats on par or stronger now? And guess what it cant play all previous game ... just kill off consoles holding back game potential with weak hardware limting devs

  • Mounick Karanam
    Mounick Karanam 24 days ago

    Is it just me or is everyone HYPED!!!!

  • Will M
    Will M 25 days ago

    Ps2 plays dvd yes. Ps4 no. Let's hope ps5 is not even less than Ps2. I hope ps4 designer was fired.

  • Mikie Wall
    Mikie Wall 25 days ago

    SONY should back KILLZONE like it was on the PS3. Thatd look AMAZING.

  • World Gaming
    World Gaming 25 days ago

    I am going for the Playstation

  • Lorell Doke
    Lorell Doke 25 days ago +1

    Does this game look like infamous one and two or am I triping

  • Terrence Conseillant
    Terrence Conseillant 25 days ago

    Seriously XBox can’t do any right in the eyes of the blind gaming world. When they give all their info Sony just copies or put a more advanced chip. So this time Microsoft is keeping quiet and everyone is saying how bad that is. Guess what at least they announced a next gen console first so Sony can follow them. If Microsoft didn’t announce another console Sony would probably have us playing PS4 for another 10years if they could. MS should just walk out and let Sony take care of all you gamers so we can witness the end of console gaming as we know it. I’ve read a few articles on how this may be the last launch and seriously the reasons given are all because of Sony and I called it back when the original Xbox came out. All I know is when a company says It wants it’s customers playing the same console for 10 or more years knowing the current rate at which technology advances they really have no interest in advancing or bettering that field.

  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta 25 days ago

    Wtf, bait bullshit, you have nothing

  • chou soibam
    chou soibam 25 days ago

    what game are you playing in this video bro

  • Everything Aquariums
    Everything Aquariums 26 days ago

    Go get a Rtx 2080ti and get back to me Mr reporter.
    My pc will eat the ps5 and Xbox scarlet and shit them out.
    Ps5 is using Navi architecture.
    They will use Ray tracing in low settings. Do it on ultra.... not gonna happen. 120fps in 4k... not gonna happen!

  • Alex Maly
    Alex Maly 26 days ago

    What game is that playing ... with the dude jumping around in the sky?

  • Shakam RaishLahab
    Shakam RaishLahab 26 days ago

    Dude how many ads you have you broke or something

  • RoCCo CarmeLL
    RoCCo CarmeLL 26 days ago

    Soo this whole video u showed is allegedly Ps5? Looks like upscale ps3 lol

  • Remi Payeur
    Remi Payeur 26 days ago

    Always the same shitty videos . Nothing new at all just a click bait...

  • Emmanuel Nyongbo
    Emmanuel Nyongbo 26 days ago

    For a long time I thought that this footage of gameplay was the actual gameplay of the PS5. Lol 😂

  • Kevin Allen
    Kevin Allen 26 days ago +2

    Sony fans everywhere are smiling @ Michael does life.

  • Wolf Pack Gaming
    Wolf Pack Gaming 26 days ago

    If they bring rocket league to ps5 , it better be 250 FPS

  • WitWoolley93
    WitWoolley93 26 days ago

    I'm far more hyped for ps5 than scarlett

  • warrior warrior
    warrior warrior 26 days ago

    Aiiiiiiiiiiiin seen it 😂

  • Jaroslav Tkac
    Jaroslav Tkac 26 days ago

    bla bla bla no gameplay... thx for wasting my time...

  • Man limbu
    Man limbu 26 days ago

    Game name u playing ??