"We Have to Cut That" Jimmy Carr to Katherine Ryan | 8 Out of 10 Cats | Best of Katherine Ryan

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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  • E4
    E4  Month ago +23

    Favourite moment from Katherine?
    Watch more here: bit.ly/2oNpwez

    • Manic-Vyper
      Manic-Vyper Month ago +3

      The moment she shut her mouth...

    • KhronicD
      KhronicD Month ago

      Her Quiz Jenner persona on the Big Fat Quiz, her tits looked amazing.

  • Azza 179
    Azza 179 6 days ago +3

    124 people with NO SENSE OF HUMOUR

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 10 days ago

    Why is she on my TV every time I turn it on? Is she sleeping with every producer in England?

  • Kutulue
    Kutulue 12 days ago +2

    Mmmmmm a night with Katherine and Aisling. That would be fun.

  • ulysses1904
    ulysses1904 12 days ago +1

    I couldn't even watch more than 30 seconds of this. I don't know why they even include her on these shows, she's just so dull-witted in a Kathy Griffin\Kardashian way. The only North Americans I have seen that can hold their own on these shows are Michelle Wolf and Rich Hall.

  • R Greenup
    R Greenup 13 days ago +1

    What is it with the blokes there, bunch of dead heads.

  • Ernesto Berger
    Ernesto Berger 14 days ago

    Katherine's best bits was a waste of time. She is the very actualization of the concept of unfunny.

  • Andy Buoy
    Andy Buoy 14 days ago

    Katherine Ryan is just a classic cardboard cut-out feminist (not funny, Sexist, completely unoriginal, boring) more quota filling females what a pile of dog shit.

  • TRiG (Ireland)
    TRiG (Ireland) 17 days ago +11

    I need a Tinchy Strider on panel shows compilation. He's surprisingly funny for a singer.

  • rock432
    rock432 22 days ago +2

    Wait...why'd Jimmy say this can't go out? Katherine gave away vital information about using deception to get the truth. It might be against girl code to put this out there, but not bro code.

  • Ballconei 2
    Ballconei 2 23 days ago +2

    Dudes got the IQ of a cabbage.

  • Penelope Highet
    Penelope Highet 25 days ago +6

    She's Brilliant!

  • Ossy Ali
    Ossy Ali 25 days ago +13

    Is it me or does Katherine look like the girls from White Chicks? 🤔

    • Ossy Ali
      Ossy Ali 6 days ago

      Ian Rutherford Why so butthurt

    • Ian Rutherford
      Ian Rutherford 10 days ago

      without a photo of you ,we can't answer that

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 26 days ago +2

    We are not running out of fossil fuels. That is so wrong on so many levels. We might run out of coal eventually, but oil the stuff is the second most common liquid on this planet and its everywhere. All you have to do is stick a soda straw in the earth as long as it's deep enough and it's there. The Russians have some the deepest wells cause old Stalin baby turned his science dues loose.

    • Adam Tiley
      Adam Tiley 25 days ago +4

      Are you being sarcastic, or are you just very high?

  • David Allen
    David Allen 26 days ago +1

    Ryan is the definition of a roastie, not good.

    • Cynthia He
      Cynthia He 23 days ago +1

      David Allen I’m really surprised that a grandfather would know how to use the word “thot”. All you’re doing is just confirming suspicions, dude. I hope you learn to see women as fellow human beings one day. Good luck.

    • David Allen
      David Allen 25 days ago +1

      Tell my children and grandchildren. Perhaps you are inhaling your own Eau de Thot.@Cynthia He

    • Cynthia He
      Cynthia He 26 days ago +3

      David Allen I think I smell an incel...

  • jaue82
    jaue82 26 days ago

    Wait... If was for the Bros wouldn't you not cut it so we all know the trick?

    • Graciecorn
      Graciecorn 3 days ago

      He was talking about her saying men are stupid lol

    • rock432
      rock432 22 days ago

      @Aaron Campbell Yeah, I see that--but that's only if one assumes that they don't already know it.

    • Aaron Campbell
      Aaron Campbell 23 days ago

      I thought it was to not give women the idea

    • shahin Ab
      shahin Ab 26 days ago

      well, he overthought it and figured I am let them all know !!

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK 27 days ago +1

    This show used to be good but with this lot its gone shite and downhill very fast

  • Alec Harris
    Alec Harris 28 days ago +2

    What guy is falling for that?

  • Gavin Key
    Gavin Key 29 days ago +1

    I would happily drink her bath water. She's awesome 😁

  • MajorParts
    MajorParts Month ago +12

    I was hoping the bit that had to be cut was something extremely filthy :(

    IRON60 BITCH Month ago +1

    It’s funny to hear it a young British guy explaining how to rap but I grew up in the Bronx this is going to be fine

    • drdassler
      drdassler Month ago +3

      IRON60 BITCH so you're an amazing rapper by default? 🤔

  • A Porumb
    A Porumb Month ago +1

    I thought for ages that Katherine Ryan is just a less successful Pamela Anderson, but not any more.She is a less successful Pamela Anderson with a sense of humor.

  • phillip woods
    phillip woods Month ago +9

    This show is now a load of crap.

    • Matthew Rebera
      Matthew Rebera Month ago +2

      phillip woods yea once Sean and Jon left the show went downhill fast.

  • youfritter
    youfritter Month ago

    2:38 "I think there is a dick in MY box"

  • danny clarke
    danny clarke Month ago +3

    Bro code trumps tv show

  • Ritchie J
    Ritchie J Month ago +63

    I love how polarizing she is... she has a specific humor and I love it.

  • Ulgramoth
    Ulgramoth Month ago +10

    *inb4* all the NPC's angrily typing about how unfunny she is. She's not that bad of a comedian.

    • iSuRRendeReDuK
      iSuRRendeReDuK 27 days ago

      Phew im glad your opinion counts more than anyone elses when it come to rating unfunny comedians and this one is piss poor unfunny

    • That roadbiker idiot
      That roadbiker idiot Month ago +2

      @First Name Surname don't be ridiculous... it obviously stands for Nigerian Poxy Contestants

    • First Name Surname
      First Name Surname Month ago +3

      NPC's? Non playable characters?

  • Jan Fairclough
    Jan Fairclough Month ago +95

    I really hope her delivery is spontaneous. She says everything with such aplomb, it’s joyous to listen to her

    • drdassler
      drdassler Month ago +2

      Jan Fairclough it's called wit. She's lived in UK for a long time.

    • Chris Pretica
      Chris Pretica Month ago

      did u mean hope or did you mean love? cause im lost as a bag of donkey dicks.

  • Malky Headbutt
    Malky Headbutt Month ago +9

    SHE's just not funny!

    • Malky Headbutt
      Malky Headbutt Month ago

      @Ninjamanhammer Ha I'm a moron for saying she's not funny cuntybaws? It must be love...

    • Ninjamanhammer
      Ninjamanhammer Month ago +2

      I'm not telling you what you can't say, I'm telling you you're a moron for saying it.

    • Malky Headbutt
      Malky Headbutt Month ago

      @Ninjamanhammer I don't hate her she just isn't funny and who are you to tell me what I can and can't say?

    • Ninjamanhammer
      Ninjamanhammer Month ago +1

      It really only speaks in her favor when her haters prove to be obvious trolls.

    • Malky Headbutt
      Malky Headbutt Month ago +1

      @Ninjamanhammer Look I get what you are saying too but she's just not funny.

  • Hans Hartfiel
    Hans Hartfiel Month ago

    Katherine Ryan is probably the most annoying bimbo on TV

  • Sgt.Peppers
    Sgt.Peppers Month ago +11

    PSYCHED SUBSTANCE??? In the first clip of the compilation.

  • Serpent7
    Serpent7 Month ago +12

    She occasionally makes me laugh but something about her has always put me off. She seems really immature in a way and she strikes me as the type of person who will always blame society and other people for her own shortcomings.

    • MeihanaBee
      MeihanaBee 17 days ago

      @Ninjamanhammer well it was a piece of piss that landed in the bowl, because it's pretty damn accurate.

    • TRiG (Ireland)
      TRiG (Ireland) 17 days ago +1

      @MeihanaBee Name one joke in this section that relied on being nasty about men.

    • Temp Sitch
      Temp Sitch 24 days ago +1

      MeihanaBee You don't know the definitions of the words you're using.

    • TomCL 2000
      TomCL 2000 27 days ago +1

      Pat Mahon Neither does the opinion you just gave. Yet we both still decided to comment.

    • Ninjamanhammer
      Ninjamanhammer 29 days ago +1

      No I'm not satisfied, because that is a piece of piss.

  • Cailen Mackenzie
    Cailen Mackenzie Month ago

    "Well I think there is a Dick in my box" Katherine Ryan 2019

  • That Bi
    That Bi Month ago +12

    Best of Sara pascoe?

    • Andy Buoy
      Andy Buoy 14 days ago +1

      There is no best of Pascoe, she cannot write or deliver a joke to any degree of humour. just another cardboard cut out quota filling feminist

    • drdassler
      drdassler Month ago

      That Bi just watch any SJW whine on.

    • KingAwesome666
      KingAwesome666 Month ago +5

      Oh god no...

  • Jim Thomas
    Jim Thomas Month ago

    shes a slut and not even an attractive slut

  • sarah
    sarah Month ago +14

    more videos of women comedians please!!!

    • mc finn
      mc finn Month ago


    • Ninjamanhammer
      Ninjamanhammer Month ago

      @That roadbiker idiot
      Weak troll attempt

    • That roadbiker idiot
      That roadbiker idiot Month ago +9

      This webpage is unavailable. Please check you have spelt it correctly. Otherwise, try restarting your internet connection. If this still doesn't fix the issue, contact your administrator.

  • T2pseltNii0ngi
    T2pseltNii0ngi Month ago +14

    Love her!

  • All_Roads
    All_Roads Month ago +39

    The best line in a Katherine Ryan compilation came from Jimmy...

  • dwyr
    dwyr Month ago +24

    Sean can't even crack a smile

    • dwyr
      dwyr 17 days ago

      @Ellinon Enosis 1:40 oop, shes opened her mouth again

    • dwyr
      dwyr 28 days ago +1

      @Ellinon Enosis I was insinuating those points

    • Ellinon Enosis
      Ellinon Enosis 28 days ago +5

      That's because a)she isn't funny and b)Sean is many things but he isn't a liar .....

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago

    I shot my load looking at K Ryans mouth.

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy Month ago +44

    She is so flipping smart compared to most of these knuckleheads.

    • phillip woods
      phillip woods Month ago +6

      She's not funny.

    • Jim Thomas
      Jim Thomas Month ago +12

      @dwyr fuck me thats a lot of flps are you a dolphin

    • dwyr
      dwyr Month ago +3

      @Jim Thomas She flipping is! don't you tell me what she flipping is or isn't you are probably a flipping mysoginist anyway, flip off.

    • Jim Thomas
      Jim Thomas Month ago +12

      shes not really

  • WooshaBaloo
    WooshaBaloo Month ago

    Click bait shit

  • Sgt James Doakes
    Sgt James Doakes Month ago +8

    Needs more of her delightful cleavage.

    • Sgt James Doakes
      Sgt James Doakes Month ago

      colin glen doesn’t matter, it’s still delightful.

    • colin glen
      colin glen Month ago

      it's not real, just like her sense of humour.

  • Kris Nicholson
    Kris Nicholson Month ago +35

    Katherine Ryan is one of the funniest comediennes out there.

    • phillip woods
      phillip woods 12 days ago


    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 12 days ago

      Abit disrespectful to Catherine Tate who IS the funniest female comedian.

    • phillip woods
      phillip woods Month ago +1

      Really? You have to be funny if you're a comedian.

    • mc finn
      mc finn Month ago +3

      Not that difficult... 🙄

  • Sam808T T
    Sam808T T Month ago +16

    funniest part of this video was Johnny Vegas sneezing

  • gharbi hamza
    gharbi hamza Month ago

    She's Fucking hilarious

  • icetech6
    icetech6 Month ago +27

    The least funny person on UK television and we can't escape her.....

    • colin glen
      colin glen Month ago

      James Robertson ... I don't think he ever started.

    • colin glen
      colin glen Month ago

      I agree with yo about phil jupitus. he should be prosecuted under the trades description act.

    • colin glen
      colin glen Month ago

      you're forgetting about aisling bea.

    • kh2freek
      kh2freek Month ago +1

      James Robertson he constantly has the rest of the cast in tears... you’re way off the mark here

    • James Robertson
      James Robertson Month ago

      Did Joe Wilkinson die/retire [delete as applicable]?

  • Daniel Lukic
    Daniel Lukic Month ago +40

    Would wife/ 10

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other Month ago +236

    The rap was actually good, in a humourous way.

    • Peter123 4
      Peter123 4 22 days ago

      @Clive Bindley nice one

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley 22 days ago

      @Peter123 4 Its Russell Howard's backward brother...how do you not know that?

    • Peter123 4
      Peter123 4 22 days ago

      @Clive Bindley who's that?

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley Month ago +1

      @TomCL 2000 Having the title comedy show doesn't necessarily make it funny!
      I can think of a few shows that fall into that category. Any show featuring Howard Russell for instance.

    • TomCL 2000
      TomCL 2000 Month ago +1

      Ann Other Well it is a comedy show.

  • Billy Everyteen
    Billy Everyteen Month ago +52

    "Best of Katherine Ryan" is an oxymoron.

    • fenhen
      fenhen Month ago +22

      Because it’s all so amazing. There can’t be a “best of”.

  • Michael Vechnak
    Michael Vechnak Month ago


  • Chrome Dark
    Chrome Dark Month ago +66

    Tinchy is so chill

    • Error 404
      Error 404 3 days ago

      @Clive Bindley And what does that mean

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley Month ago

      @Isaac Hunt He's a rapper, music doesn't come into it!

    • Error 404
      Error 404 Month ago +7

      @Isaac Hunt Its a homonym. A bar is a line in a rap song and then theres a musical bar. Same word different meanings

  • Zoo Crafted
    Zoo Crafted Month ago +70

    katherine is wifey material

    • richard cunningham
      richard cunningham 12 days ago

      Because of her looks? Hate to break it to you but she won't look like that in the morning.

    • Robert Gates
      Robert Gates Month ago

      Agreed. Shes just the right mix of cute and annoying

    • gange21
      gange21 Month ago +1

      @Tadzio5050 is 'hard work and graft' the main thing you look for in your partner?

    • Tadzio5050
      Tadzio5050 Month ago +5

      No matter your hard work and graft ladies real question is, are you wifey material. Jesus H Christ.

    • Yeet everyday
      Yeet everyday Month ago +3

      YeahDatzSPIKE Each to their own