New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know.

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!
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Comments • 6 668

  • Random Personality
    Random Personality 2 hours ago

    Came here to read comments. Only to read comments 👇 🤯

  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 8 hours ago

    The chinese will spy on you with the sat nav

  • Seamus O' Donoghue
    Seamus O' Donoghue 13 hours ago

    Love it :)

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry Day ago

    It looks tiny

  • Acero Woodberry
    Acero Woodberry Day ago

    I love the old Defender just as much as everybody else but that body was the farthest thing from aerodynamic for modern standards

  • Tom Dewsbury
    Tom Dewsbury Day ago

    Yuk !!!!!

  • Tim Leavy
    Tim Leavy Day ago

    So its expensive with everything an optional extra.

  • thekitchenchikens

    I don’t know about this. Mercedes and jeep nailed it and the jimny is easily upgradable. this, I don’t know...

  • Iurie Vlasov
    Iurie Vlasov 2 days ago

    It looks like an expensive fridge. :|

  • David Middleton
    David Middleton 2 days ago

    Call it something else and others will stop comparing it, to a proper Land Rover. As a car 4x4 it's nice, a bit florest, rather than farmer!

  • Svein Høvern
    Svein Høvern 2 days ago

    Wtf.. I hope it's a joke

  • frank spencer
    frank spencer 3 days ago +1

    The defender was a work & utility vehicle, and that is disgusting in 2020.

  • TioUngaro
    TioUngaro 3 days ago

    Cybertruck if you really need tough car, otherwise buy a simple very good on mpg car.

  • Lawrence C. Xu
    Lawrence C. Xu 3 days ago

    Honda Element

  • hortn123
    hortn123 4 days ago

    Prices for the last Land Rover Defender just doubled once this was introduced

  • Abinash ORBxGoDKinGop

    Looks nice

  • Gabriel Shensky
    Gabriel Shensky 4 days ago +5

    Jesus it seems everyone absolutely hates this thing. Am I the only one that likes it?

  • Mohamed El-Kady
    Mohamed El-Kady 4 days ago

    I really wish land rover see the below comments, can't believe they redesigned a master piece to look like a KIA Soul. Same thing for discovery why can someone discontinue the amazing LR4 for a funny looking discovery??

  • rep toob
    rep toob 4 days ago

    What is the square thing blocking the view of the side rear windows.

  • 61GAMER61 EKİP
    61GAMER61 EKİP 5 days ago

    the big defender is nice but the little one is so bad

  • Paul Thiel
    Paul Thiel 5 days ago

    Love it.

  • gixeff 750
    gixeff 750 5 days ago

    Yet another expensive showoff wanker Chelsea mobile, not suitable at all for farms or genuinely rough environments

  • kropka kreska
    kropka kreska 6 days ago +1

    Ok, it looks like Skoda Yeti.

  • Timothy Blake
    Timothy Blake 6 days ago


  • Jang Gan
    Jang Gan 6 days ago

    Nowdays too many motor companies are changing beautiful modern design to childish design.

  • Gaming Boi
    Gaming Boi 7 days ago

    I like the original 110 the 2010 ones

  • Jobo so
    Jobo so 7 days ago

    A complete fail.

  • Dumiso Siwawa
    Dumiso Siwawa 8 days ago

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series if you want tough

  • Peter thingstrup
    Peter thingstrup 8 days ago

    i hATE IT

  • Toebex
    Toebex 8 days ago

    Whoever colour grades your videos needs to be sacked asap

  • Sander Van Sant :P
    Sander Van Sant :P 8 days ago

    40k for a stock ugly defender made out of plastic...

  • william mcmonagle
    william mcmonagle 10 days ago

    It is a horrible looking car, looks like a Chinese version of the crappy American Jeep, what where they thinking, a dog of a car, can't find anything i like about it, all rounded like a kids toy, yuk, what a wasted opportunity, i would expect this shitty looking thing in a Kinder egg

  • Matthew Fletcher
    Matthew Fletcher 10 days ago

    god its ugly

  • ing wen Tsai
    ing wen Tsai 11 days ago

    ugly no joking,

  • NoOr Ahmed
    NoOr Ahmed 11 days ago

    No effort put into the design

  • Gi Pap
    Gi Pap 13 days ago

    Looks like some 2000's land rovers

  • Duke
    Duke 14 days ago

    Matt only likes this car because its a Land Rover.

  • Craig Handley
    Craig Handley 14 days ago

    They both look so cool my personal favourite is the 110

  • Tharindu madhushanka
    Tharindu madhushanka 14 days ago +1

    How much is this brother

  • Cr4t3rus
    Cr4t3rus 14 days ago

    Is this a review or a commercial? :/

  • William Walker
    William Walker 15 days ago

    Ok i saw this video when it came it out and i thought it looked pretty cool but last week i was in leeds and saw a 2020 110 in public i wanted to know if anyone else had seen one going around the uk?

  • alan bane
    alan bane 15 days ago


  • Production Plan
    Production Plan 15 days ago

    It's just a rufty-tufty Range Rover for townies.

  • C dirthanz
    C dirthanz 15 days ago

    If it ain't broken don't fix it

  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd 15 days ago

    I don't think the fact that it's ugly as fuck is the most upsetting thing.
    They could of done so many things using the old defender as the base and it would have looked amazing.

  • Toys Kid TV !!!
    Toys Kid TV !!! 15 days ago

    Can yall please compare the Mercedes Gwagon, Land Rover Defender, Toyota land cruiser Prado, Hummer h1 or h2 and jeep wrangler pleaseeeeeeeeee
    I really want to see the toyota land cruiser prado fighting against this land rover defenderrrrrr

  • Tip Panha Mean
    Tip Panha Mean 16 days ago

    can you do a race

  • Doug Panton
    Doug Panton 16 days ago

    Literally love this guy such a good presenter

  • Rob Joiner
    Rob Joiner 16 days ago

    £80k holy mother.

  • Rocking in a free world

    So I can officially say, the defender is dead!

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh 17 days ago

    Are u guys happy with what Tata has done to jaguar and Land Rover

  • Felix .de777
    Felix .de777 17 days ago

    Die Alten sind tausend mal schöner 😀 trotzdem cool das die Dinger wieder gebaut werden 👍

  • carlo sciortino
    carlo sciortino 17 days ago

    i lovet

  • cortarelva
    cortarelva 18 days ago

    No. Just no.

  • Dulaj Nimsara
    Dulaj Nimsara 18 days ago

    It kind of look like a Suzuki jimmy 🤭😂

  • Toby Allard
    Toby Allard 18 days ago

    That's not a defender.

  • Furious Modz
    Furious Modz 18 days ago

    it should be electric.

  • Lms Albeedoo Lms
    Lms Albeedoo Lms 18 days ago

    Small suv

  • Casper DeVanche
    Casper DeVanche 19 days ago

    Looks like a Kia Soul cosplaying as an anime defender. I'm guessing they hired the person who designed the original Sonic for the movie.

  • Stephen Burgess
    Stephen Burgess 19 days ago

    Slovak plastic copy of a British Classic 4x4 what a rip off shouldn't it be cheaper as its made in Eastern Europe not more than the British built old Defender.