New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know.

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!
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Comments • 6 025

  • Jacky Tang
    Jacky Tang 36 minutes ago +1

    Already not a defender at all.

  • roxersl nipunsathruwan
    roxersl nipunsathruwan 54 minutes ago

    How much usd???

  • Huthefa Ahmed
    Huthefa Ahmed Hour ago +1

    وين اللغة العربيه

  • Marcus Hughes
    Marcus Hughes Hour ago

    Looks like a mid life crisis csnt beat the old school look this just looks like a 40 year old virgins mid life crises interior is nice but it looks ugly on the outside

  • 1911indi
    1911indi 2 hours ago

    the door hinge on the rear should open to the left for left hand drive cars !!!

  • Willie Ngumi
    Willie Ngumi 2 hours ago

    This is what the Defender should have looked like...

  • Peter Fleming
    Peter Fleming 2 hours ago

    Where's the full electric version though? Its not 2010 anymore!

  • blackcatsarenopussies
    blackcatsarenopussies 3 hours ago

    It's a Skoda Roomster

  • Gero König
    Gero König 3 hours ago

    It is only left the name of it. The rest is totally new and a complete different car. The trunk is way to small and the car to expensive for the purpose. Now all is new, so will be the price high. Ok. It is a nice suitable car. But it is not a defender! So the name is wrong and stolen from a century Classic car , that deserve this name. The new one should be a Explorer maybe but not a Defender. To make a new true revival of the Defender goes much better than this happen here shown in the vid.

  • Boris Dios
    Boris Dios 3 hours ago

    Херня какая то... игрушка из китайского пластика и китайской электроники, днище какое то за кучу бабок.

  • r miu
    r miu 3 hours ago

    I don't know but i still say that boxy defender looks more appealing to me than this 2020 model. I'm eyeing a 2015 double cab defender. The old design look tough and mean.

  • tim G
    tim G 4 hours ago

    There are enough Chelsea tractors in the world already. The Defender is supposed to be a tough, practical offroader for work and adventure. Landrover has missed an opportunity with this car. Toyota want to kill off the workhorse 70 series and the new Defender could have stolen that market if Landrover had designed the appropriate car - reliable, practical but comfortable. Instead they release another overpriced fake 4wd "suv" into an already satursted market.

  • stephen kim
    stephen kim 4 hours ago


  • Kay's Toy PlayTime
    Kay's Toy PlayTime 6 hours ago

    Is it the new honda element?'s a land rover Defender. 🙃

  • alex hurley
    alex hurley 6 hours ago

    Another icon of British Empire is gone. Sad to see brits treating there's heritage like this. Germans, Japanese, Russians and Americans treasure there's Jeeps, G Class, UAZ and Samurai. You can't replace Beatles with Take That.

  • PierreShark
    PierreShark 7 hours ago

    "This is a pre production car so I'm not going to drive it".
    Why not, Richard Hammond did and he went before you judging by the mud. I wonder how long you had to wait for Hammond to bigger off before you film this.

    THE MASTER NEZAR 7 hours ago

    No one with a brain will put money on this Hybrid/Basterd child
    What a shame

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson 8 hours ago

    Looks as capable as a Subaru Forester

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson 8 hours ago

    Tailgate switch will malfunction in 5 months and the side view mirrors will catch fire catch fire in 7

  • Dean Judson
    Dean Judson 9 hours ago


  • Michał Moździerz
    Michał Moździerz 11 hours ago

    Kia soul? :D

  • Peter Choma
    Peter Choma 11 hours ago +1

    I like the way it looks, love my 19 Discovery HSE, will definitely consider the defender as a replacement for the Benz. Completely dislike the new GLE it would replace.

  • Marco Ciotti
    Marco Ciotti 11 hours ago

    Nissan Cube on roids!

  • paul skinner
    paul skinner 11 hours ago

    Way to expensive!!

  • Eric Gisclon
    Eric Gisclon 11 hours ago

    Who was designers? The defender looks like Boris Johnson!! The new defender will not save the queen!!Playmobil 4x4 car!!lol

  • Ænglisc
    Ænglisc 11 hours ago

    Škoda Yeti on steroids

  • Volkswagen97
    Volkswagen97 12 hours ago

    Damn it looks like crap

  • Michelangelo Move
    Michelangelo Move 12 hours ago

  • Doucet Kongelean
    Doucet Kongelean 12 hours ago

    O my

  • Mud Plugging
    Mud Plugging 12 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but one of the qualities of the original Defender or 90, was the ability to just open the rear door, and lob 30 or so breeze blocks, the winter's logs, an engine, or a sheep in the back without causing damage. No comparison I'm afraid. This will never be the workhorse to replace the original.

  • Scito Mayorga
    Scito Mayorga 12 hours ago

    My god, its so nice that it could be confused with a Kia Soul

  • ian dennis
    ian dennis 12 hours ago

    It’s shite

  • anton Simpson
    anton Simpson 12 hours ago

    Ugly looks like a jeep renagade

  • Kym Wright
    Kym Wright 12 hours ago

    Someone is taking the piss....aren’t they.
    Do they actually go off road?, or just dirt tracks.
    Land Rover take a kick in the anus💩

  • Rick Hustwick
    Rick Hustwick 13 hours ago +2

    A Land Rover for snowflakes .... well done Millennials, you deserve it.

  • stuste964
    stuste964 13 hours ago

    Hahaha Oh dear looks like a Skoda Yeti......weirdly though, I like the Yeti but I don't like this 😂

  • GarbisOnTheGo
    GarbisOnTheGo 13 hours ago

    I fucking love Mat Watson

  • oketch clinton
    oketch clinton 13 hours ago

    Ugly af!

  • Joe Public
    Joe Public 13 hours ago

    I cant wait to tow the new defender back to the dealership, with my CSW90

  • Subversion Watch
    Subversion Watch 14 hours ago

    That looks awesome

  • Gilberto Girotto
    Gilberto Girotto 14 hours ago

    This new defender is a preannounced failure

  • tom muneio
    tom muneio 14 hours ago

    Tata blew it here, give me a break, what a joke of a defender. Glad I got a Jeep Gladiator.

  • akifulla beig
    akifulla beig 15 hours ago

  • Essential RC
    Essential RC 15 hours ago

    Always entertaining. Thanks Matt.

    DAMON LEE 15 hours ago

    As always the Land Rover company makes and designs very cool and uniquely bootifull rides. !! This new Defender 2 door is the best looker, and looks awesome in and out...let us all pray these new SUVs are great long lasting quality machines..**##$^^Errr!!!

  • Игорь
    Игорь 15 hours ago


  • faris arab
    faris arab 15 hours ago

    Stupid idea when you lost your identity

  • Pawel Mechanic
    Pawel Mechanic 15 hours ago

    Interior weight 150kg

  • Erick G
    Erick G 15 hours ago

    45,000 pounds? holy shit that's expensive and it must be lacking tons of accessories.... And it's not "RETRO" at all. And that 110 looks like a 100 if that ever existed... The 110 is way longer!

  • Pawel Mechanic
    Pawel Mechanic 15 hours ago

    It's fucking stupidly think on off road car...... Possible including tractor for recovery

  • Pawel Mechanic
    Pawel Mechanic 15 hours ago

    More electronic in this car???

  • Pawel Mechanic
    Pawel Mechanic 16 hours ago

    What is this?

  • Dv Abhi
    Dv Abhi 16 hours ago


  • 660einzylinder
    660einzylinder 16 hours ago

    Another ugly, over priced piece of rubbish waiting to mount a kerb on the school run, that'll be the most offroading many of these will ever do. Those of us who need a utility vehicle will carry on buying HiLux and L200 trucks......looks like Land Rover have missed the point, and the market opportunity.

  • seavisions
    seavisions 16 hours ago

    Fugly just fugly.

  • Jonathan Lucas
    Jonathan Lucas 16 hours ago

    that looks ridiculous

  • thybigballs
    thybigballs 17 hours ago +1

    Between the Mercedes, Suzuki, Jeep, and LR Defender, the Defender looks the least like a rugged offroad vehicle. 3:30

  • Wally
    Wally 17 hours ago

    If you weren't an avid Richard Hammond fan, you wouldn't have noticed that these were the same vehicles and the exact same location from Hammond's review video.

  • Ahmad ALSayegh
    Ahmad ALSayegh 17 hours ago

    What A B O U T ..... Fj Cruiser !!!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Russ Eagle
    Russ Eagle 18 hours ago

    Made in Slovakia or Slovenia so MIGHT be reliable!