Is Joao Felix A Better Signing Than Eden Hazard & Griezmann?! | #HotTakes

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
    It's early days but will Joao Felix turn out to be the best signing of the season?!
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  Month ago +98

    Can Joao Felix live up to his price tag at Atletico Madrid?! ⬇️

    • mclaze mclaze
      mclaze mclaze 29 days ago

      So far so good...I just hope that he will have his own real face in FIFA 20

    • Nougat
      Nougat Month ago

      he'll surpass it

    • Carlos P
      Carlos P Month ago +1

      Anyone that knows futebol, can see Felix is a great player. If he stays healthy, he will be a star.

    • That guy that spreads his legs
    • IE
      IE Month ago

      Yes. He's a future star. I'm glad he joined atletico. He can put his stamp on this club.

  • Dado Doda
    Dado Doda 13 hours ago

    For now it is!
    Other two showed little to nothing; no doubt class players but all the hype made our expectations super high; and we are getting disappointed now.

  • Dorian TW1
    Dorian TW1 23 days ago

    still confused who is the one screaming on the intro 🤣

  • Bill Fantozzi
    Bill Fantozzi 27 days ago

    Patrick van stroodle

  • caSSiuS ebankS
    caSSiuS ebankS 28 days ago

    Here's a hot take. David Silva is a better player than Andres Iniesta

  • Thomas
    Thomas 28 days ago

    IN WHAT WORLD can you compare Ronaldo's and Hazard's Premier League career, Ronaldo is WAYYYY better Premier League player than Hazard EVER was.. 😂🙄😤🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  • el patron
    el patron 28 days ago

    Felix >>> sancho

  • ayrtun Buckley
    ayrtun Buckley 28 days ago

    Is it bad that I rejected to spend time with my gf to watch hot takes ?

  • LP7 Le
    LP7 Le 29 days ago +1

    Chelsea fan but yes Felix is a far better signing than Hazard but just not anywhere near a better player than Hazard.
    Remember who Hazard is he's the man who won every team of the week in the WC2018, the man who made the most league assist last season with Higuian, Giroud, Morata and Willian in front of him, the man who made the most goal contribution in the EPl with Chelsea ( much inferior team than City and Liverpool, the man who carry Lile to Ligue 1 at age 19, the man who won Ligue 1 player of the year at 19, and the one who's has been the most successful dribble in the world since the past 4 year while playing in the EPL.

  • Jacob Tipton
    Jacob Tipton 29 days ago

    Stat Wars sent me here, so I’m excited to get back to back videos with Hamill and McCubbin

  • Ryan Maxwell
    Ryan Maxwell 29 days ago

    Beef snellington

  • dotty the cat
    dotty the cat 29 days ago

    That's a panther? I thought it was a wierd sonic or something 😂

  • Nicholas Morgan
    Nicholas Morgan 29 days ago

    Hazard ain't even warmed up yet

  • Junior Munemo
    Junior Munemo 29 days ago

    You didn’t call it the « Micheal McCob »😪

  • James Wagstaff
    James Wagstaff 29 days ago

    Why does Hamill keep saying Aguero has never won the golden boot when he won it in 14/15?

  • Joaquin Busso
    Joaquin Busso Month ago

    mushroom and garlic??!?

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara Month ago

    Can Hazard dance merengue? I guess he does just by the look of those chubby cheeks in shorts.

  • Manifested Logic
    Manifested Logic Month ago

    Yep an 18 year old with less than 20 senior appearences is a better signing than Hazard and Griezzmann. make sense

  • Leo Garcia-Cuesta
    Leo Garcia-Cuesta Month ago

    And just like that they wiped the brown from their nose.

  • Ronit Ray
    Ronit Ray Month ago

    @Football Daily. U didn't tell us that Patrick van Straten did comedy:

  • Patsy Griffith
    Patsy Griffith Month ago

    This season yes, maybe but wait til next season

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago

    Goalkeepers always had to stand on the goaline

  • Andrew Reeves
    Andrew Reeves Month ago

    A hot takes revisited for the ones which are right would be good

  • Raphael Hill
    Raphael Hill Month ago

    No question grizman will be garbage

  • Joao Moura
    Joao Moura Month ago +2

    It really isn't ridiculous to suggest that João Félix is going to have a better season than hazard and griezmann, he's already showing his talent and if he can add consistency to his game, he can have a fantastic season. I don't think hazard will have many goal contributions as he might struggle and if griezmann keeps playing on the left, he will be very ineffective.

  • Raza P
    Raza P Month ago


  • Milly Mahinra
    Milly Mahinra Month ago

    Griezmann is better than Neymar and Dembele because he stays fit while those others rest in hospital all season.At least Griezmann will be there to take some pressure off Messi.Neymar and Dembele are like Bale now,useless to have since they will be injured when you need them most

  • Gumption Bergmann
    Gumption Bergmann Month ago


  • Last Baratheon
    Last Baratheon Month ago +2

    I totally agree with Sonny on the new goal keeper rules.😤

  • samuel brook-williams

    Fuk is going on with dude's tshirt?

  • Bachelor Gamer
    Bachelor Gamer Month ago

    Greizman will have a bad season

  • Bachelor Gamer
    Bachelor Gamer Month ago +1

    These geeks know statics they know nothing about the game and how to play or read the play. Felix will hit more then 15 goals

  • Oxo cutlon
    Oxo cutlon Month ago

    Hot takes eden hazard edition

  • Nathan Phillips
    Nathan Phillips Month ago

    Dave Jackson= jacketson potato

  • Roie 4500
    Roie 4500 Month ago

    Hazard Not played yet at Real Madrid

  • DJ 11
    DJ 11 Month ago +1

    Hamill cannot stop talking about Hazard’s arse 😂😂

  • elliot wikinson
    elliot wikinson Month ago

    Antoine Griezmann is the most overrated player in world football #hottakes

  • CL Achilles
    CL Achilles Month ago

    James Lemon Meringue

  • Czarek Bak
    Czarek Bak Month ago

    Pep Guardiola is not a good manager. He only goes to a top 5 team and spends 200 million.

    • Czarek Bak
      Czarek Bak 26 days ago

      Dexter he spent nothing and went to the champions league final...but man city lost to crystal palace, Everton, and tied hull...soo your point is irrelevant

    • Dexter
      Dexter 28 days ago

      Czarek Bak pochettino????????????
      Please tell me youre joking
      Spurs are terrible, and its not due to lack of good players, its due to a horrible manager, and if you think im wrong just look at every single game that theyve had this season, they lost against newcastle, NEWCASTLE!!!!

    • Czarek Bak
      Czarek Bak 29 days ago

      Dexter but any manager could do what he did...spend a shit ton of money...he did it at Bayern, at Barca, and now at city...and if city are the best team in the world, where’s that champions league... Pochettino is a better manager..

    • Dexter
      Dexter Month ago

      Probably the most stupid comment ive seen, calling the best manager in the world a bad manager, he literally transformed city(that was average)into probably the best team in the world and the team who plays the best and most beautiful football in the world, i advise you some md, that will get your brain going

  • James Heyburn
    James Heyburn Month ago

    Waving the arms is what football is about, Sonny what a wordsmith

  • the gourd king pumpkin

    Sonny is the type of guy to apologise to his girlfriend when she cheats on him

  • Adam Nenn
    Adam Nenn Month ago +3

    Norwich will win the World Cup with Pukki top scorer

  • JN HD
    JN HD Month ago

    Hazard will flopp bad

    • Ass Eater
      Ass Eater Month ago

      JN HD 😂😂😂😂Na he’s not at Barka 💀💀💀💀.

  • SuspectHonesty
    SuspectHonesty Month ago

    Patrick Van Stroodel

  • Enoch Ezekiel
    Enoch Ezekiel Month ago

    this comes from a cristiano fan. as an individual, i think eden was better in epl than cristiano. cristiano played in a club where he was under one of the greatest managers in football. also, manchester united were the title contenders at the start of the season at that time. there was not this much competition as hazard in chelsea had. but, cristiano had more successful career than eden in epl. eden hazard literally carried chelsea like cristiano carried real madrid numerous times. but, it was very rare that cristiano himself carried united at that time. so, i think eden was better than cristiano in the epl excluding success and silverware. i am just talking about individual brilliance here.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Month ago

    Wolves is better than Chelsea atm

  • cool franky CR7
    cool franky CR7 Month ago

    Griezmann is playing with one of the best messi and one of the best strikers in Suarez so I doubt it

  • Mike Tavares
    Mike Tavares Month ago

    Eat ya words with the whole over paid for homie. I dont want to see ANY mfers with a Felix jersey next couple of years yo. Sleep.

  • ddewcifer
    ddewcifer Month ago

    absolute facts on the goalkeeping rule, that shit is trash.

  • Drunk Conversation
    Drunk Conversation Month ago

    Shaqiri has enough thickness to cover everyone leaving the prem tbh

  • Filth
    Filth Month ago +2

    Pukki to Manchester United next season to torture Joe.

  • Manny Cacho
    Manny Cacho Month ago

    A sloppy joe

  • BIG_14
    BIG_14 Month ago

    I remember you lot said Pukki will struggle to score goals in the Prem. Mark my words Joao Felix will score over 15 goals this season

  • Jack Pridham
    Jack Pridham Month ago

    Pato as a dish: Coq au Van Straaten

  • Angus Cameron
    Angus Cameron Month ago

    Patrick Van Stroganoff

  • runnerboy999
    runnerboy999 Month ago

    sonny for FA president

  • Every Monday
    Every Monday Month ago +1

    What’s funny about this recent Football Daily praise of Joao Felix is that they were the ones saying how much of a risk this is because of Xg and the Portuguese league having never watched him never realising the ability and talent of Felix. Now all of a sudden he’s the best signing of the summer? Keep the same energy.

  • Jacob Folley
    Jacob Folley Month ago +7

    The Ballon D’or and UEFA Best awards are pointless and should be scrapped

    • Dixie Normus
      Dixie Normus Month ago

      The Ballon D'or Useless Are u alright? U know it represents the best footballer in the world?

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino Month ago

    Hes basically Kaka reicarnated.

  • Madwell126 Sucks
    Madwell126 Sucks Month ago

    If they win the league with him he's worth it