7 Types of People At The Range | NOIR Season 6

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
  • 7 Types of People At The Range
    I've spent an unprecedented amount of time at gun ranges. It goes without saying that there are a ton of personality who find themselves at a shooting range at some point in their life. However, some characters stand out more than others so here's my list of the seven types of people you'll see at the range that stand out most to me.
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Comments • 11 674

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark 2 hours ago

    Hmm where was the first outdoor shooting range in Cheney
    I went with my dad and Grandpa
    Oh I also got to shoot a 22 rifle and I go to a indoor one with my dad sometimes I shoot a 22 pistol

  • BoJack Photography
    BoJack Photography 10 hours ago

    I dont think im any of those.. but i think id be like an edjucation seeking CISI.. but i dont bug people i bug the employees!

  • njmenaceify
    njmenaceify 12 hours ago

    guys who bring ARs and shit to a 25 yard indoor range,
    the "can i have your shells?" scavenger
    the guy who just watched john wick/bourne movies

  • aaron g
    aaron g Day ago

    There's only one kind of people at the range, my kind of people

  • Boom X
    Boom X Day ago

    My friend did this once at school

  • mk74tom
    mk74tom Day ago

    Ok I love rapid fire at the end after I get my target practice in. Although as for the rental I only rent guns that I want but can't afford.

  • yackawaytube
    yackawaytube Day ago

    Why couldn't you get a real woman instead of a man impersonating as a woman?

  • Ni Ra
    Ni Ra Day ago

    What will happen when John wick was there 😐

  • Kendalon
    Kendalon 2 days ago

    I am the Veteran who is too broke to buy his own Firearm so I go once a year to refresh my shooting skills with a rental.

  • I love pistol's
    I love pistol's 2 days ago

    If you live in PA, and you are at a public outdoor shooting range i just usually take a look at the license plates when the pull up to the range, New York or New Jersey= usually no good, they are the worst offenders.

  • The Ogre
    The Ogre 2 days ago

    What about the black guy who’s presence makes everyone unnecessarily nervous?

  • Payton Daino
    Payton Daino 2 days ago

    All of them! Every single one is true, I see all of these people. I can't shoot with amazing accuracy but at least I don't act like it.

  • jabari kidd
    jabari kidd 2 days ago

    Mr social media is 95 percent of women at the gym that are already In shape. Tell me I'm lying

  • DesertFernweh
    DesertFernweh 2 days ago

    You forgot the Daddy, the guy that bring his 15 kids to the range so he can "teach them to shoot" only to realize he has no idea what he is doing.
    The boyfriend, brings his gf to the range. To "teach her" with some ridiculous over powered rifles in the Hopes of getting watching her freak out.
    The Tinkerer; It one thing to foeld strip your gun at the range to clear a jam or make a repair but that guy will rebuild his entire trigger assembly on the spot. You can normally spot him with the obscenely huge range bag.
    And the worst of the lot.
    The Mall ninja.

  • DesertFernweh
    DesertFernweh 2 days ago

    I lost it a the CZ joke. I know a few of those.

  • joe smith
    joe smith 2 days ago


  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 days ago

    They all look pretty similar to me.

  • Kent rudy the water bender

    I'm the c. i. s. i.g

  • jh412pittsburgh
    jh412pittsburgh 2 days ago

    the worst is the gun snob , you know that guy who thinks every gun he has is a better shooter and more accurate then what you brought to the table . starts his sentences off like . those are nice but......or , i almost bought one of those but.......

  • Family Fun R.C.
    Family Fun R.C. 2 days ago

    I can't stop laughing. Because this shit is so true.

  • Franklin truong
    Franklin truong 3 days ago

    If the guy ask you to shoot your gun IRL just say this “FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF DONT ASK FOR ASK FROM ME

  • Pontiac Racer
    Pontiac Racer 3 days ago

    not gonna lie, i'm mister mag dump I need to change

  • Rerun Productions
    Rerun Productions 3 days ago

    I never went to a shooting range ever but I know I will be a safety violator

  • Creepers camp S
    Creepers camp S 3 days ago

    Except am not the “telling you what to do “about the poser

  • Creepers camp S
    Creepers camp S 3 days ago

    Am Mrs rapid fire and the poser

  • aphex4000
    aphex4000 3 days ago

    Hilarious video! Wifey had me dying 😂

  • Anthony Vigil
    Anthony Vigil 4 days ago +1

    Going to the shooting range for the first time this Tuesday I’ve never held a gun before and I’m so excited

  • Kyle Rebo
    Kyle Rebo 4 days ago

    I’m mag dump guy... But there is never anyone else at our range, and its outdoor. But still.

  • VW Golf MkII GTD
    VW Golf MkII GTD 4 days ago

    If anyone knows Instagrams of all of these people? I know Colion has it.

  • staind combatant
    staind combatant 5 days ago

    2:33 supa hot rosted

  • NTS_CallmeRGツ
    NTS_CallmeRGツ 5 days ago

    im a can i shoot it guy........im 10 yrs old at a home range.... my dad "hates" me

  • Gusty Diagram
    Gusty Diagram 6 days ago

    Wtf that’s a woman really

  • Guadalupe Sanchez castillo

    What aboute mr snob

  • T.V Boi
    T.V Boi 6 days ago +10

    Me: *watches some airsoft vids*
    TheXvid recommendations: I SEE YOU LIKE GUNS

  • The Scrapsmith
    The Scrapsmith 6 days ago

    I have realized I'm the paranoid person

  • Your Average Gunner
    Your Average Gunner 6 days ago

    When I go to the range and step on to the firing line, I just want people to leave me alone ._.

  • Southern Tactical LLC

    The 6k people who disliked this video are the safety violators

  • edr777
    edr777 6 days ago

    Hilarious! I've only spent a little time at an outdoor range that was very well managed so the only one I've seen from this list is the "Wifey". However since I never bother people when I'm shooting I only admire these ladies from afar. :)
    One type I've run into a few times is the "Hey were you in the Marines?" guy when they see you with a Beretta 92. Always a positive experience when you chat them up and learn how much they know about your gun from their service and they always answer the same when you ask if they still shoot one:
    "Hell no! I have a Glock/Sig/Walther now and I hate those damn things!"

  • Badger Reacts
    Badger Reacts 6 days ago

    like the way the emcee presents the vid. clicked like!☺

  • Rocket3Guy
    Rocket3Guy 7 days ago +1

    This is my favorite channel Man! You are AWESOME my friend! Dude, You have the best attitude, mannerisms and being polite to the rest of the world. You, Sir are my HERO! Congrats Colion!!

  • Rocket3Guy
    Rocket3Guy 7 days ago +2

    Point taken is be responsible and and take gun safety DEADLY SERIOUS!!!!!! Great video Colion!!!! Awesome stuff Man!!!!

  • Rocket3Guy
    Rocket3Guy 7 days ago

    Best channel Man!!!

  • Yotube
    Yotube 7 days ago

    I'm the quiet loner type. Quiet because I'm always listening. Groups are getting better but never perfect. I ask questions, once I'm out of ammo. Oh, and NO you can't shoot my firearms unless I came to the range with you. 👉💨

  • j james
    j james 7 days ago

    Was at the range with my wife one day and as i was standing behind her watching her shoot i noticed a green dot all of a sudden on her back. I immediately grabbed my wife and hit the floor and turns out it was some dumb ass kid in the lobby directly behind us with a laser pointer. Worse part was he was standing directly by his father at the time, i went out to the lobby and had them both removed from the range after a few choice words to dad of course.

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 7 days ago

    I don't have a gun myself yet but I've been around guns all my life. Once I get one I'll be the I'm minding my own business so please do the same 😉

  • Unexpected Thunder
    Unexpected Thunder 7 days ago

    Yup there we go and guys that is a gun what about at least a pistol or the name or the history if it has one.

  • Tasnim Ahmed
    Tasnim Ahmed 8 days ago

    The guy who thinks the gun range is a war-zone

  • Hypercube Jones
    Hypercube Jones 8 days ago

    I'm the guy who methodically shoots 250 rounds (exactly) of 9 mm ball ammo each session, and shakes his head after looking at the groupings after each magazine is emptied. Rinse and repeat, forever!

  • PapaSmurf Smurfy
    PapaSmurf Smurfy 8 days ago

    8. The weird teenager in a Trenchcoat

  • Emmett Gaming
    Emmett Gaming 8 days ago

    What about the dude who plays Fortnite and thinks their a god

  • ForOnline UseOnly
    ForOnline UseOnly 8 days ago

    The ma'amb was in the house. Heeeeyyyy

  • ForOnline UseOnly
    ForOnline UseOnly 8 days ago

    C.i.s.i guy = undercover

  • Danny Hemphill
    Danny Hemphill 8 days ago

    I moved out to the country in a r1 area I can shoot in my yard but I like the range. Except the unsafe people.

  • Danny Hemphill
    Danny Hemphill 8 days ago

    I've seen all these people at the range .but the guys that don't keep the guns pointed down range scare me the most

  • Matt Harrington
    Matt Harrington 8 days ago

    I was expecting “the kid who can shoot better than you can”

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 8 days ago


  • Rock n Roll Gigolo
    Rock n Roll Gigolo 8 days ago

    I'm none of the above boss. Im the " happy to be at the range by myself" guy.

  • 13R^D
    13R^D 9 days ago

    The poser... Everything he said, screamed the name Lucas from TREX Arm's channel.

  • Guns And Fun
    Guns And Fun 9 days ago

    I would be Mr.Rapid Fire

  • Иван Русев
    Иван Русев 9 days ago

    If c.i.s.i.g come to you and ask to shoot just take the magazine off

  • Pepperoni Dog Fart
    Pepperoni Dog Fart 9 days ago

    I think I’m a rapid fire kind of guy I’m not a bully, I don’t wanna scare anyone, but I think firing in short bursts can be boring

  • Moto Man
    Moto Man 10 days ago

    This was awesome

  • Elmerturnipseed
    Elmerturnipseed 10 days ago

    I've never fired a gun in my life what am I doing here

  • Jake Groves
    Jake Groves 10 days ago

    I,m the guy that shoots in his backyard cause why not I live in West Virginia.

  • nws void
    nws void 10 days ago

    You forgot the most common type. The guys who compensate for size with caliber.

  • typhoon mage
    typhoon mage 10 days ago

    Well is there a nice wholesome person atleast

  • BIG AL
    BIG AL 10 days ago

    is the Wifey single she's HOT

  • Hehe XD
    Hehe XD 10 days ago

    If the C.I.S.I.G came up to me and asks me to shoot my gun I would shoot his kneecaps

  • Thomas Thedankengine
    Thomas Thedankengine 11 days ago +1


  • Gaven Delaney
    Gaven Delaney 11 days ago

    Your forgetting one the how do I operate this thing guy the guy who knows nothing about guns

  • d handler
    d handler 11 days ago


  • jimmy jones
    jimmy jones 12 days ago

    What about me? The quiet, let me relax, and shoot guy?

  • puppygaming 791
    puppygaming 791 12 days ago

    Im number 8 the person who screams when they hear gunshots

  • Charles P.
    Charles P. 12 days ago

    These videos are so fucking stupid.

    "Which personality type are you?" Well hurr durr, gee I don't know. Should I care? Perhaps if I were still in grade school and gave a fuck what others thought of me when going to the range to shoot my gun.

  • That random Person
    That random Person 12 days ago

    the eye right on scope black eye guy

  • That random Person
    That random Person 12 days ago

    the can't handle any recoil guy

  • Cody Stone
    Cody Stone 12 days ago

    What's a crackhead?

  • Joshua Constantine
    Joshua Constantine 12 days ago

    Holy shit, get Paul HArrell on here lol

  • Pure wild Spirit
    Pure wild Spirit 12 days ago

    I have been followed to the tang by other chicks that thinks I a little wimp. That can be pushed around. Because, well, I’m short. So, they get all bent out of shape when they find out the I have some skills. So one time I met my trainer at the range. After I was done. They ran to my trainer and asked if he could train them. Lol

  • Prabu Azka
    Prabu Azka 12 days ago

    Mr rapid fire playing Arsenal and getting m14 : WHY ARE ALL MY SHOTS MISSING

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan 12 days ago

    I'm Australian so I have never shot, held or seen a gun in real life (the only time I see one is when I see the police)

  • Nikits
    Nikits 13 days ago +1

    That’s amazing, nice work man👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • lua
    lua 13 days ago +6

    The school shooter : Always trying to buy the ar-15 and is really nervous

    • lua
      lua 11 days ago

      @Keichwoud357 Hundreds? MORE LIKE MILLIONS!1!!1!11!!

    • Keichwoud357
      Keichwoud357 11 days ago

      He probably thinks the AR-15 is a machine gun, too. And he thinks it enables him to mow down hundreds of people in a few seconds.

  • Jason White
    Jason White 13 days ago

    You forgot the John Wick type. Once i was at the range, and a guy in a full black suit and shades came in, had his own guns, all black with the best specs. scopes, silencers, etc. you name it. His groupings were the best ive ever seen, lots of rounds right on top of other rounds, almost every shot was near perfect. Never said anything to anyone and after like 10 minutes when he noticed people were looking at him he packed up and left.

  • Marcos Lopez
    Marcos Lopez 13 days ago +6

    Mr George Washington the person who brings old rifles

  • LunaDejay Fox
    LunaDejay Fox 13 days ago

    None I'm Irish guns are illegal here

  • Piper Katakoo
    Piper Katakoo 13 days ago

    I’m 12 why am I here? 😅😍☠️

  • CharChartheCharmeleonYT

    2:41 OOF

  • CharChartheCharmeleonYT

    1:26 AKA the Karen (Or Gary, if male)

  • im Spyish
    im Spyish 13 days ago

    What about the man who tries literally all the weapons in the arsenal and even the fire extinguisher

  • Darkness aka ELT0077
    Darkness aka ELT0077 13 days ago

    8. the gangster shooter

  • CavCave
    CavCave 14 days ago

    I've never gone to a shooting range, so I'll just add a funny (and probably fictitious) comment.

    8. The guy who walks in with a bow and arrow

  • sly fly
    sly fly 14 days ago

    Lol the hipster. You forgot to put bow hunters on this list. There's always these know it all bow hunters the come to the range and talk about shit that no one cares about. Like how guns make other animals go deaf

  • Súper Saiyan 5
    Súper Saiyan 5 14 days ago

    I like how the semi rifle was made look like an automatic rifle by combining increments of images.

  • ZayZie
    ZayZie 14 days ago

    Im mr rapidfire

  • xd McCloudy
    xd McCloudy 14 days ago

    PT. 2 pls

  • Richard Luke
    Richard Luke 14 days ago

    You forgot the quiet guy.

  • Generic VR Youtuber
    Generic VR Youtuber 14 days ago

    I'm british and i know nothing about guns but i still find this video intresting

  • Theresa Harris
    Theresa Harris 14 days ago


  • Messiah38
    Messiah38 14 days ago

    Noir you need to leave the gun range and seek a eye doctor, 5:09 isn’t a women bro