7 Types of People At The Range | NOIR Season 6

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
  • 7 Types of People At The Range
    I've spent an unprecedented amount of time at gun ranges. It goes without saying that there are a ton of personality who find themselves at a shooting range at some point in their life. However, some characters stand out more than others so here's my list of the seven types of people you'll see at the range that stand out most to me.
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Comments • 12 867

  • smokeclouds8
    smokeclouds8 Hour ago

    Well I do love my CZ

  • Bill Collins
    Bill Collins 2 hours ago

    Hes hot lmao

  • Bill Collins
    Bill Collins 2 hours ago

    Lol wow.......

  • Ashiya Victor
    Ashiya Victor 9 hours ago

    Wowie! So fascinating! I do hope that I can shoot like that! (Boi imma 11 y/old kid!!) Hahahehe

  • NoDice
    NoDice 14 hours ago

    This needed former military guy, quiet, outstanding grouping, knows all about assault rifles and bzo when asked, doesn't stand out much until July 4th, Memorial, and Veteran's Day. Can only be spotted with a trained eye, with his military logo on his license plate and or bumper stickers. Is willing to drop you so fast with an entire clip if he see you as a threat. Certainly doesnt need to be f'd with at the range or anywhere else.

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 14 hours ago

    In the thumbnail the guy looks like he is missing an arm

  • Bruce Holland
    Bruce Holland 18 hours ago

    I am the thank God I live where I can step outside my door and fire off as many rounds I want too and not have to worry about any of those type of people.

  • Phoenix Rising
    Phoenix Rising 19 hours ago +1

    I like finding the group if geezers who decided to hold an f-ing conversation in one of the lanes instead of shoot, but they look around at everyone else like they're interrupting every time a shot gets fired. I set up right next to them and unleash a steady 1 round every 2 seconds for a few mags. Normally they leave in disgust after a bit.

  • J Mc
    J Mc 22 hours ago

    Bruh....you hit the nail on the head! While I've witnessed a few of these offenders on occasion, the same thing applies to the golf course. Whether I'm at Tenison Golf Park or any one of a number of indoor gun ranges in Dallas, the scenario happens......guy with the latest driver will hit 15 balls in 20 seconds..."Rambo on a budget" will shoot 10 shots in an instant with his new Beretta…..LOL!

  • Vaas Gaming.Inc
    Vaas Gaming.Inc Day ago

    nobody :
    Literally nobody :
    me : let's take this 20mm cannon to an indoor range

  • DarkWorksFX DWFX

    I get it, however, don't categorize people. Let people be people. As long as they don't shoot me, they are expressing their 2nd amendment right. I go to the gun range and never see these types and who care who the types are.

  • Sword and Shield
    Sword and Shield 2 days ago

    Which type am I ? The type ignoring those types and accomplishing the goals of my range time, you did set goals correct?


    id be the poser, but id actually try to get good if i was in the us. and not even the full poser thing too, just have some tactical looking shit. like, i want gloves. theyre awesome. i like the tactical gloves. gloves are awesome, they protect your hands from lots of factors, like scratches, the cold, the hot, chemicals, infections, electricity... so many uses. im a poser in the chemistry lab. ive got my black nitrile gloves, lab coat and protective glasses. though the school/teacher doesnt let us in for most of the lessons. i would love to though, i would be the one doing the shit the teacher asks me to do with these chemicals, and experiment all the time. mate ive just realised that i wanted to do chemistry because of this video. wow, carrier choices am i right? anyway, for the obvious question: i am not in legal age to posses a firearm, the nation which im in does not allow me to handle such weapons outside of licensed ranges, and by that i mean i cannot buy a rifle except for hunting. and you need a license to carry handguns (which are allowed to posses) which you need a reason to be carrying a gun and that reason to be accepted by the government in order to obtain (like having a dangerous job or being someone that works in the government, meaning being someone of higher statue and a more valueable target for assassination as a consequence.) and also you need to be of legal age (18) as well. guess the fucking nation, i dare you. here's a tip: east, not too far.
    edit: never been on the range, the closest i got was archery.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 days ago

    I won’t go to a gun range. I live in central Nevada, no one around me for miles.

  • sailfish
    sailfish 2 days ago

    Nobody and I don't know personally (and like) even touches my guns.

  • Awesome Fan
    Awesome Fan 2 days ago

    Brings in a M82A1
    The can I shoot it guy :O

  • Elfinmagic
    Elfinmagic 2 days ago

    im not a great shot, I like to shoot and Im ok, but when things go bad dont grab the pistol, I like a barely legal shot gun with military grade ammo so if im close its good enough.

  • Gavin Works
    Gavin Works 3 days ago

    theres 1 other one, (im the definition of this one) The father and son, you see a kid thinking he cant even handle a 22. but next thing you know, he has a 12 gauge in hand and getting perfect shots.

  • Tom Butler
    Tom Butler 3 days ago

    I like yer ideas.. New to yer channel Behind ya all the way Brother

  • Nakota Brown
    Nakota Brown 3 days ago

    Yeah it honestly sucks to meet the one who’s usually on their phone than they are on the gun I got for them to protect themselves than to wave it around looking for help as I get a mere heart attack and has to take his gun away because he has no idea what a safety is

    • dat ain't mine
      dat ain't mine 2 days ago

      Imo, ppl should be 'dry' trained first b4 they even hit the range.
      I see guys take their 'newbie' gf's there who've never even held a gun let alone shot one and sometimes it's scary!

  • Finagin5
    Finagin5 3 days ago

    Hmm I haven't hit the range that much I have a 9mm high point carbine so it's not going to spit lead I'm still getting my stereotypes I guess

  • JCrusti
    JCrusti 3 days ago

    ive never been to a shooting range but i want to go and dont know how to go about it, like where do i start

  • Bottled Raccoons
    Bottled Raccoons 3 days ago

    he fucking destroyed the poser

  • thomabb
    thomabb 3 days ago

    "Wifey" needs to stand closer to the razor in the morning.

  • Ice Blaze
    Ice Blaze 3 days ago

    what category would i be under colion?

    the below points are because i am on a fixed income and have to budget everything.

    1. no experience with real guns (only fired nerf and airsoft/bb)
    2. just recently purchased a sar k2p 9mm cz-75 variant (used)
    3. just recently purchased a silver eagle rz17 tactical 12 gauge (unsure if used or new)
    3. i have cheap, but good, yellow safety glasses and earmuffs
    4. my own ammo crate and ambidextrous pistol holster

  • Jean Delport
    Jean Delport 3 days ago

    None of them cues I like to shut the fuck up and do my thing and try not to annoy others we I spend my time at the range.

  • Jeremy Dohm
    Jeremy Dohm 4 days ago +1

    CZ's lol. I'm no hipster but damn that hurt!

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 4 days ago

    I took my friends 15 year old daughter to an indoor range. She already had some experience from when they had.a backyard range in the country. Naturarrly someone was rapid firing a few lanes down with an AR chambered in .308.
    Caught her off guard, but I explained to her to listen for his pauses to change mags before shooting. She had earplugs and ear muffs on, so she learned to embrace it as proof she was at the big girl range. Her groups by the end of the hour at 7 yards with a Glock 17 were better than most adults. RSO was very impressed. She framed her best target and hung it on the wall in her bedroom.😁

  • Ranchero
    Ranchero 4 days ago +4

    #8: "The Angry Expert" a father, husband or boyfriend who thinks he knows everything about guns, but gets very easily irritated when he tries to teach his son, daughter, wife or girlfriend how to shoot correctly the first time.

    • 65firered
      65firered 2 days ago

      #9: The "Vet" a guy who claims to be in the army, usually claims to be a marine or at least an expert on guns who acts like is better than everyone else. He usually makes snide comments berating you on your performance, the types of guns you have, your clothing or even your attitude. He usually tries to hit on women and help kids or children to impress them or their parents. He will tell stories about his time in the military to prop himself up. Whether or not he's lying, is usually difficult, but the only guarantee is that he will brag at every possible moment. He won't shut up and can ruin your entire day. Could be considered the "tacticool guy" as well.

  • Gustaaf Argoan
    Gustaaf Argoan 4 days ago +1

    It's different at an outdoor range, there's 20 minutes of shooting and 10 minutes of waiting. I don't mind socializing during the 10 minute down time.

  • James Booth
    James Booth 4 days ago

    I'm the Anti-communist/terrorist guy.
    If I see a person with the SRA card or sticker/pin on their shirt's. You bet your ass that I'm going to call the Police to report terrorism since the SRA is responsible for over 30 mass shootings in the US, that is not a joke. Even the El Paso Walmart shooter was from the SRA.

  • mic stone
    mic stone 4 days ago

    isn't the AR-15 the civilian semi auto

  • ryan alving
    ryan alving 4 days ago

    I'm the "only goes to the range as a family event" guy. Me, my dad, and my brothers make a day out of it; maybe chat with a few people, then go home.

  • Jett Usrey
    Jett Usrey 5 days ago

    6. Id hit dat

  • Rabid Farmer
    Rabid Farmer 5 days ago

    Peopke gawk at my gun/s when i go to the gun range. When i shoot it offhand is when the women find me sexy. LOL The .308 Win round is just so sexy in super-match. Yea!
    But Noir is right on these types of people at the range. And why would men allow their GF or wife wear low-cut shirts and tits hanging out where hot brass might get caught in there and heavens forbid end up with friendly fire?

  • Carlos Azpeitia
    Carlos Azpeitia 5 days ago

    Wifey can get it

  • Warren Slaughter
    Warren Slaughter 5 days ago

    “yep that is a....gun”

  • Oscar Jauregui
    Oscar Jauregui 5 days ago

    Oh man #3 😂😂😂

  • crybaby
    crybaby 5 days ago +1

    I'm the guy that wants to try out every gun so I can see which one I like most but I get called a fucking hippie just because I want to try new things. (And I'm kind of a CZ fan myself)

  • elijah7722
    elijah7722 5 days ago

    7 types of youtubers

  • Manoah-Nicky Lai
    Manoah-Nicky Lai 6 days ago

    The im afraid of shooting guy

  • ChipsterB
    ChipsterB 6 days ago

    Lol. You missed the guys who bring their girlfriend to the range to impress them with their prowess.
    Sometimes I’m the antisocial type, especially if I’m testing reloads. Other times I’m happy to talk.
    Safety violators come in all shapes and sizes. One very memorable incident involved a man at the range teaching his sons. At least 4 rifles and more pistols. He seemed to be doing a good job teaching. I was interested in one of the rifles and wanted to talk a bit. Until he handed me said rifle with the bolt closed while sweeping his son. I opened the breech, said thanks, and packed up for the day.

  • Luis Anchondo
    Luis Anchondo 6 days ago

    What is this? Lame "some ppl say'

  • Toxyn Corvin
    Toxyn Corvin 6 days ago

    No COD type shooter? Probably because they're at home shooting the aks74u sub-machine gun and screaming at children when they get a kill or get killed.

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 6 days ago

    *The NRA is a bunch of clowns. They promote gun restriction laws and Wayne LaPierre is taking 70% of the money the company makes. Fuck the NRA.*

  • Mark Rigsby
    Mark Rigsby 6 days ago

    Google: Joseph Roh. The man from LA

  • Osbaldo Hernandez
    Osbaldo Hernandez 6 days ago

    Safety violator and the can I see that gun stereotypes is the worst I had just bought me a ppsh 41 and a stgg44 and dude was like can I shoot that I said no no no I just bought ammo and I ain’t letting u use it shit piss me off

  • Paul Hillar
    Paul Hillar 6 days ago

    I'm the guy that gets idiots kicked off the range for doing stupid things!

  • Eyam Ratshilumela
    Eyam Ratshilumela 7 days ago

    The er said I should make sure the guy I shot is dead but......
    He wasn’t sooo

  • Diane Chesebrough
    Diane Chesebrough 7 days ago

    Hahahahaha! This was funny Colion. Just was at the range yesterday (after not going for awhile) and had to laugh because I think I saw every one of your 7 types there lol

  • Yeet
    Yeet 7 days ago

    If you give a bolt action rifle, he still gonna try to rapid fire too!
    Traditional cod character
    Maybe this guy never saw the outlaw sniper in cod bo4

  • Just D1z
    Just D1z 7 days ago


  • Rowan Murrill
    Rowan Murrill 7 days ago

    4:26 bruh that’s a dude

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee 7 days ago

    dont be afraid to tell people how you feel. proudly say "please let me shoot in peace" or "no,you cant shoot my gun"

  • gutten fra alta
    gutten fra alta 7 days ago

    I am that salamon shoes gye

  • D. Hunter
    D. Hunter 7 days ago

    I recognize half these guys from the gym the other half from the motorcycle scene.
    The ‘dealership leathers’ guy is always a favorite as you know it’s his first bike and he has Harley Davidson (or Yamaha or Suzuki) everything. Shoes, gloves, even a damn helmet. He struts like he’s been on two wheels his whole life despite just watching him dump it in the parking lot and the 200 miles he has on the odometer jumping between bars over the last year is his ticket to being an outlaw.
    Seems like a little testosterone and a lot of ego mess people up in any hobby. X-/

  • kelli43938
    kelli43938 7 days ago

    Great depiction Colion! LMAO! As for me, I'm the gal who is average and never got hit on there. I'm the one with the huge range bag , 2 rifle cases and a pack then I go back to the car for the nice rifle rest, but not too nice.

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 7 days ago

    I don’t wanna be like anyone of this list. I wanna be the 8th person

  • MerchantMonk
    MerchantMonk 8 days ago

    The Highpointer.

  • John
    John 8 days ago +3

    Me: *Laughs in Brittish*