Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST to WORST!

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • 100 Nintendo Switch Games RANKED from BEST to WORST! Top 10 GOOD Switch games? 10 BAD Switch Games? Pft, don't make me laugh. Super Smash, Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Xenoblade 2, Pokemon - SUBSCRIBE // GET MERCH - www.pixelempire.com/collections/beatemups
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Comments • 4 066

  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps  6 months ago +273

    Leave YOUR Top 100 Switch Games below
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    • Ardvark Games
      Ardvark Games 7 days ago

      I put civ 6 atleast a b

      TD MILESKI 4 months ago

      Hey man, where did you find those clear display cases behind you? I'd love something similar for my lego collection and other items. Thanks!

    • Darth Gamer71
      Darth Gamer71 4 months ago

      Fortnite FFFFFFF Teir it destroys relationships with family and friends

  • Charlie Howard
    Charlie Howard 5 hours ago

    Minecraft is at LEAST S.

  • Morgan Hudd
    Morgan Hudd 15 hours ago

    Bro I want hollow knight so bad

  • PiggyThunder06 06

    Where’s undertale

  • Thor_17
    Thor_17 Day ago

    Ok legit your mercy is amazing

  • Thor_17
    Thor_17 Day ago


  • Bragglord
    Bragglord Day ago

    People bitching about Fortnite being at A tier- I agree, that's ridiculous.

    But the real travesty is Bayonetta 2 being anywhere below SS tier. It's even better than the first one.

  • Ant3609
    Ant3609 3 days ago

    You failed, you put a horse game 3 tiers above xenoblade 2

  • eye poid
    eye poid 3 days ago

    Please play skullgirls

  • isa dora
    isa dora 3 days ago +1

    Hollow Knight is overrated. Change my mind.

  • Crîmson
    Crîmson 3 days ago

    I’m so happy my 1315 hour game Ys VIII is included.
    Still didn’t max out a single character even after all that aura grass grinding though >.>

  • Isaiah Bemiss
    Isaiah Bemiss 4 days ago

    Just put spaltoon 2 in SSS
    Sword and shield in S

    • Taxophy
      Taxophy 14 hours ago

      pokémon sword and shield haven't even been out at the release date of this video

  • Copperheart :D
    Copperheart :D 4 days ago

    Did you just put fortnite above dark souls

  • Teched Tuna567
    Teched Tuna567 4 days ago

    Mario odessey was short so I don’t really like it

  • CatastropheCorey
    CatastropheCorey 4 days ago

    Doom deserves sss.

  • Meraknight
    Meraknight 5 days ago

    Mario Odyssey is way too overrated. It was pretty mediocre at best. Xenoblade 2 and Ys VIII are leagues better than Odyssey.

  • NHAsirduck
    NHAsirduck 5 days ago

    why would you put literal cancer in the same tier as dark souls

    • Wall-E
      Wall-E 3 days ago

      NHAsirduck And Skyrim

  • Rainbow Llama
    Rainbow Llama 5 days ago +1

    Play ark on phone xbox pc or ps4 it is my 1st favorite game

  • Kostas Mino
    Kostas Mino 5 days ago

    1-2 Switch is awesome.

  • Holy Grail Tempest
    Holy Grail Tempest 6 days ago

    Im not even going to lie. I have my hours spent on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 than i do Smash Bros

  • I’m MoistGrubElegy

    Could’ve made that new tier B- but okay

  • Roman
    Roman 6 days ago

    Where’s Yoshi craft world 😔😔😔

  • Gamethinkable
    Gamethinkable 6 days ago +3

    BeatEmUps: *puts fortnite over minecraft*
    Everyone: splish splash your opinion is trash
    Edit: the fortnite over minecraft is at 16:17

  • matias burgos
    matias burgos 6 days ago

    So where is warframe?

  • Louis Boyle
    Louis Boyle 6 days ago

    Agree with your list except doom is SSS

  • Seth Fozz
    Seth Fozz 6 days ago

    xenoblade got me laugh so hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carlos Nieto
    Carlos Nieto 7 days ago

    where do u guys rank dragonquest 11 s?

  • Jackson Meier
    Jackson Meier 8 days ago

    Xenoblade is ss, I already unsubbed and disliked

  • Manuel Romero
    Manuel Romero 8 days ago +2

    Beatemups: it dont think we will have any more sss
    Me:smash bros :(
    Beatemups:oh ya

  • Manuel Romero
    Manuel Romero 8 days ago

    You forgot pokemon sword and shield

  • CB Productions
    CB Productions 9 days ago

    I like the new super Mario bro’s series of games........ok I love them, I’d probably go as far to say that new super Mario bro’s Wii is in my top 5 favorite games of all time...so with that being said, I would put all of the new super Mario bro’s games around A to A+ and with the switch port..... I would say A+ almost an S, it has everything from new super Mario bros u and new super Luigi U, along with the ability to play as toadette and peachette, and Luigi as well. So yeah hate me all you want I love these series of games to death and I sure will be picking up the newest one this Christmas, it’s just that fun

  • bookaholic/gameaholic/vlogaholic 101

    Can you play Mario odyssey on the lite

  • max todd
    max todd 9 days ago

    One to switch should be in SSS

  • FiVE ZER0
    FiVE ZER0 9 days ago +1

    That was the single best ending ive ever seen

  • Vapporzz
    Vapporzz 10 days ago

    1-2 switch is a pretty good game that doesn’t deserve FFF. It is a little pricey though, but definitely gives enjoyment to whenever people are over.

  • Griffintendo
    Griffintendo 10 days ago

    I enjoy both Minecraft and less so Fortnite, so Wood putting the latter above the former already annoyed me, but I left a dislike just because he didn't create a tier specifically for Minecraft called SSS+, because it is by far the best video game ever made. Yes, I legitimately believe that.

  • ElizabethBathog
    ElizabethBathog 10 days ago +1

    I have hade my switch for a year but I only have 3 games for it. So here is my list!
    1. The legend of Zelda breath of the wild.
    2. Super smash bros ultimate.
    3. Sonic team racing.

    Games I want to get!
    Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age.
    Dragon Quest Builders 1 and 2
    Spyro Reignited Trilogy
    and some more games but the list would get too long.

    I am sadly poor and might only be able to afford 2 or 3 games a year so it will take me some time to get the games I want but I hope that I chose right so that I don't get anything that I, in the end, do not like. So watching videos like these helps me a bit to chose so thank you!

  • Frank J
    Frank J 10 days ago

    This video just made me cancel my super Mario bros u delux. Glad I watch this in time.

  • W Seely
    W Seely 10 days ago

    Congrats Wood you created a bell curve

  • Game Walkthroughs
    Game Walkthroughs 10 days ago

    You should have put fortnite in FFF and Minecraft in SSS

  • ninjageese
    ninjageese 10 days ago

    Ss is my list

  • Rodri G
    Rodri G 10 days ago

    The worst part is that he knows that he put Fortnite above Xenoblade 2

  • #IDKGamingLOL MLBB
    #IDKGamingLOL MLBB 10 days ago +2

    I regret buying Arms 😢

  • ZoodooGaming
    ZoodooGaming 10 days ago

    Hold up hold up
    Stardew valley above Skyrim! What!
    Rocket league above Minecraft!

  • Aidan Delvalle
    Aidan Delvalle 11 days ago +1

    In my opinion, Super Smash Bros is the most overrated game of the decade.

    • Aidan Delvalle
      Aidan Delvalle 8 days ago

      Manuel Romero it’s an opinion. relax

    • Manuel Romero
      Manuel Romero 8 days ago

      YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Arctic Man32
    Arctic Man32 11 days ago

    I'd say arms is a C or B. I like it playing with friends vs.

  • ElijaTheGamer LTU
    ElijaTheGamer LTU 11 days ago +1

    Unpopular opinion: why can't we all play games that we like and not listen to others

  • Ant
    Ant 11 days ago +2

    Starlink battle for atlantas.
    Starlink battle for atlantas.
    It's Starlink battle for Atlas.

  • george maclean
    george maclean 11 days ago

    What about wolfenstein 2 please tell me where it will go

  • yusuf selim
    yusuf selim 11 days ago +1

    His t shirt has been bothering me the whole video ( there is 2 plus signs and the joystick on the left joycon)

  • Sean Erkenswick
    Sean Erkenswick 11 days ago

    Ark on ps4 is AMAZING

  • Sean Erkenswick
    Sean Erkenswick 11 days ago

    FighterZ = sss

  • xx6john5 . com
    xx6john5 . com 11 days ago

    Did he seriously put Fortnite above Minecraft?

  • scruffyarc gaming
    scruffyarc gaming 12 days ago

    Xenoblade 2 to an sss for me

  • Daniel Blume
    Daniel Blume 12 days ago

    I would place super mario odyssey and super smash bros at a B

  • Arrow Shooter
    Arrow Shooter 13 days ago

    Lets kill him hes put fortnite over minecraft go steve and fortnite takes the L these time

  • Arrow Shooter
    Arrow Shooter 13 days ago

    Weresss minecraaftttt

  • Crafterpant S
    Crafterpant S 13 days ago

    How did you put arms under let’s go evy

  • Gabriel McCollum
    Gabriel McCollum 13 days ago

    arms is great

  • james ordinola barrantes

    is somewhere there Valley? or it wasn't published yet.... anyway, what rank would you give to it?