Minamino To Liverpool In January | Liverpool Daily News LIVE

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Minamino To Liverpool In January | Liverpool Daily News LIVE
    Chris and Ross are here with all of today's Liverpool news and rumours including the breaking news that Takumi Minamino is likely to join the club in January!
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Comments • 482

  • J Wright
    J Wright Month ago

    Could Minamino be the first player to be knocked out of the champions league and still win it?

  • Mr.イルミナティ


  • thomas bryan
    thomas bryan Month ago

    Your not gonna slip your freemason devil codes past me! 2 snakes presenting the show.. 6 and a half for the mark of the beast.. I wonder how much deception and bullshit is on this show.. Four eyed Sodomite!

  • Matthew Dusart
    Matthew Dusart Month ago +1

    Good news

  • John Cutler
    John Cutler Month ago

    If minimino does come to Liverpool in January, I think lallana will be let go in the summer.

  • Rymental
    Rymental Month ago

    'Ghost' is a cunt!!!

  • ddoggsta
    ddoggsta Month ago

    Why don’t you cut that 30 second delay out from the start?

  • Scott Wainwright
    Scott Wainwright Month ago

    Any bar realmadrid lol are attack with minimino is going to be hot BOOM ynwal

  • mommots
    mommots Month ago

    £7.25 million 🥳😱😂

  • K Matsu
    K Matsu Month ago

    By the way, PLEASE learn to pronounce his name properly. It is actually an easy thing to get right. Just imagine that someone asks you if you are an Everton fan:
    "Me? Naaaahh! Me? No." (emphasis on the second syllable, and prolong the aaahhh sound).
    Easy peasy Japanesey

  • K Matsu
    K Matsu Month ago

    For those of you Liverpool fans who are looking forward to seeing Minamino score his first goal against Manchester United . . . . .
    . . . too late. It already happened (^c,^)

    More complete highlights here: thexvid.com/video/rE9Vr4qkYXo/video.html It was David Moyes' third match in charge of ManUre, iirc. After beating some Hong Kong eleven, Unitedwere humiliated by Yokohama Marinos and then went to Shinji Kagawa's old home stadium, to play Cerezo. Rather than give him a grand homecoming, though, Moyes ended up playing him for just 45 minutes. Minamino made him pay, with this second-half blast (preceded by a similarly well-taken goal by Kenyu Sugimoto), and Moyes had to return to England with a 1-1-1 preseason record against mid-table Asian clubs.

    The rest is history . . .

    • K Matsu
      K Matsu Month ago

      By the way, PLEASE learn to pronounce his name properly. It is actually an easy thing to get right. Just imagine that someone asks you if you are an Everton fan:
      "Me? Naaaahh! Me? No." (emphasis on the second syllable, and prolong the aaahhh sound).

  • Sadio
    Sadio Month ago

    Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese MINA-MINO!

  • Christian Rehn
    Christian Rehn Month ago

    It's an absolute bargain, i'm just worried about what effect it'll have on young players like Brewster, Jones and Wilson. They are class players and i'd hate to see them pull off a Bobby DUncan.

  • sein time
    sein time Month ago

    I thought this news was boss, then Klopp signed an extension !!! Merry Christmas Reds !!!!!

  • Alfred Malam
    Alfred Malam Month ago

    Jurgen Klopp signs new Liverpool deal until 2024
    We Love You Liverpool We do
    We Love You, Jurgen Klopp, We do
    I am so Happy Jurgen Klopp i guarantee to stay here until 2024.

  • Rahul Gurung
    Rahul Gurung Month ago

    I can hear Peter Dury shouting "Takumi Minamino" when he scores..That is going to be insane...Anyone had this in mind?

  • Cam
    Cam Month ago

    Would anyone here be upset if we paid 25 million for Minamino? I doubt it. This player at this price is absurd.

  • Ben Chase
    Ben Chase Month ago

    Ni-key not niek boy’s

  • JamGooAndYou
    JamGooAndYou Month ago

    Liverpool will buy him for £8m play him like twice then say hes worth £80m because hes a "premiership" player but loan him out for 3 years to lower league teams

  • D44
    D44 Month ago

    Real Madrid, Lyon, Atalanta, Dortmund, Atletico

  • Luke Good
    Luke Good Month ago

    The Reds should sign the other Salzburg player, Haaland, he' s 6'4 , very skilfull, great scorer and he's only 19.

  • Rohit Sharma
    Rohit Sharma Month ago

    It can be like Klopp- Kagawa again !

  • ikaki jimomi
    ikaki jimomi Month ago

    Firmino 2.0 . People saying salah or mane replacement. But his work rate and vision he is formino 2.0 . And with his pace he can play on either side if the wings. His average runs is 12 km . 😱😱 thats quite something

  • Jared Ganesan
    Jared Ganesan Month ago +1

    1. Real 2. Lyon 3. Atalanta 4. Dortmund 5. Athletico

  • Bogdan Andone
    Bogdan Andone Month ago

    I don't like the first 30 seconds of complete silence, I think it might be too much.

  • Tuna On A Stick
    Tuna On A Stick Month ago

    Klopp and Liverpool in general will make this dude a world class player.

  • Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

    Put some our guys together, then you'll have:
    Gini, Mina, Mane, Mo
    Catch Man City / the Chelsea by the toe
    If Pep/Frank Cries, don't let go
    Gini Mina Mane Mo!!

  • KillerDarc
    KillerDarc Month ago

    I love the price tag, love the fact he's Japanese. He's been great in the games I've watched. But there's a nagging feeling, that maybe he just had a great game or 2. Even though the risk is low and the Japanese market would also be highly profitable. The fact no one has him on their radar, even in the Japanese national team worries me abit.

  • Kev & Christy Ward-Janzen

    REAL! Desperately want to smash them!!

  • KillerDarc
    KillerDarc Month ago

    Real in round of 16 sounds good. Revenge is always sweet, and they always gets stronger as the competition gets later. Would be safer to knock them out early, and I don't trust anyone else to do that other than us.

  • SuperSonic14
    SuperSonic14 Month ago

    At times Minamino scared me when we faced Salzburg in both games. Hopefully he can become our version of Heung Min Son. Getting him for around £10 Million should be very neat business.

  • John Mason
    John Mason Month ago

    Well done klopp and lfc very good signing am not a fan of your to be honest but we have a good coach at our club hopefully we will be meeting you next year your the only team in the premier league i admire klopp genius.

  • ChriS Dix
    ChriS Dix Month ago

    so selling rip off shirts and making money for fen way boardroom sharks at Lfc is priority for Liverpool FOOTBALL club, chris? FFS! did u vote tory too? chrismithlog.blogspot.com/2019/12/rednet-update-still-here-and.html

  • Frode Bruland
    Frode Bruland Month ago

    Don't get people moaning about Minamino because of the price. He's playing in a team that's pretty similar to us, he is a proven champions league player, he will be a brilliant player regarding shirt sales in Asia. And last but not least he could probably play 5 positions in a squad that's playing a record amount of games. For me this is a bargain that proves Liverpool has a brilliant transfer policy.

  • Winict Maximus Cosmo

    Liverpool accent is like they are singing

  • Jxthro Hlongz
    Jxthro Hlongz Month ago

    I’m happy with it ❤️🤟🏾

  • Garik Hakobyan
    Garik Hakobyan Month ago

    The "Red Samurai" will continue his UCL journey leaving Haland behind him! Football is Amazing 🙌

  • AgungIngRaya
    AgungIngRaya Month ago

    the Reds Samurai..massive..

  • Keiji Mizuno
    Keiji Mizuno Month ago


    26/7/2013 Cerezo Osaka vs Man United

    He was 18 years old then.

  • Glenn Chua. Hian Beng

    Hopefully this news is true. That will be great.

  • Fifi Naza
    Fifi Naza Month ago


  • Brent Patterson
    Brent Patterson Month ago

    Pajak talking about Verstappen haha. What is this a crossover episode?

  • Margaret Ledwidge
    Margaret Ledwidge Month ago

    And its goodbye to sicknote AL ,, genius move,, even though the Japanese bombed pearl harbour while the Americans where a kip, sneaky B's

  • Diego Pulido
    Diego Pulido Month ago

    Lyon/Atalanta are the easier games but I want Real Madrid! Go to the Barnabeu and put 3 past them!!!

  • Khanyokuhle Fana
    Khanyokuhle Fana Month ago

    Shinji Kagawa is that you 😃

  • Mohammed Vachhiat
    Mohammed Vachhiat Month ago +6

    Linked with sancho, neymar and mbappe all ranging between £100m to £200m, Klopp goes and gets us a bargain for £7m BOOM

  • Mohammed Vachhiat
    Mohammed Vachhiat Month ago +1

    Getting a minamino shirt if he signs 😆

  • Agunzi LFC
    Agunzi LFC Month ago

    My first choice would be:
    I want to smash Real, and if we're not going to win it, might as well go out early, put everything into the league and domestic cups, assuming we're still in them.

  • Ian TB
    Ian TB Month ago

    Wercome to Rivelpoor!
    It's okay liberals - who've just fainted through faux indignation - I'm being ironicalistic, ergo it's _not_ racism...Ricky Gervais explained that to me.

  • andrew stanley
    andrew stanley Month ago

    im after your shop chris how long m8 any idea ???? ynwa

  • Afterthought_btw
    Afterthought_btw Month ago


    Why does that piss you off? We played far, far better at the Bernabeu with our 'lesser' names than we did at Anfield with all the 'big' names. We looked far more likely to get a result at the Bernabeu than at any time at Anfield. What should piss you off was the home leg, not the away one. Mainly, Rodgers decision to play Gerrard in the DM role rather than an actual DM. The way we lined up at Anfield we never stood a chance. Away, we did for all that some of out big names were rested.

  • Shane Duffy
    Shane Duffy Month ago

    Minamino on back of my jersey if it’s done plz happen

  • Sergeant Strings
    Sergeant Strings Month ago

    Everyone always complains about the team that we put out in Madrid but the team and performance we put out at Anfield was absolute shit and did worse than the other side in Madrid. They didnt do anything to deserve to play there.

  • callyharley
    callyharley Month ago +2

    VVD urged Klopp to sign him you can't get a better recommendation than that. YNWA

  • Legion159
    Legion159 Month ago

    United trying to sign all of the Liverpool targets, we should throw in a really shit player and pretend we're after them and let them over pay again.

  • Richard Wills-Woodward

    Would have thought defenders were more important. The rest of the team seem to be performing. Do we want to upset this? Trying to make things better than nearly perfect can easily make things worse.

  • foxy foxy
    foxy foxy Month ago

    He is good! Klopp can make him even better! Get the lad

  • Michael Aslanian
    Michael Aslanian Month ago

    No brainer, really good player, I wanted him after the game at Anfield plus the club plugs into the Japanese market

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Month ago +1

    Minamino is all day long an LFC player, he is perfect and his name is basically our front 3 combined, lmao ...he is already ours...it is written..

  • Eden Rea
    Eden Rea Month ago

    GIVE ME REAL!!!! Want that shithead Zidane to eat his fucking words!