• Published on Nov 18, 2019
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  • Leno Clark
    Leno Clark 4 days ago

    I just subscribed but funny thing is i just played against u .. Im Chugck 😂 Mr. 357 😑

  • Vibez
    Vibez 4 days ago

    does anyone hear dababy in the intro?

  • Atomic JoRo
    Atomic JoRo 6 days ago

    This guys is becoming like matmicmar back in BO3 I love it 😂

  • Torin Hampton
    Torin Hampton 6 days ago

    as somebody that's played cod since the original modern warfare, battle royal aint gonna save it. Couldn't give two shits about it and there's a lot of other players that're in the same boat I am

  • ovechkin8able
    ovechkin8able 6 days ago

    Where does this guy find the time to max out his weapons AND have a youtube channel AND real life responsibilities???

  • Dylan Britchford
    Dylan Britchford 8 days ago

    I don't think platinum riot shield is possible because I've got gold for it and it doesn't allow you to get platinum

  • Bigdawgsgottaeat 50
    Bigdawgsgottaeat 50 9 days ago

    5 minutes into the video, and he finally starts playing 😂

  • tibby 2stacks
    tibby 2stacks 9 days ago

    Can u cry more?

  • Stich InDieLunge
    Stich InDieLunge 9 days ago

    subbed after that vid, I like the energy

  • DanimOGaming
    DanimOGaming 9 days ago

    Im working in the aug rn and im on the last challenge

  • Justin Bryant
    Justin Bryant 10 days ago

    Jev is the most underrated TheXvidr

  • stonergamer
    stonergamer 10 days ago

    Yo this isn’t showing up on your channel I was only able to watch cuz I have notifications on

  • justenzo214
    justenzo214 11 days ago +1

    Gets killed. "I am leaving" Can we all agree on this lol

  • hawksafe
    hawksafe 11 days ago

    Jev you should just do free for all.

  • Dr Sauce
    Dr Sauce 11 days ago

    Am I the only one who hates playing core game modes an wish they had a hardcore mode for all the game modes

  • Dr Sauce
    Dr Sauce 11 days ago

    The skins for this game is fckin trash tbh gold, platinum, and that last one that looks like rainbow is garbage for all the sht you gotta do

  • Clyde_X
    Clyde_X 11 days ago

    I am an og Jev desk smashing fan, good stuff Jev

  • Kieran evans
    Kieran evans 12 days ago

    Your honestly one of the funniest youtubers on this platform. Keep up the funny vids

  • Roxbruh Man
    Roxbruh Man 12 days ago

    I thought you had to be good to get in faze... mans dropshotting, crouching in corners what? Where’s the rush

  • TazKidNoah
    TazKidNoah 13 days ago

    Jev is my spirit animal LUL

  • Lee Adams
    Lee Adams 14 days ago


  • ASnackForMe
    ASnackForMe 14 days ago

    Omg noooo

  • hunter Lavazza
    hunter Lavazza 14 days ago

    Lowkey forgot about faze clan entirely...

  • Mystxry
    Mystxry 14 days ago

    "im just as emotional as this k9" lmfao

  • Robert
    Robert 14 days ago

    You should probably go into hardcore with the riot shield

  • xXeatbabytacoXx
    xXeatbabytacoXx 15 days ago

    Day 1 get off cod and get a life

  • The Knuckle Chuckle
    The Knuckle Chuckle 15 days ago

    Why are you in my recommended?

  • Anfuni
    Anfuni 15 days ago

    Working on the MG34 right now. The, "kills while using all attachment slots" isn't progressing at all.

  • Dj Trevino
    Dj Trevino 15 days ago

    I have my shotguns platinum and personally don't like the camo I just have them all gold and black

  • Qasmoke
    Qasmoke 15 days ago

    You just suck

  • Apohro
    Apohro 15 days ago

    8:20 r/masterreturns

  • Rebellion Gaming
    Rebellion Gaming 15 days ago

    FUCK battle royale destroy this hot garbage

  • Moon
    Moon 15 days ago

    0:40 ngl that’s smart asf i never thought about doing that

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor 15 days ago

    I HATE THIS GAME. If you're reading this and you're a camper I just want you to know you should commit toaster bath

  • Pikerber -Inception
    Pikerber -Inception 15 days ago

    Speaking of military I’m sitting here in naval air station Pensacola watching my favorite person on TheXvid :)

  • Nalu
    Nalu 15 days ago

    The nice cars and shit sounds like Adapt. Am I right or am I wrong?

    TheBOOSTEDWay 15 days ago +1

    Anyone else hear DaBaby😆🔥‼️

    • Chalkedoutline
      Chalkedoutline 14 days ago

      YES i was so confused why i heard that lmao that would be funny if jev was a stoner and told his fanbase he doesnt fw drugs to just keep it lowkey

  • Weed In My Belly Folds

    It honestly hurts that somehow Jev has made multiple classes of weapons gold, but I have already had 2 of my guns glitch on the last challenge and they are now unfinishable (

  • CheeksOnFleek
    CheeksOnFleek 15 days ago

    It keeps unsubbing me from you, like, every video I'm unsubbed from you again :(

  • Shaun Schneeberger
    Shaun Schneeberger 16 days ago

    I unlocked platinum for shotguns doesn’t look great outside of gameplay but looks really insane in game or is it just me?

  • TheGamingGoats
    TheGamingGoats 16 days ago

    Those fucking jav kills haha

  • Jake Weber
    Jake Weber 16 days ago

    I'm still confused as to why they added the MG34 instead of the MG3

  • JT Golden
    JT Golden 16 days ago

    For the riot shield your best bet is playing hardcore where it’s a 1 hit kill it’s still difficult but I’ve been having better success there than with core gamemodes

  • Bento Soto
    Bento Soto 16 days ago

    That’s an Ali A thumb nail

  • Maelstrom_Wander
    Maelstrom_Wander 16 days ago

    Jev when leveling up the riot shield if they have sentry or any lethal killstreak just sit there looking at it and you get to just from taking bullets with the shield makes it so easy

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson 16 days ago

    I wanna see kev use the 357 snake rounds

  • DaSamurai
    DaSamurai 16 days ago

    I just want to see if ARs are easy for you Bc ive wanted to pull my hair out with some

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 16 days ago

    Yo Jev, how the hell do you still play cod as much as you do? I've been playing since cod 2 and I gotta say man, I'm burnt tf out

  • mr mash up
    mr mash up 16 days ago

    battle royale will not make or break this game, it will only keep the devs from focusing their full attention on the actual core modes of cod. why is the br genre still a thing? fuck greedy ass game devs

  • Southern Herpkeeper and fishing

    UAV-VTOL-Advanced UAV

  • Xavier The King
    Xavier The King 16 days ago

    Get good

  • Zed-Kay
    Zed-Kay 16 days ago


  • Yumiko
    Yumiko 16 days ago

    this is the hardest and slowest call of duty ever, it should be renamed Camp of Duty, Modern Incompetence

  • Noah Schilling
    Noah Schilling 16 days ago

    there is a glitch where you get damaskus when you get gold knife

  • Spook
    Spook 16 days ago

    7:05 juul spotted

  • Misty R. Dieter
    Misty R. Dieter 16 days ago

    I was totally impressed with fireboy and watergirl 3 on hudgames.

  • Dante Rich
    Dante Rich 16 days ago

    platnium lmg's ftw!

  • Christian Sage
    Christian Sage 16 days ago

    More Minecraft vids 😂

  • Nathan Grayley
    Nathan Grayley 16 days ago

    Amazing video

  • Stylzz
    Stylzz 16 days ago

    You are the fuckin best Jev! only person on youtube who can still make me enjoy cod! well linkzy too