AA SHOW with Lionel

  • Published on May 2, 2018
  • Anthony and Lionel cover the latest political news including Syria, Russian collusion, North Korea disarming, Michael Cohen getting raided, and Lake Titicaca.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 168

  • Robert DiMeglio
    Robert DiMeglio 11 months ago

    GENIE oil, Cheney and of ALL PEOPLE, Rupert Murdock and buddies want the OIL RESERVES ender the Golan Heights and and coast of Syria!

  • Joseph Rudowicz
    Joseph Rudowicz Year ago

    Ahh, Lionel the pedophile sympathizer.

  • Mike Bower
    Mike Bower Year ago

    I was going to take a shot every time he didn't finish a sentence, but I decided I'd better take a shot every time he did finish a sentence so that I wouldn't die. This Lionel guy needs to slow down on the cocaine.

  • Wojciech Wilk
    Wojciech Wilk Year ago

    "What is this for?"
    "Plumbing?, yeah, technically, plumbing."
    lol lol lol

  • Wojciech Wilk
    Wojciech Wilk Year ago

    Love Lionel!!! :)

  • United Plankton
    United Plankton Year ago

    We dig the One on One interviews...

  • Robert DiMeglio
    Robert DiMeglio Year ago

    Anthony, WHEN, EXACTLY, have you circumnavigated Antarctica?

  • Robert DiMeglio
    Robert DiMeglio Year ago

    Round does NOT mean BALL SHAPED! The EARTH IS FLAT!

  • Adam Price
    Adam Price Year ago

    Why does Lionel look like he would be in the background of every episode of Cheers

  • Hump
    Hump Year ago

    God dammit i love Anthony but please somebody get him off of Infowars. Oh how far we've fallen...

  • 356-993
    356-993 Year ago

    1) the Syrians in Douma and eastern Ghouta are not "Assad's people" they are the strongholds of the rebels that he hates
    2) the Russians prevented UN inspectors visiting the gassing sites
    3) the places we bombed were not the same civilian areas that were gassed
    4) Bashar Assad is a merciless dicatator and the son of Hafiz Assad, another butal murdering dictator
    I am anti-war. I would not have made the recent missle strikes... but for fuck sake, facts matter!

  • Robert DiMeglio
    Robert DiMeglio Year ago


  • greengriffin1
    greengriffin1 Year ago

    Say it...ISRAEL!!!

  • Peter Briganti
    Peter Briganti Year ago

    When you have to say "to make a long story short", you've already failed. You like to ramble on, you like to hear yourself talk and basically you're hard to follow along with. Please don't come back. Thanks.


    Look at the little guy.

  • Charles Speers
    Charles Speers Year ago

    Excellent episode

  • lippythepoocow
    lippythepoocow Year ago

    I didn’t know that Anthony gave out mountains of cocaine to his guest but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to beat the shit out of anyone more

  • lippythepoocow
    lippythepoocow Year ago

    This is by far the worst episode yet. I’ve been hanging with you and I even left XM for you. This guy is the most uncharming fucking boring shit I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Batt Fink
    Batt Fink Year ago


  • Bindair Dundat
    Bindair Dundat Year ago

    Artie was great here

  • MrMonolitas
    MrMonolitas Year ago

    i need that AA show about video games HERE !

  • cory jones
    cory jones Year ago

    Anthony I respect you but this show is not at all the same without Artie I know he has troubles but please stick with him it would show that compound media has some major carrying people that give second chances as well as it would be great for your show buddy I know you don't care about a few of my friends and all but if Artie doesn't get resigned we all are canceling Artie has his own demons and I know that is hard to deal with for you ant but I'm telling you he is a huge reason ppl listen to the AA show all the way through buddy sounds like crashing is giving up on him man you guys are so free you can do what you want buddy keep Artie on give him those chances and breaks he needs right now man be a friend and help keep his sprits alive I know he doesn't show it by arriving on time but I'm telling you he makes the show so much better man and he may really need you guys to stick by him right now dude he's making you money for sure I only watch when arts there..... and we know he has had a hard time man and I read his Twitter the other day he seems scared he may loose it all and you know that would be hard on anyone even if they didn't have the demons art has ....... plus I just think not resigning him will hurt you in several ways the show will suffer and arts subs like me will leave as well as some other of your subs prly won't appreciate you turning your back on a friend going threw bad times man just think about it Anthony Artie would do it for you man no matter what your problems he would never leave you out to dry

  • Jocko Adams
    Jocko Adams Year ago

    lion-hole!! lion-hole, lion-hole, lion-hole!!!

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. Year ago

    Sounds crazy but the dude makes sense.

  • Mick Obrien
    Mick Obrien Year ago

    This guy is just exhausting!

  • PedestrianRage
    PedestrianRage Year ago

    No one holds Lionel's "intellect" in higher esteem than Lionel himself.

  • Richie Ross
    Richie Ross Year ago

    Lionel is on the Russian payroll and not secretly ..RT

  • Chris young
    Chris young Year ago

    Farty is fawking zooted

  • Jack Grattan
    Jack Grattan Year ago

    Andre the Giant probably broke his share of toilet seats.

  • Jack Grattan
    Jack Grattan Year ago

    And Margaret Rutherford was played by Veronica Cartwright.

  • danzig mcnaniel
    danzig mcnaniel Year ago

    I haven’t been paying attention. What’s going on with Artie now?

  • usernamedefault0000

    Make Korea Great Again

  • Forest Crivello
    Forest Crivello Year ago

    Anthony either wears a suit or that crumby shirt. 😂👌

  • Sharpen Up the Knives

    Is this Bennington on helium?.....awful

  • Ryan Lashley
    Ryan Lashley Year ago

    Lionels voice is a cross between jim Norton and Ron bennington

  • SupaFly is 187
    SupaFly is 187 Year ago

    I totally knew that WW1 Franz Ferdinand question.

  • Randy Karnell
    Randy Karnell Year ago

    spectacular show for Lionel.
    Always great seeing Anthony.
    Artie is like an extra treat when Artie happens by.
    Drops in.

  • hurrdurr25
    hurrdurr25 Year ago

    stop yelling you shit

  • the Hearthstone Gnome


  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin Year ago +1

    What about that CNN idiot who started sniffing stuff that was supposed to have been gassed by Chlorine..... Sniff,sniff "yeah it does smell chemically"

  • Roughly SKTCH
    Roughly SKTCH Year ago

    bunch of washed out racists....Anthony always w his ol bs

  • random consumer
    random consumer Year ago

    Why is Ant such a pussy bitch? AA show? A and whoever he can find show? Cut that fat worthless drug using piece of shit out and save a little face. Look at what you have become...

  • ComicBook Chaos #27
    ComicBook Chaos #27 Year ago +2

    might as well change the name to A+ Ant plus a guest since you don’t have a co host

  • RuinsOfMetal
    RuinsOfMetal Year ago +1

    Artie Lange goes all in when it comes to impersonations. He's a fucking chameleon!

  • Shitdik
    Shitdik Year ago +16

    I love Anthony without Artie. I don’t want constant one liners

  • Nonofya Bidnez
    Nonofya Bidnez Year ago

    Hannity used shell-companies(why use shell-companies unless you are trying to hide something?) and got A LOT of government welfare for his property.
    The same guy that keeps bitching about others getting government welfare.... Yeah it's called hypocrisy.
    Also pretending like you are more impartial than you really are is plain dishonest.

  • DjRawd0g
    DjRawd0g Year ago

    Ant hire Nick. The people that are and were paying to see your show are fucking sick of getting half of what we paid for. We all love Nick, so do the right thing. For us.

  • PhoenixMatrix8
    PhoenixMatrix8 Year ago

    If you wanted to know the real reason for World War One. Just watch this. thexvid.com/video/GIpm_8v80hw/video.html


    none of Trump's unprecedented accomplishments are gonna mean a thing, once the dumb Americans allow the globalist dems take control of the senate in November. Ppl are too far gone.


    dude, post all of ur old episodes! it's how u get exposure! what does he do with all the episodes, put them i to a time capsule? 😦

  • Batt Fink
    Batt Fink Year ago +2

    The bare green screen would be easier on the eyes than the depthless crayon drawing they've superimposed in. Gaudiness aside ("How many pics can we fit in there! Fill in the space") the main problem is that it looks like these people are swimming in the background rather tan in front of it. I can't honestly watch without getting a headache.

  • aeaexplorer
    aeaexplorer Year ago +1

    The Anthony Awkward show

  • J.Poodle & Friends
    J.Poodle & Friends Year ago +1

    Just get some random dude with a name that starts with the letter "A", so you don't have to change the name of the show again.
    As much as I like Artie, this is just silly.

  • edilcanidal
    edilcanidal Year ago +1

    1:00:36 Ministry of silly walks

  • David Osuna Productions

    I hate that intro

  • Robert McM
    Robert McM Year ago +2

    I miss Anthony. This is just terrrrrrible.

  • ZatoichisCaneSword!

    I go to Mad (ind) for MUH NEWS.

  • ZatoichisCaneSword!

    Lionels a character and i love em! Fuck punctuation!

  • Muh Offended
    Muh Offended Year ago

    Cmon A&A... Lionel is a Conspiracy Theorist moron.
    Muh False Flags!

    • Muh Offended
      Muh Offended Year ago

      Joey: Not quite, moron! There's the Truth and there is Lies. And I am sure you can't tell the difference, especially if it fits your confirmation bias.

  • 11bravo1789
    11bravo1789 Year ago +1

    Ant. I loved the fact that you said WW1 interests you. I am majoring in Military History, and I am an Iraq War Veteran. Infantryman - spent 1 year patrolling the streets of Baghdad. 100% those that came before me had it harder. Vietnam, korea, WWII / I. Such destruction on a massive scale.