Jonah Hill in the THE BATMAN Movie Reboot?! (DCEU Phase 1)

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Jonah Hill is being rumored to be cast for The Batman upcoming reboot alongside Robert Pattinson. Could Jonah Hill play the Penguin or maybe even the Joker in The Batman reboot that is also the reboot of the DCEU and future Justice League movies.▶
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    Jonah Hill in the THE BATMAN Movie Reboot?! (DCEU Phase 1)
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Comments • 101

  • Chaos
    Chaos  Month ago +26

    Jonah Hill in Batman... YES!! Like the face cam videos?

    • Cool Guruji
      Cool Guruji Month ago

      Awesome videos ..big fan😍😍

    • Cool Guruji
      Cool Guruji Month ago

      Yes of course can u promot me plz ...

  • Radin V
    Radin V Month ago +1

    Since when does chaos do videos on dc?

  • Meh Eh
    Meh Eh Month ago

    Yes, I like these👌

  • Gid Pinky
    Gid Pinky Month ago

    Dude you do realise the joker not going be in this movie the villans in matt reeves the batman are
    The riddler
    The penguin
    Mad hater
    So no joker in this movie he will play the penguin vi berlive

  • IAmViking
    IAmViking Month ago

    Christian Bale bats has a special place in my child hood

  • Y121 Gigawatts
    Y121 Gigawatts Month ago

    Hes wearng a marvel hoodie but talking about DC

  • NoT a RoBoT17
    NoT a RoBoT17 Month ago

    Christian bale was the best Batman and heath ledger was the best joker

  • Mistalickwid
    Mistalickwid Month ago

    Jonah hill as penguin..yes
    Sharlto copely as riddler

  • Havok 1718
    Havok 1718 Month ago

    The one I liked was Val Kilmer he fit the Bruce Wayne and Batman.

  • I don’t care Productions

    Wait Cedric faked his death
    Ugh sorry I’m a...


  • Drunk_ Kat
    Drunk_ Kat Month ago

    I will always be here 2 watch ur content man.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago


  • Carl Brown
    Carl Brown Month ago +1

    Audrey Plaza as Catwoman please :D

  • Josh Ejzak
    Josh Ejzak Month ago

    Christian bale no question

  • Josué Sé Garayúa
    Josué Sé Garayúa Month ago +1

    He's wearing a Marvel hoodie, while talking DC. That is "Chaotic!"

  • Mark Bland-Kelly
    Mark Bland-Kelly Month ago

    Keep going strong Chaos

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis Month ago

    Favorite Batman has to be Michael Keaton when he battled Jack Nicholson’s joker

  • Game Tutor - Easter Egg Hunter

    Christian bale, was my favorite Batman, also nice video chaos 👍👍

  • Doctor Dubstep
    Doctor Dubstep Month ago

    how about they get jim carry to play the joker or even twoface

  • Tattoo Ace Mike
    Tattoo Ace Mike Month ago

    Top top ✌️

  • Speedkingfox0007
    Speedkingfox0007 Month ago

    He was in the awesome mw3 commercial

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price Month ago

    Bataffleck was my favourite Batman

  • Hanno Bebbel
    Hanno Bebbel Month ago

    Johnny depp as the joker Thats all I want in the dc movies

    • June
      June Month ago

      nah... William Dafoe would be wayyyyy better and actually looks just like the Joker

  • King Aries YT
    King Aries YT Month ago

    I enjoy both actors but these actors in this movie I D K what to say or feel

  • Jeppe Brixstein
    Jeppe Brixstein Month ago

    Notification squad 🥳👍🏼

  • Jeppe Brixstein
    Jeppe Brixstein Month ago

    Okay, funny being brought! Christian Bale is the best 🥳

  • 312vandal
    312vandal Month ago

    But...will McLovin play robin?

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    Top ten Batman's in black ops

  • Reaper Wolf
    Reaper Wolf Month ago

    I like the FaceCam I think it fits the video very well and if Jonah Hill is in the movie he needs to be the penguin that is his role I can see that so well

  • Bert MacklenFBI
    Bert MacklenFBI Month ago

    Hands down, best Batman is Michael Keaton.

    • Kelly
      Kelly Month ago

      Bert MacklenFBI I like Kevin Conroy

  • oknumbnuts1
    oknumbnuts1 Month ago

    The Mad Hatter

  • joshua griffin
    joshua griffin Month ago

    I think they should do a movie with azrael as a villain

  • ITZ ME 419
    ITZ ME 419 Month ago

    I have that magazine 2 lol

  • Gerwin ter Harmsel
    Gerwin ter Harmsel Month ago +1

    At first : deepest respect for the total change of your channel and doing what you really love. But on-topic: I Just can't reason why DC is rebooting the movies. I loved the present Batman and Superman movies and now they're switching again. Anyway keep up goos work.

    • June
      June Month ago +1

      just cause you liked it doesn't mean everybody did cause they didn't , they got a lot of heat for Justice Leagie & Batman vs Superman & they knew it was time to switch it up cause a lot of fans didn't like it at all (thanks to Snyder)

  • IVøtedDrumGun _
    IVøtedDrumGun _ Month ago

    Bruv your wearing a marvel hoodie

  • Loga a
    Loga a Month ago

    Go to loga a

  • nintendog
    nintendog Month ago

    the one in tim burtin

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas Month ago +4

    Favorite batman has to be Christian Bale. The dark knight trilogy is my favorite trilogy of all time.

  • Jay Raymond
    Jay Raymond Month ago

    I like the facecam and the new content keep up the good work Jimmy.

  • mumra0715
    mumra0715 Month ago

    Michael Keaton is my favorite

    NcW OMEGA Month ago +8

    Best Batman was Keaton. The best joker was either Nicholson or Ledger.

  • Perazim Kirabo
    Perazim Kirabo Month ago

    He should do penguin

  • Terpman JT
    Terpman JT Month ago

    I dressed as Batman for your mom and she said I was the best Batman.

  • princedq22
    princedq22 Month ago

    Jimmy you should do a series where you go back and revisit some of your favorite marvel movies or any movies

  • princedq22
    princedq22 Month ago +1

    Christian bale best Batman

  • brandon vazquez
    brandon vazquez Month ago

    I saw that Rihanna will play poison ivy

  • Pierson Hurst
    Pierson Hurst Month ago

    Christian Bale

    LIT TNT Month ago

    Are you still gonna be doing top 10s??

  • Caleb Lovelace
    Caleb Lovelace Month ago +1

    Already loving this new turn in the Chanel

  • Timothy Holland
    Timothy Holland Month ago

    Val Kilmer was the best batman

  • Oligarchy_Aimbot
    Oligarchy_Aimbot Month ago +1

    Wearing a marvel sweatshirt for a dc video 😞

    • Jorge Ramos
      Jorge Ramos Month ago

      That's like wearing a Lakers hoodie to a Warriors game

  • ThegodamnJoker GAMES

    Be cultural appropriate next time and wear a DC hoodie

  • Oneshot 291
    Oneshot 291 Month ago +3

    Never forget when I was first introduced to Adam West as Batman when I was 4 1/2

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha Month ago

    Well reportedly he has a choice of two roles which probably are Penguin and the Riddler, so I think the Riddler is much better suited for the role.

  • Sleepy Gaming
    Sleepy Gaming Month ago +1

    I love ur new style. I love u chaos

  • Voice -Of-Znation #Wildlife

    I love christian bale as the batman , i am excited that you made this video ! I cant wait to see more!

  • Johnny Narrator
    Johnny Narrator Month ago +2

    Evil Robin? No... Penguin sounds about right

  • adventerousflame
    adventerousflame Month ago +1

    Honestly I think Bruce Wayne is the best batman

  • Leathersmith vlogs
    Leathersmith vlogs Month ago +1

    I see the penguin 😎

  • Joe Duvall
    Joe Duvall Month ago

    Micheal keton hands down