Free Travel On the Gospel Oak to Barking Line

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • The Gospel Oak to Barking Line (GOBLIN) is offering free travel to everyone that uses it between 31st August and 1st October 2019. This is as a 'thank you' to those who were caught up in the delays whilst new trains were brought into service on the line.
    I went out to make some journeys to see how it worked, and how I'd get my money back when travelling on it using an Oyster card.
    Also #SayNoToCalibri
    More details on the TfL Page on free travel on the GOBLIN:
    An OSI is an 'Out of Station Interchange' read up about those [and a complete list of where they all are] on Mike's incredible Oyster Rail website:

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  • Samuel Baugh
    Samuel Baugh 11 days ago


  • Matthew Field
    Matthew Field 13 days ago

    I have received my refund, well I say received. I need to tap in at Barking to actually get the refund. A long way to go when you don't actually live in London.

  • LondonJohn69
    LondonJohn69 15 days ago

    Thanks very much for this. A day after this video dropped I got my refund email, I did 4 journeys one one day but I capped at £3.40 spend on the Goblin line. I was however expecting £6 refund as it said you would get the individual fares refunded even if you capped. Called the OYSTERCARD Helpdesk, they were clueless said I needed to speak to a senior so arranged a callback. This didn’t materialise so I chased and had to go through the whole thing again. Senior explained they’d had no training or briefing about the free travel as it wasn’t something they were involved in. Refund reference also wasn’t one of theirs. He did process a manual refund of £6 as opposed to the difference as a gesture of goodwill. Can’t believe however that the TFL Helpdesk got no queries on this.

  • splenking forth
    splenking forth 16 days ago

    Wow! You kept the same T-shirt on for 11 days! That's a dedication to continuity right there LOL!
    Thanks for your interesting and fun VDO.

  • Hassan Ali Husseini
    Hassan Ali Husseini 16 days ago

    What is a "Frognal"? A signal that always shows green?

  • Alfie Brown
    Alfie Brown 16 days ago

    Good video mate

  • tsrgoinc
    tsrgoinc 17 days ago

    Travelled every work day in September on the goblin and got nothing, because I have the wrong travel card!

    • S B
      S B 11 days ago

      Can I ask what you mean by ‘wrong travelcard’? I used it every weekday in September too and have been waiting to hear back from TFL for 2 weeks about a refund as no sign of anything!

  • laffin04
    laffin04 18 days ago

    i worked on the goblin line in the silverlink days

  • americanmultigenic
    americanmultigenic 26 days ago

    I have been out of country for decades, so it's all double Dutch (Oyster Cards/Zones etc.), but I have to say, I - still - don't quite understand what's free, but it's not your fault; it just seems like they are determined to make a good PR thing (free travel) . . . almost . . . "annoying" with complex leaflets and whatnot. :-)

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith 27 days ago

    What’s the difference between London Overground and TFL Rail?

    • fetchstix™
      fetchstix™ 22 days ago +1

      TfL Rail is formed of the services that'll get absorbed into Crossrail's Elizabeth Line. The Overground services are... a range of suburban services with the East London Line extension? Not sure how to describe them

  • dave brooks
    dave brooks 28 days ago

    OSI, like Kenton -> Northwick Park?

  • Liam's Railway Photography

    Love how you sas #SayNoToCalibri and then you uses Calibri as your font, amusing

  • sam unique
    sam unique 28 days ago

    Watching this whilst it's raining cats and dogs in London xD

  • Major General N'golo Kante

    Oyster app is awful and non-responsive.

  • Pia Jolly
    Pia Jolly 29 days ago

    Will this promotion be available on other overground routes?

  • Christopher Luxford

    The problem with this is that although it is my nearest line, I simply don't want or need to go to the places it goes to often enough to benefit.

  • Jermaine Long
    Jermaine Long Month ago

    😁Where's Leyton 'Middle' Road?

  • Uchendu Nwachukwu
    Uchendu Nwachukwu Month ago

    In New York City, MasterCard ran a similar offer to promote the new OMNY fare payment system on the NYC Subway (which is built by Cubic Transportation Systems, the same company responsible for the Oyster system in London).
    For us, it was fairly straightforward. Tap in with your contactless MasterCard twice on Friday, and they’d refund your money for those taps. And we don’t have zones, just a single flat rate to travel for up to two hours (which is enough time to get basically anywhere in the city). It was pretty rad.
    Also, what’s up with Bombardier? They screwed up a new trainset delivery for MTA New York City Transit a few years ago, and now they’re late on delivery for these TfL trains?

  • John Oke
    John Oke Month ago

    Monday September 2nd 2019 was a sad day for transit nerds in Toronto because it was the day when the last Articulated Light Rail Vehicles (ALRV) Streetcars (Trams) where retired after 31 years of service

    • John Oke
      John Oke Month ago

      Charles CLRV according to TTC HR sometime between late October and mid December
      (Edit: Sometime in December)

    • Charles
      Charles Month ago +1

      Wait, they're gone now? I rode one last time I was in Toronto last year, and I thought it was pretty neat. How long until the last CLRV (Canadian Light Rail Vehicle) is retired? I suppose that depends on how soon Bombardier delivers the new Flexity Outlooks.

  • Radical Edwards
    Radical Edwards Month ago

    Ahhhhhhh 😂😂😂 you went to meyton lidland!

  • Transit Sylveon
    Transit Sylveon Month ago

    710s= R179 for TFL

  • peter buckley
    peter buckley Month ago


    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      Even if there had been no publicity, why would it be unlawful?

  • Nathan Hinchliffe
    Nathan Hinchliffe Month ago

    I did it yday and have a year travel card. No refund

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T Month ago

    isnt out of station interchange pretty self explanatory? also these trains look like a great upgrade from the old ones. am i right in remembering that the over ground train that comes into liverpool street were also the old trains? have they changed too?

    • Ken Jones
      Ken Jones 20 days ago

      OSI is not self explanatory if you don't live in London, but we do have your cascaded GOBLIN 172 units now in the West Midlands in new liveries and new Moquette [note for Vicky]

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      Different trains run into Liverpool Street. (Classes 315 and 317). Class 710s will take over from them too when enough have been delivered, but the Goblin had to have priority because its existing trains (172s) were required elsewhere.

  • Zoe T
    Zoe T Month ago


  • Terence Bernard
    Terence Bernard Month ago +1

    Why any one would go to barking unless you are barking mad.

  • Ross Mcqueen
    Ross Mcqueen Month ago +7

    Secrets of the tyne and wear metro?? Since you’ve done the glasgow one :)

  • Felix Says
    Felix Says Month ago

    Even though its just for one month, its a great campaign by TFL and a little helpful for those Londoners that live along the Goblin London Overground line but don't earn very much! I've been on the new trains and I love them!

  • Samuel1127 Lee
    Samuel1127 Lee Month ago

    There are similar discounts here in HK. For instance, when four MTR lines were delayed for 6 hours, there was half price for adults on a weekend after that, and a flat fare of HK$1 (£0.1) for all other passengers. However, it is not as good as free travel, so I want free travel on MTR after severe delays.

  • Ng John
    Ng John Month ago

    They finally have electronic screens
    Like the MaOnShan line in MTR, Hong Kong.

  • aljanat5
    aljanat5 Month ago

    Would love to know what Geoff thinks about Hong Kong's MTR. It is not safe to go there now but it is sort of world leading as a transport network like how Singapore has the worlds best airport. This video is a bit skewed but gives a loving review of HKs pride and joy:

  • Marcia Sutton
    Marcia Sutton Month ago +3

    You should do the trams in nottingham next its a fun journey

  • TH Trains
    TH Trains Month ago +1

    This is a great brilliant fantastic awesome amazing video i love it 😍 well done great job 🙂😍😎💕💗💖❤️😍

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago

    Imagine offering free travel on a line because of delays in new trains lol wish we had that outside of London for the same thing

  • mllClam
    mllClam Month ago

    Should have known Bombardier would be pronounced correctly here.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      @Hans Kniezand They are - the founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier, was from Quebec.

  • Thomas’s Info Lab

    0:05 my ringtone from now on

  • Oliver Gray
    Oliver Gray Month ago

    So will we Be seeing free travel on crossrail as well then lol

  • OldUKAds
    OldUKAds Month ago

    I moved 18 months ago, so too little too late Goblin. Although that could be Sadiq Khan's slogan. Too Little Too Late.

  • Sebastian Doe
    Sebastian Doe Month ago +2

    I like how you manage to make a tube journey so interesting

  • Jonathan Le Mesurier
    Jonathan Le Mesurier Month ago +2

    O.O what song have you used in this one Geoff?

  • Alexej Chram
    Alexej Chram Month ago

    Hi, Geoff. Thanks for your videos, I like them a lot. I´d like to ask a question on fares in South London. Did I get it right, that an extra fee of 1,50 or 1,70 is charged, if changing from the National Rail to the Underground System inside zone 1? If so, why and how do Londoners react to that?

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer Month ago

      Why? Because most NR lines south of the river are still under the control of privately owned train operating companies (TOCs) who insist on charging extra. A move to change this was blocked by the previous Transport Secretary because most such routes stray outside Greater London and he didn't want transport in his Surrey constituency under the control of London - although Metropolitan Line commuters in Herts and Bucks seem quite happy with such a situation. South Londoners are generally resigned to the situation, but it has led to gross overcrowding at Vauxhall, as you can game the system there because it is in both Zones 1 and 2 and thus changing to the Tube there instead of at Waterloo works out cheaper.

  • Mr. Wray160
    Mr. Wray160 Month ago

    Geoff I have a challenge for you. Try and ride every overground line in London and see how quickly you can do it! It doesn't matter if you don't do all the overground stations as long as you ride an overground train on every line (unless you want to). Good luck if you decide to do this!

  • Patricia Hall
    Patricia Hall Month ago

    Wonderful, what a difference in infrastructure development from my commute days in the 80s (OK long time ago). Always enjoy your videos Geoff. Praps you might like to trundle around Leeds/Liverpool/Manchester/Birmingham rail infrastructure by way of a comparison?

    • Silent Hunter
      Silent Hunter Month ago

      I remember riding in the guard's van of a slam door unit on the Goblin in 1999/2000...

  • Reyhana Patel
    Reyhana Patel Month ago

    Any good places to go for a family day out?

  • Les 1266
    Les 1266 Month ago


  • oocares
    oocares Month ago +1

    Should have jumped out at West Hampstead. It's 'almost' been completely rebuilt...

  • Ian Mcclavin
    Ian Mcclavin Month ago

    I noticed on the Victoria Line train maps, many still don't show Overground at Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central. It looks like stickers have been removed from that section of the map, but they may have been the ones showing that section temporarily closed a few years ago.

  • Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy Month ago +19

    Wouldn't it be Gospel Oak to Barking LINe rather than GOspel oak to Barking LINe. That's how I think of it anyway.

  • Ian Gascoigne
    Ian Gascoigne Month ago

    It’s amazing they take the money out straight away but can take up to two weeks to pay it back. So they get to keep all the interest.

    • KbT Red
      KbT Red Month ago

      @OldUKAds Such as using an OSI to 'start' a qualifying journey!

    • OldUKAds
      OldUKAds Month ago

      I suspect there's a lot of manual working going on behind the scenes to process refunds. It's an unusual and temporary scenario, and as this video demonstrates there are many variables.

  • Ian Gascoigne
    Ian Gascoigne Month ago

    Geoff doing his best Roy Orbison impression.

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson Month ago


  • Andy Richards
    Andy Richards Month ago

    Well those are a vast improvement on the days of the Class 104s cascaded from the North-west. And they were knackered when we got rid of them...

  • Kieran Terry
    Kieran Terry Month ago

    4:28 - how do you get an Oyster Balance with 71p? Even with railcards there only fares charged to the nearest 5p

    • Andrea Woelke
      Andrea Woelke Month ago +1

      He gets 1/3 off through his Gold card, resulting in odd amounts I suspect.

    LTA PRODUCTIONS Month ago +1

    I like how the new trains have the roundels on the front... Ither that or they're built by Nissan

  • Robert Ewalt
    Robert Ewalt Month ago

    Such pretty cars, but why so few people?

  • Michael Bruchas
    Michael Bruchas Month ago

    My head is spinning....

  • ScottLad
    ScottLad Month ago

    Where can I get those orange oyster wallets that Geoff showed on Twitter?

  • Jack's Railway Journeys

    Whilst it's great that they've done this I do think it a little over the top to give a month of free travel for the disruption. As I understand the 4tph frequency was reduced to 2tph and some dates nothing at all, but it's not like passengers were stranded, there are many other tube and National Rail stations very nearby and frequent buses all over the place.
    Further north, we had 47 days of strikes with zero trains whatsoever and we get.... nothing.

    As a side note I recently made an Oyster journey that confused me slightly:
    20:18 Paddington -> 20:53 Archway - £1.60
    20:18 Automated Refund £2.05

    So I actually made profit on this journey with no idea why. (Journey taken on September 8th)

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis Month ago +1

    What is this 'walking' that you talk about?

  • Ricky Morgan
    Ricky Morgan Month ago

    I'm off work this week so thinking of trying it tomorrow 😀🚉