I Suffered For 50 HOURS In Minecraft RLCraft (#2)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • I Suffered For 50 HOURS In Minecraft RLCraft (#2)
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    Hardcore Minecraft is the toughest challenge in Minecraft. If you die, the world and all of your work, gets deleted. RLCraft also makes the game nearly impossible to survive. So I decided to create this series and conquer this difficult modpack! Am I good enough at Minecraft to beat this entire modpack? Watch the series to find out! If you enjoyed this, it would mean a lot if you leave a like on the video! Thanks 😊



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Comments • 691

  • Skyes
    Skyes  19 hours ago +133

    I hope you all enjoy this video!! Thanks for an amazing year so far!!

  • Skyes
    Skyes  19 hours ago +283

    Sorry this episode took so long to release, this was actually filmed about 2-3 months ago. But I was training my friend how to edit with this footage and then I decided to edit it and get it out!

  • RST
    RST 19 hours ago +378

    craft a sleeping bag, it's let you sleep whitout reseting your spawn point. Also you can craft a death scroll for returning to your last death point. And for armor you should craft chestplate and helmet first.

  • [S1TH]_RNG
    [S1TH]_RNG 19 hours ago +218

    Idk if you know, but your weapons and equipment will have a good or bad roll on it (ex: an axe might have vicious which gives it 15% more damage but -.5 reach) it can be very useful or harmful, just be weary. Also I started playing rl craft bc of you (and a guy named Union) and I've had alot of fun.

  • Tubl
    Tubl 19 hours ago +147

    I have a tip, you really need to start setting a bed up outside of the places you wanna farm xp, make sure you set it as tp, so if you die it doesnt put you in a random world location

  • J Eddy
    J Eddy 19 hours ago +169

    Heres a good tip, make a sommoning staff. It takes two gold and an ender pearl and it allows you to sommon monsters that you find to help you fight. You can even combine some monsters to make stronger ones.

  • Blue
    Blue 16 hours ago +3

    Can’t resist a bit of Skyes content every now and then 😁 it’s so relaxing to watch

  • QuantumSpoon
    QuantumSpoon 19 hours ago +54


  • tijger issnel
    tijger issnel 19 hours ago +35

    The broken heart heals Heart containers. Heart containers you can craft with heart shards and those can also be crafted with heart dust. The dust you can get form breaking spawners. A heart container gives you an extra heart for the rest of your game. It stays when you die.

  • Amy_ Rei
    Amy_ Rei 19 hours ago +72

    Can’t resist a bit of Skyes content every now and then 😁 it’s so relaxing to watch

  • two weirdos
    two weirdos 19 hours ago +27


  • Lioem
    Lioem 19 hours ago +28

    50 hours?? The things you do for your fans 😭 😭❤️

  • Rigty Mord
    Rigty Mord 16 hours ago +8

    you can tame a roc the creature that grabbed you at

  • Lily smith
    Lily smith 19 hours ago +3

    for the whole sugar cane thing you can break the block they're on and you won't need to have the skill to get them and be sure to look at the stats on the weapons and tools like some will do less damage cause of the roll they have

  • Equanox Dragon
    Equanox Dragon 16 hours ago +2

    One suggestion to give you, set your spawn at your base, and then use three wool and make it like a bed without the wood, this will make a sleeping bag that you can use to pass the night without changing your spawn. It's a lot safer...

  • AlbinIsBored
    AlbinIsBored 19 hours ago +7

    1. You can craft earplugs from two wooden planks in a crafting table to avoid mermaid singing.

  • Nick Kibler
    Nick Kibler 16 hours ago +2

    Be sure to check your weapons and armors and any baubles you get. They can have positive and negative bonuses. So you could find a good silver chestplate and it could either have a bonus to armor protection or its breakable and you lose it first time you get hit.

  • dylan thompson
    dylan thompson 19 hours ago +6

    A couple things you can do now that your magic high enough would be to create a summoning rod, real easy to make need an ender pearl, bone, gold bar this will allow you to summon stuff that a lot stronger than a pack of dogs. Also just a little secret since this isn't very know to new players to this mod, is when you collect element summons you can combined them to make different summons, one popular combination would be the guardians that hang out around the villages and the water spirits that hang out around pools of water, if you summon one of each something neat happens :), keep up the good work!

  • Wyatt Mueller
    Wyatt Mueller 19 hours ago +2

    skyes is great, love this content, and also I'm a borderline insomniac and its super relaxing and helps me fall asleep. your a life saver skyes

  • Kirsten Campos
    Kirsten Campos 16 hours ago +2

    i honestly appreciate these long videos. i sometimes get really shitty conscious seizures and I always need a distraction. These videos help me so much so thank youuuu!!