The Story of Rose Tyler | The Women Who Lived | Doctor Who

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • For the first nineteen years of her life, nothing happened. And then she met a man who could change his face and took her away from home in his magical machine. This is the story of Rose Tyler. Read more about her story in The Women Who Lived, an illustrated collection of inspiring tales of the women of Doctor Who:
    1. Mogamoka (0:00)
    2. Caz Zhu (0:22)
    3. Tammy Taylor (0:46)
    4. Katy Shuttleworth (1:19)
    5. Natalie Smilie (1:53)
    6. Sophie Cowdrey (2:37)
    7. Jo Be (3:10)
    8. Kate Holden (3:42)
    The Ninth Doctor:
    The Tenth Doctor:
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Comments • 601

  • ArkyTiorrr
    ArkyTiorrr 9 days ago +1

    I hate how inaccurate this is. Mickey wasn't her boyfriend when she was trapped and she didn't choose to stay with Tentoo >:( Even Billie Piper agrees about hating that Rose gets left with the clone.

  • sadie fruci
    sadie fruci Month ago

    I'm new to the series but I've just watched up to season 5 and I miss Rose and Donna. I feel both of their storylines ended too abruptly, I like the idea of her having a human doctor but at the same time I don't because it feels like a slap in the face that she doesn't get to be with the one she loved all that time and she'd worked so hard to get to the real world yet he just takes her back to the parrell universe to palm her off.

  • Oswin bricks
    Oswin bricks 2 months ago +1

    Woman who lived vs boy who lived

  • Sweta Srinivasan
    Sweta Srinivasan 3 months ago

    That background music hurts every single time!

  • Ben Speight
    Ben Speight 3 months ago +1

    Rose Tiler is my all-time favourite I'll just say assistant

  • Zach The one gamer
    Zach The one gamer 3 months ago

    We need an episode with the autons. Rose was good and so was spearhead. Bring them back bbc!

  • Jamie J. L. Evans
    Jamie J. L. Evans 4 months ago

    Its steel to soon to bring rose up. Don't do it again.

  • RKOCyrus
    RKOCyrus 4 months ago

    The first episode of reboot

  • Danielle Lawman
    Danielle Lawman 4 months ago

    She didn't decide to stay there. She had no choice. He made that decision and for a long time I hated him for it. He took it away from her and left but moaned when he had no beside him. It wasn't her choice because she had no choice.

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam 5 months ago

    I cried when she left lol

  • Assoluta
    Assoluta 5 months ago

    The narrator sounds like the 13th Doctor!

  • RossKroft96
    RossKroft96 5 months ago

    OMG I just realized...ROSE IS THE ORIGINAL THANOS 😂😂😂💖💖💖 but in all seriousness she's my favourite companion along with Donna & Sarah Jane

  • Votesaxon07
    Votesaxon07 6 months ago

    We did a rewatch review of this episode recently, such a great launching pad for the revived series. Smartly written, funny and exciting.

  • Pixel Master35*
    Pixel Master35* 6 months ago

    Remember when Rose Tyler was on “The Weakest Link”?

  • Caerdroia
    Caerdroia 6 months ago

    Why are they only doing female companions?

  • Kyle Netherwood
    Kyle Netherwood 6 months ago

    Yeah but through Rose's influence a dalek killed hundreds of people before getting emotions.

  • David Tenant
    David Tenant 6 months ago

    1:07 the TARDIS is wrong

  • Ben Gregory
    Ben Gregory 7 months ago

    4:08 no rose or Martha on the book?

  • Evita
    Evita 7 months ago +1

    Best companion ever.

  • ArkyTiorrr
    ArkyTiorrr 7 months ago +1

    WTF? ROSE WASN'T GIVEN A CHOICE TO STAY OR GO! That's it, I'm done with these dilusional little §hits.

  • Samji
    Samji 7 months ago

    Sorry to get nerdy here, but at 1:09 that is the most inaccurate Tardis I think I have ever seen
    Bet a lot of fans who saw this aren't 'appy with that

  • Ксения Яковлева

    Как же круто!!!!!!!!!!!))))

  • [abandoned account]
    [abandoned account] 7 months ago

    Not gonna lie I love Billie Piper, but I dislike Rose Tyler.

  • s_ kumie
    s_ kumie 7 months ago +2

    How come rose isn’t on the cover of the women who lived ???????????????????

  • kajdi angelika
    kajdi angelika 7 months ago

    She was the best,and David Tennant,of course.

  • Tee F
    Tee F 7 months ago

    Nope. Still not over Rose. #badwolf

  • Iggy muncher
    Iggy muncher 7 months ago

    Bad wolf

  • Rantic
    Rantic 7 months ago

    Who's voice is this?

  • ConnorAndAlexandra iAbsol

    Nice recap for new years

  • Dillon Wright
    Dillon Wright 7 months ago

    Could it be that the Dalek that developed emotions may be the same Dalek that became known as Rusty the "Good" Dalek?

  • Edward Fox-Gliddon
    Edward Fox-Gliddon 7 months ago

    This book is so cute! We've bought it for my little sister for Christmas. As a young Who fan I think she's really going to enjoy it.

  • TheNewTrainBoy55
    TheNewTrainBoy55 7 months ago

    Can you do Amy pond next

  • Bilge Betül
    Bilge Betül 7 months ago

    Please turkish...

  • Tele Tech Tips
    Tele Tech Tips 7 months ago

    I prefer this to watching season 11.

  • Bo Xue
    Bo Xue 7 months ago +1

    This makes me want an animated Doctor Who series

  • arbrax
    arbrax 7 months ago

    music swells

  • JMH2110
    JMH2110 7 months ago


    • JMH2110
      JMH2110 7 months ago

      Why do we need this?

  • Swagg Swaggerty
    Swagg Swaggerty 7 months ago

    I like this look of Christopher Eccelston lol

  • fanOmry
    fanOmry 7 months ago

    Half human..

  • Tez.
    Tez. 7 months ago

    Why was this made???

  • RocketRacoon316
    RocketRacoon316 7 months ago +2

    If I get a narration of a pre-Whittiker tainted who age where all of this was actually Sci-fi & cool, I'd much rather she not audio it, it's rather off putting, plus some of the art in here is rather bad, I've seen better work done by my friend's in the Furry Forums on commissioned work that has...Detail? That point where Doctor Who is struggling that they have to go & rely on the beginning to get clicks & interest back, oh how the mighty have fallen hard

  • The Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger 7 months ago first Doctor. Still miss him.

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 7 months ago

    Rose's best episode was The Satan Pit

  • masterpainter72
    masterpainter72 7 months ago

    Any more?

  • Max Risveglia
    Max Risveglia 7 months ago

    When your new content is bad so you recreate your good content.

    XD GAMER 7 months ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Rose Tyler
    I love you

  • Jordan Watson
    Jordan Watson 7 months ago

    I miss Rose

  • Vanima Permai
    Vanima Permai 7 months ago

    some of the artwork looks like a kids dress up game
    some of it looks okay-ish

  • sham2mar
    sham2mar 7 months ago

    Why isn’t Martha on the cover

  • harry h
    harry h 7 months ago

    can we PLEASE get a rose tyler spin off. and chuck some martha/captain jack/torchwood in there as well please :)

  • Mr Harvey
    Mr Harvey 7 months ago

    What you think about Rose?

  • pumpkin
    pumpkin 7 months ago

    I love Rose❤

  • shootybaking
    shootybaking 7 months ago

    #BBC is this a beautiful children's book? Please make it so?

  • shootybaking
    shootybaking 7 months ago

    Are these going to be 27th century paintings discovered in the future?

  • Moe
    Moe 7 months ago

    So the meta-crisis Doctor isn’t half human and half TimeLord? (3:50)

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber 7 months ago

    Doctor Who has become a girls club were in the past it use to be for everyone , male role model in the doctor, female role model in some of the companions (two female companions were timelors btw just reminding people who didnt know there were female time lords without gender changing regeneration)

  • Fabelly 51
    Fabelly 51 7 months ago

    This melted my heart

  • TheChargingCow
    TheChargingCow 7 months ago


    WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fandoms huzzah
    Fandoms huzzah 7 months ago

    That whole dalek story was based on the sixth doctor audio adventure "jubilee"

  • trent rouls
    trent rouls 7 months ago

    Fully Human? He's part time-lord part human, a biological meta-crisis, come now, if he was fully human, he'd burn up with all that knowledge.

  • Griffin Raynor
    Griffin Raynor 7 months ago

    Stuff like this just highlights how much Doctor Who is even weirder out of context.

  • James Mars
    James Mars 7 months ago

    Love it ❤️

  • Mary Eshbaugh
    Mary Eshbaugh 7 months ago

    David Tennant was right! Describing (or even recapping) Doctor Who makes you sound absolutely bonkers. I couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of this extremely accurate retelling.

  • metalmugen
    metalmugen 7 months ago

    *W A M E N*

  • musical smoking cats
    musical smoking cats 7 months ago

    Why is there no love button?!

  • Pr.Walter Bulbazor
    Pr.Walter Bulbazor 7 months ago

    The more funny thing is "who lived"
    Because most are dead

  • Terry Bartlett
    Terry Bartlett 7 months ago

    Now I have to go watch this episode again. I love it.

  • Rainbow Quartz95
    Rainbow Quartz95 7 months ago

    “But your heart grows cold. The north wind blows and carries down the distant... Rose.”

  • DePLORIble
    DePLORIble 7 months ago

    _her mum Jackie and boyfriend_

  • Ace McShane
    Ace McShane 7 months ago

    Who narrates this? She sounds familiar.

  • GreenDMond
    GreenDMond 7 months ago +1

    doctor who : time travel
    rick and morty : dimension travel

  • P Ferreira
    P Ferreira 7 months ago

    I never understood the character of Rose or want she ultimately wants. She lusted after the Doctor and became the most self important character on the show. When she got her own version of the Doctor she still came across as totally ungrateful. Bad writing and an obnoxious character. Worst companion in Doctor Who.

  • Emilio RPB
    Emilio RPB 7 months ago

    This is lit, eccleston!!!!!! 🔥

  • Mark Gleeson
    Mark Gleeson 7 months ago +1

    Thank you Doctor Who I've missed last Mondays episode but doesn't matter have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year thank you

  • PhazonEnder
    PhazonEnder 7 months ago

    No thanks, not interested.