The Equalizer 2 Angry Movie Review

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex Review the Sequel to Denzel's Equalizer! Does it live up or perhaps surpass the original? No, unfortunately not, here is why it disappoints.
    *Apologies as AngryJoe's Audio was lost, we are investing in new Audio Tech over the next few weeks*
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Comments • 604

  • oscardriver
    oscardriver 28 days ago

    What a fantastic movie .. 8solid

  • Ally-C-83
    Ally-C-83 Month ago

    Random Angry Movie Review playthrough Day 18 review 204 02/08/19 great job lads

  • Ally-C-83
    Ally-C-83 2 months ago

    Random Angry Movie Review playthrough Day 2 review 20 13/07/19 yall are the best, thanks for your content AJ

  • Gladiator Spear
    Gladiator Spear 2 months ago

    Lol Other Joe is too funny!!! 🤣

  • xvdmrecords
    xvdmrecords 5 months ago

    I thought both the first one and 2nd one were great. Equalizer 2 had more of a narrative on point revenge story with lots of action. I felt like this movie was darn good. I would give it an 8 or 9 out of 10.

  • SWIFTzTrigger
    SWIFTzTrigger 7 months ago

    Joe shaves his cheeks to keep his neck beard lol. Also agree with the assessment.

  • Cameron Armacanqui Modig

    the sequalizer lol

  • Robin Miller
    Robin Miller 8 months ago

    The Equalizer 2 was SJW trash. I mean, would Denzel brutalize a mother for kidnapping her child from the father? Because that shit happens in the millions... pretty typical one sides SJW bile. Can we ever make a narrative that's fair? Ugghhhhh...

  • Kevin Armitage
    Kevin Armitage 8 months ago

    This movie was terrible!!!! ruined a good 1st movie, and I will not buy another movie from this series, if they make another!!

  • Bas Didit
    Bas Didit 8 months ago

    Equalizer 2 was horrible in my opinion complete trash.

  • Veteran Nintenerd
    Veteran Nintenerd 9 months ago

    There was this one part where Denzel fought some rich brutes in that hotel room; he subdues most of them but he flat-out snaps the neck of one of them. It's like why was he inconsistent with his vigilante justice? He knocks a few dudes unconscious, breaking a few of their bones, yet he kills one of these background thugs. I don't think any of those dudes were armed, just muscles. Then those side-plots were just padding. There was that old man who apparently lost his sister when he was a kid and they get reunited and I didn't remember that was a thing by the end of the movie. Lacked a lot of emotional attachment for me to give a shit about anybody. Only part I liked was Denzel telling those assassins "normally I'd give people a chance to turn themselves around, but you killed Susan and you tried to kill me so I'm just going to kill all of you." Another problem, Pedro has a wife and kids and Denzel's character is supposed to be the honest type, so is he supposed to eventually break the news that he killed Pedro in an act of vigilante justice? The kids clearly loved their dad, so I don't think they'll take the news that their dad is dead even if he was a scumbag. Of all the additional side-plots, one regarding Pedro's family would've made more sense than the painter-gangster kid or the Lyft regular customer. Something that this movie and the last was that they really forgot Denzel's character seemed to have OCD habits like timing things with his digital watch, yet he never does any of those habits again

  • ADAM67891
    ADAM67891 9 months ago

    That’s the trouble when you critique you stop enjoying films

  • christian
    christian 9 months ago

    This movie is not bad but it’s just another action movie where yeah you can watch it and it a friend ask you about it you’ll say it’s good but it’s not a great movie that blows you away when you see it

  • Digonto Zahid
    Digonto Zahid 9 months ago

    They have no idea how rotten tomatoes work lol .......the tomatometer is how many percentage of critics actually recommend the movie its not a average rating of the movie lol.....

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez 10 months ago

    The thing is I care more about this sequel just because felt more like the original tv show, like helping many people instead of just one kid against the russian mob. the bad guys were less interesting than the first movie, but make the lead more sympathetic with more people helping them feel better to me than the first one.

  • Matt gg
    Matt gg 10 months ago

    Tbh I really enjoyed this movie.

  • NoxDeadly
    NoxDeadly 10 months ago

    Alex is the ultimate debbie downer, dont care to watch anymore reviews with him in it

  • Caleb Badrulzaman
    Caleb Badrulzaman 10 months ago

    I love this movie. What the fuck are you guys on? lol.

  • Rainbow Six
    Rainbow Six 11 months ago

    Joe looks like he smoked a joint, saw that headset, and said, "I'm wearing this, I don't give a fuck."

  • Szarkbytes617
    Szarkbytes617 Year ago

    Honestly, Robert McCall makes me want to be a more positive person. His attitude toward life makes me want to be a better person in every way I can.

  • A Nascente
    A Nascente Year ago

    Sorry guys, but this movie is great.

  • Leunam Kairus
    Leunam Kairus Year ago

    What movies do they really like?

  • Tobbe Lund
    Tobbe Lund Year ago

    i really like that angry joe loves movies and he dosent act like a critic and just say what he like/dislike about the movie. Alex is a neggo but honest and OJ is just awesome as usual! Much love from Sweden!

  • Mr Duncan's vlogs

    There better be a post credits scene I am seeing it tonight

  • Michael B.
    Michael B. Year ago +1


  • MotoTacular Life
    MotoTacular Life Year ago

    Joe couldn’t be more off base on this review my friend. You’re complaining about the most simplistic things the average movie goer is going to to not even notice. It’s not a blockbuster at all but it’s still a good movie. I love the build up to learning about his background and where he came from and that we didn’t need the mystery man motif.

  • zul tul
    zul tul Year ago

    I also yawned too but I also believe the villain was too pathetic and weak so I thought that it got boring as it went on.

  • Toaster Lars
    Toaster Lars Year ago

    I didn't really like the plot that much simply because the original was about McCall trying to help out a young prostitute get out of a bad situation. The movie was about a bad-ass helping even things out. While Equalizer 2 was just a basic revenge plot. He took revenge for Susan, he took revenge for the woman who got raped, the only time he actually helped someone in need was saving the kidnapped girl in the beginning.
    Don't agree on the end fight though, if they had a shot of the brigde out there collapsing and the team trying to pull out only to find their escape route ruined, it would make sense, i personally loved that whole sequence, specially because he killed them all in different ways. Speargunned one, blew up another, mutilated one, and had an end cqc sequence for the main baddy, all with the storm raging around them, that was epic.

  • Torbjørn Kristensen

    To the people bitching about Joe talking too much or shutting others down. I have seen all his movie reviews and spoiler discussions from when he started doing them. He was excited in the start yes, and did do some mistakes in my opinion. However he has been getting A LOT BETTER! So it is time to stop this shittalk.

  • KillerBatch
    KillerBatch Year ago

    can you review black klans man

  • FriendlyCrooc
    FriendlyCrooc Year ago +1

    It's a kilogram action film. But it has Denzel. And not every film has Denzel.

  • Solcat Gangster
    Solcat Gangster Year ago

    Lol i got a Equalizer 2 add before the video

  • djmikeymack
    djmikeymack Year ago

    Love you guys but you give a lot of spoilers in your non spoilers sections... maybe look through and edit them out so you don’t have to film over again. I love watching you guys and have for many years but just be a little more careful please :) and yoooo!! Other Joe you are getting better and better with your camera presence! Keep it up!!

  • Badre Bally
    Badre Bally Year ago +1

    I'm surprised you still haven't done a reaction/review of the recent Death Of Superman animated movie

  • La Prince
    La Prince Year ago

    I love this movie because it goes into his character a lot more and it's dope that he does everything just for the sake of helping ppl his dialogue with the kid (I'm tired I don't know his name atm) was great and the plotwist towards the end was great

  • gabriel
    gabriel Year ago +1

    This movie was fucking boring, it was so dragged out, so much fuckin cringe chuckled once, action was meh.

  • Augustus wewer
    Augustus wewer Year ago

    This is from a tv show in 1989 called the equalizer, about this man who helped people in need. Does anyone know that yes it’s an action movie joe but it’s based on the old tv show

  • TrixiLovesYou
    TrixiLovesYou Year ago

    OJ is in this movie? Taken, Equalizer..., call it what you want, these movies are so fucking booooooooring.

  • ralph king
    ralph king Year ago

    'SUSAN' SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN 'KILLED' IN THE SECOND MOVIE!!! ('SHE' was so wonderfully 'caring' in the first movie). Susan, in the first movie, helped the audience learn much about the 'character' of McCall. Susan, in the first movie, certainly knows a lot more about McCall than the audience has learned thusfar. 'SHE' could certainly have been horribly brutalized and assaulted in the second move, but ultimately 'kidnapped' to force McCall to rescue 'her'. In the room in which Susan is brutalized, McCall would be able to mentally relive the assault of Susan, and we, the audience, would be able to see and cheer McCall when he mentally makes the decision to rescue Susan at all costs, revealing to us more of his skills at eliminating any 'enemy'. The young boy did not contribute to what we are learning about McCall. The ending fight scenes could have been much more dramatic and entertaining. The ending scene suggests that McCall is only a 'good' fighter and NOT the invincible 'equalizer' that we are learning 'he' is. The ending took too long and should have been wonderfully and creatively - 'short' as in the first movie. I must say again - 'SUSAN' SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED IN THE SECOND MOVIE! By allowing Susan to live and be rescued at the end of the second movie, plans by Antoine Fuqua could be creatively determined to prepare for a third installment of the 'equalizer' movies in which McCall purposes with Susan and her husband to form their own 'agency' to fight against the world's enemies. In future sequels, allow the audience to become the 'hero' who vanquishes any and all 'enemies'. I will end by saying again that SUSAN SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED IN THE SECOND MOVIE!!!

  • Call911 ImHurt
    Call911 ImHurt Year ago

    'Straight to DVD" worthy?

  • -Sir WESLEE-
    -Sir WESLEE- Year ago +3

    *4/10, What the hell ya smoking? Movie was great and better than the first to be honest. Equalizer is without a doubt great and a great introduction to this world but Equalizer 2 brought all that up a notch*

    • ResoGamer
      ResoGamer 7 months ago +1

      The film was bad and the vast majority of people agree, you must have a bad taste in films and I’m honestly sorry for you

    • Anthony Bermudez
      Anthony Bermudez Year ago +1

      -Sir WESLEE- I fell asleep for 20 mins mid film and I didn’t miss anything 😂and I never slept in a movie 😬

  • Soplet
    Soplet Year ago

    You don't mess with the Home Depot Guy.

  • FREE Will Dummies!
    FREE Will Dummies! Year ago +1

    Hears; Joe saying want to see Denzil Washington suffer a little bit. Watch Training Day 😂

  • teteudeu
    teteudeu Year ago

    Your movie reviews would be better if they had skits like the video game reviews.

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll Year ago

    I think they stayed true to his age. He's sixty something in real life.

  • OutlawUniverse
    OutlawUniverse Year ago

    I enjoyed it but no denying it was all over the place.

  • Joseph Bicalho
    Joseph Bicalho Year ago +1

    i just wish alex would fuck my hole

  • imperium RANDOM
    imperium RANDOM Year ago

    a less menacing boss but a more gruesome ending for damn sure and the relationship between him and the boy was better that the relationship he had with the girl in the first movie

  • Chad Winters
    Chad Winters Year ago

    Extra points for the Boulevard Beer product placement!!

  • JewishPenguin _92

    Sooo was Denzels character first a Marine and then a CIA agent?

  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe Year ago

    Want action? watch Mission Impossible 6 Fallout, that flick knows how to bring action in a action movie right there

  • H0ll0w360
    H0ll0w360 Year ago +1

    This movie sucked ass. Don’t see it. It’s a waste of money and your time

  • Tommy Callahan
    Tommy Callahan Year ago +3

    Badass movie.

  • BIGxBOSSxx1
    BIGxBOSSxx1 Year ago

    John Wick vs Robert McCall


    Equalizer 2 was an improved/condensed Netflix *Punisher* season 1
    *(oddly enough as slow as it was it never lost my attention)*

  • ChiuaruStefan
    ChiuaruStefan Year ago


  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee Year ago

    Slow burn it was, plus the boss battle, both had a dry face when a freaking rain storm over they’re heads!

  • JArt
    JArt Year ago

    My opinion they did not try too hard on this movie I don’t see how it’s even trying hard now remember he’s playing a character that faked his own death and just lives a normal life working as an ouber driver and will go into action if he needs to take mater in his own hands it’s John wick mixed with Taken 3

  • marley1221
    marley1221 Year ago

    I loved it... you guys are nuts, I was never bored

  • Conti Music
    Conti Music Year ago

    Awesome, would you consider using my music for free? Good work!