What the hell happened to Oscar? - Oh My Goal

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • He was supposed to be the new Kaka. He was supposed to be the new talent in Brazil. Oscar had all it takes to become one of the best players in the world.
    In 2012, at only 19 years old, he joined Chelsea for 37 million dollars.
    Oscar won the Europa League with Chelsea in 2013, during his first season in Europe. Fans predicted an incredible career for him… But they were wrong!
    Where did Oscar, the former Chelsea prodigy, go?
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Comments • 1 846

  • Trish Barasa
    Trish Barasa 8 hours ago

    What the hell happened to David Luiz

  • Megagamers 4412
    Megagamers 4412 21 hour ago +1

    I'm the next Oscar and my name is Oscar and I'm good at soccer

  • RSP
    RSP Day ago

    Who tf is this american who dont know shit about football. Most footballers are inconsitsent at that young age he was a great CAM that helped chelsea and brazil very much

  • Michaelson Sarmiento

    Money talks, bullshit walks.

  • Gian A. Paredes
    Gian A. Paredes Day ago

    Money talks 💰 💴 💵

  • Thunyawut Uerpairojkit

    He will comeback!? someone can answer me pls?

  • Swaggy P
    Swaggy P 2 days ago

    He made goreat decisions to make money and feed his family. All his teammates or classmates is broke as hell and he’s is rich as motherfucker . So I don’t blame players when they seek money over titles Nd money always win...... very good player . He’ll be back soon

  • Jaemin Jeong
    Jaemin Jeong 2 days ago +2

    Wait, Oscar is the best CSL player?
    So Iniesta is a nobody?
    Edit: My bad Iniesta plays in Japan

  • faZe Bot
    faZe Bot 2 days ago

    Coming soon to Oh My Goal, “ whata fuck happened to christian pulisic” 😂

  • Mark Gregory
    Mark Gregory 3 days ago

    This channel is so American 😂

  • Muhammed Abdulmalik
    Muhammed Abdulmalik 3 days ago

    Can you do what the hell happens to carrasco

  • nor mal
    nor mal 3 days ago

    Why can't people respect other's choices?

  • rajeev shah
    rajeev shah 3 days ago

    Paulinho also 😢😢😢

  • Nani Sore
    Nani Sore 3 days ago

    Fuck the Chinese

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao 3 days ago

    I would do that for my family

  • Andy Urassa
    Andy Urassa 3 days ago

    money happened to him

  • danilock
    danilock 4 days ago

    he cant make money in Europe?

  • jack kelly
    jack kelly 4 days ago

    He went to Chelsea that's what happened. Chelsea only buy or sign young players so they can sell them for a profit to buy players that aren't as good. Chelseas policy. Everybody knows that.

  • Keiron Duffy
    Keiron Duffy 4 days ago

    Forgot he even existed

  • gwd109
    gwd109 4 days ago

    He's like a few Brazilian footballers - money-grabbing whores. Neymar and Hulk too

  • PunkRiiO
    PunkRiiO 4 days ago

    so he would not have made a lot of money in europe ?

  • All in One
    All in One 5 days ago

    He would be poor in Europe

  • Ibrahim Bin Kasim
    Ibrahim Bin Kasim 5 days ago +1

    Is he saying the salary he couldve earned in europe is not enough to sustain his family? Is every other players in europe suffer from poverty? What a lame excuse by oscar

  • Barcelona Fan
    Barcelona Fan 5 days ago

    Why do so many soccer players fathers get killed

  • ShawnBlaque
    ShawnBlaque 6 days ago

    For his family loooool damn they're expensive... I wonder how Ronaldo feeds his family in Juventus, they must be poor.

  • Zak
    Zak 6 days ago

    he was good then he became absolute horse shit.

  • md aiyad
    md aiyad 7 days ago

    Oscar is in FIFA 19! Got him back to Chelsea and sold Jorginho

  • Luas Mono
    Luas Mono 7 days ago +3

    He didnt choose money over championships. He chose his family over it.

    • akhs denlew
      akhs denlew 4 days ago

      +ShawnBlaque and why would u settle for 25 million per year if u can get way more per year?
      What's the reason?
      More harsh training to still get outshined by messi and ronaldo?
      Just make as much money as u can and then retire at ur early 30s and live the one life you have at it's fullest.
      Definetly a better decision.

    • ShawnBlaque
      ShawnBlaque 6 days ago

      Obviously, how was he supposed to feed his family making only 25 million Euro a year? If he signed at AC or Juve his family would be homeless.... lmaooo

  • Manuel Navarro
    Manuel Navarro 8 days ago

    Proved for his family? How much money do they need?

  • MarcusPlier11
    MarcusPlier11 8 days ago

    Americans making these types of “soccer” videos is really cringey.

  • fredrick loki
    fredrick loki 8 days ago +1

    This guy was soooo good that he literally made Chelsea Sell De Byune to Wolfsburg...

  • Solologan UK
    Solologan UK 8 days ago

    alot of retards in the comment section saying he chose monney over titles
    and then when we say it is for his family
    they say he could have earnt more if he stayed
    What irony!

  • Hi there
    Hi there 11 days ago

    Finally something that's in China but not MADE in China

  • Pau Dang
    Pau Dang 11 days ago

    I respect him

  • Dhekra :
    Dhekra : 13 days ago


  • azaxelable
    azaxelable 13 days ago

    Provide for his family... as if in europe the football players salaries were low jajajja

  • Trọng Nguyễn
    Trọng Nguyễn 14 days ago

    he loves money

  • Akash Kunte
    Akash Kunte 14 days ago

    Are you kidding me, 16 A S S I S T S.

  • SamJayy
    SamJayy 14 days ago

    What a waste.

  • OhYeetYeet
    OhYeetYeet 14 days ago

    you want to tell me that he and his family would starve to death if he had joined juventus? you would earn more than enough in an big team in europe

  • Prasham Kumar
    Prasham Kumar 16 days ago

    He was the new kaka

  • Robert
    Robert 17 days ago

    His sons go to my school in shanghai, I see him daily. So odd, world famous player no longer relevant. It’s as if he’s just a regular guy.

  • Michael Macleod
    Michael Macleod 17 days ago

    He did not have all it takes to be a great! Nothing more than a spoilt brat!

  • Bk. Drippz
    Bk. Drippz 17 days ago


  • Gamer Gel
    Gamer Gel 18 days ago +1

    I forgot about this dude no cap.

  • Luccas Reis
    Luccas Reis 19 days ago

    Why don’t you guys mention that Mourinho turned him into a workhorse lol

  • Matěj Zvolánek
    Matěj Zvolánek 19 days ago

    Lol like in Chelsea he played for minimum wage. He chose more momey, that's fine, but let's stop acting like he sacrificed his career to provide for family. He could have supported hundred families with his Chelsea pay...

  • Oscar Pineda
    Oscar Pineda 20 days ago

    When does his contract ends? He was my idol :'(

  • Bare Minimum
    Bare Minimum 21 day ago +1

    Premeeer league!😂😂😂

  • Peter Macharia
    Peter Macharia 24 days ago

    What happened to Andre schuller. also do this one please.

  • Crimson Lord
    Crimson Lord 25 days ago

    Hulk is doing the same thing...

  • Ivan Kyere
    Ivan Kyere 26 days ago

    First Marcelo, Coutinho then Oscar, what is going on with the Brazilians.😔

  • binod khanal
    binod khanal 26 days ago

    No one can be another kaka. He is simply himself

  • Divåkå -diviq mu vikali :D

    really want him baсk in europe :(

  • Deruzzi
    Deruzzi 28 days ago +1

    He chose money over fame, I personally don’t find anything wrong with that

  • Quackby
    Quackby 28 days ago +1

    honestly people think he’s being selfish, but how would you feel if you had the chance to finally be on the upside of society after a life of poverty. hes also providing for his family.

  • Harry iglesias
    Harry iglesias 28 days ago

    What's the song name at the last of the clip ?

  • Alexander Doney
    Alexander Doney 29 days ago

    He can provide for his family even if he goes to athletico or Juve... oh wait naaah 300k a week isn’t enough

  • Mr dipu
    Mr dipu 29 days ago


  • Endless Gamer
    Endless Gamer 29 days ago +5

    Oscar just wanted to help his family as they were very poor.Yes he chose money over titles but he also chose family over his career.
    I would do the same if l was him

  • Keaos0
    Keaos0 29 days ago

    He's the one player I think should have absolutely stayed in Europe.
    Chelsea has suffered without him and now many have to ask if he can even play at the European level again.

  • Ali_ Gaming.
    Ali_ Gaming. Month ago

    It's crazy to think that he is still 26

  • Johannes #sport
    Johannes #sport Month ago

    He would have had a super carrer they said,.... but they were WRONG 😂

  • vknesh
    vknesh Month ago

    Oscar needs to come back to Chelsea.

  • Bentley Teng
    Bentley Teng Month ago

    He went to Chinese super league. Quite sad

  • Yo_Just7
    Yo_Just7 Month ago

    i hope he join ATM

  • wiseman siyanda
    wiseman siyanda Month ago

    i have full respect the guy

  • wiseman siyanda
    wiseman siyanda Month ago

    you can't blame this player, he has responsibility and fame doesn't cut the bill

  • Matt27
    Matt27 Month ago

    I'm not blaming him for choosing for his fam.

  • R. Silva
    R. Silva Month ago

    He was on chelsea, i am sure he already had a huge salary. Just a waste

  • Mabast Mostafa
    Mabast Mostafa Month ago +1

    Do what the hell hapend to teves

    AR'IS PRO Month ago

    OMG.. what a great talent he was!

  • heiitse
    heiitse Month ago +1

    go back to chelsea

  • Terry Dorcely
    Terry Dorcely Month ago


  • MZG Music
    MZG Music Month ago

    What a player. Just doing this for his poor family instead of his career.

  • itzlordy lynx
    itzlordy lynx Month ago

    great content

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez Month ago

    7-1 LOL

  • TJ Random
    TJ Random Month ago

    You were born...

    Edit:i didnt mean to put that on this video but it goes perfectly with the title lol

  • Ayoob Ahamed
    Ayoob Ahamed Month ago +1

    Brazil playmaker is neymar not oscar

  • Oscar Skuza
    Oscar Skuza Month ago

    Mate, my name is Oscar too

  • IndonesianAviationFan 561

    0:57 look at that Chelsea sign, it's upside down

  • ton med
    ton med Month ago

    how are you a dad when you're 3 years old

  • Ajmal Sami
    Ajmal Sami Month ago +1

    It's all u can wish for

  • CharlieZuko
    CharlieZuko Month ago

    “He wanted to provide for his family...”
    Was 37 million pounds not enough?

  • CharlieZuko
    CharlieZuko Month ago

    His name is pronounced os-KAR, the second syllable is stressed.

  • Dafferty
    Dafferty Month ago

    Some guy

  • Lord Claude GoonerTV

    The new kaka in china

  • YASEN10 BG
    YASEN10 BG Month ago +1

    Very very sad!

  • Ryanocon6
    Ryanocon6 Month ago

    Sub to me if you have a big peen

  • Supremo Prime
    Supremo Prime Month ago

    Money up
    Fame down

  • Manuel Legarde
    Manuel Legarde Month ago

    Barcelona Swap Deal for Coutinho??????

    • Eden Hazard
      Eden Hazard Month ago

      Manuel Legarde he is really good

    • Manuel Legarde
      Manuel Legarde Month ago

      maybe it will turn out like Paulinho... ehe

    • Eden Hazard
      Eden Hazard Month ago

      Manuel Legarde u want him for coutinho?

  • Cassie Robert
    Cassie Robert Month ago

    You heard of good moments and bad moments all we had

  • Tnil C Hou
    Tnil C Hou Month ago

    He made the right choice

  • John Dhdhd
    John Dhdhd Month ago

    I feel for him. Now I know what happend to hum

  • Imaginario da lnf
    Imaginario da lnf Month ago

    I wish Oscar go to Atlethic of Madrid and help the team to win Champions League

  • I am Zers
    I am Zers Month ago

    He went from European Champions League to Asia Champions League xD

  • Thomas Netland
    Thomas Netland Month ago

    Playing for money

  • deejay snave
    deejay snave Month ago

    Wish he comes back to Chelsea in the near fut

  • Jace Williams
    Jace Williams Month ago

    What a guy

  • the blue devil 08
    the blue devil 08 Month ago

    do what hell hapened to ballotelli