What the hell happened to Oscar? - Oh My Goal

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • He was supposed to be the new Kaka. He was supposed to be the new talent in Brazil. Oscar had all it takes to become one of the best players in the world.
    In 2012, at only 19 years old, he joined Chelsea for 37 million dollars.
    Oscar won the Europa League with Chelsea in 2013, during his first season in Europe. Fans predicted an incredible career for him… But they were wrong!
    Where did Oscar, the former Chelsea prodigy, go?
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Comments • 1 970

  • Rabi Lamsal
    Rabi Lamsal 20 hours ago

    Where ever he moves his style of play is never low #love u playmaker i wish u were nepalese#

  • tam phan
    tam phan 3 days ago

    400,000 pounds a week playing in China, that's more Messi and Ronaldo. He has no loyalty in Europe anyways because he's from Brazil.

  • tam phan
    tam phan 3 days ago

    Wasn't he earning millions of dollars already at Chelsea & the top clubs would have given him million dollar contracts for his signature. How much was he offered to play in China? I think he would have been given 50 million dollar contracts in Europe

  • Imran Husni
    Imran Husni 5 days ago

    his opinion is bullshit

  • BeamingBetelgeuse XD

    For me Oscar is pretty much dead

  • Ankit Roy
    Ankit Roy 9 days ago

    Miss him!

  • maria dimari
    maria dimari 10 days ago

    What the hell happened to Ramos?

  • Blue Danu
    Blue Danu 11 days ago

    Please come back to Chelsea but still I respect Oscar's decision

  • koki's gaming videos
    koki's gaming videos 11 days ago

    Do what the hell happened to ribery

  • Nes Morales
    Nes Morales 11 days ago

    He needs to be in brazil. Who is better than him? We'll see in copa america how they do. Because recently brazil is shit

  • KM Chia
    KM Chia 11 days ago

    GREED! Wait a minute how much he needed to support his family? 2016 in Chelsea, he earned 70,000 pounds per week (US$88,000), per month that's US$352,000. Average monthly income in Brazil was US$565 in 2016. That's 620 Brazilians average monthly wages.

  • Thanasis Kon
    Thanasis Kon 12 days ago

    That's bs. He didn't want to provide for his family. He was just not inside conte's 11. He was awesome during his time in Chelsea and consistent playmaking. Conte just wanted 3-4-3 and don't fit on that.

  • Enrico Stimpson
    Enrico Stimpson 13 days ago

    From this story Oscar is humble he's not arrogant like other players and full of themselves

  • Baljinder Kaur
    Baljinder Kaur 15 days ago

    Oscar backwards = racso

  • KINGIBI 10
    KINGIBI 10 18 days ago

    Iniesta wannabe

  • Saleha Masum Simti
    Saleha Masum Simti 20 days ago +1

    Why the hell Messi doesn't win a international cup?
    Like as OMG can see

  • ajay shaji
    ajay shaji 21 day ago

    Let him achieve his dream career


    Why all Brazilian footballers fades away🙄

  • Tika Devi Baral
    Tika Devi Baral 22 days ago

    What the hell happened to Thomas Muller

  • chez hawk
    chez hawk 22 days ago +1

    Oscar's Chelsea wage before he left is actually £90,000 weekly...........so from £90,000 to around £400,000 do the math

  • eoe123321
    eoe123321 22 days ago

    Worst signing Chelsea ever made, one game wonder.

  • empire of techniques
    empire of techniques 24 days ago +2

    What the hell happened to Immobile??
    Like so Oh My Goal can see

  • Deni zen
    Deni zen 26 days ago

    “I wanted to provide for my family” yeah I’m sure they were really struggling on your millions you got every year you twat..😂

  • Maher Nesreddin
    Maher Nesreddin 26 days ago

    1:24 Ozil is like how does it taste, Luiz?

  • OuO Omy
    OuO Omy 27 days ago

    i love oscar man...

    JEFFY JEFFY Month ago

    It’s depressing being a Chelsea fan.

  • Ninja UAE Gamer
    Ninja UAE Gamer Month ago

    Who is Oscar

  • faizant15
    faizant15 Month ago

    What happened to the 37 million he got when he went to Chelsea. That's like enough money to pay for his family 10 times over. Is his family half the population of Brazil? The real reason is wasn't the best among the big boys and some people like the feeling of being the best in a group of people. Like that hot chick at school that befriends mostly ugly people to standout in the group.

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago

    6th highest paid player in football, i love Chelsea but Oscar got paiddddd contract expiring in 2020 cant wait till he goes back to europe

  • 9000
    9000 Month ago

    Well i dont blame him, football is a business above anything else now, and if I had to provide for my family I would, they raised me and brought me up to what I am so I really don't see anything wrong with him supporting his family for life over his career, which is arguably still a good one.

  • Ghufran Uddin
    Ghufran Uddin Month ago

    He did it for his family fair enough, why you mans crying.

  • SBakerNYC
    SBakerNYC Month ago

    I hate the excuse “provide for my family”... get the fuck out of here you were on £8 mil a year at Chelsea... your family was already set for life

  • botox -
    botox - Month ago

    Footballers salary is overrated

    MANU RAJ RAI Month ago +1

    He thought of his family. He wil back within a couple of years

      MANU RAJ RAI Month ago +1

      @-FUN MEMES- thanks man

    • -FUN MEMES-
      -FUN MEMES- Month ago +1

      @MANU RAJ RAI well said👏

      MANU RAJ RAI Month ago

      @-FUN MEMES- talent can't b stolen. Oscar came from a very poor background. He can cash on his skills. Would b happy if he joins Chelsea again. Wel Chinese league is more than a daily field practice.

    • -FUN MEMES-
      -FUN MEMES- Month ago +1

      Yeah but his wasting talents are going down the drain in Chinese super league to be honest I wonder how h will cope with the fast and intense football of Europe.

  • 4masterfuls
    4masterfuls Month ago +1

    This channel makes us Americans look like we don't know shit about football. He was never compared to Kakà. He came in as supposedly the replacement in CM for Lampard. Kaká was never a CM. We have to stop this channel and whoever is narrating.

  • Phantom Oppz
    Phantom Oppz Month ago

    What happened To Morata

  • Dathai Najiar
    Dathai Najiar Month ago

    At least he's being honest. Not like neymar and coutinho

    FB FIFA Month ago

    good for video

  • Harlem Jvmvicvn
    Harlem Jvmvicvn Month ago +1

    I dont think hell be back at a time level league cause China destroys all links 😐😁

    -FUN MEMES- Month ago

    Morninho&injuries happend lol.

  • Lil K
    Lil K Month ago


  • SomeDawidGuy
    SomeDawidGuy Month ago +1

    There's not gonna be an Oscarinho

  • Uzair Jhd
    Uzair Jhd Month ago +1

    Footballer career is short thats why they want to earn a great amount of money so that when they retired they can lived and still have money

    • -FUN MEMES-
      -FUN MEMES- Month ago

      Silly excuse money is not everything in football its titles duh I mean nobodies gonna remember you if u play for Money just like hulk lol.

  • SKY Walker
    SKY Walker Month ago +1

    But you said, the predictions were wrong!!?

  • CristiGG 8
    CristiGG 8 Month ago +1

    Nothing happened to him

  • Nigel ong
    Nigel ong Month ago +1

    Chinese leagues are a fking joke, even Sunday leagues in England can play better than them

  • Homie Agha
    Homie Agha Month ago

    I think the problem was lack of confidence...He knew he wasnt playing up to a great level so he knew if he went to anywhere in Europe and fails he would go to a shitty club and his wages could fall by 70 or 80% so he preferred another continent where he could not only earn money but a better reputation

  • Kieran Rankie
    Kieran Rankie Month ago +1

    So he wants to come back to Europe? Laughable!

  • ãy cārãmbâ
    ãy cārãmbâ Month ago +1

    In my opinion, he was never that good anyway. He was to weak, losing possession all the time. I’m a Chelsea fan btw.

  • Fernando Fuerte
    Fernando Fuerte Month ago +1

    Why is He acting like another move besides China is minimum wage at McDonald's

  • Philip McCloskey
    Philip McCloskey Month ago

    So dramatic

  • shaal sujee
    shaal sujee Month ago +1

    Hope so oscar could play in better tram in next season

  • King Ahmed
    King Ahmed Month ago

    Actually nothing happened to oscar he chose money over fame

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Can you do what the hell happened to acensio?

  • Raymond Tan
    Raymond Tan Month ago

    I honestly don't think he did anything wrong.. footballers do have a really short career and no matter what you say, being a footballer is still a job.

  • Lalalaland
    Lalalaland Month ago

    He cares about he’s wages more than playing the beautiful sport he’s in China dribbling past unknown players

  • official Random Games HD

    What the Hell hapened to me?

  • Michael and Annabelle's Mummy bee

    He got only 12 goals in THE CHINESE SUPER LEAGUE

  • Rob Juan
    Rob Juan Month ago

    What a waste of talent

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    Oscar is Amazing

  • Rashawn Bent
    Rashawn Bent Month ago


  • Sawan Gaba
    Sawan Gaba Month ago

    When oscar contract end in china

    DANA SAEED Month ago

    such a good player to bad he sold himself for money, i really liked him and still do, hope he would one day soon return to europe and brazil national team.

  • Ali the tech guy
    Ali the tech guy Month ago

    he decided wisely

  • Universally Recognised

    Should be titled how to disappear into obscurity ! Move to China for money never be mentioned again !

  • Willon Kwok
    Willon Kwok Month ago

    I think he is more useful than the other Brazil player,he’s pass and shoot is the best in there country!

  • Gillbrit
    Gillbrit Month ago

    I mean at least Oscar realizes he fucked up unlike other pros that left to China.

  • a b
    a b Month ago

    Torres just lost his feet

  • The FUTballers
    The FUTballers Month ago +1

    No way Oscar is best in Chinese league. Anderson Talisca or Paulinho is

  • Random Ronaldo
    Random Ronaldo Month ago +1

    Family is everything ...hats off

  • jon43 fh
    jon43 fh Month ago

    What the he'll happened to Vincent kompany

    CUUCHIELAYER 69 Month ago

    He chose money over fame

  • ToufiQ Anik
    ToufiQ Anik Month ago +1

    I miss him very much, One of my fav player 😭

  • celina verma
    celina verma Month ago

    but now iniesta is the best player in chinese super league

    • Sean ?
      Sean ? Month ago

      Iniesta plays in japan not china

  • LaTeX.
    LaTeX. Month ago

    He is very talented in my opinion

  • zayn malik
    zayn malik Month ago

    Cuz of mourinho😄😄😄

  • MakkroHero
    MakkroHero Month ago

    I miss him

    INFERNO Month ago

    He didn’t actually do it for his family, it was mainly for just the money. He said that to make it sound better

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 2 months ago

    Son Son Son

  • Zain Mian
    Zain Mian 2 months ago

    What happend to fellaini

  • Zain Mian
    Zain Mian 2 months ago

    Whay happend to dani alves

  • Xavo Yt
    Xavo Yt 2 months ago

    He is a money man

  • 5thDawg
    5thDawg 2 months ago

    That' alright, I'm a Chelsea fan and I'm alright with that. If that Money is going back to Brazil into the projects to help his people out then who I am to judge the guy. Different players play for different reasons, just because we can't see the changes his making into the world doesn't give us the right to make judgments on his decisions.

  • Dash Ramos
    Dash Ramos 2 months ago

    Some soccer players go for money not for fame

  • Cupcake Cart
    Cupcake Cart 2 months ago

    If he was so poor as a kid then how did his family have the TV rights for the Chinese Super League.
    He said when he arrived there that "It has always been my dream to join this amazing club. As a child I grew up watching the Red Hawks on TV and I can't believe I'm one of them now" Liar. He went for money. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Arshad Arshu
    Arshad Arshu 2 months ago +5

    How many loves Oscar to back to Europe

  • fizal
    fizal 2 months ago

    Not really ruining a career when you have a high wage tho😹

  • Mixed World
    Mixed World 2 months ago

    Oscan is now an expired china product.

  • Jono Olawoyin
    Jono Olawoyin 2 months ago +5

    Oscar=new Kaka
    Robinho = new pele
    Who gonna be the next Messi or ronlado and then crack

  • Ayan dey
    Ayan dey 2 months ago

    I really love Oscar

  • Aka mark Gaming28
    Aka mark Gaming28 2 months ago

    .n. No

  • Osman Omer Yousif
    Osman Omer Yousif 2 months ago

    Make what the hell happened to messi in argentina

  • ItzYoboy Mike
    ItzYoboy Mike 2 months ago +1

    Oscar should go to a in Germany tbh.

  • ChristtenRamseyVEVO
    ChristtenRamseyVEVO 2 months ago

    He choose family, he doesnt choose glory

  • TBK Pollocam
    TBK Pollocam 2 months ago

    Oh My Hell

  • manchester united
    manchester united 2 months ago

    what the hell happened to gaitan

  • Disco Tuti
    Disco Tuti 2 months ago


    SRX_CUBIKS 2 months ago

    I remember when all of the school boys talked about his great plays... but he went to China and everyone forgot about him.

  • Hadi Da Warriors hater
    Hadi Da Warriors hater 2 months ago +1

    He still plays?

  • Redified
    Redified 2 months ago

    istg if ur american dont talk about futbol, u are too late to understand it