Can Marcus Rashford become one of the best strikers in the world? | Manchester Derby Preview

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
    James Cooper is joined by Andy Mitten from United We Stand and Jay Motty and Stephen Howson from Full Time Devils to talk about Manchester United's win over Tottenham, Manchester City's form & the Manchester Derby.
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  • selemetama
    selemetama Month ago

    No b/c he is not a change man

  • Shin Illuits
    Shin Illuits Month ago

    To those saying he is not a striker, he is a striker. What he is not is a center forward.
    A striker is still responsible to come into space and score goals. If you look at united, he is given that responsibility.

  • wad
    wad Month ago

    Pair him up with top striker who likes to hog the middle and who is a true no 9 and you would see a fair few goals from United. Someone like a OGS or Cantona would be that type of player to play to them and score the odd goal too. You could make Rashford a Henry type a bit further down the line but give him a true no 9 to play assists to and help link his play.

  • Aidan Magill
    Aidan Magill Month ago

    He's not a striker. He's also not a winger, you morons.

  • Neil bingham
    Neil bingham Month ago

    Oh come on.
    He hasn't got the attitude or skills to get to world class level.
    22 years ol playing what 4 seasons.. And he's still just pretty good, and very Inconsistent.
    He's at his level now.

  • ShambaniFarm
    ShambaniFarm Month ago

    One of the best forwards yes. Rashford is not a winger, he is not hugging the touchline, he is not looking to beat the right back and cross the ball. Instead he is looking to run through the spaces between the opposition right back and right central defender to win a penalty, take shots, and score goals or set up the number 9 through pull backs or throughballs and not crosses.

  • Steven Hyde
    Steven Hyde Month ago

    I think rashford has found his position now as a inside left forward. We'll start to see his potential become consistency now. Not just the best manc in manchester the best player in Manchester

  • Robert Slee
    Robert Slee Month ago +4

    Who thinks rashford should be in the team of the year

  • FracturedEU
    FracturedEU Month ago

    guy at 9:05 talks like gary neville

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    Rashford is carrying UTD

  • McCambridge Analytica

    James Cooper, great interview as per usual.

  • KingSweat TV
    KingSweat TV Month ago

    What rubbish.... he is not even better than Martial.. All he scores are penalties

  • Caleb sampa
    Caleb sampa Month ago

    So we won man United won

  • Badge Man
    Badge Man Month ago

    Here after he's just torn up the Etihad!

  • OV
    OV Month ago

    who's here after Utd beat City?

  • array s
    array s Month ago

    Where are those barca fans who dont want their club to sign Rashford? 😂

  • Gabriel Kruger
    Gabriel Kruger Month ago


    F GUN BARRIE Month ago

    Who's here after man city game?
    Man like Marcus rashford 🙌

  • PushkarSarkar
    PushkarSarkar Month ago

    He's a false 9 winger not a striker

  • Mastu Kekkoz
    Mastu Kekkoz Month ago

    He is

  • Louis Clarke
    Louis Clarke Month ago

    No way he's far too inconsistent can't header and seems to always shoot when he should pass. But he played a blinder against tottenham and long may it continue 🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿

      JOEL REED Month ago

      Louis Clarke he’s scored 12 goals in his last 13 games, what more do you want...

  • Daniel Charles
    Daniel Charles Month ago

    Marcus is a Forward who can play as a striker or winger on both sides. At the same time he is not a traditional winger or striker like Ronaldo in his early days

  • Marc Preston
    Marc Preston Month ago

    Deserve to be 5th? What were you just saying about Utd getting 4 wins from 14 games?

  • Younis Arshad
    Younis Arshad Month ago


  • Oscar
    Oscar Month ago +1

    Rashford will go on to become one of the greatest forwards in the world 🔴🔴🔴

  • vibito
    vibito Month ago

    The title of this upload 😂😂😂

  • R Sahota
    R Sahota Month ago

    Attacker not striker

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson Month ago +1

    McTominay has also become an integral part of the side! Glad to see him back, you could see how much we much we had missed him!

  • Mousy Prousy
    Mousy Prousy Month ago +1

    For the last time he is a cdm not a striker😒

  • Subash Grg
    Subash Grg Month ago +1

    Rashhyy is a player with world class potential but he needs to improve his decision-making and composure in front of goal. All you lot are saying he's a left winger not a striker yh but he still needs to have many of striking qualities cos he is part of front 3. If he can stay calm and stop overthinking when on the pressure inside the box he will get more goals.

  • 08prtk
    08prtk Month ago

    He is a left forward, not a striker and not a winger.

  • TTRaptor
    TTRaptor Month ago


  • Filip Brnelić
    Filip Brnelić Month ago

    Stephen Howson is a fraud

  • The Communist
    The Communist Month ago

    Hey stop overating Rashford , he is not even near it for the sake of football! Infact if we are to choose best forwads in the premier league then the likes of Jamie Vardy, Aguero, Mane , Salah, Origi, are even better than him

  • ryan woo woo
    ryan woo woo Month ago


  • Rab Nation
    Rab Nation Month ago

    Doesn’t the guy on the left at the start remind u Gary Neville or is it jus me

  • Umer Riaz
    Umer Riaz Month ago

    The United stand should be here

  • Kunal Sen
    Kunal Sen Month ago

    Mitten pulling rank there. :)

  • Dre Mac
    Dre Mac Month ago

    This guy isn’t a striker dumb ass and y all they hype he can n won’t b the best striker in England let alone the world .. n he’s not a clinical goal scorer .. you English punk love to over hype y’all players .. calm down

  • Avatar N
    Avatar N Month ago


  • Achilles Runs
    Achilles Runs Month ago

    Rashford is not a top striker hes a average winger.

  • Paul Sunday
    Paul Sunday Month ago

    Is it just me or does that black dude sound like Garry Neville

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed Month ago

    So there's an December Fool's Day Too, AMAZINNNNNNNNN
    Is that Stan Collymores brother?

  • darren moore
    darren moore Month ago

    Give the kid some space from the limelight, let him do his thing it’s what the English Media do best, a young English talent has a few good games and all of a sudden he’s the next big thing, step away give him the time and space to grow and will see what he turns into

  • HGH
    HGH Month ago

    5 years in the premier League he's not a striker

  • Rebuild FC
    Rebuild FC Month ago


  • Alex Mulugeta
    Alex Mulugeta Month ago

    Where's the United stand???? What a joke!!!!!

  • Alex Mulugeta
    Alex Mulugeta Month ago

    No he won't he's a winger, he's finishing isn't good but can improve but he won't be like Harry or the other top strikers. He just hasn't got in him.

  • Elite_Shadow
    Elite_Shadow Month ago

    nobody talks about rashy of how good he is. ppl say sterling is better when rashy has scored more and has more assists. underrated af

  • Kiko2010
    Kiko2010 Month ago

    no, bc he is more a forward playin on the left than a striker

  • Senate Shakya
    Senate Shakya Month ago

    Simply put: he’s a prolific striker but not the best no. 9 in the world.
    Thats Robert Lewandowski.

  • elvedin krlic
    elvedin krlic Month ago

    Hahahahahaha stop hyping players up please one of the best in the world

  • thomas owen
    thomas owen Month ago

    Rashford will look awful tonight against a decent defence

  • ElmoSB
    ElmoSB Month ago

    Marcus rashford world class😂😂

  • deepayan pandharkar

    No .. cuz he is a winger

    MFORCE1 Month ago


  • DRgaming
    DRgaming Month ago

    He was absolutely unplayable against Tottenham

  • xmikeyx83x
    xmikeyx83x Month ago

    He changes between wingers and striker

  • anth1878 Obrien
    anth1878 Obrien Month ago

    Fred was awesome against spurs

  • thomas obuya
    thomas obuya Month ago +1