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  • Published on Dec 11, 2017
    Music mixed by
    filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
    follow me; on

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  Year ago +45478

    everyone is asking about my outfit. it is custom made by a woman in chinatown. i asked her for a bright red christmas meme sweatsuit. she said come back in an hour. she charged $40 (forty dollars).

    • May Farouk
      May Farouk 28 days ago


    • Official Oh Jin Woo
      Official Oh Jin Woo 3 months ago

      CaseyNeistat Hi Casey Thanks for the review I’m going to Europe in JULY on the First Class one as well thank you for the in depth review

    • Krieger des Lichts
      Krieger des Lichts 4 months ago

      I hope you gave her at least 100

    • YEAH!SEEN 5:25
      YEAH!SEEN 5:25 4 months ago

      What is your age

    • Enrique Fernandez
      Enrique Fernandez 5 months ago

      You should try out a capsoul hotel in tokeyo

  • Jessica Stephens
    Jessica Stephens 23 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice that women dancing at 0:35 😂😂😂

  • Murdoc Niccals
    Murdoc Niccals Hour ago

    You stupid fuck you can't use those controllers it messes with the planes navigation system man you are a fucking moron

  • Olive Huggins
    Olive Huggins 2 hours ago

    I srsly don't like being a hater... But you r sooooooo annoying

  • Ferndaboss101 so dope
    Ferndaboss101 so dope 2 hours ago

    The flight attendant s look so nice 😄

  • Gucci Gang Lil Pump
    Gucci Gang Lil Pump 4 hours ago

    First class is so worth it when you're on a long flight..

  • Ya boy Brook
    Ya boy Brook 5 hours ago


  • Yekuno Markos
    Yekuno Markos 7 hours ago

    That girl 0:34 wat is she doing 😂

  • John Ramsey
    John Ramsey 10 hours ago

    If u want to stop your drone without turning the power off all you have to do is grab the bottom and turn the whole drone sideways and the blades auto stop🙃

  • Marg Warren
    Marg Warren 12 hours ago

    Thay come in when the drone was on 😂

  • sabrina rodriguez
    sabrina rodriguez 13 hours ago

    8:05 is me when i’m doing something i’m not supposed to do and my mom is coming😂

  • Simplieevanessa
    Simplieevanessa 15 hours ago

    The flight attendants are so cute

  • Collin Jessen
    Collin Jessen 16 hours ago

    That steak looks terrible 😂come to Wyoming for good steak

  • DownEpic
    DownEpic 16 hours ago

    The music in the beggining jumped from ear to ear

  • Fauno D
    Fauno D 17 hours ago

    oh my, how men have fallen.

  • Mentally Dating Ashton Irwin

    That suite is probably more expensive than my house

  • Rallyn Vaal
    Rallyn Vaal 20 hours ago

    what is up with your hair bro

  • Johnyismes Gamer
    Johnyismes Gamer 20 hours ago

    why would you fly a drone in the plane read more

    Good idea

  • Tristan Thiebaut
    Tristan Thiebaut 21 hour ago

    That’s rlly cool wish I could be there

  • ActingAnimal 88
    ActingAnimal 88 23 hours ago

    Crashes drone
    Plans crashes

  • It’s Salamon
    It’s Salamon Day ago


  • All Apple
    All Apple Day ago +1

    Y are there 22k dislikes, thats insanely evil

  • Abinaif Ashraf
    Abinaif Ashraf Day ago

    Emirates 🥰

  • sölfisk
    sölfisk Day ago

    You look like an oompa loompa

  • Ann Edge
    Ann Edge Day ago

    He eats like a pig!

  • Sumire Kakei •すみれ姫

    Those clothes....yikes

  • Abigail Ledesma
    Abigail Ledesma Day ago

    I just love how the staff is actually having fun with you and it's amazing

  • Abraham Hernández

    When ur walking in the streets and u trip on something u look around if anyone saw it 8:00

  • Darklurkr
    Darklurkr Day ago

    Now review Coach

  • Jed Nolasco
    Jed Nolasco Day ago

    Is it claustrophobic??

  • Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans

    "so far I found 2 closets"... what? u on a closet hunt?

  • Kittitude S.
    Kittitude S. Day ago

    go big or go home!

  • jen jack
    jen jack Day ago

    2:12 he eats the candy like scp 096 eating people lol

    RAKIT 2 days ago

    5:40 completely cut off that lady 😂😂😂

  • Hey guys i need help in lif3

    This kid actually flexing so hard prob his dads money

  • Phat Nguyen
    Phat Nguyen 2 days ago


  • Stop Motion God
    Stop Motion God 2 days ago

    I wouldn’t sleep on that flight... I’d stay awake the whole time and enjoy every second of it

  • Tonang RGG
    Tonang RGG 2 days ago

    Sangat keren

  • Andrew Shelley
    Andrew Shelley 2 days ago

    You are rich

  • Alexis Martinez
    Alexis Martinez 2 days ago

    This guy is me id be like marveling over everything acting silly hahahaha this is so sick! I love it

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 2 days ago

    Rich boy check

  • Bhaskar Barman
    Bhaskar Barman 2 days ago

    love the outfit❤

  • Sebastian Cardoza
    Sebastian Cardoza 2 days ago

    Go play amaru son song

  • Kidd Spike
    Kidd Spike 2 days ago +2

    5:10 when your school 🏫 is serving fish 🐟 after 10 months

  • ozzy 919
    ozzy 919 2 days ago

    That is so nice

  • Amy Peterka-Garcia
    Amy Peterka-Garcia 2 days ago

    Please, before i die, let me travel like this! 😞

    ANNA BLACK 2 days ago

    I rather take a normal seat instead

  • Bongsoo Jung
    Bongsoo Jung 3 days ago

    This episode is a classic!

  • Arfe Nona Mendoza
    Arfe Nona Mendoza 3 days ago

    No fair! I hope Cathay pacific had thid

  • Amr Maraqa
    Amr Maraqa 3 days ago


  • Umair's Awesome World


  • Mert Oncul
    Mert Oncul 3 days ago

    The women at the back

  • Oops Patrick
    Oops Patrick 3 days ago

    *hOw tO flEx On A plAnE*

  • Alec W
    Alec W 3 days ago

    11 bARs oF sOaP

  • Eevee anime
    Eevee anime 3 days ago

    How much money was it and if it was not in American money can u plz tell me

  • der dessen Name nicht genannt werden darf

    Flying is The worst think you can do fore pur Environment

  • eboy dimailig
    eboy dimailig 3 days ago

    Das meh bday

  • Psi Q
    Psi Q 3 days ago

    I really like having things done nicely and in comfort and with space. And silence.
    What i dont like is beeing served by other people over the really necessary things.
    In the restaurant you get your food served, because you cant just run into the kitchen,
    and people get paid for doing it. And the chef is probably doing a better job than me ;-)
    ...On the other hand i really like helping other people,
    which is kind of a (free) service.. Strange world :-)

  • Psi Q
    Psi Q 3 days ago +1

    @4:50 - Butter from Sardinia / Sardegne , italy..
    Just happen to get this on my breakfast buffet on holidays here (Sardinia) ;-)
    Funny how that ends up on an airplane.

  • Supersuperman341 ROBLOX Gaming

    8:08 You can see the Burij Khalifa from Here!!!

  • marco the extrodinare

    When he put up the drone it was like when your doing something and you hear your mom coming 😂😂

  • Joacquin&Lucas Atienza

    You are rich

  • The London Reds Talk Show

    8:05 when the teacher walks in after being in the paper room

  • Juan Villanito
    Juan Villanito 3 days ago


  • Pinnie
    Pinnie 3 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does it look uncomfortable

  • Galaxy Fan
    Galaxy Fan 4 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who noticed the flight attendant dancing in the background? 🥳 0:33

  • immy baker
    immy baker 4 days ago +1

    who else didn’t know that doors open and close

  • Cameron King
    Cameron King 4 days ago

    How much would that cost.

  • benjamin tyler manry

    Plane crashes casey this is a life pod

  • Dank memes Ms.trump
    Dank memes Ms.trump 4 days ago

    I’ve been on Emirates but not first class but food is soooooooooooo good

  • Tim Reader
    Tim Reader 4 days ago

    Lol rich

    MD. YEASIN ARAFAT 4 days ago +1

    drone in airplane 😍

  • JS1gaming
    JS1gaming 4 days ago +3

    2:13 tAKinG OFF with m&m in his mouth🤣🤣

    Best part of the video

  • Wesam Mansour
    Wesam Mansour 4 days ago +3

    Greatest review ever👌👌👌
    Thank you for sharing

  • Thomas Wrightson
    Thomas Wrightson 4 days ago +1

    If I was in that airplane seat what I would do is take all the freebies like the drinks and everthing and make the most of out it xD

  • ethan liao
    ethan liao 4 days ago

    Very nice indeed! I would definitely buy this seat its fantastic! 10/10!

  • Adrian Rocha
    Adrian Rocha 4 days ago

    2:58 leg room it's money what this nigga expects

  • Dina Karimi
    Dina Karimi 4 days ago

    So basically everyone’s nicer to you if you’re rich. You have to pay thousands if dollars for airline staff to be nice to you😂 Though how much you pay, the food still sucks

  • Itz_Beni
    Itz_Beni 4 days ago +1

    Heuuu Mr. Neistat nice to have you abod!

  • Chuck 101
    Chuck 101 4 days ago +14

    I love how he walks around like he owns the place 😂

  • TioTheHiddenGoat
    TioTheHiddenGoat 5 days ago

    Holy Jesus the drone part was scary! Why did it acted like that tho? Bc of the high altitude? All I kept thinking was shit shit shit the window!!! Hahaha.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 5 days ago

    0:34 what's the woman on the left doing?

  • Argi Gaming
    Argi Gaming 5 days ago

    i know casey cuz of this video

  • 허니로그
    허니로그 5 days ago

    Do you have direct editing?Every time I see it, it's funny.
    You're a genius..

  • Saltzy
    Saltzy 5 days ago

    See this closet is for storing clean things like suits so let me put my dirty ass skateboard in it

  • Thewimpkid
    Thewimpkid 6 days ago

    at 5:20 look at his glasses

  • Doodle
    Doodle 6 days ago +2

    2:32 you could hide the bodies down here

  • Korosu
    Korosu 6 days ago

    7:15 SONG NAME???????? please

  • Magnoos B
    Magnoos B 6 days ago

    The women in the back at 0:35

  • Reaper gaming _
    Reaper gaming _ 6 days ago

    He Looks so young

  • zeynepnaz İlhann
    zeynepnaz İlhann 6 days ago

    Why are you wearing glasses

  • - GleaM -
    - GleaM - 6 days ago +1

    All aboard the battle bus

  • PhoTheBowlOfNoodles
    PhoTheBowlOfNoodles 6 days ago

    using the drone in that aircraft is a serious offence and an cause danger to you and other by radioactive interruptions with ATC

  • Stefan Danojlic
    Stefan Danojlic 6 days ago

    Was this B 777 -8 or 9 ?

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 6 days ago

    What a dbag

  • Jordan
    Jordan 6 days ago

    This encourage me to study harder and harder until i can afford this

  • Bowen Xia
    Bowen Xia 6 days ago

    when he brought in his skateboard i was cracking up

    JUAN CRUZ ZARAGOZA 6 days ago

    I recommend you to say thank you and please

  • TheTemperIsHigh
    TheTemperIsHigh 6 days ago

    Bro is anyone gonna talk about the scream at the start

  • deriyah dixon
    deriyah dixon 7 days ago