This Kid Won $100,000 playing Fortnite?! Pokimane Duo Fill!

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • I played more Fortnite duo fill the other day! Got matched up with a couple kids who nearly had panic attacks 😳 😅
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    I also ended up getting a win with a nice kid who was a finalist in the $100,000 Blackheart tournament! 😀
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    Kid has PANIC ATTACK while meeting Pokimane in Fortnite Duo Fill!
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Comments • 3 219

  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  4 months ago +4124

    is this the real pokey?

  • Catina Ledet
    Catina Ledet 18 hours ago

    Ur my leader I follow u poke not like that though

  • yousuf gamer
    yousuf gamer Day ago +1

    مقدمج تعبانه صح

  • Spoodlez
    Spoodlez Day ago +1

    LOL look at the spectator count at 8:11

  • Connie Campos
    Connie Campos Day ago

    Press f4 on computer

  • Ian Talker
    Ian Talker Day ago

    Not sure why people dont just admit they saw her queuing and tried to get in. I would... if I liked fortnite.

  • Montana Savage
    Montana Savage 2 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Hoang Nhan
    Hoang Nhan 2 days ago

    Bao nhiêu người muốn gạ poki

  • Shantel Olivier
    Shantel Olivier 5 days ago +1

    DoNt FoRgEt To LiKe AnD sUbSrIbE

  • Rage Holic
    Rage Holic 5 days ago

    That aplican kid was lying you can only que with a pc player if you plug in your keyboard or mouse 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Echow
      Echow 20 hours ago

      what did he say

  • Buddha Andres
    Buddha Andres 5 days ago +1

    You eyes funny when he said you got a mic I have watched sent you started omg I love it💖

  • emiliano hernandez
    emiliano hernandez 8 days ago

    could we play A game RPN Emiliano

  • SavAGe GiRl
    SavAGe GiRl 8 days ago

    Can anyone tell what song is it in the end?

  • Gamerlyfe
    Gamerlyfe 10 days ago +1

    Bro the realist quote "You cant be scared when you dont even know what the hell you are doing!" Lol

  • STMB FilipProds
    STMB FilipProds 11 days ago

    Hold my beer

  • Valentino Jordan
    Valentino Jordan 12 days ago

    Your the most nices person

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver 12 days ago

    You mean won

  • Solitude Jxn
    Solitude Jxn 13 days ago +1

    You ok lol

  • Zeke Raybourn
    Zeke Raybourn 16 days ago

    I want a deep a voice

  • Edward Reyes
    Edward Reyes 17 days ago

    Do you want 100000

  • ItzYaBoi Zeck
    ItzYaBoi Zeck 18 days ago

    Nice my hero academia soundtrack (:

  • Hayden Newman
    Hayden Newman 18 days ago

    My names Hayden

  • Harambe
    Harambe 20 days ago

    Shes mean

  • Omnom blox
    Omnom blox 20 days ago

    Why you say huney

  • Adrian Stanisławczyk

    he is MonkaS

  • Anthony Hoepel
    Anthony Hoepel 21 day ago

    Hay pokmeisje

  • CurryBoy
    CurryBoy 22 days ago

    3:23 I’m still watching and they vaulted the treasure map

  • Dio Boy BDjoe
    Dio Boy BDjoe 22 days ago

    0:05OMG Poki s eye

  • Rebecca Clay
    Rebecca Clay 22 days ago +1

    I love your videos pokimane

  • Oval Swagg
    Oval Swagg 23 days ago

    Ik that person you first player with and he has no arm and is mentally challenged
    He is my friend

  • Fabian Nilsson
    Fabian Nilsson 24 days ago

    1 my favorite streamer i like forever is poki

  • Stephen Ampersand
    Stephen Ampersand 25 days ago

    My gosh pokeymane stop cussing

  • Edith Tommy
    Edith Tommy 26 days ago

    Sorry about spending your name wrong

  • Edith Tommy
    Edith Tommy 26 days ago

    I like u pockimane

  • Yuan Lun Lee
    Yuan Lun Lee 27 days ago

    That is me you kill pokimane the blue ninja

  • Nickperq11
    Nickperq11 28 days ago

    You telling me that guy is in finals with a 3 kill win?

  • Ninja
    Ninja 29 days ago

    That new hairstyle is awsome

  • Roger Dyer Jr
    Roger Dyer Jr 29 days ago

    OK so poki tried to double shotgun when that got removed

  • Silver Salumäe
    Silver Salumäe Month ago

    Pokimane pro

    AAIZ AAIZ Month ago +1

    When poki clickbaits literally no-one talks about it🙄

  • Hayden Bros123
    Hayden Bros123 Month ago

    I’m Hayden and 15. Weird


    Don't ever say off

  • ZactusCraft
    ZactusCraft Month ago

    *toriel music starts playing*

  • latezyxYT
    latezyxYT Month ago +2

    *My GaMeS UnLOaDed*

  • Kaur Mägi
    Kaur Mägi Month ago

    Youre an asshile

  • Fiesty boy
    Fiesty boy Month ago


  • Tsuki Gaming
    Tsuki Gaming Month ago

    Omg, I just realised that pokimane killed me when the guys game didn't load in XD

  • Joe plays
    Joe plays Month ago

    To be fair you are quite mean and agreesiv

  • Joshie Gaming
    Joshie Gaming Month ago

    4:25 fortnite dev #612

  • ツSwatZ
    ツSwatZ Month ago

    I’m so sad for my friend. I’ve met DefaultSquadYT. We know each other very well 😇

  • Joris Kervel
    Joris Kervel Month ago


  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores Month ago

    It's just want him to be popular at TheXvid pls 😢

  • flyki 2009
    flyki 2009 Month ago

    Poki thats not fare for other kids since this kid was in black heart tournament. You want play another. That's famous streamers only want to play with kids that's good at the game it's not fare for little kids no hate I love you I just don't understand that no hate by the way

  • Nino JR
    Nino JR Month ago

    0:11 Pokimane’s eye😂

  • Twins Tyrell n Tyrese S.

    Do you want to go out sometime

  • Joseph Wiesman
    Joseph Wiesman Month ago

    yes im real yes im real yes im real yes im real yes i m real lol

  • cookiemonser monset

    Lol her eyes were so big

  • Noah Valleau
    Noah Valleau Month ago +1

    I love you

  • Noah Valleau
    Noah Valleau Month ago +1

    I love you

  • Ok Then
    Ok Then Month ago

    I thought the message said

  • War_frame XD
    War_frame XD Month ago

    What happen to pokis voice when she got the map

  • Andrianzendrich valdez

    You know who's my crush 😉

  • [GD] SpacialD4sh
    [GD] SpacialD4sh Month ago +1

    This kid sound like he's 10 ngl

  • Kimsyjay Basteen
    Kimsyjay Basteen Month ago

    Why was there a my hero acedamia song at the end

  • Vision games
    Vision games Month ago

    me: oooohhhh My Hero Academia Mydoriya: SMASH 1 MILLION PERCENT!!!!!

  • zizo monster
    zizo monster Month ago

    I wish fortnite could be deleted

    SKULL KILLER Month ago

    1v1 pokmaine

  • Shadowfire X
    Shadowfire X Month ago

    Pokimane its macawln 7700

  • JJUMPMAN09 vlogs and games

    Notice at beginning of game his name is code pokimane now it’s code space

  • Soup Time
    Soup Time Month ago

    Why did u not accept playing with the other kid and you want to play with this just because u almost got a win and he's good

  • DomeBluegaming 1108
    DomeBluegaming 1108 Month ago +1

    Me:im not good at fortnite
    My friends:no your not your pretty good
    My friends minds:he is a bot and trash at fortnite

  • 10ON10 Gaming
    10ON10 Gaming Month ago +13

    Bring him back in a different video!!!!!!

  • Madd Maxie
    Madd Maxie Month ago

    Ima take a moment for a second when the message popped up it’s said number 64... does that mean she has more guys? Not the weird way.

  • hyper Redninja
    hyper Redninja 2 months ago

    u called him honey

  • Stormez Monster
    Stormez Monster 2 months ago

    Poky is nice no swear nice