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  • Poiklip TM
    Poiklip TM 5 hours ago

    in my country the average payment a year is like 4500$

  • Don Potter
    Don Potter 5 hours ago

    And beggars in London making 3,000 pounds a month...

  • Dennis Kompus
    Dennis Kompus 5 hours ago

    Where the drug dealers at ?

  • RubyCooper Xo
    RubyCooper Xo 6 hours ago

    Not including money from the daddies😂

  • Livy Baughman
    Livy Baughman 6 hours ago

    “Not including money from the daddies”

  • Percybeth Forever
    Percybeth Forever 6 hours ago

    How are these people chosen for this?

  • DnBMobb Deep
    DnBMobb Deep 6 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ellzville
    Ellzville 6 hours ago

    *Googles Jobs for VP of sales at software companies*

  • Rick Glasser
    Rick Glasser 6 hours ago +1

    Why is discussing salary so taboo? You should be discussing your salary especially with your coworkers because you should know whether the company you’re working is paying you less than someone with the same job. Companies like to say that you can’t discuss salaries, but the federal government has said that you are free to discuss your salary with your coworkers through the National Labor Relations Act; your employer *cannot* fire you because you discussed your salary with a coworker.

  • Andra Parasdyah
    Andra Parasdyah 6 hours ago

    Oh glad, my dad make 250 dollar per month, (from Asia Country)

  • xander
    xander 6 hours ago

    Most poor people wouldn’t share

  • Filiberto Gutierrez
    Filiberto Gutierrez 6 hours ago

    *Mr. Crabs Entered The Chat*

  • 223Deez Nutz
    223Deez Nutz 6 hours ago

    IRS takes my money 😭😩😢☹️

  • Ashraf Bounkhilat
    Ashraf Bounkhilat 7 hours ago

    3:38 i thought it was a 8 yo little baby angel wth 😨😨😨😨

  • mathias martiney
    mathias martiney 7 hours ago

    The guy from 1:49 has the most symmetrical eyes I've ever seen 😯

  • Google Advocate
    Google Advocate 8 hours ago

    Why do all these people in this video make so little money despite having the college education I don't understand of confused someone please explain

  • Heideri
    Heideri 9 hours ago

    Oh shit i should check my eye i thought it's how much monkey do you make and i was wtf monkey why would they make monkey...

  • jewen
    jewen 9 hours ago

    been hearing young grads making 40-50k onwards as if it's a norm . mhmm

  • sirlillo
    sirlillo 10 hours ago

    this video changed my idea about US salaries....

  • sirlillo
    sirlillo 10 hours ago

    Not enough.... never

  • lachy0407
    lachy0407 11 hours ago

    The thumbnail is how gay are you

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 11 hours ago

    who’s gonna flex today?

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 11 hours ago

    i never thought people would make so low, i mean above 50k is a lot but below is not much at all

  • Eethoss
    Eethoss 11 hours ago

    3:23 this guy looks like an Asian Donald Glover

  • Cyaxe
    Cyaxe 12 hours ago

    $19,200 annually on Unemployment what the fuck! How is that allowed and then there is people working making $20,000, how can you only be $800 worse off by sitting on your ass all day!

  • BigMarv50
    BigMarv50 13 hours ago

    After watching this, I notice people are way more opt to talk about their sex life than how much money they make.

    BTS ARMY 13 hours ago


  • Kyle Reichenberg
    Kyle Reichenberg 13 hours ago

    I made 46k last year and I’m an EMT ...I went on 8 cardiac arrests, 6 possible 1055s and 3 traumatic injury calls and hundreds of normal old people being sick calls and that server made 20k more than me handing someone food and I’m ok with that. It’s the 1,600 a month being unemployed that pisses me off.

  • 우코
    우코 13 hours ago

    Can somebody type what the guy said at 2:38

  • The Unknown Fish
    The Unknown Fish 13 hours ago

    “Pay wage gap between genders”

  • Compton is mah city
    Compton is mah city 15 hours ago +1

    All these black people don't want to tell how much they earn because they earn nothing

  • Fire Luigi
    Fire Luigi 15 hours ago

    I made 22,000 a year for 6 years at my last job but got depressed/ started suffering seizures and lost my job and been unemployed for 3 months. was also homeless at one point sleeping in my car

    • Fire Luigi
      Fire Luigi 15 hours ago

      also, who agrees to do this interview and then says "I don't feel comfortable answering any questions" - fucking idiot

  • Kayla Blake
    Kayla Blake 16 hours ago

    I'll show this video to the next person who ask me if I want to be a rich doctor

  • Al Red
    Al Red 16 hours ago +1


  • Francheska Canoy
    Francheska Canoy 16 hours ago

    That 3:51 girl tho

  • Lukeafior Yt
    Lukeafior Yt 17 hours ago


  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua 18 hours ago

    I never get why people that don't work hard get paid more people that work hard get paid less

  • Logan Page
    Logan Page 18 hours ago

    people only say "that's personal" bc they dont make any money bc notice the people who do make a lot of money are just blurting it out and the people who don't are just like "oh thats my buisness"

  • Nicole Slade
    Nicole Slade 18 hours ago

    Wait happy with what?

  • JR
    JR 19 hours ago

    0:56 on food stamps yet wearing a $120 north face jacket...nice. Trump 2020.

  • Alaa Hauter
    Alaa Hauter 19 hours ago

    The first 45 are just sad

  • Bee Keeper
    Bee Keeper 21 hour ago

    "I will be fired to discuss my money"?????????
    U can probably sue a company if they threaten to fire you for something like that

  • FPS Dovah
    FPS Dovah 21 hour ago

    If you don’t want to tell us your income why tf are you here?

  • SH
    SH 21 hour ago

    do you want to know how much i make ? a big 0

  • aartzy
    aartzy 21 hour ago

    Lady at the end probably a get money from her sugar daddy

  • william stoker
    william stoker 22 hours ago

    How much money you make ‘a lot’

  • Mari delgado
    Mari delgado 22 hours ago

    Where ever that RN is from she needs to move to northern Ca they make closer to 200k if not more here

  • Tyliyah Frazier
    Tyliyah Frazier 22 hours ago

    Thumbnail me when i bring 5 or 2 dollars to school😂😂💁🏿

  • Chanel Smith
    Chanel Smith 22 hours ago

    I’m in college so I make about -14,000/yr and that’s with a job 🙂everythings fine tho🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  • Nikez
    Nikez 22 hours ago

    Thats not even much?

  • awesome920 yolo
    awesome920 yolo 22 hours ago

    Everyone here I bet does dumb ass job instead of doing a good job

  • Ajb
    Ajb 23 hours ago

    I'm part time student and work full time at the busiest restaurant in my town, busting my ass each and every day, yet the woman at 1:15 makes just over as much money I do yearly, yet she does nothing. Wtf man

  • TK YT
    TK YT 23 hours ago

    2:42 BUY

  • TK YT
    TK YT 23 hours ago

    "that's a personal question" welcome to Cut.

  • 133442 124772z
    133442 124772z Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • V1NKY_VaN 28
    V1NKY_VaN 28 Day ago +1

    My dad make $150K a day so 365 times 150 is 54750 so yeah he makes $54750000

  • Marc L.A Jolivet

    lol here in Switzerland the average salary is around 5000/6000 USD monthly

  • Hanna Kunatowska

    I don't get why it's so embarrassing to say how much money you get. Can it be a long time thing that you don't want to be seen as "poor". Any thoughts? I think it's an interesting subject!

  • ActionPactCinema

    A lot of unemployment collectors. I pay some of these peoples salaries. Wow.

  • Jhonn G
    Jhonn G Day ago

    i make 60k a year im a 1200 operator


    100% love this video, it’s the whole point where it’s only one persons business on what they make

  • Kinky Af
    Kinky Af Day ago

    2:56 yasss girl, goals

  • Emanuel Dragos
    Emanuel Dragos Day ago

    4:41 what did he say?

  • chemenefrea
    chemenefrea Day ago

    it's not your fault if you're poor, why are people ashemed?

  • being political
    being political Day ago

    1:24 yoga teacher isnt yoga supposed to make you fit i knew it was bullshit

  • Ric Tony
    Ric Tony Day ago +1

    4:45 moooooddd

  • MissWeekend
    MissWeekend Day ago

    my mom makes 400 😭😭😭 so 10k a year 😭💔

  • Nightmare Gamer
    Nightmare Gamer Day ago

    in my country you get $300 as a teacher and its baddd

  • AwkwardAlexis
    AwkwardAlexis Day ago

    0:20 ok, but u drove down to a place where u knew they would likely ask u a question because it’s Cut ...

  • Emilie Rapport
    Emilie Rapport Day ago

    whoa some of these people make so much money from such weird jobs!

  • Lukas Prapuolenis

    Oh ya ya

  • thina dube
    thina dube Day ago

    2:55 is literally me

    MANSUKII Day ago

    Why all these motha fuckas ugly AF

  • Alaina Noelle
    Alaina Noelle Day ago +3

    “Not including money from the daddies” 😂😂😂

  • MOC Prod
    MOC Prod Day ago

    bitch im soo shocked, where i live my dad makes like 15k and we live ok, its not like we are poor, how expensive are things are in usa? i dont understanddddddddddddd, well we are a little poor lmao

  • MOC Prod
    MOC Prod Day ago

    wtf earning that money (30000) where i lived they would be almost rich, well not rich but very good

  • Doom's Way
    Doom's Way Day ago

    Hooker? 2:27

  • Cristina Dogaru
    Cristina Dogaru Day ago

    So, "how gay are you?" is not a personal question but "how much money do you make?" is a more personal??!! :O hahahahaha

  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy Day ago

    400k a year... yeah you need more money pal ..lollll

  • Marielle
    Marielle Day ago

    Cut, how much money do you make out of TheXvid?

  • Suraj sai
    Suraj sai Day ago

    Lady at 1.15 is claiming unemployment and making more money then the people actually working 🤨.

  • Mo Nawt
    Mo Nawt Day ago

    400k dollars per year and still want more?

  • Camri Taylor
    Camri Taylor Day ago

    @ the woman that said she would be fired if she discussed pay, that’s actually illegal. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 protects employees rights to discuss pay

  • Novux
    Novux Day ago +5

    Not wish.....but I WILL MAKE MORE! Now that's a good attitude :D

  • Sharvitti Broussard

    I didn’t know a paralegal makes 75,000 :/ even in Cali google reports they make 65,000 roughly

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Day ago

    The person who were asking these questions were kind of bold

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Day ago

    Damn. Unemployment and Child Support. Women are the reason I dont want children

  • Vanja Đukić
    Vanja Đukić Day ago

    Your employers and media turned you in to low IQ sheep. You have free speech and all but they still control what you say. The whole point of makeing it taboo is so they can pay someone less and someone more and they don't want you to find out.
    P.S they can't fire you for that.

  • J E N N I E
    J E N N I E Day ago

    I make about $26k a year but I never keep it for myself. It all goes to my parents because 1) I live under their roof and 2) I have yet to even turn 18. So I’m not exactly sure what to do with all the money right now..

  • violadash
    violadash Day ago

    going 2school was a waste of my whole life. now i am in debt. i have no savings nonothing. living from paycheck 2paycheck. getting fired &hired every couple of months. cause no1 wants 2hire a college graduate w no experience. iwish i couldve just focused on building my own business instead of going 2school ever.

  • Kori Quillo
    Kori Quillo Day ago

    2:26 Is that the drummer from Dude York?

    XoREALDEALoX Day ago

    Whoa whoa whoa. People can make $1600 a month for sitting on their ass? Then why even get a minimum wage job? What the fuck is our country doing

  • Work Smart Not Hard

    Notice how there is an equal mix of men and women? Wage gap who?

    • Work Smart Not Hard
      Work Smart Not Hard 5 hours ago +1

      Camri Taylor good try! Sadly I believe my friend Mark has proved you wrong hehe

    • Mark Captain
      Mark Captain 7 hours ago +1

      +Camri Taylor nice try tho :))

    • Mark Captain
      Mark Captain 7 hours ago +2

      +Camri Taylor allow me :)
      1. Men are far more likely to choose careers that are more dangerous, so they naturally pay more.
      2. Men are far more likely to work in higher-paying fields and occupations (by choice).
      3. Men work longer hours than women do.
      4. Men are more likely to work on weekends.
      6. Even within the same career category, men are more likely to pursue high-stress and higher-paid areas of specialization.

    • Eltic
      Eltic 20 hours ago +1

      +Camri Taylor proof?

    • Camri Taylor
      Camri Taylor Day ago +1

      Work Smart Not Hard notice how a lot of them don’t have the same jobs? The wage gap is not the pay difference between a man and a woman in two different jobs, it’s the pay difference between a man and a woman in the same position with similar experience/education. Nice try tho.

  • Graham Lynn
    Graham Lynn Day ago

    I’m over here bustin ass to make as much as people do that collect unemployment.. smh the government don’t pay me enough.

  • Tyler Curtiss
    Tyler Curtiss Day ago

    Last guy makes $.80 per minute

  • Aja Michele
    Aja Michele Day ago

    Guess im about to become a plumber! Ass crack out and all.

  • lel
    lel Day ago +1

    My mom pays 6000 a month for rent is that good or bad?

    • Taekookie
      Taekookie Day ago +1

      Depends on how big your house is

  • Matthew Dennis
    Matthew Dennis Day ago

    3:50 she has the right attitude

  • Lauren Rosario
    Lauren Rosario Day ago

    Film industry....porn?