Highlights from 2010 Tony-Winner "Red" on Broadway with Interviews with the Stars

  • Published on Jun 15, 2011
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    Highlights from 2010 Tony Winner for Best Play "Red," featuring interviews with stars Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne. John Logan's "Red" is the biographical play that frames a moment in the life of abstract-impressionist painter Mark Rothko as he is creating his dark red (and black) murals for the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram building, in 1958.
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  • Iodine Cerium
    Iodine Cerium 2 years ago +41

    And he began to sing... Red, the blood of angry men!!!!

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 3 years ago +2

    Second favorite play involving the four seasons

  • MrNicol1960
    MrNicol1960 3 years ago +2

    Here in Argentina there is an extraodinary and impressive version of RED starring by the great actor Julio Chavez and Gerardo Otero as supporting actor.

  • k-runt
    k-runt 5 years ago +7

    Is there a recording of this?

  • TYounginn
    TYounginn 5 years ago


  • Nienna92
    Nienna92 5 years ago


  • Gaby Garcia
    Gaby Garcia 5 years ago +6

    Red, the blood of angry men....

  • Playbill
    Playbill  6 years ago +6

    "Where have you earned the right to exist here with me and all of these things you don't even understand?"

  • Sophie Barendse
    Sophie Barendse 6 years ago +1

    Does anyone know what Molina says at 0:09 ?

    • Member When
      Member When 4 months ago

      Sophie Barendse where do you the right to exist here with me and all these things you don’t understand? Red? Oh you wanna paint the goddamn thing? Here’s red, and red and red and red.

  • Jean Hannah
    Jean Hannah 6 years ago +1

    What source says that Eddie is colorblind?

    • Emma v.y.S
      Emma v.y.S 2 years ago

      Jean Hannah he's mentioned it in a few interviews.

    • amy starhunter
      amy starhunter 2 years ago

      Jean Hannah he talked about it in quite a few interviews

  • xVanillaForeverx
    xVanillaForeverx 6 years ago

    oh nvm - -

  • xVanillaForeverx
    xVanillaForeverx 6 years ago +1

    uhh no he is not

  • Mary Williame Taranee Christine Courtney

    I Saw This at My Cousin's School at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.
    (Obviously, Different Actors. Also Made by John Logan.)
    It's as Great as This Version.

  • punkempireinterviews
    punkempireinterviews 6 years ago

    I saw this play last night in Montreal with different actors and i really enjoyed it.

  • Josh thomas
    Josh thomas 6 years ago

    They do swear but it isn't incessant.

  • Ramiro Rojas
    Ramiro Rojas 6 years ago

    The version, translated to spanish, played in El Teatro La Plaza in Lima, Peru, did quite a lot to credit this work

  • Desiree Mohammadi
    Desiree Mohammadi 6 years ago

    do they curse a lot in this play?

  • Desiree Mohammadi
    Desiree Mohammadi 6 years ago

    do they curse a lot in this play?

  • Chrisd1086
    Chrisd1086 6 years ago

    This play moved me.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 7 years ago

    why is rothko bald....????