Highlights from 2010 Tony-Winner "Red" on Broadway with Interviews with the Stars


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  • Iodine Cerium
    Iodine Cerium 2 years ago +36

    And he began to sing... Red, the blood of angry men!!!!

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 2 years ago +2

    Second favorite play involving the four seasons

  • MrNicol1960
    MrNicol1960 3 years ago +2

    Here in Argentina there is an extraodinary and impressive version of RED starring by the great actor Julio Chavez and Gerardo Otero as supporting actor.

  • k-runt
    k-runt 5 years ago +5

    Is there a recording of this?

  • TYounginn
    TYounginn 5 years ago


  • Nienna92
    Nienna92 5 years ago


  • Gaby Garcia
    Gaby Garcia 5 years ago +4

    Red, the blood of angry men....

  • Playbill
    Playbill  5 years ago +5

    "Where have you earned the right to exist here with me and all of these things you don't even understand?"

  • Sophie Barendse
    Sophie Barendse 5 years ago +1

    Does anyone know what Molina says at 0:09 ?

  • Jean Hannah
    Jean Hannah 5 years ago +1

    What source says that Eddie is colorblind?

    • Emma v.y.S
      Emma v.y.S Year ago

      Jean Hannah he's mentioned it in a few interviews.

    • amy starhunter
      amy starhunter 2 years ago

      Jean Hannah he talked about it in quite a few interviews

  • xVanillaForeverx
    xVanillaForeverx 5 years ago

    oh nvm - -

  • xVanillaForeverx
    xVanillaForeverx 5 years ago +1

    uhh no he is not

  • Mary Williame Taranee Christine Courtney

    I Saw This at My Cousin's School at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.
    (Obviously, Different Actors. Also Made by John Logan.)
    It's as Great as This Version.

  • punkempireinterviews
    punkempireinterviews 6 years ago

    I saw this play last night in Montreal with different actors and i really enjoyed it.

  • Josh thomas
    Josh thomas 6 years ago

    They do swear but it isn't incessant.

  • Ramiro Rojas
    Ramiro Rojas 6 years ago

    The version, translated to spanish, played in El Teatro La Plaza in Lima, Peru, did quite a lot to credit this work

  • Desiree Mohammadi
    Desiree Mohammadi 6 years ago

    do they curse a lot in this play?

  • Desiree Mohammadi
    Desiree Mohammadi 6 years ago

    do they curse a lot in this play?

  • Chrisd1086
    Chrisd1086 6 years ago

    This play moved me.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 6 years ago

    why is rothko bald....????