I Found 9 Wedding Rings Underwater in the Ocean While Metal Detecting! $10,000+ (Returned to Owner)

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • In this video I go metal detecting underwater in Hawaii!
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    DALLMYD  2 months ago +9605

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys would like to see more underwater metal detecting videos! If we can reach 10,000 likes I'll make another metal detecting video in Hawaii!!

  • Nicolò Balboni
    Nicolò Balboni 19 hours ago

    You moser fuke

  • Nik Pizan
    Nik Pizan 20 hours ago

    That first part of the video is like watching a tv show or movie very good quality.

  • Evelynthedragon XD
    Evelynthedragon XD 20 hours ago

    Who else saw the man in the background trying to do the orange justice?

  • Domen Zupan
    Domen Zupan 22 hours ago

    nOt EveRy CRyStal iS a DIamONd

  • Nina Mason
    Nina Mason 22 hours ago

    If you get to Mexico my husband's wedding ring is down there. First time in the water since getting hitched. 😞 "worth waiting for" was inside it.

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego 22 hours ago

    Very cool Video. So exiting to watch you guys find these treasures. :) But the prank stuff is pretty stupid...

  • BeastMaster 69
    BeastMaster 69 22 hours ago

    At 6:09 look at the top left-ish there's a kid *dancing* orange justice (but he sucks)

  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen 23 hours ago +1


  • Xx Julianna_angel xX
    Xx Julianna_angel xX 23 hours ago +1

    But honestly these videos actually help the earth by cleaning the oceans :)

  • Xx Julianna_angel xX
    Xx Julianna_angel xX 23 hours ago

    Hopefully someone out their finds kims earings....

  • Francois Taljaard
    Francois Taljaard 23 hours ago

    Poor branden or brain😂😂😂😂

  • Siddharth Joshi
    Siddharth Joshi Day ago

    bro that guy was indian. keep doing this work and dont stop helping people and please do one thing that donate the money u get from the treasure to homeless or poor people.

  • hathama1088
    hathama1088 Day ago

    Much respect for returning that ring!

  • Paul Cool Gamer
    Paul Cool Gamer Day ago

    At the begging is a montage of him swimming in the sea of dead coral reefs

  • Andrew Cody
    Andrew Cody Day ago

    actualy 3:50

  • Andrew Cody
    Andrew Cody Day ago

    in the "meantime"? 3:52

  • Bryant Barrio
    Bryant Barrio Day ago

    Utep means university of Texas in El Paso

  • Surya Cahyadi
    Surya Cahyadi Day ago

    r u guys rapping?

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 Day ago +1

    Imagine he finds a ring grabs it to pull it up and then he sees it was attached to a grenade

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang Day ago

    hahahahahhahahah thats's funny

  • rodv66
    rodv66 Day ago

    I live in El Paso Texas.. It was great that you found the owner of the rain. Good job buddy.

  • Abbigayle Hutson
    Abbigayle Hutson Day ago +1


  • Celeste Carreon
    Celeste Carreon Day ago +2

    I wonder if they will ever find Kim Kardashian's 75k earrings?

  • Aidsa aguirre
    Aidsa aguirre Day ago

    6:08 the kid in the back LMAO!

  • Captain Punch
    Captain Punch Day ago

    6:10 the guy in the background 😂

  • nur izzati ahmad sahrul

    this is soooo super cool!!!! love from Malaysia!!!!!

  • Alejandro Ibarra

    No way I live in El Paso

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown Day ago


  • Kado Tomado
    Kado Tomado Day ago

    Who seen the kid on the left at 6:08

  • DOGGY!!! Puppet show


  • cool kid Salzar
    cool kid Salzar Day ago

    ill go throw a ring in a beach so ill be in a vid now lol

  • Donut_ Yummy
    Donut_ Yummy Day ago

    lol piso 10 piso

  • Corza D33
    Corza D33 Day ago

    Shiiiit one days find will pay for the metal detectors 🤔 lol

    JDIESEL Day ago

    That’s a Philippine 10 peso coin

  • MemoriesMatter Tacha and Dave

    No more pranks! I feel so bad for him...

  • Ethan Hogan
    Ethan Hogan Day ago

    Bro you are so nice

  • emilee greene
    emilee greene Day ago

    You broke his heart

  • Mystical Crystal

    this is awesome.. i lost my prize money b4... nobody returned it of course...bugged the hell out of me. i was only 12

  • Joanna Maciel
    Joanna Maciel Day ago +1

    I’m from El Paso that’s so cool you got a hold of him :)

  • izzy merrill
    izzy merrill Day ago

    6:09 haha did anyone else see that kid dancing in the background
    like if u did

  • dbsvideos PT
    dbsvideos PT Day ago

    Slk se tá fazendo rap fala muito rápido parece o Eminem já não entendo

  • Isaac Haas
    Isaac Haas Day ago

    6:09 the little kid dancing in the back

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel Day ago +1

    The owner of those rings are probably those people who got divorced..

  • rivers gage
    rivers gage Day ago +1

    So that's where my tungsten went...

  • roblox love
    roblox love Day ago


  • lex koloini
    lex koloini Day ago

    that kid at 6:07 doing orange justice

  • B Walker
    B Walker Day ago

    That is so awesome that you found his ring. He was so incredibly grateful to you.

  • Max Wright
    Max Wright Day ago

    where in hawaii were you treasure hunting?

    USSOCOM Day ago

    25:28 skip the talking, you're welcome.

  • Ocky Gamers
    Ocky Gamers Day ago

    You missed a 10cent coin when you found the tungsten ring

  • Zackariah Rhodes

    Straight gollum.

  • Tony-jude Walker

    He talks well fast

  • Axiom Illuzion
    Axiom Illuzion Day ago +5


  • Bentley Benter
    Bentley Benter Day ago

    That big detector is going to call in a dolphin

  • Aida Ortiz
    Aida Ortiz Day ago

    He was underwater on the left

  • Anthony Dalesandro

    I was at that hotel same time as u

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith Day ago

    hilarious bro! loved it

  • toneman335
    toneman335 Day ago +3

    Damn....This guy can talk fast. It sounds like the voice was speeded up!

  • Shirley lopez
    Shirley lopez Day ago

    omg you are so awesome by giving him his class ring back ..sending you guys lots of blessings..

  • Shirley lopez
    Shirley lopez Day ago

    omg i wish i had one sooo if anyone has a mental detector they dont use please donate one to me ty !!awesome video..

  • Kaeden Maddox
    Kaeden Maddox Day ago

    6:09 on the left there’s a kid doing orange justice

  • Ife Nakamoto
    Ife Nakamoto Day ago +9

    He said “I may have just found $10,000”😂😂😂 I would be so annoyed

  • Ife Nakamoto
    Ife Nakamoto Day ago

    Lol man said mail it back for free loooool I’m keeping it

  • VisualTrance Delight2017

    U talk real fast, like samurai..

  • Paangwin Gaming
    Paangwin Gaming Day ago

    Not all hero’s wear capes, some wear backwards caps

  • Rob Hiz
    Rob Hiz Day ago

    okay im sold

  • Miguel Chapa
    Miguel Chapa Day ago +1

    That metal detector looks like it could be the new ray gun mark 4

  • Kyleigh Wilburn
    Kyleigh Wilburn Day ago

    Omg you found one of my ring the one that is gold with the diamond in the middle

  • River Matthews
    River Matthews Day ago

    Bear eat you

  • nalaz
    nalaz Day ago

    i still remember the time when u were on only a couple thousand subs posting cod vids that i kinda liked.. now u bloomed into a pretty lit youtuber. nice work brother

  • Gordon Westgate
    Gordon Westgate Day ago

    HAHA nice Prank

  • HandiTy
    HandiTy Day ago

    we all know everything is staged....

  • turtle turtles
    turtle turtles Day ago

    6:08 there is a kid dancing in the background

  • mouw mmm
    mouw mmm Day ago

    How much is white gold with diamonds my uncle gave me a white gold horse necklace

  • The train collector

    At 6:12 who else saw the kid dancing at the side??? XD

  • Gabriella Solari

    This is the first video I watched of you guys but the stuff you find is amazing
    I will be watching a lot more of your videos

  • Ulas Wab
    Ulas Wab Day ago


  • Rafael Rafael
    Rafael Rafael Day ago

    Pocha ponhe em português pra nós aqui no Brasil

  • Matthew Feistamel

    This guy knows the Force.

  • All By Himself
    All By Himself Day ago

    Imagine that guy threw the ring because he broke up...

  • Blue Cheetah
    Blue Cheetah Day ago +1

    I went to Hawaii too!!!!

  • ABD a231
    ABD a231 Day ago +2

    Jack:hide the ring in the water
    Ring:am i a joke ro you

  • daniel berggren
    daniel berggren Day ago

    Awesome bro, Getting that ring back to him was a class act. Ur parents and friends should be proud. The way it all went down perfection. Peace bro, stay golden And in the gold. Hawaii was a gold mine good luck to u in the future.

  • EinWildesLurch
    EinWildesLurch Day ago

    Could be an 2 Euro coin
    But im not sure

  • Agus Mariono
    Agus Mariono Day ago

    Ur awesome man!!

  • Khang Tran
    Khang Tran Day ago


  • Pareng CL
    Pareng CL Day ago

    May sampung pisoooo

  • JoaquinDaBastion Hi

    6:08 there’s a kid doing Orange justice in the background

  • sadfox
    sadfox Day ago

    Gold sint the best material for rings i mean it looks good but it isnt durable. I would go for stainless steel that is gold plated Xþ

  • Karl Zeus
    Karl Zeus Day ago

    Lol a pH peso I'm in Philippines

  • Dicko
    Dicko Day ago

    I’d like if he went to a jeweller to verify if the rings are real gold/diamonds

  • Piyush Garg
    Piyush Garg Day ago +1

    Well , Fyi people , mohan is an indian , so we are rich enough to drop rings in water.
    just kidding but we are rich

  • Dorito Boi
    Dorito Boi Day ago

    6:08 that kid dancing😂

  • Ranz Jacob Raca
    Ranz Jacob Raca Day ago

    Wow 10 peso hahahaha. Proud filipino here. Our money goes around the world

  • YaBoiRyan
    YaBoiRyan Day ago

    They should meet up sometime

  • cybernetx x
    cybernetx x Day ago +2

    Thank you for sending me my ring I really appreciate it

  • Emre Akkaya
    Emre Akkaya Day ago

    did the rings say whom are they owned by

  • Chloe Rodillo
    Chloe Rodillo Day ago

    The thing u use look like a vibrator hahahah kids don’t search what that it 😏😏😏

  • Juan Joshua Ricardo Perino

    That coin is a Philippines coin its named piso with a hi pitch i