It's The Music

  • Published on Nov 22, 2021

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  • MasakoX
    MasakoX  +126

    Damn, Daniel! That's a spicy track. Thanks!

  • Dark
    Dark  +265

    My Man Daniel back at it again, i wish he wins GPs again

  • G M
    G M  +140

    Keep fighting DR!!! We're right behind you every step of the way.

  • mohit
    mohit  +57

    Dan: It's the music

  • Tea
    Tea  +39

    Everyone has got to agree that Daniel has the best music taste ever

  • PandasAreBAE

    When's your album dropping Daniel?!?!

  • Carowithacam

    The honey badger !!! Best guy out there 🤙🔥

  • Alexander Ivory-Brown

    I loved the commercial! Also, you sweat a lot because you are in a fast hot car. Only happens to the hottest of us.

  • Franziska Sieder

    This is art!

  • Jack Eastman

    Secure the bag, Danny. Secure the bag.

  • Gabriel Nunes

    Manda um alô pro Brasil, Ricciardo❤

  • Saara Guhar

    my man is killing it like always

  • Pud
    Pud  +3

    I hate adverts. Absolutely despise them. That's why I pay for the TheXvid subscription. But because it's Danny Ric, I don't care that this is an advert. Total legend... Best buy some Buds now.

  • Max Katerinich

    "It's real sweat, I'm a high-performance athlete. Athletes sweat."

  • YamzF1

    Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the buds😁

  • Laura Nagy-Gotthard

    Hi Daniel! You my faveourite person in the world! When Im sad,I Just watch some funny video of you and it makes me happy I love you your smile worth MORE than my life. Im in love with your personality.💪🏼

  • Oscar Payne

    When Daniel does sponsored posts, I don't mind

  • Gill B

    I'd love to see Danny in a top car

  • Mell Clarice Allen

    Why i thought it was him singing? omg my heart stopped for a second