Should You Buy or Rent Your Modem?

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
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    Should you forget about renting a modem from your ISP and buy one instead?
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Comments • 1 287

  • Oli Cansdale
    Oli Cansdale 2 hours ago

    This video confused my European brain xD

  • ZamaCatsmack
    ZamaCatsmack 4 days ago

    Nice descriptive title - excellent topic.

  • TNinja0
    TNinja0 5 days ago

    Wait. Rent. A modem? I've never heard of this.

    The Modem I have is bought from the ISP. They never even offered a rent.

  • SweetPrincessAlicorn

    My cable provider don't even have list approved modems you can buy . But my current modem has 4 port hub and wifi and phone. Since we have phone threw our cable . I don't think you can buy a modem they support phone too . Wifi bulit on to modem brodcasf but it lot of time has no internet . So we got wireless router it does wireless n and 5ghz wireless ac

  • Kevin Benecke
    Kevin Benecke 19 days ago

    One advantage to renting is if something goes wrong with it, most likely the ISP will just exchange it without charge. If you own yours and something goes wrong, you might be on the hook to buy a new one. Just like everything, there is good points like saving the modem rental fee and bad points.

  • Swolenator
    Swolenator 21 day ago

    I'm not sure off hand but I think I have a surfboard 6180 and an Asus router from around same time frame I'm guessing like n66u? Can't check atm.
    Do I need to upgrade and what improvements will I have? What model to buy or rent for comcast xfinity?

  • Marcus Owens
    Marcus Owens 24 days ago

    Sooo is it better to buy a modem than renting one??

  • Jay Cie
    Jay Cie Month ago

    The onlything i hate about my aftermarket cablemodem is comcast calling me up and telling me i could have better preformance with their rental than my comcast aproved docsis 3 modem. Just add it to the list. I also didn't get a bundle so i only pay for internet at the speed i want and i can change that for the next month. But i must be stupid i could save $8 a month get cable and telephone and only have a slight hit in speed. For 2 years. On contract. Then my bill skyrockets. No thanks.

  • Xeno Phon
    Xeno Phon 2 months ago

    Yeah not even an option for many nations. The ISP demand that you use their devices and they do not have purchasing programs, its all rental.

  • D-man747
    D-man747 2 months ago +1

    Damn Xfinity charges me 13 dollars a month

  • Holliday
    Holliday 2 months ago

    atnt always say they wont work for them

  • Adam Suttle
    Adam Suttle 2 months ago

    lol in UK you get given it free

  • Francis G
    Francis G 3 months ago

    If you buy your own modem and router does/can the cable company still block certain ports. Like port 80?

  • drubio
    drubio 3 months ago

    "Cries in 1MB*

  • LiK
    LiK 3 months ago

    Never rented a modem ever.

  • Aaron Bays
    Aaron Bays 3 months ago

    I've been with AT&T for the past 6 years, use their modem because it works and has wi-fi built in. In that whole 6 years they have had maybe 2 or 3 outages. Compare that to Comcast who I was usually on the phone with once or twice a month because the internet was down, I had my own equipment with them. I don't really care that AT&T charges me an extra $7 a month for a modem, because their shit simply works and saves me time/frustration from having to deal with Satan's minions over at Comcast.

  • 96donov
    96donov 3 months ago

    dont give the isp control over your internet mate

  • TRDlife
    TRDlife 3 months ago

    But if brake u renting it they will replace for free

  • Luuk Wuijster
    Luuk Wuijster 3 months ago

    I just have the free modem from the ISP, but I will have to give it back if I decide to switch to an other ISP. And the modem is great!
    The WiFi not so much, but they called like a year ago to ask how our WiFi was. We said it wasn't really good so they came by to install a WiFi extender upstairs and pull the cable FOR FREE!

  • The LOLbertarian
    The LOLbertarian 3 months ago

    Even buying the modem from the ISP works out better over time. Own your shit lol...

  • CipherBytes
    CipherBytes 3 months ago

    The problem is that many cable companies try to make it difficult for you if you use your own modem. They are slow to respond to customer service requests or they limit "compatibility" to certain models which can be expensive. Any time there is an issue, they will blame your modem for it. Lease fees are a part of their profits.
    Mine is only $5 per month which is not bad. My main concern is that I don't like them having any access to my LAN. Therefore I put my own Mikrotik router behind their router. I also obtained the root password to their router and cloned the MAC. I also turned of their wireless services.
    They like to watch your traffic as well, so I have a special purpose VPN, a foreign server I pay for $5 a month with a 2GB pipe, sFTP, and more.

  • rafael alberto brea reyes

    I have 1.2 Mbit/s internet and is the fastest in my country 😭😭😭😭😭

  • terry waller
    terry waller 3 months ago

    Depends on how much a teckie you are. If you own the modem/router your responsible for setting it up and maintaining it. If you buy it it's your job to keep it working.

  • From a Shadow
    From a Shadow 3 months ago

    I foolishly rented when I first began using internet. The cheap modems would regularly go bad about every two months so I finally bought one and its been working for 5 years.

  • Milpool
    Milpool 3 months ago

    Why the fuck do we have to rent shit from everyone. Software, music, video, etc. This is why people pirate shit.

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 3 months ago

    In our neighborhood, we tried different modems and none of them work 100%, our provider is Xfinity(comcast), so we ended up renting the modem from them. The one we bought kept disconnecting or had such slow speeds compare to what we were paying for. I do not know if it was Comcast doing it or what.

  • Lonnie Sargent
    Lonnie Sargent 3 months ago

    When I first got cable I bought 3 new modems within 3 years, all 3 failed (they were all Linksys) within the first year of use. I got tired of spending money on something that wouldn't last a year so I started renting for $5 a month. Yes, I have had to replace my rented modems twice in the last 10 years but it is a very easy and painless process. Costs me $60 a year, I get free replacements if necessary, hell every few years I take my modem in and exchange it for one of their newer models.

  • læzy lozer 2600
    læzy lozer 2600 3 months ago

    I didn't even know they costed money, these things are like usually free or $1 (for older ones)
    (Goodwill outlest)

  • Nutellah
    Nutellah 3 months ago

    i only got 45mbps *cri* i want more tbh if i wouldve been able to i would want like 500-600mbps

  • Dan Gingerich
    Dan Gingerich 3 months ago

    One major thing you don't address in this is security.
    1. The all-in-one units the ISPs give out are configured to allow support to remote in and "assist" with some tech problems. One angry former support tech could utilize those back doors and wreak havok on customers' connections or utilize them for capturing user data.
    2. Those same units have wifi that have a feature called WPS, or Wifi Protected Setup. This is a HUGE misnomer, as not only is it not really "protected", but it introduces a huge security hole that a wardriving hacker could use to gain access to a network in under 2 hours, with a typical hack time of 30-40 minutes. Once they hook into the network, it is easy to just run wireshark and capture all the data packet crossing the network to a hard drive for half a day or something, and get all the data needed for many banking web sites, or at the very least all the users' email addresses and sell it to spammers. Sometimes these people are just after an internet connection that they can use to share out their pirated movie and music collection, which can get the owner of the network sued for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by the MPAA or RIAA. Most off the shelf routers also include this very insecure "feature", but at least they can turn that off on some of them. It can't be turned off on any of the all-in-one units from ISPs.
    3. All of the ISP all-in-one units and most of the off the shelf routers have security holes that the manufacturer isn't interested in patching, one of which would allow someone with the right knowledge to just telnet into a certain port on a router, issue one command without even a login, and record all upstream traffic crossing the router. Most connections have a much lower upstream speed, such as a Comcast Xfinity connection running 250/10 (250Mb/s down 10 Mb/s up), which would hardly be noticed if it were cloned and downloaded to someone else. Who would notice their download speed suddenly went from 250 to 240?
    This is why I advise getting 3 things, regardless of the ISP: your own cable modem, preferably a Netgear, a small business or pfsense router WITHOUT WIRELESS, and a small business class wireless access point WITHOUT WPS.
    1. The modem is secured, and not allowing back doors for ISP "support".
    2. The router doesn't have nearly as many security concerns, and with small business class, FAR better support and updates in case of discovered security issues. I prefer pfsense because it can be run on commoditized PC hardware, easily on a dual core Atom mini PC, is actively updated regularly, and isn't dependent on a particular company for maintenance. Pfsense looks to me to be FAR more secure than any other firewall or router on the market.
    3. Wifi that is very hard to hack because it is meant for business use and does not have that huge security hole that is WPS. Even better, with most small business wireless APs, it is possible to create an isolated guest wifi channel that doesn't have access to the main network or other devices on that guest wifi channel. Some even allow for restricted bandwidth on the guest wifi channel, but those usually cost more.
    4. Most importantly, any small business router worth its price and any pfsense router have options that can stop malware from being downloaded by users and stop traffic to botnets. They can even block entire geographic regions from the local network. They offer HUGE security advantages even of the user is dumb enough to get into all sorts of trouble.
    Security should be the biggest concern for any internet user. There are many people out there ready and willing to use any means they can find to steal other people's money, and it doesn't matter to them if the person is innocent or a "nice person" when they rob them. Many more aren't looking to rob people, but just sharing out pirated movies can leave innocent people with court ordered payments that would leave most people completely destitute for decades. These hackers can destroy lives, leaving people unable to make a living anymore, even to support themselves, let alone a family. It is very important to protect against these people. Securing a network costs a bit of money, but it is far cheaper than being hacked, and the more people that properly secure their network, the more focused the criminals will be on those who don't.

  • EpicSOB sunabich
    EpicSOB sunabich 3 months ago

    ... Still waiting for the beep

  • Lirilie
    Lirilie 3 months ago

    I like the little chuckle your staff gave right before the sponsor pitch. 😂😂

  • Brian Maier
    Brian Maier 3 months ago

    I purchased my first modem 8 years ago and I saved myself the $10.00 per month rental fee. I had to replace it this year but It was still worth it.

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerTools 3 months ago

    Most, and yes I mean MOST cable companys still support even DOCSIS 1.1 and 1.0 modems. With blazing fast 26 (ish) Mb/s speeds. Whats cool about that is they have been cracked open like a thin shelled peanut and some people use them for redundant connections at their homes since the legacy nodes share a line but are usually separate.... and some people just use them to get free internet. Looking at you sb5101 and 5100 users. Even docsis 2.0 is barely secure. DOCSIS 1.1 is so insecure that once connected to a node on a hacked modem, you can sniff packets, change your physical address to your neighbors and brows the web as them or intercept everything meant for them. Basically I'm saying don't use it even if it's an option or you have a VPN or killer intrusion detection system.

  • SuperSandro2000
    SuperSandro2000 3 months ago

    Here in Germany the rented router is usually shit and insecure.

  • Jake Britton
    Jake Britton 4 months ago

    Most ISP providers don't tell you what settings are needed for your modem to work, so they can limit how you can use the internet with crippled networking. I always bypass their hardware and use the internet like the way it was designed.

    • Timothy Grimes
      Timothy Grimes 4 months ago

      what are you talking about? there are no "settings" that need to be tweaked to make your cable modem work. modems are just layer 1 devices. Maybe your talking about combo modems? which are modems with built in routers. but even then.. they work right out of the box.. ISP's dont change any settings on them. you think they individually log into thousands of modems and manually change settings? no matter if its theirs or your own (if supported) your modem will download a docsis config file generated by them to make your modem work as best as possible. this isn't something you can do yourself. and you can't bypass your modem.. you can bypass an external router but not a modem.

  • Una Salus Victis
    Una Salus Victis 4 months ago

    gonna get a netgear nighthawk gateway next year sometime, the POS they gave us restarts daily on its own, but im assured its not set to do that... and isnt being told to do that miss has horrible support, but my god was it reliable... just connected my router directly to the ONT set theirs up as a network extender and moca router, and, bam, worked so well i had to restart, all of 3 times in the year we had it... including the times had to restart the ONT...
    they need to give us a boost to upload speeds... gigabit with 12mbit upload is silly..(seen it offered not far from here and was like "wtf" )

  • I dont want to use my real name

    PIA will not accept my credit card.

  • Okto
    Okto 4 months ago

    40Mbit is about the fastest you'll get where I live! The network is still using some of the old copper phone line, but today that's only for the last bit to the house.

  • Tristan Ryan
    Tristan Ryan 4 months ago

    lmao @ SP comcast

  • Colonel Potter
    Colonel Potter 4 months ago

    I have an eero system but I rent the modem still

  • Mariusz Chrobak
    Mariusz Chrobak 4 months ago

    Amateurs... I bought my own modem, router (non wifi), switch and access point...

  • UR_Maki_Chan
    UR_Maki_Chan 4 months ago

    For Cox’s affordable internet rental fee for a dual router modem rental = better buy a isp supporting dual router modem since it’s $90 a month for the rental plus California taxes. 😰

  • Pedro Cruz
    Pedro Cruz 4 months ago

    I called at&t to ask about a list of modems that are compatible with there services. And they told me after market modems do not handle their services. Can any one point me in the direction to purchase my own modem

  • rmx77
    rmx77 4 months ago

    sadly comcast/xfinity is very limited in the modem it can run. the thing is that xfinity voice is limited to one model only and no others cause of the fact it has the built in phone jack setup. i have only ever seen the arris or netgear whichever its labeled that has the internal phone jack that works with xfinity voice. :(

  • Ian
    Ian 4 months ago

    my city lafayette la has 10gbs

  • Crimson Ghost
    Crimson Ghost 4 months ago

    The modems from the ISP is usually crap.

  • CriticalHitsTHACO
    CriticalHitsTHACO 4 months ago

    my provider...(those cox) LOVE to tell me my stuff is old out dated and needs upgrading. my modem died on me in 2015. so a bought a new one. i missed a monthly payment some where a while ago. so when i went in and paid up i mentioned that my internet seemed to die out at the same time every night. this magicly stopped happening once my bill was current (surprise surprise.) but as soon as i told her that...the lady was swooping in and looking at stuff i did not care for here to look at. "oh look your modem is kinda old. we can hook you up with one of ours its just $50 extra every month."
    YEAH ...HELL TO THE FUCK NO. if the modem i have lasts 20 years (and it should be able to) im not 'upgrading' a damn thing. its bad enough my bill has increased 5 bucks every year for the past 7 years. while my speed hasnt changed. i keep hoping google fiber will hurry up and make its way into my town. these guys suck. id gladly ditch em, but they are the only broadband in town. its not fucking right.

  • My baby is RETARDID
    My baby is RETARDID 4 months ago

    Nowadays hackers don't install malware on your computer. They put it in your modems and routers. If you think you have malware on your modem you can send it to the ISP and get another. If you buy one, (like I did) you can't return it. You're stuck with it.

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson 4 months ago

    My modem was free. It was gave to me by some one who was upgrading. My Wi-fi router only cost me $5 at a yard sell. SO I really lucked out.

  • DeadOmega
    DeadOmega 4 months ago

    Customer Service didnt even know what DOCSIS is XD.
    They will send me a Arris TM620B/S Telephone Modem from like 2011 that supports DOCSIS 2.0, at least thats what they said on the phone.
    Living in an internet Third World country is tough guys.

  • Robert Blakemore
    Robert Blakemore 4 months ago

    Comcast will charge 13 dollars a month in 2019, it comes out to 156 dollars a year and they broadcast your wi-fi to the world as "hot spots". I want my internet to be ether net only . You also can take it with you when you move.

    • Timothy Grimes
      Timothy Grimes 4 months ago

      ​+Robert Blakemore That's what i said " It doesn't affect your usage as it has a separate service flow". Either way, you can turn off the public wifi here: will take 24 hrs to take affect.

    • Robert Blakemore
      Robert Blakemore 4 months ago

      +Timothy Grimes Comcast Hot Spots are not metered to your account so you can use it to cut your data usage. However,I still do not trust that there cannot be some kind of rossover.

    • Timothy Grimes
      Timothy Grimes 4 months ago

      they broadcast a "separate" on net wifi hot spot thats only usable by people with comcast accounts.. you have to log in. It doesn't affect your usage as it has a separate service flow. so its not "your own" wifi. if it helps any. But even so i agree i don't like that my modem i rent has public wifi. even if it doens't really affect me.

  • Justin Beaird
    Justin Beaird 4 months ago

    The boxes ISP provide are the the bottom of the barrel cheapest ones they could get. And if you buy one elsewhere it is usually paid off within a year of owning it.

  • CarimboHanky
    CarimboHanky 4 months ago

    when i first got internet back in 1998 i paid rental($5/month) for a modem for about 2years then i bought my own modem.
    in the past 18years i have bought 2 modems

  • WoodyBLike
    WoodyBLike 4 months ago

    As a Spectrum technician, there are a couple or few things I will mention.
    In the Kentucky area, we use a few manufacturers. Ubee, Motorola, Technicolor, and Hitron. For Wifi, it's Sagemcom.
    DOCSIS 3.0 modems are used for all speeds type up to 400M. However, the way our service is built, if you want 1Gig, the only modems that are approved to work are our own DOCSIS 3.1 modems. Some of our modems do have 32 channels or 24 channels. However, they do not support up to a Gig. Why? No idea. Could be something to do with the way everything works.
    Spectrum provides the cable modem for free (yes, it vastly differs from one provider to the next) and the only thing that costs extra is the router. I highly do not recommend renting your own modem for a number of reasons.
    1. We run trouble calls for modems that are approved, constantly. This is namely due to the customer setting everything up themselves and us only making sure the speeds work. But down the line, these modems can easily cause time out errors and sync errors. When a service provider provides a piece of equipment for free, it's for a good reason.
    2. If your technician arrives and wants to install a modem and router combo, just ask for a separate solution.
    3. Do not complain about your speeds if you bought your own equipment. We can guarantee our wired speeds. NEVER WiFi because every single house is different in the devices, wall material and size of the house.

  • NVR's Giftshop
    NVR's Giftshop 4 months ago

    Rent, because your ISP wont help you otherwise.

  • Dave
    Dave 4 months ago

    Time Warner required me to pay a $15 rental fee for my modem, even if I provided my own Motorola DOCSIS 3. It's a rip off, and why I switched to FiOS.

  • A Tragedy
    A Tragedy 4 months ago

    it is possible to have internet service with no modem rental fees. you just have to find them. Rogers and Bell is not one of them. Virgin is.

  • S Ericson
    S Ericson 4 months ago

    4:19 There is actually a company in my area (US Internet) that at one point offered 10Gbps for home users, but they don't appear to anymore. I have no idea if it actually worked, though, and it cost $300 per MONTH.

    • S Ericson
      S Ericson 4 months ago

      Here's an archived page from 2016 that says it cost $400/mo, although I think I remember it being $300 around 6 months ago when I was helping my parents shop for a new ISP.

  • Quix
    Quix 4 months ago

    I'm surprised that people can't figure this out alone. Figure out what it costs / number of months to see where the break even point is. If you think you're going to have the service longer than that or not. And as for "validated modems". You can buy the same model if you want.

  • Quake Law
    Quake Law 4 months ago

    i have tried PIA, but it seemed like it messed up my connection.. on windows 10 laptop

  • Comp Wiz2007
    Comp Wiz2007 4 months ago

    There is no debate, if you plan on living there any amount of time you should BUY..

  • Z
    Z 4 months ago

    Uhm since when do you rent a modem😂😂

  • Chaos Dom
    Chaos Dom 4 months ago

    I dont rent mine was free
    Also had a power out it died got a new one free

  • ZeroHero
    ZeroHero 4 months ago

    I work for a certain Japanese ISP. We provide the modem free of charge as long as the customer doesn't damage or lose it. Generally its better to just rent because an ISP will just replace it should it stop working for any reason that is not at your fault, at no additional charge.

  • QuietStormX
    QuietStormX 4 months ago

    This is only for Legacy Cable than Verizon Fios with the speed of light.

  • Gerardo Gomez
    Gerardo Gomez 4 months ago

    My bought a separate router and instead of improving speed it decreased it the modem-routher does better by itself I think!

  • Matthew Mello
    Matthew Mello 4 months ago

    Too bad it isn't a MODEM.

  • Alrighty Then
    Alrighty Then 4 months ago

    Why rent a modem when subbing to PewDiePie is free?

  • Silviu Toma
    Silviu Toma 4 months ago

    I don't know how it is in other countries but here in Romania it's a good idea to rent a modem because if it breaks the ISP will fix it or replace it for free and its also cheap enough to rent, something like 0.64 euro a month

  • Tech Land
    Tech Land 4 months ago

    In France you don't have the choice you must rent the ISP modem to get Internet and that sucks.

  • Aelo Balthrop
    Aelo Balthrop 4 months ago

    There are only two major available ISPs i Houston Tx. Comcast/ATT thats it..... Expensive and UNDERPERFORMING stealing your data.....

  • Levi Bond
    Levi Bond 4 months ago

    I bought my modem for $99 in 2011. I've lost count of how many times it's paid for itself.

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ 4 months ago

    I get mine for free. I was just upgraded to a new modem Now I get 150 Mbps .. And I live in the Sticks in Georgia! My isp does not charge for the modem...

  • Dawn Logan
    Dawn Logan 4 months ago

    Time Warner had a featured where you can connect to various public Wi-Fi around town if you install their app on your phone. I thought this was awesome. Then I looked at the map to see where these Wi-Fi routers were. Many of them were in residential areas. Turns out if you use their provided modem, not only do you pay a monthly fee on your bill for the equipment, but you also are providing Wi-Fi to mobile devices connecting to your router via the app. I immediately returned their equipment and purchased my own. My signal coverage is so much better now.

  • evman1396
    evman1396 4 months ago

    ADSL is not around as much but VDSL2 is still very much relevant. VDSL2 achieves speeds of up to 100mbps over twisted pair copper wires (telephone cord). This is also what most cable modems currently provide as well.

  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk 4 months ago

    here in the netherlands we used to have a couple of tenners deposit on them,
    but after ending the subscription and getting your money, they never really bother to ask it back,
    so i guess we get them for free these days.
    my parents still a motorola and ubee cable modem we got sent when they upgraded to eurodocsis 2.0, and an old experia box lol

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 4 months ago

    The big problem for many people with providing their own gear is that you are more or less on your own if you have a problem and eventually you will. It costs a little more but the real advantage of getting the equipment from the provider is that you are then buying an end-to-end service and they are responsible for all but your PC's at the end of the chain. DIY is certainly a great an valid way to go but for many it is just easier to let them take care of it all.

  • Vibinator
    Vibinator 4 months ago

    Mmm, Where i live everyone got a free fibre router as part of a island wide fibre rollout.

  • Dave Kwiatkowski
    Dave Kwiatkowski 4 months ago


  • Bandrosonk
    Bandrosonk 4 months ago

    Yeah my mother bought the exact router/modem combo and it sucks.

  • Dueling Fatties Gaming
    Dueling Fatties Gaming 4 months ago

    Rent. When you rent any issues are the ISP's responsibility. When you have your own what ever happens to it is your responsibility. And often because if legal issues they can't and won't troubleshoot them. Which makes perfect sense considering if they say reset if from their end and it messed up, they'd be on the hook for the cost.

  • fastede III52
    fastede III52 4 months ago

    Buy one it will work better!!

  • Retguard
    Retguard 4 months ago

    I don't understand why they charge us for them. We pay for the service, we need that equipment to use the service. Why are we paying it? On top of that, like Linus said, it saves them costs from someone having a non-provided modem. Less time/money spent on trouble shooting, on service calls, on tech support. Using their offered modemn should literally save them money... So why are we being charged?

  • Jaylen Y
    Jaylen Y 4 months ago

    Is a modem the same as a router? Whats the difference between the two?

  • Marco Cervantes
    Marco Cervantes 4 months ago

    I own mine here in Orange County / Los Angeles. The ones Time Warner gave would give out and turn to trash LOL.
    It's been a CHAMP + the separate wireless router.

  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix 4 months ago

    @2:06 That means buying is a double-edged sword from the ISP's perspective.

  • Twml
    Twml 4 months ago

    Bell aliant in Canada. Won't let you use your own router. If you do they won't help you at all. Any issues even with their gear they will blame your often way more expensive quality router.

  • SmilesAreDaggers
    SmilesAreDaggers 4 months ago

    You missed that golden opportunity for a sponsor spot from ASUS for the WiFi routers on bigger houses with their AI mesh technology ... cmon guys

  • James Briggs
    James Briggs 4 months ago

    One positive of renting your modem from your ISP is, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Anytime it fails, you just get it replaced. If the router you buy fails out of warranty. You gotta go buy another one.

  • Xasmanius Völk
    Xasmanius Völk 4 months ago

    1:05 lol. Ddos-master.

  • Tawé Lo
    Tawé Lo 4 months ago +1

    *_Freebox Delta ?_*

  • Ethereal
    Ethereal 4 months ago

    We don't pay for modems in the UK, and on the off chance you do, it's an upfront fee.

  • becommunist
    becommunist 4 months ago

    I get 700 kb/s oof

  • toshineon
    toshineon 4 months ago

    Where I live there's not even a need for a modem, just a router plugged into a box-looking thing in the wall. How that works or what's going on in my apartment I have no idea of.

  • The Snowed One
    The Snowed One 4 months ago

    "ADSL is less common" - except in Australia of course. >< :)

  • 云梦丁氏
    云梦丁氏 4 months ago

    Umm what about free rental?

  • Jimmy Tran
    Jimmy Tran 4 months ago

    Can you do a Techquickie on Multigigabit Technology? It kinda flew under the radar a couple of years ago, but it is kinda cool tech.

  • Seth Kopp
    Seth Kopp 4 months ago +1

    AT&T U-Verse requires you to rent their Residential Gateway and there is no way around it. You must pay the 7 dollars a month , (United States)

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 4 months ago

    Lol seriously here in the UK Every internet service provider would give you a modem free of charge and they never asked for it back at the end of the contract. Once and once only I saw there was a installation fee which I think was like £30 but I cant remember exactly.