Nietzsche and the Nazis by Stephen R. C. Hicks (Full Audiobook)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2013
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    This audiobook edition of Nietzsche and the Nazis is read by the author, Dr. Stephen Hicks.

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    00:00 Part 1. Introduction: Philosophy and History/1. Fascinated by history
    03:36 2. What is philosophy of history?
    04:46 Part 2. Explaining Nazism Philosophically/3. How could Nazism happen?
    06:17 4. Five weak explanations for National Socialism
    14:31 5. Explaining Nazism philosophically
    21:40 Part 3. National Socialist Philosophy/6. The Nazi Party Program
    22:44 7. Collectivism, not individualism
    24:01 8. Economic socialism, not capitalism
    27:40 9. Nationalism, not internationalism or cosmopolitanism
    32:25 10. Authoritarianism, not liberal democracy
    35:21 11. Idealism, not politics as usual
    38:42 12. Nazi democratic success
    41:05 Part 4. The Nazis in Power/13. Political controls
    43:27 14. Education
    51:28 15. Censorship
    55:32 16. Eugenics
    1:05:16 17. Economic controls
    1:11:37 18. Militarization
    1:15:55 19. The Holocaust
    1:20:31 20. The question of Nazism’s philosophical roots
    1:24:58 Part 5. Nietzsche’s Life and Influence/21. Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?
    1:27:56 22. God is dead
    1:30:27 23. Nihilism’s symptoms
    1:34:20 24. Masters and slaves
    1:46:05 25. The origin of slave morality
    2:01:53 26. The Overman
    2:10:44 Part 6. Nietzsche against the Nazis/27. Five differences
    2:12:08 28. On the “blond beast” and racism
    2:15:19 29. On contemporary Germans
    2:16:53 30. On anti-Semitism
    2:18:36 31. On the Jews
    2:21:10 32. On Judaism and Christianity
    2:24:27 33. Summary of the five differences
    2:26:06 Part 7. Nietzsche as a Proto-Nazi/34. Anti-individualism and collectivism
    2:36:38 35. Conflict of groups
    2:39:31 36. Instinct, passion, and anti-reason
    2:43:42 37. Conquest and war
    2:48:36 38. Authoritarianism
    2:52:00 39. Summary of the five similarities
    2:53:18 Part 8. Conclusion: Nazi and Anti-Nazi Philosophies/40. Hindsight and future resolve
    2:57:34 41. Principled anti-Nazism

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  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders 4 months ago +273

    This is 8 years old. I can't believe I'm just hearing this for the first time. This is incredibly well done.

    • Luke Griffin
      Luke Griffin 2 days ago

      @Terra Cotta ⁰0000

    • Charles Sanders
      Charles Sanders 11 days ago

      @Jerel March i never said i was special.

    • john r
      john r Month ago

      Only a sick man listens to 8 year olds in the way you described

    • Andres Sauvage
      Andres Sauvage Month ago

      @Winnie Thuo Yes but if I read this book looking to my left , I increasingly found myself myself myself as Nietzsche himself, rather than just seeing through his eyes of 100 years and his dead quill? I was in that diner, Jerry McCalloum was working, when he also introduced me to De Vermis Mysteriis.

    • HG Harry
      HG Harry 2 months ago +1

      @Grizzly Addams I particularly enjoyed the quality of his voice

  • Andrew Pickering
    Andrew Pickering Month ago +35

    Say what we will, not only a thought provoking interpretation, and so beautifully produced. Thank you.

    • Zack From Work
      Zack From Work 7 days ago

      @Maloy Audy wtf chill with the k

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 14 days ago

      @Maloy Audy … ?

    • Maloy Audy
      Maloy Audy 14 days ago

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    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago +3

      Actually the aurthor lied and likely uses notes from Neit’s ‘private journals’ which were altered by his sister and father to support the party.

      In fact if you read his genealogy of morality he attacks racism, socialism, nationalism, science and religion most openly in the 3rd chapter.

  • The Not Chosen
    The Not Chosen Month ago +32

    As a moderately educated man I find a lot of info goes over my head ,I am so happy that the author has wrote this book with people like me in mind ,This is an amazing book

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 14 days ago +2

      @James Hooper or alternatively they bring up and cute evidence for such.

      The ignorant cite others for their burden of proof and are shocked when you criticize some of the other person’s stuff.

      For a example “oh they had money so they were capitalists”
      Meanwhile if you cite Marx- he refers to capitalist money as commodity money- meaning Tobacco leafs, bullets, metals or meat= commodity money.
      What is used today is Fiat, or in other places ration cards.

      Fiat is supported by monetary theory as a ‘proof of work’ and ‘we can’t have hyper inflation because we can just tax the inflation away’ as some say… doesn’t quite work that way.
      If we go by shadow stacks- what we used in the 70’s which counted food and energy price into inflation we’d be at 19.6% inflation this year, but it’s at 7% because we changed to make it lower after it became a political issue.
      Now in January of 2022 we plan to change how we calculate inflation… for political benefit.

    • James Hooper
      James Hooper 14 days ago +1

      If you ask an ignorant person how smart they are they will tell you all about their incredible wealth of knowledge. The truly intelligent will tell you how much they don't know.

    • Gresham Gattuso
      Gresham Gattuso 22 days ago +2

      this book is propaganda see David Irvings Hitlers War. Or Secret gold treaty were nazis bought 250 companies in the US after WWII germany had 30 jewish high level officers. 150,000 jewish soldiers.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago +1

      @Rick Gee collectivism and capitalism are false dicodomies.

      Any radical group can have a Heaven but that alone won’t secure it- for that it needs a devil.

      The correct answer to economics from interventionism to non interventionism scale is this.

      Marxism, Keynesianism, monetarism, Chicago school, Austrian school.

      For a example of Keynesianism- see Keynes open letter to FDR- specifically the last paragraph.

      Capitalism was a slur Europe made.

      Adam smith’s book wealth of nations was a criticism of mercantilism systems that Europe heavily used.

      Since they believed- rightfully so given the state of the council of the 13 colonies -that it would fall under and instead it ran circles around them.

      So instead of saying ‘okay maybe our system has trade offs’ they doubled down and made anti worker laws believing production was what made America have its money in short a unnatural push for industrialization- oh and taxes pushed to keep those industries up and running to subsidize them.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      @Rick Gee 1/3 of the comment is all I can get by TheXvid’s censors

      ironically german socialism was a thing and a idea- as there was a socialist group in French that were in fact more Anarcho capitalists- sadly the guy’s name is complicated and his work was butchered by the pope.

      Summary his class system wasn’t anything of equality of any form of wealth, history of of race but a class system based on the politically benefited as the exploiters and the Neo Hegelians basically hijacked the dying philosophy that was socialism- Hegel was a big statist and so was Sigmund.

  • Menapho
    Menapho 3 months ago +17

    Outstanding!! There’s so much to comment on that I can only. Be silent and fully take in all that was presented.
    Excellent narration! Now I need to purchase the book.

  • Shahab Studio
    Shahab Studio 2 months ago +7

    Excellent study on the subject. Very logical and great observations based on facts and very well explained

    RAUL CHEVALIER CASELLA 4 months ago +100

    Thanks for sharing this very lucid and docunentated book. Listening to this, I really made this couple of days worthy of spending.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 3 months ago +100

    Excellent book. Listening to it for the third time. Thank you so much for reading it to us. You have a great voice and steady cadence (not sing-song like so many others).

  • Botir Ibragimov
    Botir Ibragimov 3 months ago +47

    When I finished listening one audiobook, TheXvid automatically started to play it. And I was blown away, all the things we discussed in philosophy classes in university with my professors about all this !. And now it was in 3 hours !, 👏🏻!. Wow 8 years ago uploaded but I searched all about it never to find !. Now it’s in recommending 😂

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN 2 months ago

      Just because the lecture created 8 years ago, doesn’t mean it was available on TheXvid or free.

    • Freethinkerer D
      Freethinkerer D 2 months ago +1

      @Ivan Bojikov The book reminded more of Trump than anything. Oddly a lot of socialists Nazi types love Trump. I think it is everything this book spoke about, other than the socialism part. Did you notice how this book did not really delve into socialism much?

    • myowngenesis
      myowngenesis 3 months ago

      @Ivan Bojikov Mussolini happened and it must be the rule yeah?

    • Ivan Bojikov
      Ivan Bojikov 3 months ago +3

      Now I know why so many socialists and anarchists convert easily into nazys and vice versa.

    • Jose Caldeira
      Jose Caldeira 3 months ago +1

      Could it be attributed to improvements in algorithmic programming in IT?

  • bryan nuñez
    bryan nuñez 4 months ago +698

    I’m listening to this while picking up trash 😌
    Never stop educating yourself. One of the benefits of my “robot” job is that I have time to listen to tons of educational content. People are impressed when a little worker bee like me can form a well articulated opinion on critical issues

    • Gabriel Burdette
      Gabriel Burdette 3 days ago

      Eli K. Webber

      I g CBC

    • Philosophical Tool
      Philosophical Tool 5 days ago

      @Guy Fawkes Amen Brother - by The Winstons - the most sampled 6 seconds in music history:

      You're welcome for filling your mind with meaningful knowledge ☝🤓

    • Guy Fawkes
      Guy Fawkes 5 days ago

      Amen brother, I'm similar, from humble beginnings and working hard while filling my mind with knowledge.

    • JT
      JT 13 days ago

      Amen Bryan ❤️

    • Philosophical Tool
      Philosophical Tool 18 days ago +1

      @bryan nuñez Work your head around this then:

      At 5:50 he speaks about resources, for war indeed.

      And then, there we go, sliding down our beloved slippery slope, after we are told to believe simply what everyone is told about the millions killed, to just blindly jump on that bandwagon, but also that we can make even greater mental gymnastics, believing those pesky Germans were so proficient at everything they did, that they could, as we are told, mostly at the end of the war, while losing on two fronts against the Allied forces AND the Russians, they could still somehow manage to eradicate many millions of people... (for which the ash fields were never found to account for said numbers btw... )

      Not to mention the fact that *all* those extermination camps were 'conveniently' behind the so called Iron Curtain, so the West could not investigate the validity of said extermination (as they did in the ones that were on 'our side' of that Iron Curtain, where no proof was found for said exterminations), is in no way a red flag, pun intended, of a typical example of (communist Russian) war propaganda.

      Nor is it an example of glaringly obviously, doing away with the simplest of philosophical tools we know all know as Ockham's Razor....

      Well, at least he had my attention for almost 6 million, sorry, minutes..

      Oh, before you write me off as some 'denier', I'm merely pointing out the obvious and fallacious.
      Also, Hitler didn't hate the Jews because they were Jewish, but because they were Commies.
      Looked around lately?
      They, not the Jews but the commies/Marxists, are rolling out their NWO as we speak.
      Ta ta!

  • Lila Silk
    Lila Silk 6 months ago +93

    In the beginning I didn't think I was going to enjoy this book as much as I did. It was engaging and interesting, with lots to contemplate and/or think about, sections 24 and 25 especially, because of the universal values. Beautifully narrated. I remember your talk about post-modernism in Melbourne, Australia in 2020, where I got to experience first hand your calmness, which is very unique to you and admirable. Great work and thank you for sharing it with us.

    • kevin nelson
      kevin nelson 2 months ago +1


    • Magi
      Magi 5 months ago +1

    • Theresa Heyer
      Theresa Heyer 6 months ago +5

      @Charles Spires Blavatsky?

    • Charles Spires
      Charles Spires 6 months ago +1

      See it's like this,when he starts talking about " whatquality " ultimately " prevails I bet a lot of you out there had to go hhhmm...let's call madame blovotzgy????

  • chad rocca
    chad rocca 4 months ago +1

    Great explanation of slavery and how the poor teach thier children how to survive with religion.

  • AceStormtrooper
    AceStormtrooper 4 months ago +30

    That was an awesome lecture.

    • JARY
      JARY 2 months ago

      It's an audio book I think

  • exquisitedoom Lapointe
    exquisitedoom Lapointe Month ago +25

    Didn't think i'd like this, but the way myths are dismantled here very early on really caught my attention. That's extremely persuasive to me and i knew immediately you had some nuanced take on this. Really gave me a lot of food for thought. Thank you!

    • Miki Meadows
      Miki Meadows 6 days ago

      Now listen to Jordan Peterson take on Nietzsche and socialism

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      He doesn’t seem to know that Nietzsche’s sister and friend cooped his work and notes, made fakes of it to support the **Zi party.

      In his genealogy of morality he attacked nationalism, socialism, religion, racial ideas and so on- specifically in chapter 3.

    • Justin Mercer
      Justin Mercer Month ago


  • David B. III
    David B. III 3 months ago +11

    Wow. Eye opening 👍 thank you. I learned about myself during this

  • AaNnIsHiAa SeEs
    AaNnIsHiAa SeEs 3 months ago +3

    Yes! We only support what is natural to our own perspective. That is why it is important to be mindful and equitable in everything we do regardless of anything else. Im happy you posted. ❣️

    • AaNnIsHiAa SeEs
      AaNnIsHiAa SeEs 3 months ago

      @Tyler Scofield The thesaurus states that inequitable is the antonym for equal. Semantics. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Tyler Scofield
      Tyler Scofield 3 months ago +1

      Equitable why would anyone want that? Why would anyone want to be given anything? Equitable not Equally, why?

  • Den Maskerade Daskaren
    Den Maskerade Daskaren 3 months ago +41

    Such a good narrator. Perfect to listen to while going to sleep. 🙌

    • Rohan Saini
      Rohan Saini 14 days ago

      @alex carter I mean it’s a book. You have to earn that money

    • alex carter
      alex carter 3 months ago

      Except for the fucking ads. Leaving my downvote and outta here.

  • Conscious Music
    Conscious Music  2 months ago +56

    I found this by accident. This is one of the coolest things Ive ever listened to.

    • Ci11antr0 Gaming
      Ci11antr0 Gaming 2 days ago

      5H 57.MNNMh


      N NNh.m5yh55


    • Anthony Ceravolo
      Anthony Ceravolo Month ago +1

      @Dan Quilty you are quite right, and people refuse to see it.

    • Dan Quilty
      Dan Quilty Month ago +3

      @Anthony Ceravolo you don’t have to imagine mate. We are living in the beginning of 1984 meets the brave new world right now

    • Anthony Ceravolo
      Anthony Ceravolo Month ago

      Coolest yet most terrifying thing ever. Imagine living in this world; books like 1984 and A Brave New World are books that hint at what could happen if you give up freedoms as did the Germans and Austrians in the early 20th century, like we hear here. These we were horrible people humans just as Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong.

    • Dan Quilty
      Dan Quilty Month ago +1

      Now watch Europa the Last Battle

  • angela olinger
    angela olinger 3 days ago +5

    Fantastic interpretation based on historical facts backed up by quotes. So deep and thought provoking that I ordered the book to read it for a deeper understanding.

  • Jack Klam
    Jack Klam 4 months ago +7

    Very informative and valuable analysis. Well written and clearly argued. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for uploading.

    • Arlando AMB67
      Arlando AMB67 4 months ago

      I agree with you this was good got me thinking 🤔💭👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿

  • Mona Ross
    Mona Ross Month ago +36

    This book was a wonderful informative read ♥️

  • ulicadluga
    ulicadluga 3 months ago +64

    Such enlightening reading (listening).

    At 2:45:00, I realised that we have, as a society still not learnt.

    • van elsin
      van elsin 2 months ago +2

      @Neon White oh shush up lol

    • Devyani Patil
      Devyani Patil 2 months ago +1

      Perhaps we never will

    • Neon White
      Neon White 2 months ago

      That's why we will never get rid of war, nor should we want to; it's the only way to determine which system is better.

    • Neon White
      Neon White 2 months ago

      @ulicadluga I wouldnt say 'wrong', perhaps sub-optimal... We are a species in transition, from communal beasts such as chimpanzees, into eusocial organisms such as ants and bees. This will require a lot of experimentation; a lot of prototypes of civilization, but I feel like we'll get there soon if we can manage to keep ourselves from going back to the stone age...

    • ulicadluga
      ulicadluga 2 months ago +2

      @Neon White True. But, our present systems may be proven wrong in the future. Just think of "Brexit"!

  • Paulo César
    Paulo César Month ago +10

    So many years later it is so good to ser how many people came together to watch this masterpiece

    • Matthew Henderson
      Matthew Henderson Month ago

      Does this book hate on Nazis?

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      Actually the aurthor lied and likely uses notes from Neit’s ‘private journals’ which were altered by his sister and father to support the party.

      In fact if you read his genealogy of morality he attacks racism, socialism, nationalism, science and religion most openly in the 3rd chapter.

    • Pickled Onions
      Pickled Onions Month ago

      @Stoned Canoe r 8 ettee

    • Stoned Canoe
      Stoned Canoe Month ago

      I been dwelling yt for years, most of the truthers have already been scrubbed. Good to see stuff like this around

  • Shannon
    Shannon 3 months ago +74

    It seems many have found this in their recommendations during these trying times. This book terrifies me, yet comforts me at the same time because at least I feel I have more knowledge, therefore a tool to understand what’s happening today.

    • Angus1966
      Angus1966 14 hours ago

      @finton mainz Today , mr Beta male .

    • Alethia Charis
      Alethia Charis 18 hours ago

      In all fairness, atrocities also happened under the Catholic Church when they were ruling; and they believed in God. Sometimes atrocities done in the name of God are almost worst.

    • Fran Warren
      Fran Warren 2 days ago

      @Freethinkerer D geez, do you read anything or just listen to Trump's incomprehensible

    • Fran Warren
      Fran Warren 2 days ago

      Self-agrandizing nonsense. He was a failed real estate mogul? used by the Russian first to launder their ill-gotten loot and then to makes Americans as helpless I'll informed as the Russian citizens.Move to Russia. See how that is.

    • Johnny Johnson
      Johnny Johnson 2 days ago

      @Eugen Jude I agree with you but “WE the people” need to understand these politicians are playing us on both sides Biden or Trump the globalist are behind them both... we the people have to save our country ... god Bless America and save the world 🙏🏾

  • MaxiLaChe
    MaxiLaChe 3 months ago +57

    This book is amazing 💖 why are we on the road to repeating these atrocities?!

    • Matthew Pohlman
      Matthew Pohlman Day ago

      @Fran Warren You're entitled to your opinion. You can believe that if you'd like.

    • Fran Warren
      Fran Warren 2 days ago

      @Matthew Pohlman continued...the fearful threat that it's all being planned by the phantom evil ones. No sorry, it's just people like you and me ....just somehow hav I ng gone off the rails. Myself I guess due to sad, disappointed life.

    • Fran Warren
      Fran Warren 2 days ago

      @Matthew Pohlman Yea, sure.

    • Wayne
      Wayne 12 days ago +1

      Because of socialist nazis like george soros and his fascist antifa group and the so called woke people. Do you not see how the right wing capitalist demons are really socialist left wing nazis like hitler.

    • Bartacomus Kidd
      Bartacomus Kidd Month ago +2

      Progressive and Liberal Ideology IS the new religion. Its emotional, and self-serving. Its based on Your Merits.. as a person. (how much you "care").
      And just like the Religious, they cant admit ANY of their belief is wrong. And Refuse to be honest about it. Wishful Thinkers.

      *Purposeless People, who are desperate for meaning, so they adopt other peoples causes, to project self worth.. for the purpose of their Own Image.*

      They are both supposed to be based in Compassion.. and they are Always Abusive about it.

      We've killed God, but kept the Religion.

      Liberals. THIS is how NAZI Germany happened. The same type of people.

  • David Fairbrother
    David Fairbrother 3 months ago +6

    Very good- full of common sense..A very interesting & thought provoking work.

  • Jammazzing
    Jammazzing 2 months ago +35

    Wow!!!!! You are absolutely right! How can a country know what they stand for when it’s so divided. People need to wake up and come together. Thank you!!!

    • edwardschlosser1
      edwardschlosser1 12 days ago

      No. We need a civil war to exterminate about 100 million communists, and I will not come together. I will gladly produce the poisons needed for the mass extermination of half of this nations adults. I will privately exterminate some of this scum myself.

    • TheDarkoricle
      TheDarkoricle 17 days ago

      @Toxin Brewer yes?

    • Toxin Brewer
      Toxin Brewer Month ago

      h j jj jjjk jjjj jnjjjjjjjj jjjj j jjjj jjjjj jjjbwas jjjbjnjjjjjbjjbnjjjjjjjjjnjjjjjjjjjjbjjjnbjjbjjbjnjjnjnjjjbjbjj jand jj jj j jj jnjj nj jnjj jnjj jnnj knjn mnm bm m mnm m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m bnb m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m b m m m m m m m m m m m m m it it m m m m mn m m l m m m m m m hhhhhhh
      i ok ✅ just

  • Earth Theory
    Earth Theory 2 months ago +21

    When you find out about Nietzsche’s personal life and vices, it makes a lot more sense why he positioned himself and argued the way he did. The older I get the more sure this approach to understanding becomes. Over and over.

    • Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez
      Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez 2 months ago

      Ñoññllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllop i skrobanie, że taka jest twoja praca, jest bardzo gorąca lub bardzo dobra, że ​​frakcji i komórki i możesz mnie rozdzielić. de la casa de mi m2dddd d damá y mi mamá y mi mamás deq y

    • Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez
      Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez 2 months ago

      Ñoññllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllop i skrobanie, że taka jest twoja praca, jest bardzo gorąca lub bardzo dobra, że ​​frakcji i komórki i możesz mnie rozdzielić. de la casa de mi m2dddd d damá y mi mamá y mi mamás deq y

    • Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez
      Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez 2 months ago

      Ñoññllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllop i skrobanie, że taka jest twoja praca, jest bardzo gorąca lub bardzo dobra, że ​​frakcji i komórki i możesz mnie rozdzielić. de la casa de mi m2dddd d damá y mi mamá y mi mamás deq y

    • Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez
      Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez 2 months ago

      Ñoññllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllop i skrobanie, że taka jest twoja praca, jest bardzo gorąca lub bardzo dobra, że ​​frakcji i komórki i możesz mnie rozdzielić. de la casa de mi m2dddd d damá y mi mamá y mi mamás deq y

    • Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez
      Víctor Saúl Botello Marquez 2 months ago

      Ñoññllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllop i skrobanie, że taka jest twoja praca, jest bardzo gorąca lub bardzo dobra, że ​​frakcji i komórki i możesz mnie rozdzielić. de la casa de mi m2dddd d damá y mi mamá y mi mamás deq y

  • Glen Birbeck
    Glen Birbeck 27 days ago +12

    Thank you, excellent treatment and reading. Anytime I learn more or add depth in my knowledge, as I have here, I'm grateful. Yes, this is something current, these ideas, are not only historical. Remember, when the Nazis march again they will have another name, another language, different uniforms - so recognize them by their ideas and beliefs. Good luck.

    • Brolando
      Brolando 13 days ago

      ​@Liége Saboya The communists are no better than the Nazis. All you socialists are the same and your ideology is only capable of producing piles of corpses and a series of unforgiveable atrocities.

      The communists were in fact far more destructive than the Nazis ever where, which makes them more evil. Doesn't matter though, because all socialists are monsters and if you set foot in my neighbourhood I will shank you.

    • Liége Saboya
      Liége Saboya 13 days ago

      @Optik Nurv we've been looking them everywhere . In the USA , Brasil , France , Germany ,Austrália , in all capitalists countries , including of course Russia , unfortunately . Around 20 MILLIONS Russians gave their lives combating the Nazis , we always must remember .
      Some few countries has not being infiltrated by the think tanks that gives money and expertise to put forward these motherfuckers , these degenerated filthy of capitalism .
      Guess which are these countries .

    • Brolando
      Brolando 13 days ago +1

      @Liége Saboya If you think capitalism is to blame for any of that, you're a moron who doesn't understand capitalism.

      Just another word of fact for you, capitalism is a bs term made up by socialists to make it sound like it's about greed and you are stupid enough to fall for something like that.

      The real term is free market/free enterprise and it's nothing more than no governmental meddling into the economy, the free exchange of goods and services, the ability to own private property and personal liberty.

      What you should be railing against is corporatism and the fact that politicians and governments world wide are in bed with corporations. Because that's where those atrocities come from.

      And no, capitalism is not about the corporations. Quite the opposite in fact, because if businesses couldn't get into bed wit government like they do now they can't grow that large without collapsing in on themselves.

    • Liége Saboya
      Liége Saboya 13 days ago

      @Brolando like capitalism has been doing in the Latin America ever since ?
      Or in Africa ?
      In Asia ?
      Or in Yemen right now , with that reign of terror , the family that rules Saudi Arabia acting as proxy ?
      The same one that dissolved in acid an American in the embassy in Turkey , only because he critizes the regime ?
      Do you want to tell you how many democratic presidents were overthroned by the CIA in my country ?
      Tell your pathetic stories to your old Grandma , she probably will believe .

    • Brolando
      Brolando 13 days ago +2

      Yes, it's called socialism. If you think they aren't marching yet then you must be asleep, BLM and ANTIFA are both socialist groups of which ANTIFA is even a militant group and there is video footage of these groups holding literal struggle sessions in public, where they try to intimidate people into compliance.

      It's not just Nazis, all socialists are the same even if the ideology is slightly different. It always results in creating hell on earth in their pursuit of Utopianism and this pursuit is used to justify all the atrocities and evils that they have to commit.

  • Eleanor Christiansen
    Eleanor Christiansen 2 months ago +9

    Absolutely brilliant. Very enlightening indeed.

  • Kristine Conlan
    Kristine Conlan 13 days ago +3

    I have read Shirer, Ullrich, Irving, and others on this topic. This particular book is an excellent companion to those works. A great book, especially at this point in time where Hitler's Mein Kampf sales in Britain and Europe are going through the roof.

    • Kristine Conlan
      Kristine Conlan 7 days ago

      @2xRay Europe, Britain and what was termed Ärab countries". I just googled it & read of global "sales boom" for a book that sold only 100,000 when first published. A bad thing, given Nazi doctrine of dictatorship, State ownership of citizens and racial cleansing.

    • walter shumer
      walter shumer 8 days ago

      @2xRay you know what they say, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

    • 2xRay
      2xRay 8 days ago +1

      @Kristine Conlan I don't know, that was the first time I heard about the sales increasing around the Eastern part of the world. Guess it would depend on the demographic of who's buying it.

    • Kristine Conlan
      Kristine Conlan 12 days ago

      @2xRay What do you think?

    • 2xRay
      2xRay 12 days ago +1

      Do you think the sales going through the roof is a bad thing or good thing?

  • Ivan Johnson
    Ivan Johnson 14 days ago +2

    I gotta say it was tough getting through this. Especially the Nietzsche stuff. He was a horrid sociopath.

  • Chandler Brix
    Chandler Brix 3 months ago +21

    Nietzsche was always one of my favorite philosophers and it's quite funny that this autoplayed after I fell asleep and I began dreaming of Romans and Nazis, all while somehow being in the late 1800's. It made more sense when I woke up and figured out this was playing in the backgrond.

    • ch3vx xv3hc
      ch3vx xv3hc 2 months ago

      Same :D

    • gary clements
      gary clements 3 months ago

      Same thing here, i fell asleep and dreamed it was a teacher speaking while i was doing other things and he stopped and said , is this doing any good i feel noone is listening, and i said, i think i can pass a multiple question test but may not pass a comprehensive written one, lol

    • Debra Lee
      Debra Lee 3 months ago


    • tracy jones
      tracy jones 3 months ago +1

      Same this auto played for me and I actually woke up listening, now listening awake!

  • Virgil
    Virgil 7 months ago +63

    Had just finished reading " The Birth of the Nazis " which has a lot of great detail, and your work fills in some of the gaps, and provides wonderful insights. Thanks for all that you do.

    • walter shumer
      walter shumer 8 days ago

      @Duan Torruellas you may find this anthropologist interesting who shows that the Star of David and swastika are old

    • walter shumer
      walter shumer 8 days ago

      @Virgil this anthropologist speaks about swastika and Star of David being together

    • Bartacomus Kidd
      Bartacomus Kidd Month ago

      It blows my mind, you guys can read warnings about National Socialists and Nietzsche.. and then come comment the exact same Subjective Reasoning, Self-Serving Ideals, and Moral-Supremacy thats the NAZIs used. Unbelievable.

    • nik peterson
      nik peterson 2 months ago +2

      @Syd McCreath Just read about his throat cancer and eating veggies to raise his Ph balance so cancer doesn't come back.

    • Syd McCreath
      Syd McCreath 2 months ago +1

      @nik peterson
      “Rumours “ of Hitler being a Vegetarian ?! 😳
      Hitler was indeed a Vegetarian. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence one merely has to read the memoirs of Adjutants etc. 👍🙏

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce Month ago

    Thank you. A very stimulating listen. "Hochdeutsche Kultur" plus the envy and arrogance polarity. United States High Value Individual Liberalism plus the envy and arrogance polarity. Two sets of ideals united by envy and arrogance, the externalisation of responsibility, holding others in contempt for being neither socialists nor supporting their values. Unapologetic hating and 'cancelling' of opposition. 38:00 "a large following among university students". Oh dear...

  • wan hawkins
    wan hawkins 17 days ago +1

    Captivating and very interesting I didn't miss a word. Brain snacks.
    Love it.

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Month ago +1

    A good bit of information is here.. found it very useful. By the end the author contradicts himself attempting to separate the Nazis and Nietzsche(authors bias), but not before he makes a summary of Nietzsche's work Beyond Good and Evil... and in doing so makes it clear that Nietzsche is also a man of much contradiction. The author also appears emotional, unwise, naïve, in describing the 5 character traits of National Socialism at the very end of the book.. and encouraging everyone to live his 5 perceived opposites of those traits and ideologies.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      Actually the aurthor lied and likely uses notes from Neit’s ‘private journals’ which were altered by his sister and father to support the party.

      In fact if you read his genealogy of morality he attacks racism, socialism, nationalism, science and religion most openly in the 3rd chapter.

  • ngothoeliab eliab
    ngothoeliab eliab 7 days ago +1

    The best random book I have ever read. Thanks Dr Hicks👏👏

  • cplante225cp
    cplante225cp 5 months ago +15

    Great job Mr. Hicks. It is nice to hear the author read their own creation.

    • Magi
      Magi 5 months ago

  • A.A.L.
    A.A.L. 3 months ago +47

    This is the best narrarration ive ever heard on audiobook in my 34 yrs of life.

    The best and clearest narrarration yet.


    • Georgina Whitby
      Georgina Whitby 3 months ago +3

      It helps when it's the author and he regularly gives talks on the subject of his book.

  • Ruben James
    Ruben James Month ago +6

    A surprisingly good little publication. Both entertaining and edifying, I learned something about both Nietzsche and the National Socialists.

    • Bartacomus Kidd
      Bartacomus Kidd Month ago

      They were all Socialists. Self-Centered, Self-Justified, Activist under the excuse of "Social Justice", Obsessed with the Greater Good.. that always gets violent somehow, Socialists.

      At least he wasnt Karl Marx, talk about a leech

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      But you didn’t learn Neit’s sister and friend cooped his work for political gain- wanna take a bet on who they supported?

      Niet criticized nationalism, socialism, racism in the book genealogy of morality- late in chapter 3

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      The guy lies a lot and gets so much wrong.

      Neit’s sister and friend cooped his work for political gain and wonder what party they were in?

  • Capital Hermes Healing Noel 🌹🏵

    "here I sit, waiting, and waiting, but for nothing, beyond good and evil, a friend of the day, and a lover of eternity". Dionysian dithyrambs, Nietzsche

  • Kieran Marsden Audiobooks

    Wonderfully surmised the phenomenon of nazism. Really enjoyed. Thank you.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago +1

      He doesn’t seem to know that Nietzsche’s sister and friend cooped his work and notes, made fakes of it to support the **Zi party.

      In his genealogy of morality he attacked nationalism, socialism, religion, racial ideas and so on- specifically in chapter 3.

  • Lexie Madz
    Lexie Madz 6 months ago +8

    This was so fascinating to listen to. Normally I can't listen to an audiobook in one sitting and actually pay full attention but this has held mine despite playing a mobile game at the same time (shout out to Best Fiends).

    • Freethinkerer D
      Freethinkerer D 2 months ago

      @SMA Productions Right? They were not enlightened to the days knowledge of evolutionary psychology, much less basic evolutionary theory today.

    • Nik Drown
      Nik Drown 5 months ago +2

      Not really. Mental masturbation for a liberal mind to spunk on.

    • Magi
      Magi 5 months ago

  • shane moore
    shane moore 4 months ago +11

    Telling one`s boss to " shove his job " is the sweetest moment in one`s life.

    • J C
      J C Month ago +2

      I did it about 6 months ago, so great.

    • Thee sikstee.fawr.doler.kweschun
      Thee sikstee.fawr.doler.kweschun 3 months ago +1

      It's even better when followed up in writing!

    • M E
      M E 4 months ago +5

      I just did that. Priceless

  • Vive Viveka
    Vive Viveka 4 months ago +98

    Very interesting ideas. Thank you.
    I have a strong philosophy background, and Nietzsche was among the most dynamic minds I have come across, particularly in Western philosophy.
    I believe that his impact, as well as that of Hitler and Nazism, was tremendously accentuated by the poetry of their expression. As the great Indian philosopher-poet Aravind Ghose (Aurobindo) pointed out, Nietzsche was as much a poet as he was a philosopher, if not more so.
    In Hitler's case, there was also power of expression, both in his oratory and in his writing, and in his artistic sense, which found expression in various designs, flags, symbols, graphics, propaganda, pageantry and theater.
    Philosophical ideas can be dry in themselves. They need artistry of expression to attain full power.

    • Breezy Badger
      Breezy Badger 8 days ago

      Nietzsche was a psychopath. It's a shame he lived long enough to publish any of these nonsensical self-contradictory ramblings.

    • Reject Gandhi
      Reject Gandhi 9 days ago

      @Sa which communist school did you go to?
      Smells like marx

    • Reject Gandhi
      Reject Gandhi 9 days ago

      @Sa would you have spoken the same had Germany won the war? Guess not.

      Victors write history. And you buy them.

    • Reject Gandhi
      Reject Gandhi 9 days ago

      @Vive Viveka yes, I read mein Kampf and agree with almost all of it. I

    • Didymus Sumydid
      Didymus Sumydid 14 days ago +1

      @Philosophical Tool can i ask you what were the top three books that helped you with developing a correct historical understanding of this issue?
      mine are david hoggan's 'the forced war'
      udo walendy's 'truth for germany'
      and another that i can't name here, lol

  • Fejst Fant
    Fejst Fant 8 months ago +41

    Stephen thanks for this book I listened to it and I also bought my own hard copy for the reference in studies that I had. Excellent views and comparative analysis. Would be nice to get similar work on the communism and its (ab)use of the ethical theories to justify its existence. I am staying tuned to your work :) .....

  • WJFK
    WJFK 3 months ago +46

    I just ordered this book on amazon, it sounds like a good reference book to have on hand.

    • Syd McCreath
      Syd McCreath 3 months ago +3

      Good choice. I did exactly the same six months or so ago, no regrets whatsoever, it’s a great book.
      Read it twice already.
      It’s a very nicely presented hardback too 👍🙏

  • Daria S
    Daria S 3 months ago +6

    Wow. Thank you for this amazing perspective !!

  • Diatonic Delirium
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    Thank you for generously sharing your book.

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    Excellent book and insight!

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    Outstanding presentation and scholarship. I plan on listening again.

    • Mike Williams
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      Fanatic! I will do the same! Great book.

  • Victorino Nunez
    Victorino Nunez 4 months ago +2

    I'm reading and listening to your book,I study ,do as much research as I possibly can and then I dissect all that I have read and studied,
    I find it to have been , til this point extremely educational.

    • cat Moore
      cat Moore 3 months ago

      @Victorino Nunez
      And yet its happening again , subtly but we are now tip toeing towards totalitarianism and the majority are complicit in their own demise under the guise of safety .

    • Victorino Nunez
      Victorino Nunez 4 months ago +1

      I just can't get a full grasp or understanding of the Nazi state of mind ..
      Or how people as a whole can give in to this kind of being, and thinking
      It can be horrifying because it's not about the German people it's about humanity as a whole.

  • dingdingdingdiiiiing

    Very well done. Listening to this made it obvious to me, that the Nietzsche's philosophy had one fundamental flaw - it, and consequently, the Nazi philosophy, was built on the presumption of Darwinism, survival of the fittest, you're either a wolf or a sheep, a master or a slave. I'm sure any society built on such values is bound to fall, I don't know of a society that at it's foundation would have one prime directive: good for me and good for others; only win-win is acceptable, win-lose scenarios are not permitted. This would disallow empires, Nazis, any kind of tyranny, autocracy or anything that tilts the scales to either side. Hitler was infatuated with Nietzsche's philosophy and I don't even think he bastardized it, perhaps merely expanded it.

  • RetroBob
    RetroBob 3 months ago +20

    Terrifying that we have not learned from this, book 'burnings' instigated by university students is very 2020s. So many other examples.

    • G. Manifesto Msnifesto
      G. Manifesto Msnifesto 10 days ago

      demonizing a group of people and wanting to remove them from society life.....democrats vs. the unvaxxed anybody?

    • Olympus Entertainment
      Olympus Entertainment 3 months ago +3

      @RetroBob Don't worry these people are the desperate to find their devil.

    • RetroBob
      RetroBob 3 months ago +5

      @V V I was referring to cancel culture but okay.

  • J A
    J A 7 months ago +30

    This book is so beautifully written. Absolutely perfect prose. Half of me wished to read the Text as I listened. It’s extraordinary. It’s not that I agree with everything. Each of us inherits a long line of inbuilt thoughts and codes of behavior. A work of excellence. Well done!

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN 2 months ago

      You are capitalistic lying piece of shit, my grandmother lived through that hell. So you don’t need to school us about our own history. We lived through it.

    • VK RGFAN
      VK RGFAN 2 months ago

      Well, the famine was caused by blockades, Germans blocked provisions to and out the regions so they couldn’t receive any goods, hence leading to famine.

    • Khalil Bey LLC
      Khalil Bey LLC 3 months ago

      I agree

    • cognito
      cognito 6 months ago +1

      @Eduardo Martins
      Nothing surprising here, the Soviet Union did have their own version of Nazi ideology, it is called Stalinism. Hitler and Stalin even started the war together, only Hitler double crossed Stalin, so Russia conveniently came out of the war as a victim, even though they were the original perpetrators of it, as well.

    • Stephen Hicks
      Stephen Hicks 7 months ago +3

      @Eduardo Martins: Good summary of the democide estimates in the Communist states: This Museum site puts the National Socialist death toll around 20 million:

  • Nick Parkison
    Nick Parkison 5 months ago +7

    A good book. I kind of wished there was a bit of posthumous history about Nietzsche's sister and how she modified his works, of if that was even true. It's crazy how the far left has more in common with Nazism nowadays. Thanks for the book Dr Hicks!

    • Nick Parkison
      Nick Parkison 5 months ago

      @Stephen Hicks much obliged!

    • Stephen Hicks
      Stephen Hicks 5 months ago +2

      Thanks, Nick. My podcast on Nietzsche's sister is here:

  • Jamie R
    Jamie R 3 months ago +16

    Great job, Mr. Hicks! Important work. Thank you for making this available.

  • What Willis Was Talking About

    This is fantastic. I’ve returned to listen to it many times. Nietzsche has become, in my opinion, extremely relevant in the last year or two.
    Thank you.

    • lagarttemido
      lagarttemido Month ago

      @Greg W "ethics and morals aren't real" you will be controled by those who know they are and manipulate them to their ends.

    • Virginius Maximus
      Virginius Maximus 3 months ago

      @Greg W another swing and a miss mate. It's you that doesn't understand what I'm saying, so I'll spell it out for you.

      You are saying science is a way to explain reality, but I'm saying it's a way to observe material. Material isn't all there is to reality, something you proved to me that you agree with me on, when you said my words didn't have value. Value, my friend is something that can't be measured scientifically. It's a metaphysical idea. I just pointed out the irony that you claim my words can't hold value, yet assert a material reality. So, following your logic, then all value is material. Which, still wouldn't work, because even money only has the value we assign to it.

      This is basic deduction.

    • Virginius Maximus
      Virginius Maximus 3 months ago

      @Greg W it's hilarious, and i imagine the irony is completely lost on you, that you assume that nothing I say has "Value", yet you assert a purely materialistic worldview.

      What material value can someone's words contain? Money? Gold?

    • Virginius Maximus
      Virginius Maximus 3 months ago +1

      @Greg W LMAO okay mate. Science is the examination of material, not the examination of reality. Which I go on to explain exactly why.

      The fact you're unwilling to even read what I said, just tells me you have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Virginius Maximus
      Virginius Maximus 3 months ago +1

      @Greg W Science is a sterilisation of reality. It strips everything of its meaning, and that's not how humans engage with reality. The meaning of something comes before the examination of said thing, and the examination of the thing, is only done, to derive it's meaning. So science is a tool of philosophy, which is why it was originally a branch of philosophy, known as 'Natural philosophy" and philosophy is a tool to find the eternal logos. That being God, or as the Romans and Greeks concluded, "The unmoved mover". Something eternal has to be the source of every thing. I'll explain it in two ways.

      If you look at a Table, you don't see each individual part of the table, you just see a Table, which your mind has derived the.meaning for. Each individual component come together to form that table. If you put that table in a larger context, with chairs around it, your framing changes and you see a dining set. Zoom put again, and you're observing a house. Then a town, then a nation, then continent, then the world, then all of space itself. A meaning can be derived from each thing, at each level, but it falls under a different category, which encompasses everything below it, which is contained in it. So, it only makes sense that the universe has something that holds it together. That being, God.

      So, what science does, is it analyses everything on a phorensic level, and strips it of its meaning. So, it would be the difference between, someone kicking a goal to win a game of football, or a ball crossing a line on a bunch of blades of grass. Or, if I told you all of the components of a car and what materials, or molecules they were made of, you'd have no idea what I was talking about, or it's practical usage. But if I showed you a car, you'd intuitively understand how it works even if you'd never seen one before.

      Same goes, when you see a person. You don't see a bunch of atoms and chemicals, you see a person.

  • dc8man2
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    Thank you for this work.

  • L B
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    Outstanding! I will listen to this many times.

    • Zari Ballard
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      Why many times?

    • Random Roses
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      @Ahura Mazda My thoughts exactly. Very thought provoking.

    • Dev9n G
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    • Dev9n G
      Dev9n G 5 months ago +1

      The part they left put about coming back 90 years later

    • Ahura Mazda
      Ahura Mazda 6 months ago +9

      @Irma Herrera 0:00-3:00:02

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 13 days ago

    Although Spengler was influenced by Nietzsche's work, it was clearly stated in "The Decline of the West"
    that if socialism was to be implemented as a political objective it must be philosophically ethical.

  • Tony Romano
    Tony Romano 2 months ago +49

    Right on understanding of history.

    Look at current state of the world, seems the same.

    • G. Manifesto Msnifesto
      G. Manifesto Msnifesto 10 days ago

      Taking over education and teach national socialism, but today it is just socialism.

    • FTW
      FTW 2 months ago

      🤣 from your thought to mine- now what to do about these weirdos

    • Jan van Komen
      Jan van Komen 2 months ago +4

      Same shit, different century.

    • Rowdy Ninja
      Rowdy Ninja 2 months ago +2

      It’s scientifically impossible for evolution to have changed man within the era of “civilization” and the record-keeping that came with it . Nazi germany existed 80 years ago. Meanwhile, evolution has been at work for millennia. Therefore, it should surprise no one that there aren’t many historical lessons to be learnt. Instinct trumps reason .

  • ovidio demorizi
    ovidio demorizi 2 months ago +4

    Waoo . Thank you . This is deep . It had me interested from beginning to end.

  • Klaus Noll
    Klaus Noll Month ago +1

    My mother as a little child remembers her parents telling her to help with taking all Bibles and religious books out into the street one night, all the town participated, then burning them, my father in grade school remembers the Bible based schools, the teachers going off to become officers in the Reich, Hitler was smart enough to realize that he wanted the educated, Doc's, Lawyers, Teacher's, etc, to lead his war machine, my father said then they came back to the schools and people started to disappear, My father then said how could they do that, teach bible one day then support the Reich. Power, pride, effluence, took over their life, they no longer followed Jesus, they chose to switch sides and follow Satan, Jesus came to Serve and Save, the teachers turned to serve their own ego.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago +1

      Actually the aurthor lied and likely uses notes from Neit’s ‘private journals’ which were altered by his sister and father to support the party.

      In fact if you read his genealogy of morality he attacks racism, socialism, nationalism, science and religion most openly in the 3rd chapter.

  • Goldfish I
    Goldfish I 3 months ago +7

    who needs psychedelics! have a cup of coffee and fall asleep listening to this. It’s more than full of chaotic imagery. Nice and suitable to motivate one to seek balance.

    • Jonathan Bray
      Jonathan Bray 4 days ago

      Gee... Don't stray to far from your fishbowl!

    • apaceofchange94
      apaceofchange94 Month ago

      Thought I was the only one. That combination really does something

  • Bill Scannell
    Bill Scannell Month ago +1

    22:43 I'm only that far in, but that is the bottom line as I have long understand it. Thinking about people in terms of groups and not as individuals will be the death of us all. It will be interesting to see if my perspective changes at all after listening to the whole thing. Very interesting so far.

    • Stoned Canoe
      Stoned Canoe Month ago

      I feel the same way bro. I found myself here from searching up legends. I am first nations and took my legends and mythology with a grain of salt. After seeing resemblance I began to realize we are all connected

  • 0
    0 18 days ago +1

    The influence of geography dominates every other socio-economic factors of the demographic situation of a country.

    The reason why Japan's culture is very advance was because it had never been invaded by any outside empire for more than 2 millennia.

  • Freethinkerer D
    Freethinkerer D 2 months ago +17

    I read a lot about evolutionary psychology. If you do not learn why your instincts tell you what they do, then you will not know how to make intelligent rational decisions when weighing important questions. Nietzsche lived in the days when we knew little to nothing in a scientific manner of evolutionary psychology. When listening to this book, I kept hearing a lot of ignorance on the subject. Science knows so much more now. We now know that one should learn why instincts tell them what they instruct. It gives one so much more information in which to make intelligent rational decisions on important questions. Information matters. Intelligence matters so much more than Nietzsche gives credit for.

    • DutchPartisan
      DutchPartisan Month ago +2

      You might find that modern psychology is not so scientific as you may think.

    • Freethinkerer D
      Freethinkerer D 2 months ago

      @Infamous Not really. Many in America did not agree with them. Seems more cultural.

    • Freethinkerer D
      Freethinkerer D 2 months ago

      @Michael Oatway What? When did i say I was not open to opposing ideas?

    • Michael Oatway
      Michael Oatway 2 months ago +1

      I just, I can’t read this comment without wondering about its author. Trying to sound smart only works with dumb people. I’m not trying to create an argument. Why post something on a TheXvid comment section if you aren’t willing to have an exchange of ideas? So, as genuinely helpful as I can be, the idea that I suggest you consider is that you not try so hard to appear intellectual. Don’t stop thinking freethinkerer, just think a little less, how is the best way to put this?…. self-deludedly. It would prove more constructive in every way. You not only might avoid coming off so pretentiously to people who know what’s what, but you might also better grasp the material if you didn’t fancy yourself a legendary mind, win win 🥇

    • Infamous
      Infamous 2 months ago

      Essentially, yes. He, and the nazis, were products of their time.

  • coreycox2345
    coreycox2345 3 years ago +20

    This is excellent. I have not heard a more methodical discussion of "why Nazis?" Thanks for posting.

    • coreycox2345
      coreycox2345 8 months ago

      @TransRoofKorean I see your point on "why this instead of his other work."

    • TransRoofKorean
      TransRoofKorean 8 months ago +2

      @coreycox2345 I'm well-aware, extremely so even... not sure what you're "not exactly"ing, we seem pretty well in agreement here

    • coreycox2345
      coreycox2345 8 months ago +3

      @TransRoofKorean Not exactly. The Nazis used and interpreted his work with the help of Nietzsche's sister.

    • TransRoofKorean
      TransRoofKorean 8 months ago +1

      Yeah. I'm a little disappointed/annoyed this is the first thing TheXvid decides to auto-play once Thus Spoke Zarathustra is finished (instead of, say, another Nietzsche book -- what someone at a cursory glance might take from the title is that, well, Nietzsche actually had something to do with Nazism), but this is a good book nonetheless.

  • Larrypint
    Larrypint 5 months ago +10

    Always read primary sources from the great philosophers, not secondary sources, specially when it comes to Nietzsche.

    • roy borrill
      roy borrill 24 days ago

      @Deaddoc Really Deaddoc It's ok to inquire, but it's also ok to have faith. After all, on his deathbed I wonder if he was hoping for an afterlife. Probably, because it's human nature to fear death and pray that God exists. Having said that, I think he was a Jew and they don't believe in heaven. So who knows?

    • Deaddoc Really Deaddoc
      Deaddoc Really Deaddoc Month ago +2

      Agreed, Mr. Hicks seems to have used Nietzsche's sister's modifications that she made after her brother's death in defiance of him to appeal to the Nazis of which she was an early supporter. Nietzsche had broken with his sister over her Christian faith many years before his death writing, "If you seek solace of soul and comfort, then believe. But if you wish to be a seeker of truth, then Inquire!"

  • Zack One
    Zack One Month ago

    This should be thought at school, just imagine what kind of treatment would you receive if you openly discussed it. Amazing but far too complicated fot the enslaved minds.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      He doesn’t seem to know that Nietzsche’s sister and friend cooped his work and notes, made fakes of it to support the **Zi party.

      In his genealogy of morality he attacked nationalism, socialism, religion, racial ideas and so on- specifically in chapter 3.

      It’s pretty much American’s religious right attacking a critic , as well as the other groups such as the Vatican to lean off of criticism for their actions in the war by attacking someone else

  • Rick Kaye
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    Thanks for putting this up. Perfect for a Sunday morning. Cheers

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    Great read Dr. Hicks!

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    "The Nazis knew what they stood for, do we?"

  • Kattiemeat
    Kattiemeat 3 months ago +4

    Food for thought and as relevant to today's World situation as it was in period. I find myself wondering whether the World would be better served under the rule of a Dictatorship telling us what we should do or not do but knowing that history has taught us that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" or in a Democratic system where an individual can influence policy on things we know very little about and even when we do, only opt for the option that best suits ourselves, bugger everyone else. Maybe the innate greed which seems to be inbuilt into human beings will lead to the same conclusion whichever?

    • Blue Waters
      Blue Waters 2 months ago

      So much destruction by political jerks is possible because the people they serve are asleep.

    • efrain cervantes
      efrain cervantes 2 months ago

      Both extremes are bad, in the world now the extreme is hurting some and protecting others

    • Roy Bread
      Roy Bread 3 months ago

      Actually there have been some very successful dictatorships of free market capitalists. It just all goes to hell when anybody else gets the power.

  • Josh Stauffer
    Josh Stauffer 3 months ago +2

    Well that was really freaking good.

  • Devin
    Devin 3 days ago

    I dont agree with anything stated in this book but interesting listen. Well done.

  • Rubin Schmidt
    Rubin Schmidt 5 months ago

    Edwin Black's War Against the Weak was well known before the book ever hit the bookstores. Not only did it receive a large amount of advance publicity from the publisher and the author, but it had War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create A Master Race
    already become a cause célèbre among historians of science working in the field of the history of eugenics, many of whom had been contacted by Black during the course of the book's preparation. It was billed as a far-reaching revision of our understanding of eugenics that would “tear away the thickets of mystery surrounding the eugenics movement around the world.” The author's central thesis is that Nazi racial hygiene and its ultimate manifestations in the Holocaust were imported lock, stock and barrel from the USA, and that, indeed, it was US ruling elites who hatched the idea of creating a master Aryan race by selective breeding and then passed it along to the Nazis. More specifically, Black argues that the *Rockefeller Foundation* (RF) and the Carnegie Institution of Washington (CIW) funded much of the American-based movement, both at home and abroad, and so sat in the driver's seat guiding Nazi racial hygienists along their fateful path. EMBO reports.

    Governments are now in *LOCKSTEP* with the Rockefeller Foundation's plan for the world, published in May 2010. We are in *LOCKDOWN* as recommended in that plan. !!!



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    • dream coaster
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      BOOK OF WISDOM 1:13
      BOOK OF WIDSOM 2:23
      ~ ALL IS VANITY ~

    • dream coaster
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      @Joseph Bolz peace be with you!

    • Joseph Bolz
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      Maybe if I use ALL CAPS FB will ignore and not censor me🤨

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      @Lashed we live in the moment, our ranting and rave is just one perspective. Unless I am wrong....

    • dream coaster
      dream coaster Month ago

      @docbones213 ALL IS VANITY

  • Esteban Gómez
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    What a great book. Dr. Hicks, hats off sir.

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker Month ago

      Actually the aurthor lied and likely uses notes from Neit’s ‘private journals’ which were altered by his sister and father to support the party.

      In fact if you read his genealogy of morality he attacks racism, socialism, nationalism, science and religion most openly in the 3rd chapter.

  • Daniel Nielsen
    Daniel Nielsen 6 months ago +1

    I specifically appreciated and enjoyed the last 45 to 60 minutes. The parallels in relation to ourselves between the master and slave. The dualism that is intrinsic to The Human Condition.

  • Utku
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    Great work, narration from the author himself is also great, really appreciated, thank you.

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      @Rud colas I have kak. Jojo’s nonok

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    Some of my favorite people are in this comment thread. Hard working no excuses people from all walks of life. I am retired IT engineer turned floorman and part time janitorial contractor. I'll be scrubbing latrines and taking out trash and vacuuming in about 30 minutes. I could not be happier that I get to do it.

    • Todd Kimbrell
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      @Brianne C Go Airforce!! Since I was a kid, I loved and respected the Air Force like a crazed fan. You all are awesome.

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      @Clooz 6666666

    • John Shiner
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      @Clooz 6

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      Nietzsche may be dead...G-d is alive.

    • Brianne C
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      @alex carter I always loved aviation so joined the airforce as there wasn't much in my home town. I was always good at saving money but lived in a time when having money in the bank didn't pay. I lucked out and bought an affordable house before the market went crazy, I couldn't afford to buy one now. I'm 56 so really a gen xer.

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    3 hours well spent ..thank you sir 👏👏👏👏

  • Graham Gilbert
    Graham Gilbert 5 months ago +6

    An excellent listen, providing a concise understanding of the tenets of both Nietzsche and National Socialism and their convergences and divergences. The value of Nietzsche is as a philosopher of deconstruction, a demolition artist, but his vision of what might be built out of the resultant rubble is deeply flawed.

  • J Nighs
    J Nighs 3 months ago +1

    From the first page in the encyclopedia about nietzsche "After his death, his sister Elisabeth became the curator and editor of Nietzsche's manuscripts. She edited his unpublished writings to fit her German ultranationalist ideology while often contradicting or obfuscating Nietzsche's stated opinions, which were explicitly opposed to antisemitism and nationalism. Through her published editions, Nietzsche's work became associated with fascism and Nazism; 20th-century scholars contested this interpretation, and corrected editions of his writings were soon made available. Nietzsche's thought enjoyed renewed popularity in the 1960s and his ideas have since had a profound impact on 20th and early-21st century thinkers across philosophy-especially in schools of continental philosophy such as existentialism, postmodernism and post-structuralism-as well as art, literature, psychology, politics, and popular culture" makes this even more a hot take bc it sound like no basic research was done that took 2 minutes

    • Stephen Hicks
      Stephen Hicks 3 months ago +1

      Professor Kevin Hill's introduction to the recent translation of *The Will to Power* (Penguin) is excellent on the often overwrought claims about his sister's role. My Open College discussion of the issue is here:

  • Buzz Bee
    Buzz Bee 3 months ago +5

    So far, this is a good listen.

  • gprivat812_my_selection

    Common prejudices, nicely presented !History is written by whom? By the winners or the defeated ?

  • Wild-hour the GameCat
    Wild-hour the GameCat 15 days ago +1

    Thank you Mr Hicks, wisdom of this nature is desperately needed so as we avoid future generations suffering, history is repeating, not just "rhyming".

  • erika scheepers
    erika scheepers 7 days ago +3

    Wow. I really enjoyed this. I've heard that Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche but I've never read any of Nietzsche's work. At least now I know what Nietzsche thought and that the Nazi's interpreted it to suit their narative. Thank you.

    • Simpin' Aint Easy !
      Simpin' Aint Easy ! 6 days ago

      Nietzsche was the most common author among WW1 German soldiers, specifically, 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', so it's not like FN wasn't prominent in the public psyche before the Nazis synthesised many of the ideas.

  • James Whitman
    James Whitman 2 months ago +1

    Wise men base their lives on the heroes of legend and lore, while fools base their beliefs and actions on the inspiring words of a handful of philosophers. I chose to attempt heroism, and expect to fall triumphantly.

    • Ishmael Forester
      Ishmael Forester 2 months ago

      @James Whitman one of the best moments in Nietzsche. He was an insanely good writer and poet. Though I am far from agreeing with him on everything lol

    • James Whitman
      James Whitman 2 months ago

      @Ishmael Forester well said. Joy is good and a true God must be joyful and quite well able to dance.

    • Ishmael Forester
      Ishmael Forester 2 months ago +1

      Life is hard to bear,
      But do not pretend to be so tender.
      We are all of us asses of burden.
      What have we in common with the rosebud,
      Which trembles at a drop of dew upon it?
      We love this life, not because we are used to living
      but because we are used to loving.
      And to me, who loves life,
      the butterflies and soap bubbles,
      and whatever like them among men,
      know most about happiness.
      These light, foolish, affecting souls
      fluttering about - it moves Zarathustra
      to tears and to song. For I could only believe
      In a God who knew how to dance.

    • Ishmael Forester
      Ishmael Forester 2 months ago +1

      People say that life is hard to bear, but Zarathustra says that people are built to bear burdens. When Zarathustra sees light, dainty things fluttering around, it moves him to tears. He could only believe “in a God who understood how to dance.” To him, the devil is the “Spirit of Gravity,” which is serious and profound-it ruins everything. Zarathustra has learned to fly, and he no longer has to be pushed in order to move. Now, a god dances inside him. - Nietzsche's Zarathustra

  • NorMonsta
    NorMonsta 4 months ago +73

    "You will own nothing and be happy"......those pulling the stings behind politics

    • efrain cervantes
      efrain cervantes 2 months ago

      Both in their extremes are bad. I myself and a minimalist but don’t require or demand it from others. Both extremes are personally based and you can’t convince either to change because you oppose them.

    • Montblanc
      Montblanc 3 months ago

      @cat Moore by the looks of it it's:
      your children will be sexually exploited and you'll be happy
      you'll be a slave without a say in your bodily autonomy and be happy
      you'll be told what to eat, drink, say, think and be happy
      trust me guys, you'll just be happy, or else...

    • Montblanc
      Montblanc 3 months ago +1

      @J Nighs they're pushing you to consume useless crap with an expiration date set to unfold much earlier than it should. These same people don't want you to have wealth, eg: owning your own home, passing something of value to your descendants.
      But ironically they expect to hoard all of that for themselves. So stop being a cretin and try to understand what's being discussed. Klaus Schwab actually wrote/co-authored at least 4 books explaining in detail what he means, you should do well to take some time to read them if you want to understand what's in store for the world in the coming decade...

    • cat Moore
      cat Moore 3 months ago +1

      The same people that have 90% of the wealth, i guess will own 100% .The question is what sanctions, or belief system will be in place for you to loan anything .

    • kebman
      kebman 3 months ago +2

      ​@J Nighs On exploitation: It's the East that produces most of the goods we use in the entire world. For that reason the globalist cartel running things have given Eastern countries a huge relief in CO2 quotas. See for yourself. So while the West are dismantling coal plants and for whatever reason nuclear plants alike, the East are building more and more of them, and with the blessing of the Western globalist elites. This is what's making the East rich, but only because they can exploit their own people and supply the cheapest labour, for instance slave labour preformed by Uighurs and other pariah groups thrown into secret camps. Wait, doesn't that remind you of something?

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    Good reading.... thank you

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    Excellent book

  • West Winds
    West Winds 3 months ago +8

    As for the "blond beast", Neitzsche missed the boat there, too. It is the lionesses who are the primary hunters, while the males are tasked with warding off intruders.

    • O Teila
      O Teila 3 months ago

      @Markus M bro calm down i was replying to the other guy

    • O Teila
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      Its an analogy the actual biology of lions has nothing to do with it

  • martinishful
    martinishful 3 months ago +7

    This is an amazing book 📚.....I can difinetly see we are repeating this trace by similar means but slightly different methods ..why can't we we see this ....I can see how the ordinary decent German ended up following their leaders ...who were lead by the science and the professor's's not build back's build back dictatorship.....I just can't believe that I've never read this book before.....I truly believe this book is hidden from the public....are censored in some way ...I will listen to it again many times

    • Brandon Peterson
      Brandon Peterson Month ago

      @martinishful it was a question which you answered like a nine year old. Not an American just a Nationalist, got it 👍🏽.

    • martinishful
      martinishful Month ago

      @Brandon Peterson Your comment difinetly show's me you have issues that you should have had addressed many years ago possibly at an early infant age . Jumping to conclusions . No difinetly not American

    • Brandon Peterson
      Brandon Peterson Month ago

      You must be an America First Nationalist, huh? How you skip everything Trump was trying to impose and jump to “Build Back Better” is pretty ridiculous!

  • Stephen Hicks
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    For those who enjoyed this audiobook, please check out our audiobook of my *Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault*:

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    Thanks for sharing in complete form.

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    At that time Jesus prayed this prayer: “O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike.
    Matt 11:25

    • A. S
      A. S 2 months ago +1

      Poweerful statement.. But It is good that you are here my friend. I intend to listen to the end despite the lack of respect I have for the ideas because we are also instructed to 'know our enemy" and 'be wise as serpents".

    • Nazarene
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      @cityman1111 no it isn't...

    • cityman1111
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      Your imaginary friend is seriously fucked up

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    1:18:43 bro I literally just woke up and this was playing. I've never heard of this book in my life.

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      I just woke up to this halfway through at 1:33!! Algorithm is out here targeting the dream world

    • feral
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      yeah what the hell? i fell asleep listening to a lecture about jungian psychology and woke up here. i get that nietzche influenced jung but is this really the book to shove down my throat?? at least play thus spake zarathustra or something. kind of disturbing how determined they are to show us nietzche and the nazis

    • Cody Ley
      Cody Ley Month ago

      Haha reading this thread gave me chills haha I fell asleep listening to Platos the symposium and I woke up to him talking about individual vs collective forces and the Zarathustra's

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      @Bailey Moore as. Sw

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      I fell asleep watching innocent bird live stream. Woke up to this.
      I'm scared