Tyron Woodley Says Khabib Beats McGregor "99 Times Out of 100" | TMZ Sports


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  • kenyawi killer
    kenyawi killer 2 months ago

    now khabib winis

  • Double D
    Double D 2 months ago

    Mystic twood

  • microdeluxe
    microdeluxe 2 months ago

    he was right. like always.

  • D.J.S.
    D.J.S. 2 months ago

    Coming from the P4P best Fighter in all of MMA, this is gospel

  • rypb16
    rypb16 6 months ago

    He is jealous.

  • Trey Love
    Trey Love 7 months ago

    Woodley is a fucking tool

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox 8 months ago +1

    Mcgregors fan boys are the worst . Do u think he gives one fuck bout u .

  • Johnny Stolzenburg
    Johnny Stolzenburg 8 months ago

    I only like two of those in the thumbnail

  • Kamran Mohammed
    Kamran Mohammed 8 months ago

    Khabib my Muslim brother would really hurt Connor it would be dam good to watch and that’s it no more mr Connor

  • Filthy Connoisseur
    Filthy Connoisseur 8 months ago

    Khabib would kill mcgreggor. Simple as that

  • Peter Wright
    Peter Wright 8 months ago

    Remove khabib

  • Daphane Mcconnell
    Daphane Mcconnell 8 months ago

    Conners actions on,off stage looks like he might be undiagnosed Bipolar.

  • Tanmay
    Tanmay 8 months ago

    It seems as if Connor has been running away from Khabib

  • Liam neill
    Liam neill 8 months ago

    Says the champ who runs for 99 seconds out of hundred 😂

  • Amir
    Amir 8 months ago

    Conor is a pussy

  • Neil T
    Neil T 8 months ago

    U talk so much shit

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie 8 months ago

    Me: I think DC or Francis can beat Woodley
    Tyrone Woodley - You're racist
    Me - but there black

  • Bill Rodgers
    Bill Rodgers 8 months ago

    McGregor will sleep him

  • Sigrafix
    Sigrafix 8 months ago

    They said the same thing about Jose and Eddie.. we all saw what happened there.

  • snack
    snack 8 months ago

    There’s two types of people in the comments:
    An MMA fan who knows Khabib will completely maul Connor
    A McGregor fan who thinks he’ll pull out a Jose Aldo KO.

  • Guy's Workout Channel
    Guy's Workout Channel 8 months ago

    So your saying theres a chance?

  • adambassmusic
    adambassmusic 8 months ago

    Only an idiot like Tyron would let his emotions cloud his judgement. Khabib has not had a major test yet, Tony or Max would have been good fights and Conor smokes both them guys easily. Mcgregor didnt duck anyone, he fought the biggest fight in history and had his first kid. I'm pretty sure any one of us would do the same.

  • Banging Beatz
    Banging Beatz 8 months ago


  • Banging Beatz
    Banging Beatz 8 months ago

    Conor 'I don't give a fook' Mcgregor

  • That Guy
    That Guy 8 months ago

    Khabib will have to be careful of Mcgregor's counters and movement early on. If there's even 3 seconds where he's caught cold and doesn't fire back While under fire the ref will stop the fight and give the UFC golden boy the win.The other way round Mcgregor will be given every chance to fire back.

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh 8 months ago

    Who th fuck is tyron

  • Anjana Devi Kumar MHT
    Anjana Devi Kumar MHT 8 months ago

    Isn't this the same guy that records Champ Champ with his iPhone whenever he is around Conor?

  • Chris Gault
    Chris Gault 8 months ago

    I hate Connor mostly cause his fans are ass clowns

  • juan sute
    juan sute 8 months ago

    T Woods wish he was 20% of Connor. He's just another hater. They watch his money, fame and hype and wishes they could be. Look at how they view Joshua. UK fighters have the it factor

  • Hamza Khaliq
    Hamza Khaliq 8 months ago

    Well he is right.

  • Moneyy 1
    Moneyy 1 8 months ago

    Im not so sure... I think mcgregor would pick khabib apart standing up and striking

  • Monsu Jonsu
    Monsu Jonsu 8 months ago

    A true champion whose only speaking the truth .

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 8 months ago

    This Tyron dude looks like hes gonna cry all the time

    INCYN 8 months ago

    I think it’s 50/50. Conor’s a better striker and Khabib’s a better wrestler. Could go either way tbh.

  • rich richo
    rich richo 8 months ago


  • steven clark
    steven clark 8 months ago

    tyron saying something stupid how do you know he would get beat 99/100 no way that would happen... Connor has to get rid of his hanger ons and get back to his usual fighting fitness and just have a fight and stop thinking he is the main man in mma and boxing it wasn't a proper fight he has to go and get a proper fighter ....

  • Usual suspect
    Usual suspect 8 months ago

    Woodley always talking sh!t...step up stockton 209!!!!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 8 months ago

    Tyron Woodley is a hater, guy retained his belt through a draw lmaoooo

  • Chris chris
    Chris chris 8 months ago

    Tyron cant draw the crowds and no one likes him he's a jealous little bitch with no star quality about him he needs to crawl back into his gimp box and shut the fuck up

    TBK BRO 8 months ago

    Chickens should stay quiet this guy a running pussy that is boring to watch

  • Ben Lambert
    Ben Lambert 8 months ago

    Woodley is a bitch

  • Dan Robinson
    Dan Robinson 8 months ago

    This Woodley guy a fucking joke

  • S102220
    S102220 8 months ago

    He needs just that 1. If he manages to beat Khabib he will run around throwing dollies for next ten years and keep calling himself champ champ without every fighting any contender or defending it.

  • JD
    JD 8 months ago +1

    No chance if you no anything about fighting you would no mcgregor wins how he wants when he wants

    LDNXBARS 8 months ago +1

    hahaha look at all the mcchicken fans disliking the video

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    Talk N Review 8 months ago

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  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 8 months ago


  • Freddy Saucedo
    Freddy Saucedo 8 months ago

    99 out of a 100 Lol!😂😂 Woodleys smokin rocks

  • Kristan Heneage
    Kristan Heneage 8 months ago

    I dunno, I saw Khabib against that young kid from Long Island and he was far from convincing. I'm no expert at all, but his stand up game looked like it had some decent sized holes in it, least of all his willingness to tilt his head back.

  • curtis dodds
    curtis dodds 8 months ago

    "So you're telling me there is a chance" - Jim Carrey

  • J B
    J B 8 months ago

    Conor is too white for Tyron.

  • Finlay Matthews
    Finlay Matthews 8 months ago

    Less talking more fighting Tyron. That's all.

  • ryan
    ryan 8 months ago

    lol Tyron always hating on Conor.. I'm telling you Khabib lunges forward or tries shooting from way outside don't be surprised if Conor catches him!

  • Test RunsBC
    Test RunsBC 8 months ago

    tyron who ? ..this man is just bitter because he doesn't even have half the attention or fans that connor or anyone else has .. at the end of the day people really don't give a fuck about tyron .. i wish people would inform him asap

  • jamiejack 69
    jamiejack 69 8 months ago

    Woodley smoking rocks again 🙈

    COWBOYS 8 months ago

    Khabb will decimate conor. just like a hungry male lion decimates a zebra in the African safari

  • Rico B
    Rico B 8 months ago

    Respect to Tyrone Woodley but I can explain very simply why he is wrong in his McGregor vs Khabib prediction!!!

    ALEX MASON 8 months ago

    With that standup that pussy khabib ain't touching conor

  • john kirwan
    john kirwan 8 months ago

    Woodley is backing everything I said to the family about bigging up the khabib fight in russia

  • Luis R
    Luis R 8 months ago

    I am a huge fan of tyron woodley and have nothing to say about his title run but hes a fucking hater when it comes to conor he cant even speak about him every time they bing him up and he always has something negative to say about him

  • Omar Moheedin
    Omar Moheedin 8 months ago

    im a conor fan but I have to say woodley always predicts right and hes not wrong here

  • Bart BC
    Bart BC 8 months ago

    Woodley is the definition of negative energy. If that definition means a big cry baby, oh poor me.

  • Wael Loueti
    Wael Loueti 8 months ago

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  • Future Heavyweight Champ

    Khabib and Woodley r pussies!!!

  • John lorimer
    John lorimer 8 months ago

    As dominant as khabib is on the ground Conor is just as maybe even more dominant on the feet if Conor keeps his distance and lands his shots he’ll beat khabib in 2 rounds

  • Active Bryant Systems
    Active Bryant Systems 8 months ago

    so right he needs so help

  • Don't b Nosy
    Don't b Nosy 8 months ago

    99% is a ridiculous thing to say 50/50 is more like it anything can happen in the octagon and conor has the fists to put this bully to sleep in the 1st round

  • zcizzorhandz
    zcizzorhandz 8 months ago

    Watch 1000 fights, from all different sports. You will notice that the best fighters in the world are cool, calm and collective.. Tyson didn't feel like he could beat certain opponents without intimidating them, because he was SCARED SHIT of them.
    McGregor is the same, *he can not beat someone by being cool, calm and collective, just like Tyson he is scared*
    Ironically the more someone is intimidated by McGregor the better chance McGregor has of winning.
    This strategy that Tyson and McGregor uses is really for pussys IMO. Nothing brave about biting someone's ear off or throwing shit at a bus. It's fear not strength.

  • Ken Swanston Garrett
    Ken Swanston Garrett 8 months ago

    shut the fck up Woodley u sour bitch

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 8 months ago

    Woodley ur a cunt mate

  • crispulo volante
    crispulo volante 8 months ago

    It'd be bad for khabib if their first fight favors the 1/100 chance of conor.

  • Acid life
    Acid life 8 months ago

    Tyrone I'm more scared of your beard Tyrone you stink wash that beard goddamn smelly m***********

  • Acid life
    Acid life 8 months ago

    Tyrone is so boring I fall asleep during his fights now piss off Tyrone go and train and make your flights into taining smelly motherfuker

  • ilike beinganonymous
    ilike beinganonymous 8 months ago

    Khalabeeb vs Tyraquil Booed Lee
    Make it happen you fat fuck

  • V1per Усмонов
    V1per Усмонов 8 months ago

    This is true

  • Chance Cody
    Chance Cody 8 months ago

    Woodley is such a fucking dump...awesome fighter but he clearly doesn't like Conor...

  • Ken Healy
    Ken Healy 8 months ago

    ...... in a wrestling match.

  • Saurav Chauhan
    Saurav Chauhan 8 months ago

    I think Tyrone Woodley have to shut his mouth like 99 times out of 100... Is he expert or something... McGregor will restructure his face 99/100 times... Woodley is piece of shit..!

  • Jason Troy
    Jason Troy 8 months ago

    If conor cant take him out in the first min or 2 his fucked khabib will have hold of him until the end . If khabib does ever have conor in his guard that will be khabibs first finish in yonks . He wont let conor off . Fucken conor all this crap and he has achieved fuck all except keep belts warm & clean . Belt holder that he is / champion he is not , far from it . A champ defends and honors his or her titles that what defines a true champ from chumps . Or McJokes .

  • joe brooks
    joe brooks 8 months ago

    Does Tyron work for fucking TMZ??? Get a fight booked Jesus Christ

  • Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn
    Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn 8 months ago

    Stipe, DC, Woodley, GSP, Khabib, DJ, Zabit......these 7 guys rule the UFC right now!.......and i hate dillashaw!
    Cain will be back later this year!

  • Jorge L. Castro
    Jorge L. Castro 8 months ago

    real talk.... if mcgregor can't defend the takedown, the fight is over..

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez 8 months ago

    Another episode of the Hollywood beat down. Your host the champ

  • alan martin
    alan martin 8 months ago

    justin looking for that payday haha eire

  • old hickory
    old hickory 8 months ago

    Diddo to the champ

  • Keith Brauders
    Keith Brauders 8 months ago

    Most bitter cry baby fighter ever!

  • zachry Hoffman
    zachry Hoffman 8 months ago

    Conor would whoop all their asses Tyrone need to stfu an fight what is he part of tmz now shut your pussy ass up an fight yourself ... Conor never has to fight again to be honest UFC fighters wish they were him so just stfu.

    THeSON ofDOOFY 8 months ago

    We all know that Khabib's fighting IQ is not even close to MCGREGOR'S. So calm down everyone. CONOR wins.

  • ThatFatGuy
    ThatFatGuy 8 months ago

    Absolute bollocks khabib is a little bitch that's why he wouldn't get out simple

  • PornHub
    PornHub 8 months ago

    Conor beats Khabib standing. On the ground there is no contest, Khabib murders any fighter right now on ground

  • Shade 45
    Shade 45 8 months ago +1

    He's right , Conor breaks when face adversity

  • Teddd
    Teddd 8 months ago

    He’s on crack McGregor wins with both hands behind his back

  • t164z228
    t164z228 8 months ago

    Tyrone doesn't like anyone who's doing better than him.
    Khabib vs Conor difficult fight for both of them but not one sided.

  • -Sir Drago-
    -Sir Drago- 8 months ago

    Recall Tyron saying that Eddie being the “bigger man” and “better wrestler” would take Conor down and have his way..... look what happened.. all fights start standing up and BESIDES CHAD MENDES.. Conor’s takedown defense has been phenomenal.. people say Conor fans are bad but Khabib has literally fought 2-3 STRONG names out of 26 fights.. you can’t throw how Khabib throws orrrr keep your chin up in the pocket how Khabib does against strikers like a Tony Conor or Max.. just doesn’t work.

  • marko Builder
    marko Builder 8 months ago +1

    fuck you and your black lifes matter,all lifes matter bitch

  • Gpipes local1
    Gpipes local1 8 months ago

    Im a fan of both but still believe conor will dominate

  • Trap Charisma
    Trap Charisma 8 months ago

    That’s a hand truck

  • Kyle Fettes
    Kyle Fettes 8 months ago

    Khabibs a great fighter but Conor haters need to stop acting like Conor is an amateur and just admit to themselves that he is a very talented and skilled fighter. No chance 99 out of 100 times I imagine it’d actually be near split

  • hamzanasir
    hamzanasir 8 months ago

    Woodley went from one of my favourite fighters to one of the biggest bums in the fight game