Rematch: Ding Liren vs Magnus Carlsen | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

  • Published on Nov 27, 2019
  • Magnus Carlsen had already lost the first game of the blitz against Ding Liren at the Tata Steel Blitz 2019. In their second blitz game, would the World Champion be able to take revenge? Check out this video to find out!
    Video: ChessBase India
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Comments • 260

  • Kem Chiag
    Kem Chiag 23 hours ago

    So this guy beats him twice and no one is singing his name lol

  • Emilio Herrera, Jr
    Emilio Herrera, Jr 3 days ago

    Is Every Fucken chess match held at a clinic or emergency room?

  • Çağrı Güneş
    Çağrı Güneş 3 days ago

    Ding looking like ghost i mean never seen or like that social platform but he will exist a tournament and he will wind to everyone ... Anyway that was good game

  • kouzou8
    kouzou8 3 days ago

    Fucking ebola room..

  • motoputz
    motoputz 7 days ago

    a magnus slayer? dude has memorized every move of calrsen

  • VITA kyo
    VITA kyo 8 days ago

    2 D diagramm

  • Franco Corelli
    Franco Corelli 8 days ago

    All midget brain comments. All of those dumb comments from bird brains.

  • InVaDeR
    InVaDeR 10 days ago

    Cough 10xtime and win a fridge

  • R K
    R K 11 days ago

    Why do smart people have such a big head though. Reminds me of aliens.

  • Michael34J
    Michael34J 14 days ago

    At 2:26 Magnus offers an exchange of Rooks on c8. When Ding hits on c8 Magnus uses 1:20 seconds to decide which piece to use... Strange way to use precious time - putting himself under pressure later.

  • mandara godagama
    mandara godagama 17 days ago

    Who won the game?

  • Prithvi Raj Tiwari
    Prithvi Raj Tiwari 19 days ago

    Neponmniatchi us Carlson's Nemesis in classical chess

  • John Smith
    John Smith 23 days ago

    Ding dinged magnus mom lol,

  • Mario Costa
    Mario Costa 23 days ago


  • mangcha haokip
    mangcha haokip 24 days ago

    Who won yhe match i cn't understand anyone please

  • BestComps
    BestComps 25 days ago

    Bro wtf is up with all this coughing lmao

  • Apocalyptic Signs
    Apocalyptic Signs 26 days ago

    Cough cough cough.

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord 26 days ago +1

    The coughing has to be signaling. Sorry nobody coughs that much all at once. Multiple people.

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 26 days ago

    All these nerds need to go outside and get some air and sun. So much coughing...... Get that immune system up

    • Apocalyptic Signs
      Apocalyptic Signs 26 days ago

      That amazing India air quality, nothing fresher on this earth. Not really a wonder why they all have respiratory problems.

    BLUEDEVIL 26 days ago

    its sad to see carlsen loosing

  • Hiburan Ngaceng
    Hiburan Ngaceng 27 days ago

    I started to believe ding will beat carlsen on World title in the future

  • Johnny Rockets the Third

    What’s with the fucking coughing in all these videos? My god fucking annoying to even watch with sound. Where the fuck is this being played? In a smoking room?

  • قصص رعب موسوعة_الفزع BaSeM GoMaA

    Ding beated Carlson many times
    i think he is going to be the new world championship

    • Marco
      Marco 27 days ago


  • Kris Portera
    Kris Portera 29 days ago

    King Ding vs Magnus The Great

  • LeoDubFire
    LeoDubFire 29 days ago

    This is more like a coughing tournament

  • LeoDubFire
    LeoDubFire 29 days ago

    Damn they need to bring some cough drops and water bottles in this tournament lol

  • Сергей Игнатов

    coughing, burping and venting the bowels might mean appreciation in tribal cultures

  • Storm Hawk
    Storm Hawk Month ago

    Why did Carlsen take so long taking that Rook?

    • Dave Siow
      Dave Siow 16 days ago

      Strategically he knew he was bust.

  • A D
    A D Month ago +1


  • Froilan Basanez
    Froilan Basanez Month ago +6

    to beat the best
    you have to beat the best

    thats why i beat myself everyday
    im always in my best condition

  • Hoopman 05
    Hoopman 05 Month ago

    Who won?

  • 19Harakiri76
    19Harakiri76 Month ago

    why Magnus give up? No more time? I dont know anything about chess or bliz chess

  • HeroVax
    HeroVax Month ago

    Who tf is that on the left?

    • Vivungisport
      Vivungisport Month ago

      It's Dingk Liren .. probably the highest rated Chinese GM today.

  • hunting&fishing nz
    hunting&fishing nz Month ago

    Before i watch,i am thinking that it was not a tuberculosis game,but it people in india have more sick in this time?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ikhmal Zulkifli
    Ikhmal Zulkifli Month ago +2

    Are they playing in a hospital? Those audiences are patients?

  • Rez
    Rez Month ago

    Magnus is dings bitch

  • Andiroo Sal
    Andiroo Sal Month ago +1

    Um who won??they both just got up and quit?

    • Elliott Urbina
      Elliott Urbina Month ago

      Andiroo Sal the person that extends the hand for the handshake gives in. So Asian dude won. The only guy that seems to beat this dude

  • hector jonathan reyes santana

    Top view would be better..... and the people coughing please stop

  • Pejuang Keluarga
    Pejuang Keluarga Month ago

    The best Ding liren

  • LAWRENCE / P. Ing. Sis.

    Who Tha fock win???

  • Ali Pinar
    Ali Pinar Month ago

    7.07 why think so long about that move?

    • EQ
      EQ 25 days ago

      Because of queen b6 then king g2 then knight h7 mate

    • George Araujo
      George Araujo Month ago +1

      They don't just think bout their one move. They analyse all the moves to come on the opponents perspective too. to make sure that the One move which they are about to play.

  • lammie001
    lammie001 Month ago +3

    These people are happy theyre inside away from the smog... time to cough it all up.

    SERENITY NOW Month ago +3

    4:17 😂

  • ok no
    ok no Month ago

    nice ding

  • Mohd Syahir
    Mohd Syahir Month ago

    tolol anjing batuk bising lah

  • steamroller82
    steamroller82 Month ago +1

    Would like to see a 20-game blitz match between these two

  • Miguel Lorenzo
    Miguel Lorenzo Month ago +2

    Wow..he lost again

  • Benjamin 008
    Benjamin 008 Month ago +1

    I wonder if everyone who join this tournament got sick after this tournament?

    Man those coughing sound is so bad it feels like those people/audience need to go to hospital and stay there for 3 days.

  • metaVendetta
    metaVendetta Month ago +47

    Its nice they invited all the terminally ill to enjoy the game

  • LuciferGodOfWar
    LuciferGodOfWar Month ago

    if the players would stand up and tell them to get the fuck out I would refuse to play all the players should refuse to play this is bullshit

  • jonh dar
    jonh dar Month ago

    Top view would be better to follow the game

  • BigDudut
    BigDudut Month ago +4 favorite game all of the time...coughing game 🤣

  • Noeun Kim
    Noeun Kim Month ago +4

    They need to step outside and cough. So annoying with the cough. I commend the chess players for sticking it out. Go to hospital people

  • Sean Yew
    Sean Yew Month ago

    Aint nobody: ....
    Absolute none:....
    Someone: COUGHHHHH!!!!!

  • Gery Bock
    Gery Bock Month ago

    So who won?

    • Gery Bock
      Gery Bock Month ago +1

      @Felipe Villegas oh thank you

    • Felipe Villegas
      Felipe Villegas Month ago +1

      Ding won. Carlsen would be mated by the white queen on g8 since the white knight on e7 is guarding both g8 and g6.

    DB DAWIZARD Month ago +1

    Chess match? More like a cough match! They need some cough syrup company to sponsor them!

    YATTY Month ago +7

    Ding beat magnus here and the fans of ding are celebrating, they didn't know that magnus won this tournament.😂

    • supernice_auto
      supernice_auto Month ago

      @YATTY only one that sounds butthurt is you, clown

    • YATTY
      YATTY Month ago

      @Hondo Pirat the butthurt still crying.

    • Hondo Pirat
      Hondo Pirat Month ago +1

      YATTY butthurt calling others butthurts

    • YATTY
      YATTY Month ago

      @zvone40 butthurt

    • zvone40
      zvone40 Month ago

      So what?? Beating Magnus is not a reason to celebrate ?

  • Mash_The_Red_Devil
    Mash_The_Red_Devil Month ago

    Its so annoying to hear people coughing continuously distracting the players.....

  • ninad surve
    ninad surve Month ago

    What's wrong with these sick bastards. Fuckin spoiled my mood for an hour atleast.

  • Sudheer Sasankan
    Sudheer Sasankan Month ago

    Cough, Sneeze, Chess Repeat :-D. Well, this happens not only in India, it's everywhere. It's an unsolved mystery, a supernatural universal phenomena Where there is chess there is a cough followed by a sneeze (Repeat) :D .