Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
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Comments • 15 510

  • Vishal Gupta
    Vishal Gupta 4 hours ago

    Car windshield

  • July 26
    July 26 23 hours ago +1

    If this could be created into a dbz power level type scouter that'd be great

  • GrimmyReaper
    GrimmyReaper Day ago

    Neat but ......... I mean, the contrast is not good so what's the point?

  • A TZ.
    A TZ. Day ago


  • Shaheer
    Shaheer Day ago

    all the dislikes are from kids because he did not play fortnite

  • GG
    GG 2 days ago


  • Riccardo Tessari
    Riccardo Tessari 2 days ago

    AR Glasses incoming

  • Fynn Haggenmüller
    Fynn Haggenmüller 3 days ago

    Why do I picture someone, Whit this thing as enormous window masturbating in front of it already?

  • Fynn Haggenmüller
    Fynn Haggenmüller 3 days ago

    I was actually thinking: hopefully Linus dosn't drop the TV...

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall 4 days ago +1


    Linus brings a pc huge pc to a demo

  • Mike L
    Mike L 4 days ago

    Great vid.

  • Matt Stiles
    Matt Stiles 5 days ago

    Aight now time for transparent smartphones

  • Arvind Toolooa
    Arvind Toolooa 6 days ago

    Why should I have a transparent screen?

  • Adam Conn
    Adam Conn 6 days ago

    Why do I want this tv? Why Linus? why is it so cool? I swear would put a tv behind that tv.

  • usquanigo
    usquanigo 6 days ago

    Why was the explanation cut off? The tech details are the important part. (not the gaming test)

  • CybeRingu
    CybeRingu 8 days ago

    Missed opportunity to have Joi from BladeRunner play on loop 🦄

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 9 days ago

    Imagine a multi layered one (3D)

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich 9 days ago

    Holy $#1t

  • So No
    So No 9 days ago

    Totally stupid and useless. Doesn't add anything to the TV viewing experience. Lame as can be.

  • R Y Z 3 N
    R Y Z 3 N 10 days ago

    he's an mf hippie

  • Adwaith J
    Adwaith J 12 days ago

    Align lots in series and get urself a hologram

  • TheFrostyBrit
    TheFrostyBrit 12 days ago

    Layered screens to make true 3D, with foreground middleground and background separate

  • joatha os
    joatha os 12 days ago

    its amazing for front camera on mobile devices

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 13 days ago

    I want one in my front door so a virtual avatar can address people. Like someone comes to break in and suddenly a person appears in the door to shout at them, or the postmun comes to deliver an eBay parcel and the door person asks them what they need and unlocks the porch door for them to drop it off.

  • JimmyJulius
    JimmyJulius 13 days ago

    would be cool to make a smart mirror with this tech

  • Dino K
    Dino K 14 days ago

    I really wanted to see how this looks from behind in the dark ☹️

  • Claudio Mp
    Claudio Mp 14 days ago +1

    And one of the guys that worked on it calls Mr SUCKS? OMG THATS AMAZING FUNNY!

  • Jesper Højlund
    Jesper Højlund 14 days ago

    what game is Linus "playing" here? (not the First Person Shooter, the other)

  • Allan Cristhian Kath Kipfer

    That on instead of actual window....
    -Neighbor: Are u fixing your window?
    -nah, just playing GTA....

  • Allan Cristhian Kath Kipfer

    What's up with DOOM? i don't know why folks like it...i hate it! but then...i do suck at FPS yeah!

  • DJOldSoul
    DJOldSoul 14 days ago

    I see some pretty crazy 3d depth being created from multiple tv's stacked.

  • Pranaya Shakya
    Pranaya Shakya 14 days ago +1

    You could make glasses with a HUD like Tony starks glasses in infinity war and endgame

  • Joshtapus
    Joshtapus 15 days ago

    What if you layered these, it would create 3D to an entirely new level

  • Understandable Fox
    Understandable Fox 15 days ago

    Mr. Succ

  • Leo Kap
    Leo Kap 15 days ago

    i think this would make RTX work great idk if it would be something special but something new and different im interensted where do u order one when are they available i love lg screens there the best on the market

  • joey colburn
    joey colburn 15 days ago

    X-bo- well never mind then!

  • Jani Rannanpää
    Jani Rannanpää 16 days ago

    Interesting new technology!

  • bu tre
    bu tre 16 days ago

    other than the obvious usages for signage, I could see this working great for heads up displays in cars. just imagine how cool it would be to integrate this technology into a windshield that talks to your GPS and overlays route information (think forza horizon style arrows on the road)

  • Rahat Aayaz
    Rahat Aayaz 16 days ago

    I can see, A better in display fingerprint reader nd in display front facing camera.🙄

    FORDGTFANATIC 17 days ago

    Heads up display on windshield or helmet visor

  • team c
    team c 18 days ago

    5:07 Linus what is GTX 2080 TI?

  • Charles Bukenya
    Charles Bukenya 18 days ago

    When do we get underdisplay camera

  • Dakota Hyde
    Dakota Hyde 19 days ago

    I think it would be great for use at a bank to see the customer but yet still do ur processing without them being able to see what ur doing along with the ability for them not knowing ur location behind the till.
    On a side not having them as a double sided screen to put in a house in between a wall but yet the features to was same movies on both sides at the same time or even different times.

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan 19 days ago

    Augmented reality applications abound.

  • Steve Generic
    Steve Generic 22 days ago

    Imagine this on phones

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 22 days ago

    This would be the start of true 3d, or holograpgraphic displays if 3, or 4 even, one being bigger than the one in front,last being standard. No need for eye tracking, and like Google glass, but holographic..

  • Kade Williams
    Kade Williams 23 days ago

    You is on a plane for the pilots

  • Larn Regis
    Larn Regis 23 days ago

    How many of these can be put behind each other until they get opaque? If like 2 or 3 are still transparent, you could have like a pseudo 3D effect if you have several of these screens behind each other and each display has a slightly different angle of the front image.

  • Animated Codes Made Easy

    Very cool

  • popkorn HD
    popkorn HD 23 days ago

    what if you look on the back when lights are off?

  • CUBE
    CUBE 23 days ago

    This would be awesome for the side of a pc decorating wise

  • Simon
    Simon 24 days ago +2

    LLT's last 16:9 video (not including live streams)

  • Hase
    Hase 26 days ago

    Great, I hate it!

  • Krawurxus
    Krawurxus 26 days ago +3

    As soon as I saw him wearing socks with sandals that became the main issue of the video and I couldn't focus on anything else.

  • Raphaël Pyrat
    Raphaël Pyrat 26 days ago

    We can finally run windows on windows!

  • wilson ip
    wilson ip 26 days ago


  • BloodAcidPro
    BloodAcidPro 26 days ago

    Clear tv plus a normal tv behind it, tripping 3d experience .

  • Anonice Dark
    Anonice Dark 27 days ago

    I wanna see what it is like when it is turned off, you are truly the dumbest smart man I know Linus... please think a little next time, would you??? I'm getting sick of giving you free ideas...

  • JuXuS1
    JuXuS1 27 days ago

    i did some content for a similar touchversion

  • William
    William 27 days ago

    Use a window background in windows

  • Thetechgenius
    Thetechgenius 27 days ago

    Can you imagine an entire wall with this display with no borders, or on a HUGE window, playing games and looking like a Hologram almost? This is the future, i hope.

  • ReTaRd
    ReTaRd 29 days ago

    Maybe for those police question room instead of a see thru mirror an see thru tv.

  • Dan TGM
    Dan TGM Month ago

    ''gtx 2080ti''

  • Timothy Toth
    Timothy Toth Month ago

    it could be used for 3D with more layers right.

  • Abbys Vlad
    Abbys Vlad Month ago

    what is the game name

  • Henry Xu
    Henry Xu Month ago

    me: thinking linus is gonna pull out a trident X
    Linus: pull out a consule
    me: oww
    Linus: pulls out a trident X

  • eazyfreek
    eazyfreek Month ago

    Add a electro polarised layer at the rear and upscale the tv to around 80 to 100 inch,
    and then it can also be used in every home as a window/TV.. NICE! Imagine being able to
    look out the window and see the beach or the edge of the grand canyon , or the moon surface.
    i'd av 1.. All in all, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TV, SIMPLY STUNNING ..

  • the purple fedora
    the purple fedora Month ago

    dat echo tho

  • SkullShot
    SkullShot Month ago

    They could use this to remove the notch on phones

  • chidvilas chethurved

    How bright is it? Nits???

  • Matthew Yan
    Matthew Yan Month ago

    I love how worried the people behind linus look

  • Michael Enslin
    Michael Enslin Month ago

    I think it would be awesome if it were used as a decorative piece, such as a painting or photo, until you turn it on and use it as a screen

  • 4 diamondz
    4 diamondz Month ago

    people will be asking, " why are children now these days just staring out their windows...when they can just go outside and play??"
    The answer is clear! ;)

  • Dimas Haryo Prajoko

    VR screen? Augmented reality?

  • Ben Holland
    Ben Holland Month ago

    Me: brings iPhone while traveling
    Linus: brings multiple gaming setups in one suitcase while traveling

  • Yanick Rochon
    Yanick Rochon Month ago

    Tech idea : windows where persons are removed from the rooms; rooms always look empty at night. No need for curtains because people can't see inside.

  • Tom cat
    Tom cat Month ago

    imagine how quickly this will burn in

  • Nathan T
    Nathan T Month ago

    If you could have an image on both sides it could be cool in future homes. A 360 lounge room kinda thing.

  • waseem rajab
    waseem rajab Month ago

    Guys, can anyone please tell me the name of the game he was playing at 8:04?

  • Blue Sand Studios, LLC

    That would be nice in a vehicle, AR googles, digital mirror and shower doors lolll

  • Jens8502
    Jens8502 Month ago

    Call me crazy but i like that necklace on you:)

  • Philippe Ley
    Philippe Ley Month ago

    You could use it to make a under display camera for smartphones.

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    what's the second game he plays?

  • - Yaoshmite -
    - Yaoshmite - Month ago +3

    This is perfect for under screen Smart Phone Front Facing Cameras!

  • ZenX100
    ZenX100 Month ago

    And that is gonna make underscreen cameras

  • Dragoon Duneman
    Dragoon Duneman Month ago

    I just had this idea if Linus want to try something....Try have these Oled and layered behind each other one for background without player and one with player without the background to create these trippy 3d ish depth.

  • Josh Blade
    Josh Blade Month ago

    Speedometer hud on a car windshield, definitely

  • Daniel Miles
    Daniel Miles Month ago

    HUDs for cars boats plans and spaceships!!

  • Jeremy Gillespie
    Jeremy Gillespie Month ago

    Stack 2-3 of the displays and get true depth of field.

  • Jeremy Gillespie
    Jeremy Gillespie Month ago

    Hmm that 4:26 cut...

  • Mf Tripz
    Mf Tripz Month ago

    this is cool and all, but let's be honest, gaming would seem like a nightmare unless you had something black behind it. Which defeats the purpose of the transparency

  • walter varela
    walter varela Month ago

    The new 3D gaming tvs
    Using 3 displays

  • Michael Belonio
    Michael Belonio Month ago

    Iron man avengers glass screen, cool.

  • abdullah babakir
    abdullah babakir Month ago

    Use the pc

    Ow thx u listened to me

  • Gijs Van wijk
    Gijs Van wijk Month ago

    can they make these in glasses?

  • 。翔
    。翔 Month ago

    In few years, TV won’t have any screen at all. 3D project in to the air with more than 8k resolution. That would be awesome

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    I think at some point that technology might replace just the plain tempered glass windows on pc cases and idk if somehow the screen being transparent would help to not damage people’s eyes as much or if it could even be used as a way to just not fatigue your eyes just by focusing behind the screen every now and then while using it

  • Big MD
    Big MD Month ago

    i see a smaller screen of them in my sound studio at both sides of the window between mixing desk and booth. that way i could use the window as screen, switch it clear when ever i need to see the singer/ performer, and send the lyrics or notes to the singer. i'm actually dreaming of such a thing for years.

  • Peter Nicholls
    Peter Nicholls Month ago

    Multiple layers could create 3D ?!? :0

  • Ivan Filipus
    Ivan Filipus Month ago +1

    Imagine this installed on your car windows and it just tells you everything you need to know. Or big buses or cyberpunk train in which you can see schedule, time arrival etc. This is amazing