Gaming on the CLEAR TV Prototype!

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
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Comments • 15 038

  • Wetfart Moto
    Wetfart Moto 14 hours ago

    4 layers of this type op display for ultra 3d without glasses in a cinema

  • Attila Varga
    Attila Varga 15 hours ago

    Garbage. Would be better as a windscreen of a car

  • Ben The Shrubber
    Ben The Shrubber 17 hours ago

    ive been trying to avoid this video for weeks, but it finally snekked up on me.. glad it did,
    once they get into things like pvb/eva or tempering, this will have such an impact in all aspects of society potentially. though it will be crazy expensive at first, if the price gets down to something near reasonable in the next ten years then i wouldnt be surprised to see people with windows in their house that have this tech built in, or in thier cars and around in public spaces aswell as the potential uses in security and defense professions..

  • mayur surpurkar
    mayur surpurkar 18 hours ago

    *These kind of screens should be used for cars or other vehicles( the glasses) for better navigation. Having it as TV seems cool but has no purpose. Can be used for windows glasses instead of TV in the house if it's brighter and can cancel the transparency.*

  • geoff grech
    geoff grech 19 hours ago

    The technology is coming and will only get better and cheaper as time goes on

  • xpeterson
    xpeterson 19 hours ago +1

    Seriously, how do we still have notches and cutouts on phones?

  • Damori Pierce
    Damori Pierce 20 hours ago

    he automatically got my like because of the Window Windows joke....LMAO

  • Cobra Strike Down
    Cobra Strike Down 20 hours ago

    So, this is the future of the feature "picture in picture".

  • David AE Levy
    David AE Levy 21 hour ago

    The applications for this are massive

  • Taylor Alaska
    Taylor Alaska 21 hour ago

    I was very attracted to Linus when he put on the necklace. He looked like an Egyptian god. Linus take your shirt off. Lord Linus.

  • Louis Dalton
    Louis Dalton 21 hour ago

    It could be like the google glass

  • 1010101
    1010101 21 hour ago +1

    Clear smartphones

  • Haris Khan
    Haris Khan 22 hours ago

    I want this on glasses

  • Flykope
    Flykope 22 hours ago

    Linus Gaming on it looks like he’s slacking off in minority report

  • Fendy S
    Fendy S 23 hours ago

    I think this technology will be going mainstream used on the car.
    Imagine replacing car windshield and side windows with this. Full windshild navigation and other contents, news on the half left, navigation the other half. We can see the image from inside the car but not from outside.
    I always imagine dimmable windows using electrochromatic technology on every windows in the car. Now you sandwich that with this transparent screen technology, bam. The posibility is endless.

  • Titus Dunnigan
    Titus Dunnigan 23 hours ago

    Maybe putting a camera centered behind the OLED screen to appear as a mirror as well?

  • Coil
    Coil Day ago

    Awesome stuff! Stack them in layers for a 3D display cube :)

    • Coil
      Coil Day ago

      Or, better yet, stack them in two or three layers and make a lightfield display for a flat glasses-less 3D display

  • Echosix Mock
    Echosix Mock Day ago

    Many possibilities ideas for that display!

  • Will La
    Will La Day ago

    TV for my internet kitchen window/hole. See in and see out

  • richystar2001
    richystar2001 Day ago

    Multiple layers could make a rudimentary 3d display without 3d glasses.

  • James Chung
    James Chung Day ago

    oh wow! That's so frickin' awesome!!!!

  • barragan luisebarn

    Can’t wait to get one and see my beautiful wall mount

  • Inmydreamsimhunglikeabear 2

    Can anyone tell me what game this is? Please?

  • Pantouflard
    Pantouflard Day ago

    Okay, so the technology is here. It can be used. Clearly the idea that Alex Kipman has talked about of having an AR/VR headset that alternates between HoloLens-like AR and full immersion VR can be done. It's a matter of time.

  • Andy Aw
    Andy Aw Day ago

    imagine if they can shrink that tech into a pair of glasses, HUD/augmented reality.

  • #SeM
    #SeM Day ago

    We can finally have cameras under display and end this ugly notch-style designs.

  • Jasper Gugino
    Jasper Gugino Day ago

    LG Transparent Display + Innoglass = Ultradank

  • lidoz
    lidoz Day ago

    Black wallpaper background;)

  • Nathan Todd
    Nathan Todd Day ago

    Transparent OLED over top of e-ink screens to save power on mobile devices

  • WhoopsyDaisy
    WhoopsyDaisy Day ago

    I wonder how black the tv will be and if the background matters in any regard to it

  • droo monsta
    droo monsta Day ago

    Now add another screen behind with the images sync so the GPU renders foreground and background seperately for a 3D image without stupid glasses/headsets, thankyouplease.

  • Acid001
    Acid001 Day ago

    So, Linus just gives LG a multi-million dollar idea for head-to-head gaming (which screams Esport application), without batting an eye-lash. You better trade mark that idea, fast Linus! ;)

  • Dragunov121 Endri

    Might be good for stores, but the reflection of the lights for gaming might need anti glare or doesn't look worth it. Interesting idea none the less.

  • TheBoyInBlue
    TheBoyInBlue Day ago +1

    A window that you can game on at night, without your neighbors even knowing.

  • Patrick North
    Patrick North Day ago

    Reminds me of a one way mirror like the ones behind "interview" window glass.

  • ikem smith
    ikem smith Day ago


  • Paul Agerbeek
    Paul Agerbeek Day ago

    They could add LCD Privacy Glass/Switchable Smart Film on the back and make the transparency switchable .

  • Gabriel Broomfield

    What about the potential for AR?

  • Chance Thomas
    Chance Thomas Day ago

    I could see this being used to create a fullscreen phone in the future. Just saying, if they put the R&D into just a portion of the screen being see through you could keep the front camera up top. The only thing left would be the speakers.

  • Graham Anderson
    Graham Anderson Day ago

    The ultimate clear phone for JerryRigEverything

  • Baz Irvine
    Baz Irvine Day ago

    Completely pointless. Let's get a see through TV and put a black sheet up behind it so it works properly. Let's get an underwater hairdryer while we're at it. Doh.

  • Ham
    Ham Day ago

    I want a phone with a clear oled screen on my desk right now

  • Joshua Alzate
    Joshua Alzate Day ago

    Imagine this technology used with AR. Men that would be awesome

  • Tate S.
    Tate S. Day ago

    It would be good to use for a mirror that would turn into a monitor, i think you tried to do it once for a vr set up by putting the display right behind the mirror, but this type of display would work a whole lot better

  • Gabriel Arsenault

    Gets to use transparent TV, gets excited at how opaque he can get it to look. :P
    On a more serious note though, I would love that technology on a VR headset

  • Étienne M.z.A.
    Étienne M.z.A. Day ago

    What if U take down the black background?

  • Testoh Toby
    Testoh Toby Day ago

    stark industries approved !

  • Hordil
    Hordil Day ago

    So the Future of 3D gaming are multiple transparent screens behind each other? Damn shouldnt write it as comment, should patent it right now! Ah for gods sake, for humanity!

  • Abir Iqbal
    Abir Iqbal Day ago

    Adding Multiple layer of these can make a cool 3D TV


    I would put a mirror behind the TV to make smart mirror which can be used as an augmented reality machine. It could potentially show us the preview of the clothes I would want to buy online.

  • Jason Bernal
    Jason Bernal Day ago

    I could see this used as a TV if a layer of electrochromic glass was added to the back of the screen which could turn opaque when on. Then when off, you have a regular window.

  • entertheyoda
    entertheyoda Day ago

    Amazed at transparent screen ….turns off lights to make it a normal tv.

  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 Day ago

    Iron man 2

  • O RP
    O RP Day ago

    Elite dangerous just got a whole lot more interesting

  • snow kim
    snow kim Day ago

    Crazy Korean

  • TheNiceJackass
    TheNiceJackass Day ago

    Having it as part of a shop window display would be a great way of scaring the shit out of people passing by. Have a zombie jump out at them or or a Lion roaring at them :D

  • michael1234252
    michael1234252 Day ago

    Augmented reality usage I can see. Sorta like what Tony Stark would see when he's wearing an Iron Man suit. Or even a much better version of the Google Glass that actually works much better.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Day ago

    Was that a Swastika on the TV remote!? 6:00

  • aterack833
    aterack833 Day ago

    "your normal OLED tv at home" lmfao, ok there rich guy

  • SuperLegend187
    SuperLegend187 2 days ago

    augmented reality, automotive windshields, fighter plane canopy VR hud display ,MRI biometric scan regional optics (a virtual x-ray of the exact area of the body pre-laceration), and of course OPTIC camouflage......

  • Purphuros
    Purphuros 2 days ago

    double layered glass windows. middly layer has something as simple as a blind that closes between the glass. clear window, but you can black it to game on it any time.

  • Robert Raught
    Robert Raught 2 days ago

    You could put this as a hud for your living room or other windows.

  • B Mcginnis
    B Mcginnis 2 days ago

    Seems like a gimmick for a normal household television..

  • Oliver Bart
    Oliver Bart 2 days ago

    We need a phone with this

  • We Watch From Below
    We Watch From Below 2 days ago

    I'm gonna do it... Is your bag black and blue... Or?

  • Robert Cristino
    Robert Cristino 2 days ago

    Its sweet, but you still need a black wall or whatever so you can tell what's on screen...

  • Filipe Ribeiro Ribeiro

    i want something like that in my glsses VR!

  • Ashyo Sings
    Ashyo Sings 2 days ago


  • D. Sam
    D. Sam 2 days ago

    Finally I will be able to game while driving, the future is happening!'
    Edit: I wrote this comment without reading the comments, now the hype is real, it's only a matter of time :D

  • AR 23
    AR 23 2 days ago

    Just put four screens in a box for gamers

  • Calvin Chandler
    Calvin Chandler 2 days ago

    I want glasses like this

  • MyNegativeCreep
    MyNegativeCreep 2 days ago

    Having this with a transparent bezel would be amazing hanging on wall

  • Simey
    Simey 2 days ago


  • Abhijith Moody
    Abhijith Moody 2 days ago

    wow , transparent phones next , hell yayyyyyy , hud display on car that will be soo cool , future is here baby

  • NyteFall Zero
    NyteFall Zero 2 days ago

    Layer that shit in such a way to create a 3D image.

  • Pal Mercandas
    Pal Mercandas 2 days ago

    5:06 You better not drop that "GTX 2080 Ti"

  • Hazir
    Hazir 2 days ago

    think about your window TV -> using this one and some mechanized arm that pulls down a black sheet behind it when you want to game.

  • Philly Fly Guy
    Philly Fly Guy 2 days ago

    Linus, It's a bit surprising that you haven't opened the can of worms that is smart home technology. Perhaps you're not looking for new ideas but it would be a whole year of content watching you try out and review smart home devices.

  • Spud McKeegan
    Spud McKeegan 2 days ago

    You could set up your webcam for streaming directly behind the monitor.

  • Tony Autzen
    Tony Autzen 2 days ago

    I would like to see them put a black LCD blocking behind that you can turn on and off, but not just that what if the blocking LCD was the same resolution as the picture then you could put on a mask image telling what to be transparent or not... further it would be really nice to have as you mentioned 2 sided picture.... imagine putting it in a real window in your home then you could se movies or game in your garden :-P freaking awesome !

  • Accomplice Rex
    Accomplice Rex 2 days ago

    The application I foresee is putting a second monitor behind it and having an actual 3D effect with two different displays behind each other.

    CAOSWOLFIII 2 days ago

    im thinking next gen tactical google for the military that gives real time data on detected enemy troops in the area.

  • Andy Checkley
    Andy Checkley 2 days ago

    crap without the dark background

  • Trif vas
    Trif vas 2 days ago +2

    Transparent mobile devices 🤔🤔

  • Rhys Wells
    Rhys Wells 2 days ago

    Advertisement on a bus window would be cool

  • Vince Navarrete
    Vince Navarrete 2 days ago

    GTX 2080 Ti??

  • UrDaddy WingNut
    UrDaddy WingNut 2 days ago

    Seriously guys-- what's the damned problem here?? This is a TECH CHANNEL. This new TV/ monitor IS tech, and damn fine tech at that. But so many people wanna piss, bitch, n moan about this video as if Linus had posted a cat video or something. I think this is one hella cool piece of tech, & can't wait to see the applications once it hits U.S. shores! I just can't understand why so many people are subscribed to Linus *TECH* Tips if they're just gonna try n tear down every video that comes out..? Does it just make you feel special? Empowered? Or are you all just jealous you have to wait to see sweetass *TECH* like this instead of getting to fly halfway across the world to check it out pre-U.S. release LIKE A TOTAL FUCKING BOSS??!?

  • David Munro
    David Munro 2 days ago

    Seems like the answer to the under display camera, just saying.

  • Seagull
    Seagull 2 days ago


  • DAudIcI
    DAudIcI 2 days ago

    When the camera went behind the screen the whole thing reminded me of Looking Glass panels from Prey.
    Now to do the same with holograms and we will be already there...

  • X3Vort
    X3Vort 2 days ago

    They should create a 3rd screen on the back of the TV which will switch to a clear or black background depending if you want to screen transparent or the picture as clear as possible.

  • X3Vort
    X3Vort 2 days ago

    Why has no one created a double sided transparent TV. Then people can have a O or Square shape Sofa and place the TV in the middle and then everyone can watch TV. Or one better each side can be controlled to either mirror or separate. So kids can game on one side and parents watch TV on the other.

  • UnboundGodz
    UnboundGodz 2 days ago

    LG is taking over the tv market ;O Bet it will cost an arm and a leg though.

  • UnboundGodz
    UnboundGodz 2 days ago

    Thats cool, its like privacy glass on the back almost.

  • Patrick McGinnes
    Patrick McGinnes 2 days ago

    Seems like the perfect way to do a game demo on an E3 stage. You have a transparent display people can see the person playing and talking about the game, but it is fairly crisp to the person actually doing the playing. The price for it would also be kinda a drop in the bucket for an EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, Sony isn't coming to this E3, Nintendo...
    I dunno pay me money for my ideas big companies! I'm brilliant! Ok maybe not brilliant, but I'm not going to get a 50k or more dollar a year job saying I'm relatively creative am I?

  • Joshua Upham
    Joshua Upham 2 days ago

    Hey Linus, What if you layered multiple screens together to make a true 3D image? Would it work?

  • Patrick McGinnes
    Patrick McGinnes 2 days ago

    You brought an Xbox One to try out one of those things? You didn't want to see Game of the Year contenders like God of War, SpiderMan?
    I guess it kinda makes a bit of sense since you have WAY more money to spend on gaming than 99% of gamers, so you can get Forza Motorsport on a One X, and play it on a top end gaming PC... However that just screams out to me more that you should have probably brought a PS4 and a high end gaming PC or the Xbox One X, because otherwise it's redundant isn't it? Plus you could have tried out PC Gaming HDR on it and PS4 gaming HDR.
    Seems like as lost an opportunity as lost opportunities go.

  • joshua hill
    joshua hill 2 days ago

    8:02 that neck ;)

  • J Davis
    J Davis 2 days ago

    Imagine this as a skylight above your bed. you could watch TV laying down, block out the light, or check out the stars.

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally 2 days ago

    7:50 Okay, so how is it, that on my super plain LCD monitor on my Dell Latitude D830 actually makes this image not only look super clear, but has actual depth? I can't imagine if this looks different IRL, because it looks damn fantastic here. I'm curious how depth is displayed on a traditional LCD now, because it looks 3D..