Brexit: PM sends EU unsigned request seeking Brexit delay - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay to Brexit - but without his signature.
    The request was accompanied by a second letter, signed by Mr Johnson, which says he believes that a delay would be a mistake.
    The PM was required by law to ask the EU for an extension to the 31 October deadline after losing a Commons vote.
    EU Council President Donald Tusk tweeted that he had received the extension request.
    He did not provide details of its content, but added that he will now consult EU leaders "on how to react".
    Hours after losing a crunch vote in a historic Saturday session in the House of Commons, the prime minister ordered a senior diplomat to send an unsigned photocopy of the call by MPs set out in the so-called Benn Act, passed last month.
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    KEVIN HESKETH 14 days ago +1

    The British government doesn't respect human rights.Heres Your manufactured artificial schizophrenia and antipsychotic medication to make a man a mental cases and use hypnotic suggestions as schizophrenia messages to see if the man will be violent or committed suicide get drunk To alcoholism or collect dvds,paper and magazine cuttings in hoarding type collections for the victim to go to the government collaborators in the NHS and show his hoarding as proof of the psychological exploitation the campaign against him.
    They stole his human rights to torture practice assault with frequencies.His human rights to family taken from him by Organised psychological exploitation experiments of mind control coercive control.Not a ten minute joke for television but a life time taken by psychiatrists and psychologists involved in this human rights.This is real this is a crime this must be heard in court.The British government doesn't respect human rights.No consent no rights to access and those who fight for human rehoused know about this crime think it's funny as the government uses the television industry to hide these criminals.I hate them.

  • Horacio Fabián Villanueva

    Una verguenza! No están respetando la decisión del ciudadano Inglés de dejar el acuerdo con la UE. Una verdadera verguenza!

  • Q Co
    Q Co 18 days ago


  • Q Co
    Q Co 18 days ago

    Dutch man in white shirt. Spying on ? M Perry?? Man 4 seats away with head scars. Serious. Dutch man oblivious to 39 dead. Ambassador vs ?? 3 motorboats at mouth of ? Ti

  • Irritating Git With A Grin

    Democracy is dead and being replaced by United Nations traitors working
    at a local level across our land and in all the other countries in the
    We won't get brexit because the globalist elite have decided we won't have it.
    What you WILL have is forced 'smart cities' and people being made to share or give up their cars.
    Greening over our streets is up and running already in some city centres ( Sheffield for one example ) and they won't stop.
    People can carry on believing the phoney left-right/Labour-Tory paradigm
    for as long as they want, but it won't make a jot of difference unless
    people wake up to what is REALLY going on.

  • Truthseeker Matrix decoder

    Nigel Farage is the only brexit party to get us out of this fake boris deal NWO

  • Jean Roch
    Jean Roch 19 days ago +2

    He didn't need to sign it, here in the EU we have television, we know exactly who's the piece of shit who's childish enough to pull a stunt like that.

  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa 19 days ago

    P.M. England please look my Situasion, pedro Marques da Costa

  • Brian Trend
    Brian Trend 20 days ago

    bbc bullshit ALERT!

  • Izzo HooD
    Izzo HooD 20 days ago

    What an embarrassment.......

  • albert19ful
    albert19ful 21 day ago

    You know what they are terrified of leaving . And something else . This is all one giant conspiracy . It has been from day one . These clowns lead us right up to the day of leaving ,oh guess what another delay . It’s not meant to happen

  • albert19ful
    albert19ful 21 day ago

    It’s honestly the biggest joke of all time this Brexit delay . What a bunch of total pricks . I bet they even delay going to the karzi ....cause they can’t make their mind up . We are being laughed at by the rest of the world. At least thatcher didn’t dither when she liberated the Falkland Islands . Imagine BorisJohnson and his mob being in power then . The falklands would have remained in the Argentine hands . I always said we will never leave .

  • ken peters
    ken peters 21 day ago

    The UK and the EU will forge very close alliance to the stability of the western alliance. We need to applaud China for its ascendancy to capitalism and not aspiring to world's militaristic hegemony . We need to honour universal quest for human right and how we treat the earth for other generations to come.

  • Jools Freeman
    Jools Freeman 21 day ago +1

    The only sensible thing to do is gold a 2nd public referendum but this time without the misleading information and the lies, the simple fact is that in 2020 there is a a massive EU clampdown on tax evading companies and individuals...That is what Brexit is about, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • EnglishPolish Mememan

    Just imagine this.
    >Time traveler goes into the future from the past
    >Time Traveler: "Gee, I wonder what year it is... Hey! Have we left the EU yet?!"
    >Random person: "No not yet!"
    >Time traveler: "Well s**t I have no idea when I am then."

  • Kerman Koonekerman
    Kerman Koonekerman 21 day ago


  • Dorian Grey
    Dorian Grey 22 days ago

    If Malta or Lithuania or Slovakia opposes,....of the EU 27.. Britain is out, 1 single vote is needed.

  • B Tte
    B Tte 22 days ago

    Stay in the EU, grass is not greener somewhere across.

  • Dorian Grey
    Dorian Grey 22 days ago

    Boris Johnson might be a freak, BUT he gets it to the Point. Brexit on the 31st of October. If not...timeless and unendless discussions. In this situation hard Brexit is the best of all Solutions. You can prolongue till the 31st of January and nothing will be different

  • John Escalante
    John Escalante 22 days ago

    This is a threat to George sorrows. The break up of the eu. Furthers the new world order demise.

  • mr fuckwit
    mr fuckwit 22 days ago

    Kill all bbc employers

  • chonnerone
    chonnerone 22 days ago

    Well done Boris. The Benn Surender Act is appalling. I can't believe Tony Benn's son is the reason why we're not leaving. Irony much. RIP Tony Benn - a great man.

  • amitakalani kalani
    amitakalani kalani 22 days ago

    Who's yelling in the Westminster ..... really

  • Neo Lake
    Neo Lake 22 days ago

    A total embarrassment yet again

  • graham bull
    graham bull 22 days ago

    Another week of of wretched Anti-Brexit BBC and their nasty,cynical,interrupting attack dogs and b.....s. Nadger,leading the dawn chorus and the vile Maitliss,bringing the curtain down!

  • My Gmail
    My Gmail 22 days ago

    they should have a best out of 3 referendum . an these marching EU supporters fuck them . the majority voted to leave . an that's the end of the story

  • My Gmail
    My Gmail 22 days ago

    lmfao . clearly the politicians don't respect the peoples vote

  • Gisa W Slonim
    Gisa W Slonim 22 days ago

    October 31st is Halloween! And he will sign Brexit then? That does not bode at all well for the future of a non-European Britain. Please, Boris, change the date, the omens are not all good.

  • okow tina
    okow tina 22 days ago

    Hopefully the EU just kicks out the UK so we I don't have to have this on my feed anymore lol

  • Drago
    Drago 22 days ago +1

    Jo swinson "Today 100,000 people will be outside demanding a people vote" What about the 17.4 mil what voted to leave, for crying out loud shut up!!

  • Drago
    Drago 22 days ago

    Corbin is a joke.

    • okow tina
      okow tina 22 days ago

      When will they understand, this is not about what each political party wants or doesn't want, it's about what the 17.4 million voted for. Their sense of self-importance, their over

  • Colonial
    Colonial 22 days ago

    Blackmail the EU 😂
    The eyes can stay staring all they want, its always the nose that's in front.

  • Mardzy _
    Mardzy _ 22 days ago +1

    This is just European quarter final Brexit ...the final is in June the 10 2020....

  • Rihaan Murawat
    Rihaan Murawat 22 days ago

    i hate borris jhonson

  • Rihaan Murawat
    Rihaan Murawat 22 days ago

    I hate you what the hell I want to stop Brexit not create it your so annoying little rats

  • Benny G
    Benny G 22 days ago

    I think the only way to sort this brexit crap out is a coin toss, best out of three, or maybe a game of conkers, it would suit the juveniles running the government.

  • Akum Lemtor
    Akum Lemtor 22 days ago

    Britain has many outsiders who have made their nest and it is causing lots of trouble and this is the result.outsiders interest out vote natives

  • mr democracy
    mr democracy 22 days ago

    We are back in the HOUSE OF REMOAN to CARRY ON REMOANING where everything & anything gets voted down or blocked by the house of remainiacs with their sole purpose is to stop brexit and undermine democracy happening

  • rdylan27
    rdylan27 22 days ago

    I´m such a fan of the crazy guy screaming in the back

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 22 days ago

    Come on Boris ignore the law. That is a law brought in by traitors. Ignore it.

  • Raina Maria
    Raina Maria 22 days ago

    Britain in a nutshell, literally, with one of the top nutters at the helm

  • daryl H
    daryl H 22 days ago

    Boris is "Boofing" !!!

  • Thomas Morrison
    Thomas Morrison 22 days ago

    Johnson = Dictator and liar..also dangerous..he doesn't know the meaning of democracy.

  • rocky76dude
    rocky76dude 22 days ago

    All part of The plan . Deliver bad pro globalist bills , get voted down , and then an election and referendum .

  • rocky76dude
    rocky76dude 22 days ago

    How delusional on Johnson's part . He is voted down , and legislation stops him from crashing out without a deal voted on in parliament . Now he is saying he's still leaving next week , despite requesting an extension . Almost as delusional that Uk is going to be the best country in the world to live in , best weather , best roads , best schools , best wealth , best hospitals , and to lead the world in space exploration . Last week's statements latter .

  • PMA Judge
    PMA Judge 22 days ago


  • raimesey
    raimesey 22 days ago

    There was no talk of a deal when I voted leave! I didn’t expect it to be easy in the short term but long term we will be fine. These idiots are driving me insane. I hope the EU doesn’t grant us an extension and I hope we get a clean break Brexit!

  • Tim S Lincs
    Tim S Lincs 22 days ago

    When will they understand, this is not about what each political party wants or doesn't want, it's about what the 17.4 million voted for. Their sense of self-importance, their over-inflated egos couple with their total disregard for the wishes of the majority has incensed the electorate. This is no longer about Brexit, it's now all about democracy. The people versus Parliament!

  • johannesnicolaas
    johannesnicolaas 22 days ago

    I don't like the politics of Bo Jo but I feel a kind of reluctant admiration for his craftiness.

  • arthur lewis
    arthur lewis 22 days ago

    Do any of these "remain" protesters actually have jobs?

  • E McCreanor
    E McCreanor 22 days ago

    I wonder how history will portray us

  • Public Public
    Public Public 22 days ago

    Why repress the coverage of the million plus demonstrations BBC ?

    Has a DSMA-Notice stuffed your mouth?

  • Ryan Finch
    Ryan Finch 22 days ago

    That bloody man in the background is starting to get on my nerves, ever bloody report that tosser is there.

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 22 days ago

    Theresa may do us a favour and shut you’re legs you’re breath stinks.

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 22 days ago

    Who cares about Scotland anyway. Lol give them to the eu if it wants them lol I hear they got an abundance of wind 😂

    • Ged Woods
      Ged Woods 22 days ago

      John becow would swing first.

    • Ged Woods
      Ged Woods 22 days ago

      If I was to get a public vote tomorrow on hanging all remainers. I’d vote in favour it.

    • Ged Woods
      Ged Woods 22 days ago

      Public Public remainers are traitors and treason is still punishable under in law by death by hanging

    • Ged Woods
      Ged Woods 22 days ago

      Public Public prove it.

    • Public Public
      Public Public 22 days ago

      thankyou for confirming the irrational fear of EU taking our sovereignty was just fake views and that it is brexit which is the biggest threat to UK sovereignty in hundreds of years.

  • Yorick Jenkins
    Yorick Jenkins 22 days ago

    Caroline Flint represents the dying force of real Labour

  • Jon Bridge
    Jon Bridge 22 days ago

    The BBC are so condescending when they talk about those who what a people's vote.

  • Yorick Jenkins
    Yorick Jenkins 22 days ago

    "A historic day for parliament" Jeremy Corbyn, yes, but not as he means it, a historic day it is in the sense that it is a new major step towards its own extinction

  • Yorick Jenkins
    Yorick Jenkins 22 days ago

    With every delay contempt for this institution, the Westminster parliament, increases

  • Trevor Busby
    Trevor Busby 22 days ago

    Makes you wonder what our mps signed up to in 1st place