ALEXANDER ZVEREV: 2019 ATP Highlight Reel

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
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Comments • 43

  • lootens III
    lootens III 13 days ago

    Overrated as fuck

  • Sanne V
    Sanne V 17 days ago +2

    He will make his potential come true, I believe in him!

  • Daniel Victor
    Daniel Victor 24 days ago +1

    It seems like people forget that he's only 21 and already has 3 Masters and one Finals title. To me he's the most promising Next gen player

  • pille plitsch
    pille plitsch 27 days ago

    Zverev...i like him like shit on my shoes ;)

  • Full Focus Теннис Fun

    Особенно круто с Лондеро😍🤙😎

  • Full Focus Теннис Fun

    Люблю его

  • Koppen Knyul
    Koppen Knyul Month ago

    Those passing shots though 😍😍😍

  • Pasu Pathy
    Pasu Pathy Month ago +1

    After his breakthrough in 2017,he didn't win a big title this year

  • BDTraining - Online Tennis lernen

    Auf geht's Sascha 💪💪💪

  • Zeeshan Asif
    Zeeshan Asif Month ago +1

    I like how for the other highlight reels the captions were like '' A great season for Novak, 7 titles..'' or '' Cracking the top 10 '' for Batisita Agut but for Zverev there's no caption at all

  • Press and Hold !
    Press and Hold ! Month ago +1

    How did he not make it past the quarterfinals of any grand slam

  • Dedey Dedey
    Dedey Dedey Month ago

    Rublev or isner please

  • August 25th
    August 25th Month ago +16


    Zverev: Cmoooooooooooonnnnnn

  • August 25th
    August 25th Month ago +12

    I want a kyriogs highlights reel

    • Chuck
      Chuck 17 days ago Here ya go.

  • Nikhil Joshi
    Nikhil Joshi Month ago +30

    He’s still young and has a lot of potential, talent and drive. He loves the game and is super thirsty and passionate for success. This is the main reason his attitude fluctuates. He will learn. Good luck in 2020 Sascha 👊👊👊👊

  • Fadi VIP
    Fadi VIP Month ago


  • Emiliano Rodriguez
    Emiliano Rodriguez Month ago +17

    Not his best season, of course, but I will always appreciate Zverev. Some of these points were incredible, and his wins over Federer and Nadal this year were very, very good (I say this as a diehard Roger fan and as someone who greatly appreciates Rafa). Here´s hoping for a better one next year.

  • Simon W
    Simon W Month ago +26

    13:51 "it's my f****** time now"

    • I am The flash
      I am The flash Month ago +1

      Simon W lol okay bruh you still bad 😂😂

  • Lasse M
    Lasse M Month ago +4

    He can be such an amazing player...but his attitude makes him a bit unlikeable😅

    • Chuck
      Chuck 17 days ago

      What attitude problem are you referring?

  • Jack Messent
    Jack Messent Month ago +12

    Hope for a better season next year Let's go!

  • Sunflowers of inferno
    Sunflowers of inferno Month ago +5

    The problem with Zverev is his style. The man has the power of Mike Tyson but plays like Floyd Mayweather. Still an incredible player and the most successful among the next-gens. With a little bit more variety he can become a legend of the game.

    • Daniela M.
      Daniela M. Month ago +1

      @Susana Ballesteros Thiem has now 16 titles and Zverev 11 which is perfectly normal as he's 4 years older than him. So it's expected Sascha to have more titles than Tsitsipas or Shapo as he's older than them both...but i expect Tsitsipas to surpass him in years to come

    • Susana Ballesteros
      Susana Ballesteros Month ago +2

      Máchele gavelli Sascha won 2 máster 1000 In 2017 Ane won a lot of tournoments as well in 2018 and sascha have way more tournoments Thais medvedev tstsipas or shapovalov

    • Sergei Kulichkov
      Sergei Kulichkov Month ago +1

      ​@Michele Gavelli regarding GS - you absolutely right. I am not saying it's 100% but it might be because of diabetes.
      But ATP finals + 1 Masters + 2 F + 2 SF + 1 QF >> 2 Master + 1 F + 1 SF
      Sascha was very solid on Masters that year.
      That was a brilliant half a season for Medvedev, but we'll see what's next.
      Also Sascha spent quite a lot of time in top 3, Daniil hasn't done it so far

    • Michele Gavelli
      Michele Gavelli Month ago

      Sergei Kulichkov don’t think so tbh. Medvedev made a slam final, zverev didn’t even made past a quarterfinal. Med won 2 masters this year (Sascha 1+the atp finals) and did decent in 2/3 slams + 1 final. Zverev sucked in every slam apart from Roland Garros

    • Sergei Kulichkov
      Sergei Kulichkov Month ago +2

      @Michele Gavelli well, I would disagree. I think Sascha's 2018 was pretty much the same as Medvedev's 2019

  • Luppin17 Aaa
    Luppin17 Aaa Month ago


  • Sergei Kulichkov
    Sergei Kulichkov Month ago +8

    Not the best season, hoping for Slam 2020!

  • Xtreme_Battlefront 2 bf2

    I love Alexander

  • Artur Stefirta
    Artur Stefirta Month ago

    1 veiw 6 likes

  • Sofia Rashid
    Sofia Rashid Month ago

    1 view 6 likes😂😂😂 whaaaaaaa????
    That's how incredible this is!!!!

  • Hunter Cook
    Hunter Cook Month ago


  • El Puxero
    El Puxero Month ago +1

    Best player out of top 3?
    LIKE- Medvedev
    COMMENT ❤️- Tsitsipas
    COMMENT 🔝- Thiem
    COMMENT 🔥- Zverev

    Someone else?