Beignets au sirop d’érable • French • Tasty

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
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Comments • 579

  • Miti Cuellar
    Miti Cuellar Month ago

    Sooo...beaver tails lol

  • Seth The Memer ツ
    Seth The Memer ツ Month ago

    Who else loves beignets??

  • Girlie Guevarra
    Girlie Guevarra Month ago

    Can you do one in Yiddish or Alien language???

  • Destine' Knighten
    Destine' Knighten Month ago

    Lmao we never turn it into icing we just put the powder sugar on top. But to each their own

  • Dane Ashley
    Dane Ashley 2 months ago

    I always thought this was a recipe from New Orleans, you know, like Princess and the Frog ...pfft

  • E Co.
    E Co. 2 months ago

    Finally those two years of French that I was forced to take to graduate high school can be of use

  • red xx pinaré
    red xx pinaré 2 months ago

    Tu peux faire d'autres vidéos s'il te plaît

  • M&R V.
    M&R V. 2 months ago

    The translation is so bad lol.

  • GentlemanWiz
    GentlemanWiz 2 months ago

    Oh look. Tasty is trying to teach French people how to cook. That's like Africans teaching Americans how to binge eat

  • Anya Phoebe
    Anya Phoebe 2 months ago

    *honing the few french lessons i had but never listened to*
    looks like a yeasted dough, from my amazing french skills!

  • Samara Sharif
    Samara Sharif 2 months ago

    Since when do u like France than us

  • Zorcellerie 934
    Zorcellerie 934 2 months ago


  • super_shelly123 :D
    super_shelly123 :D 2 months ago +1


  • Cyrielle Chargam
    Cyrielle Chargam 2 months ago

    C'est bizarre , on fait pas ça en France ! It's strange , we don't make this in France !

  • blue is my name
    blue is my name 2 months ago

    Pourqoi c'est en francais????????? C'est tres bien. Its really wrong tho 😐😐😐😐😐

  • Julie
    Julie 2 months ago

    Un peu de français, bien qu'il soit très mauvais !

  • Nora Drénaline
    Nora Drénaline 2 months ago

    On dit cuillère à soupe pas cuillère à table :p et cuillère à café à la place de cuillère à thé

  • Expert Replique
    Expert Replique 2 months ago

    Oh bonjour normalement je parle anglais mais je parle en français je n'ai surtout pas utilisé Google traduction

  • Tunisia Tucker
    Tunisia Tucker 2 months ago

    Ode to the French who give us this French treat!

  • Richard Mandak
    Richard Mandak 2 months ago +1


  • LeLivreurDePizza
    LeLivreurDePizza 2 months ago

    Merci :D comme sa plus besoin de traduire

  • Kuhoo Chandra
    Kuhoo Chandra 2 months ago

    Its just a lotta dough!

  • apple murry
    apple murry 2 months ago

    tu parle français?
    wow ok cool

  • Rosie C
    Rosie C 2 months ago

    I was so confused(as someone from New Orleans) when they originally posted this video and called them “maple doughnuts” or something and I just wanted to correct it like “... you mean beignets?” So glad they made this 😂

  • YeetPrussia
    YeetPrussia 2 months ago

    i don't speak BAGUETTE language

  • Andy Maher
    Andy Maher 2 months ago

    You guys clearly have no French people on your staff :( Je suis déçu.

  • Paradiseelo
    Paradiseelo 2 months ago

    Pour tous les Français qui sont choqués du type de mesure et de la traduction ... Au Québec, on cuisine comme ça avec des cuillères à table et à thé. Je crois aussi que “FRENCH” est utilisé pour signaler que la vidéo est en français plutôt que d’être une recette française.
    AND for all the english people. It makes me sad that your mind is so close to other culture and languages. You can’t even accept one little video that is not made for you. Internet is always about you and is always in english. Don’t be so selfish.

  • Onnano1010
    Onnano1010 2 months ago

    Have you guys actually ever had beignets? This does not qualify. Seriously...nah...

  • Rebecca Fu
    Rebecca Fu 2 months ago

    I don’t speak -croissant- French..

  • Anaïs Gagnon
    Anaïs Gagnon 2 months ago +3

    This title should say that it’s IN french not french bc I’m pretty sure this recipe is from Quebec and it’s not the same....

  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang 2 months ago

    Add in the *OOFS* (œfs)

  • Adam Malsagov
    Adam Malsagov 2 months ago +1

    La fifi

  • Fatin Daily vlogs
    Fatin Daily vlogs 2 months ago

  • Dot
    Dot 2 months ago

    I would love to make this but I dont sp3ak or read french nor do I know these measures

  • Oct MrNightLol
    Oct MrNightLol 2 months ago

    English pls

  • bangthanh 아미_
    bangthanh 아미_ 2 months ago

    Benjamiiinnn pavaaaaard je n’crois pas qu’vous connaisseeeeeezzzzz

  • panos retsinas
    panos retsinas 2 months ago

    Finally 5 years of French paid off

  • Zarriq
    Zarriq 2 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail was chicken nuggets 😂

  • Ilanin21
    Ilanin21 2 months ago +1

    Queue de castor?

  • Aggie Bella
    Aggie Bella 2 months ago

    Here’s what I don’t get: in English , the vanilla extract you use doesn’t matter, but in French, it must be club house. You probably just got google translate To do the work for you

  • Mau Kass
    Mau Kass 2 months ago

    Enfin Tasty en français ! Merciii beaucoup je me sens unique 🤗

  • Christopher Martone
    Christopher Martone 2 months ago


  • Fatima Kieffer
    Fatima Kieffer 2 months ago

    *merci* d'avoir mis une vidéo en français

  • Nuitella
    Nuitella 2 months ago

    "Une cuillère à table"

  • Aparna Rajeev
    Aparna Rajeev 2 months ago


  • Jop Westra
    Jop Westra 2 months ago

    I didn’t finish my middle school i can’t speak *croissant*

  • crystal fumes
    crystal fumes 2 months ago +4

    Hmmm... I am pretty sure this is not French at all. I am French and NEVER even heard of those, and you know how pastries and desserts are important for us. It is from Québec, not because they speak French means they are French. Credit them for their recipes instead of labelling everything with a French word in it French.

    • Bianca Bumblebee
      Bianca Bumblebee 2 months ago +1

      crystal fumes a lot of people mistake “French” with “francophone”. We speak French in Quebec, but we are not French. We are Canadian. Lol we hate being compared to the French!!

  • Jose Leyanna
    Jose Leyanna 2 months ago

    If you want to make a French recipe use grams and litres! Nobody in France uses the cup system, we don’t even sell measuring cups like in America -‘ and also this is NOT a French recipe, it’s from Québec, so at least give them recognition

  • Fredrick JMR
    Fredrick JMR 2 months ago

    i dont speak baguette

  • Emily Green
    Emily Green 2 months ago

    i'm SORRY did u just try and ignore the fact that this is a fancy beavertail ????

  • Bérénice de Moucheron
    Bérénice de Moucheron 2 months ago +1

    Bon c pas du français si vous mettez “2 tasses”. Mettez ça en grammes merde !

  • Adjunior X
    Adjunior X 2 months ago +3


  • Jade Shard
    Jade Shard 2 months ago


  • Siân
    Siân 2 months ago

    Je voudrais 50 svp

  • letsaralexispremier
    letsaralexispremier 2 months ago +3

    C'est une queue de castor. Ce n'est pas français c'est québecois. It's not a french recipe , it's a french canadian recipe calls castor tail

    • Bianca Bumblebee
      Bianca Bumblebee 2 months ago

      letsaralexispremier it’s not French Canadian, it’s Québécois.

  • Misuchin with a cup of tae

    Jai amais vue ce beignet de ma vie mais ça à l'air bon

  • Milhouse
    Milhouse 2 months ago

    Rectangular donuts

  • Takara Oneá
    Takara Oneá 2 months ago

    Interesting 🧐

  • jaded
    jaded 2 months ago

    you guys should put "canadian" not "french" in the title since it's not from france. also, you used cups and spoons instead of the metric system like they do in france

  • Crystal Kinda
    Crystal Kinda 2 months ago

    Looks amazing

  • Nassire Kaba
    Nassire Kaba 2 months ago

    Vive la France!

  • Mary Seujeu
    Mary Seujeu 2 months ago

    Cool i’m french ❤️ Merci

    FREZZY BONNIE 2 months ago

    Get the bread

  • Marie Weiland
    Marie Weiland 2 months ago

    Oh oui vive les français

  • Agatha Duzan
    Agatha Duzan 2 months ago +1


  • napita nmumul
    napita nmumul 2 months ago

    it’s not even french calm your tidies

  • 82wambo
    82wambo 2 months ago

    Besides your measuring translation, I do not understand why you called this "french". I live in France and I have never ever seen something like that. The beignets here are round and we do not eat them with maple syrup. I googled "beignet canadien" and voilà I found your recipe.

  • FauneRs
    FauneRs 2 months ago

    omg it s just basic google translate translation.....

  • Stefan Trandafir
    Stefan Trandafir 2 months ago

    Really? You posted this like 5 days ago!

  • Eeva C
    Eeva C 2 months ago

    La vraie question est : qui utilise les tasses comme mesure à part les Américains ?

  • Ofxf_Ellementary
    Ofxf_Ellementary 2 months ago

    UMMMM sa a l'aire bon!

  • Sheza Waseem
    Sheza Waseem 2 months ago

    recipe?? in english?

  • Mr. Hymn
    Mr. Hymn 2 months ago

    hmmm No English subtitle this time?

  • Newto
    Newto 2 months ago

    Baguette Bonjour Madame Paris Olala

  • Edha Boodhum
    Edha Boodhum 2 months ago

    Oh mon dieu tablespoon cuillière a table xd

  • Miss shah
    Miss shah 2 months ago

    Who else watches these and get real hungry but don't do anything about it?

  • Edward Zero
    Edward Zero 2 months ago

    Here I was all excited to maybe give these ago because I heard Beignets are really good. Didn't realize the ingredients are in French. You could of at least put an English ingredients list in the description :/ -sighs-

  • wildlife expeditions
    wildlife expeditions 2 months ago +1

    Donut hate doughnuts

  • wildlife expeditions
    wildlife expeditions 2 months ago +1

    Lemon next to a doughnut

    Anyways its tasty😏

  • Elina Ritz
    Elina Ritz 2 months ago

    mdr coucou la traduction ultra littérale

  • Gnomis_
    Gnomis_ 2 months ago

    How is this "au sirop d'érable"? There's twice more vanilla than maple syrup in the recipe!

  • Sıla Yıldırım
    Sıla Yıldırım 2 months ago

    I need to learn french ASAP
    And isnt that vanilla a bit too much?

  • Cristalheart
    Cristalheart 2 months ago

    I'm french. Nobody says "sucre granulé", it's "sucre en poudre". What you call "sucre en poudre" is "sucre glace", powdered sugar. And "levure seche active" don't mean anything, are you talking about instant chemical yeast or bakery yeast (used in buns and brioche) because both are dry ?
    So many errors...

  • TheTclyon69
    TheTclyon69 2 months ago +2

    Olalala la traduction catastrophique 😩! Chez nous une tasse n’équivaut pas à une cup donc les poids sont faussés ! Pareille pour une « cuillère de table »

    • Bianca Bumblebee
      Bianca Bumblebee 2 months ago

      TheTclyon69 pour vrai? Une tasse n’équivaut pas une cup? Euh.. je ne le savais vraiment pas! Ça pourrait expliquer... mdr

  • Joshua Santos
    Joshua Santos 2 months ago

    if a french person is gay does that make them a faguette????

  • Christopher Singer
    Christopher Singer 2 months ago

    Ugh Metric please! My cooking got so much better after following European recipes that give weights as opposed to imprecise cups.

  • WXPlaysIt_ xD
    WXPlaysIt_ xD 2 months ago

    my friends told me egg in French sounds like oof and he said oeuf and it was right!

  • Error loading information

    Can we get an English version? 😂

  • Fryx Ur
    Fryx Ur 2 months ago +1

    Et si nous ni parlons pas Français et que vous voulez faire cette recette vous connards?!

  • Frisk Axzy
    Frisk Axzy 2 months ago

    Kinda disappointed they didn't say perfect in French by the end, or even an 'oui'

  • Cass MC
    Cass MC 2 months ago

    CLuBhoUSE vanilla extract

  • Grizz C
    Grizz C 2 months ago

    Oh we

  • Icenor Review
    Icenor Review 2 months ago +1


  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans 2 months ago

    time for oh yeah yeah to go widespread

  • Piano By Kay
    Piano By Kay 2 months ago

    Wow tout le monde deteste cette video. Bien fait tasty!

  • WolfyBoy
    WolfyBoy 2 months ago

    Any translation xD😂

  • Serdna Anilom
    Serdna Anilom 2 months ago


  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 2 months ago

    je parle anglais mais je parle un pu français et ce (looks) bien! désolé pour français mal.

  • lucy girl
    lucy girl 2 months ago

    You know the old saying: one egg is un oeuf.

  • Ava Yee
    Ava Yee 2 months ago +1

    J’ai penser qu’il va avoir quelques personnes ici qui parle le français mais j’ai regarder les commentaires et il y en a pas.
    I thought there would be someone here that spoke French then I looked in the comments and I guess not