Dame Dash Speaks on Drake & Pusha T Beef & Pivotal Moment He Turned to Hip Hop


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  • Ray Rich And Young
    Ray Rich And Young 7 months ago

    Check out oschino freestyle "nice for what"

  • Mike Gwitty
    Mike Gwitty 7 months ago +2

    Dam cam we get a full interview ? SMH

  • Denny Wyley
    Denny Wyley 7 months ago

    Alpo killed Rich Porter

  • Jay M
    Jay M 7 months ago

    You know why I'm here

  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp 7 months ago +4

    0:06 Drakes feelings got hurt

  • Mugshot Marley
    Mugshot Marley 7 months ago

    The fall of Rockafella happened soon as Dame thought he was on the same level as these CEOs who's studied business and experienced profit and losses w/o losing their direction or freaking out. Dame might of had some money for a couple years, but he was never wealthy. They played off Dame's anger from always being up in his feelings. Too easy to manipulate somone in their feelings when they cant seperate personal and business. They studied dame's "street" ethics/business that he lived by and used it to manipulate him. Its a dog eat dog world. If you all up in your feelings, or trying to uphold some irrelevant street rule, and use it to literally have Dame hand you money. Dame is gonna end up angry and broke with a bunch of failed ventures because its too easy to play and manipulate the man. Dame is out here looking desperate.

    • Zulu Immortal
      Zulu Immortal 7 months ago

      Mugshot Marley wrong Damebwas betrayed. He is great businessman without having gone to these Ivy League schools. He create Rachel Roy fashion brand. So you don't know what you are talking about

    • Thomas Chatman
      Thomas Chatman 7 months ago +1

      Carl Watson dame got blackballed, jigga gave in to the powers that be, which is a coward move.

    • Ricochet Red
      Ricochet Red 7 months ago

      Mugshot Marley You Got to Be White

    • Hasani H
      Hasani H 7 months ago +11

      Mugshot Marley you wrote all that and dont know wtf you talkin bout. Smh. Dame is inspiration to black people. Trying to make it on they own without a white man telling them what to do,, you clueless. You gon forever have a boss..

    • Carl Watson
      Carl Watson 7 months ago +6

      Mugshot Marley Think about all the black rap labels that were the largest and were independent since rap alot and ruthless. They have all been broken up by one way or the other and absorbed for next to nothing by the larger labels. Dame made sure that everybody at the roc was good and the money was spread around. The powers that b convinced jay z that he didnt need dame and the roc got absorbed into the larger labels. Remember dame was the brains. Jay z was the biggest talent but dame made things happen. Look at the roc now. How many people are eating since dame was pushed out?

  • Brando Williams
    Brando Williams 7 months ago +21

    Dudes been trying to use Dame Dash and throw him aside when they don't need him anymore example Jay-Z. If it wasn't for Dame Dash convincing Jay-Z to sign Kanye West Roc-A-Fella Records probably would have fallen apart. People forget that Kanye West production catapulted Jay-Z's career. Jay-Z was already huge but those few Beats he gave jayz for the blueprint nade jayz blow up in a crazy way

  • Fujisan86
    Fujisan86 7 months ago

    Peanut head 🥜

  • AG
    AG 8 months ago +16

    Part 2? This a snippet if anything. He was just talking about being involved with rich porter and that’s where they decide to end it? 🤦‍♂️

    • MrDagr8rylz
      MrDagr8rylz 7 months ago +1

      skywlkr should go to show you how much these people either don't care or know anything about the culture

  • MindsOfConflict MOC
    MindsOfConflict MOC 8 months ago +66

    This interviewer is terrible... these are some of the most pointless questions he’s asking, clueless ass vulture 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Youtube Commenter
      Youtube Commenter 7 months ago +2

      MindsOfConflict MOC I agree. These radio personalities are the worst interviewers. There are some exceptions, but overall they are difficult to take in. I've stopped watching or listening to interviews because they were so poor.

    • Infinite Awareness
      Infinite Awareness 7 months ago +2

      YUP. DJ Fel is garbage.

    • RapperHolik
      RapperHolik 7 months ago +3


    • Tonee1
      Tonee1 8 months ago +5

      MindsOfConflict MOC you are exactly right..

  • Artisan Windchimes
    Artisan Windchimes 8 months ago +6

    Speak my name. I make em dash like Dame