Fuller House (s4e13) Birth of A Baby and Jimmy's Proposal


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  • Ik_22sports K
    Ik_22sports K 3 days ago

    What did they name her

  • Christy Walk
    Christy Walk 4 days ago

    When Jimmy proposed to Stephamie, I said, "aaaaaawwwww!"!

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 7 days ago

    The pregnant lady went to my school today

  • World with Michael
    World with Michael 8 days ago

    What is the name of the song in the season where Kimmy has stephanie baby

  • Debbie Dewberry
    Debbie Dewberry 8 days ago

    Please someone show me more clips of season 4.

  • Sarah Kovacs
    Sarah Kovacs 11 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought that they were gone to have twins?

  • Jurassic JR
    Jurassic JR 13 days ago

    If you watchex the Original series this moment makes perfect sense I know Stephanie and Kimmy always gave each other a hard time when they where younger but they did have each other's backs when it mattered.

  • Margo Bellow
    Margo Bellow 19 days ago

    I think you named the baby name the baby Michelle

  • Allie Pascoe
    Allie Pascoe 20 days ago

    Kimmy looks like fuckin Sarah Paulson in the thumbnail bruh

  • Heather Teske
    Heather Teske 20 days ago

    I bawled my eyes out during this season. Definitely went full circle like the song says! Big fan and I also struggle with infertility like Steph ❤

  • Melissa Bowen
    Melissa Bowen 23 days ago

    That's the fakest baby ive seen....

  • Komal Singh
    Komal Singh 24 days ago

    ugh!! why did they end it here i wanted to see more

  • Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson 25 days ago

    i hope season 5 comes out

  • ♡ ℓιzαℓρѕσffι¢ιαℓ ™ ♡

    *Stephanie Gibler*

  • Marcos Ihavenoidea
    Marcos Ihavenoidea 27 days ago

    Awwww what a plastic baby

  • Elaaannaa Rosey
    Elaaannaa Rosey 27 days ago +1

    Is there a new episode after this one or is that it

  • ImmaSheKitty
    ImmaSheKitty 28 days ago

    where's kimmy's brother Garth?

  • Pandinha
    Pandinha 29 days ago

    Tem algum Br aqui?
    Se sim vou fazer uma macumbinha, asa de urubu, pena de galinha, quem gostar de Full(er) House vai tirar zero na provinha.

  • Kathy Deweese
    Kathy Deweese Month ago


  • MyLife As Ciera
    MyLife As Ciera Month ago

    In my opinion I think they might name the baby after Aunt Becky (Rebecca) because I know they wouldn’t name her Pamela because Jesse and Becky names their adopted daughter after DJ, Stephanie and Michelle’s mom and after Jesses sister. And they wouldn’t name the baby Michelle because she still hasn’t come back for these seasons and Michelle didn’t help Stephanie whatsoever throughout fuller house, so I feel like it’s going to be Rebecca. Everyone calls Rebecca Donaldson Katsoplis (Aunt Becky) so if they named the baby after Aunt Becky I think they’ll call her Rebecca so they wouldn’t get confused between Aunt Becky and Rebecca. That’s my opinion 💗🤷🏼‍♀️ I really hope they name the baby after Aunt Becky (Rebecca) because Aunt Becky was there for the 4 kids (DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, and Kimmy) and she’s also there for Ramona, Jackson, Max and Tommy so that’s my prediction. You don’t see Michelle pitching in to help so......

  • Ori Feldman
    Ori Feldman Month ago

    Fun fact in episode 3×08 of full house, Kimmy says "I'm glad my parents stopped having kids after me" - Jimmy isn't supposed to exist but what the heck..

  • Rebecca bushnall
    Rebecca bushnall Month ago

    any body know what the song is called please

  • Mz. Fandom
    Mz. Fandom Month ago

    I think Stephanie should name her baby after her mom

  • Eva is here
    Eva is here Month ago

    Wait just think.....they got engaged on the baby’s birthday!🤗🤗🤗🤗
    I cant wait for season 5!!!

  • steven hardy
    steven hardy Month ago

    a double

  • Eva is here
    Eva is here Month ago

    What’s the name😱😱🤗🤗🤗

  • Lit Family
    Lit Family Month ago

    That baby is fakeeeee

  • Dorothy main
    Dorothy main Month ago

    Steph and Jimmy they are a beautiful couple

  • Michelle Jean-Pierre

    Can't wait for season 5 for fuller house

  • Priscilla vlog
    Priscilla vlog Month ago

    I thought they would name it after the mom but Jesse named their adopted daughter after her already so I wonder what her name will be I have a feeling kimmys going to want more kids after this that would be cool to see

  • Dawn DiPierro
    Dawn DiPierro Month ago

    What Kimmy did for Stephanie is what I would do for my best friend(s) or my cousin(s).

  • Ashely Morein
    Ashely Morein Month ago +1

    Just recast Michelle and bring her to the wedding

  • Hannah Rousayne
    Hannah Rousayne Month ago

    Wow that fake baby tho

  • Hannah Skeldon
    Hannah Skeldon Month ago

    I love that Fernando still wears his wedding ring, it shows how much he loves Kimmy.

  • Reborns_and_names R&N

    Where I live there is another season brought out and Stephanie called the baby Sailor-Kimmy

  • RommieRules
    RommieRules Month ago

    Steph is lucky! She gets a baby without ruining her body! I have a csection scar that burns all the time. Thanks kid. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nusrat Jamia
    Nusrat Jamia Month ago

    Beautiful outstanding 😍

  • Jolette Sanchez
    Jolette Sanchez Month ago

    The baby looks fake

  • jade xade
    jade xade Month ago

    The baby looks like a reborn doll

  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis Month ago


  • Carli Wilkinson
    Carli Wilkinson Month ago

    The song hit me hard for some reason

  • Betty Veronica
    Betty Veronica Month ago +1

    This show is straight and narrow and we are NOT. Can't elucidate it, sorry. 💋 💋

  • Kimberly Brandt
    Kimberly Brandt Month ago

    I think they will name her Nadia.

  • zachpm1309
    zachpm1309 Month ago

    I love Stephanie’s Reaction When It Dawned On Her That She’s Going To Be A Gibbler. 😂😂😂

  • Andres Abril
    Andres Abril Month ago

    Fake baby

  • Justine Tefertiller

    Spoiler alert I haven’t seen this episode yet

  • XXX_Ariana_XXX Xx_Lopez_xX


  • Ashley Coloca
    Ashley Coloca Month ago +2

    A sentence I thought I’d never hear with Gibblers and Stephanie’s past!?! Kimmy To Stephanie “ I knew this day would come, you’re finally gonna be a gibbler “ 😂😂😂

  • Joyce Sladek
    Joyce Sladek Month ago

    Kimmy should be her GODMOTHER.

  • Missy Rose
    Missy Rose Month ago

    I just realized we knew it was a girl the whole time! If you go back to when Jimmy tells Stephanie shes having the baby she wears a sign on her that says your baby is on board and the sign is pink

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez Month ago

    I never thought steph would not be able to have kids

  • I’m talking_ Studios

    -Ramona comes in:Directly walks to her mother”

  • xSaRaHx790
    xSaRaHx790 Month ago

    why the fuck does kimmy still look prego tho

    • Hillary
      Hillary Month ago

      xSaRaHx790 baby weight doesn’t go away right away

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    This is so beautiful and heart warming!!!! It brought tears of joy to my eyes!!!! 😭😊💗🌟 I love how uncle Jesse had baby boy's in Full House and now Kimmy gives auntie Stephanie a baby girl in Fuller House! 😊😍💞💖👶🏻🎀

  • Wraith
    Wraith Month ago

    Am I the only boy in the comment section?

  • Sheila Vazquez
    Sheila Vazquez Month ago

    So Kimmy pulled a Pheobe?

  • steve blum
    steve blum Month ago

    There better be a season 5 after this so pray people!

  • XxCheyenne LilyxX
    XxCheyenne LilyxX Month ago

    well, i was looking at the cast on google and i realised Michael Champion is from Georgia GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GO GATORS!!!!

  • Lupita Gonzalez
    Lupita Gonzalez Month ago

    Kimmy💁🏼was so nice to give the baby 👶🏼to Stephanie 👩🏼 I was seriously crying because its so sad 😭😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 and I loved it

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah Month ago +1

    Can’t wait until season 5 :)

  • Mac Chapman
    Mac Chapman Month ago +1

    When Jimmy proposed to Stephanie, I cried!

  • Kayla Pasto
    Kayla Pasto Month ago

    It looks like a fake baby

  • JakeArino
    JakeArino Month ago

    I can’t wait for fullest house to come out

  • Arianna Lorigan
    Arianna Lorigan Month ago +2

    How did kimmy get pregnant if it Stephanie’s baby? I’m confuse someone please explain?

    • EmVinci15
      EmVinci15 Month ago

      Stephanie isn't able to get pregnant, so they put Jimmy's sperm and Stephanie's egg inside Kimmy so the baby would have a healthy surrogate to grow inside of, but still having it be Stephanie's daughter biologically.

    • Dan C
      Dan C Month ago

      It's called vitro they put Stephanie's fertilized egg in Kimmy's body

    • CSmoke365
      CSmoke365  Month ago

      Stephanie cant have kids so Kimmy decided to help out and have it for her

  • Taranisha Smiley
    Taranisha Smiley Month ago

    I feel good for Steph and Jimmy because they are going to be a mommy and daddy

  • Sarina Frohn
    Sarina Frohn Month ago

    It made me cry

  • AJ Productions
    AJ Productions Month ago


  • 6blaxkz. Duke
    6blaxkz. Duke Month ago +1

    How come all the babies in this show are twins

  • zephyra
    zephyra Month ago

    so kimmy had her brother's baby?

  • Lingabooo
    Lingabooo Month ago

    Who would’ve thought Stephanie would b koo with gibbler lol I love it tho

  • Miranda Dunham
    Miranda Dunham Month ago

    What is this song??? I love it!

  • Lisa Treaster
    Lisa Treaster Month ago

    Glad to finally see Stephanie Tanner have a baby with her love Jimmy Gibbler with the help of kimmy.She deserve to be happy. Loved it when Jimmy ask Steohanie to marry him and she said yes. Hope to see season 5 of the show. Want to see Stephanie wedding to Jimmy and her role as wife and mother.

  • Corijuan Reese
    Corijuan Reese Month ago

    Kimmy and Stephanie friendship has really come a long way!!

  • Liv Mart
    Liv Mart Month ago

    Am I the only one who can’t stop staring at the baby cuz it’s fake af

  • Bechthold Paige
    Bechthold Paige Month ago

    I'm so happy for Sephany tanner she got a girl. On this episode of fuller house Danny has new granddaughter

  • Malia Ferry
    Malia Ferry Month ago

    My friend just had her son, both her and her husband could not decided on a name, they wanted to take him home and come back latter. The Hosplital refused to allouw them to leave unless they pic a name. This was in November of 2018. The parents could leave the baby in the hospital and come back, but were not aloud to take him home without a name.

  • Gabrielle Zuretti
    Gabrielle Zuretti Month ago

    This compared to Monica and Chandler........k😐😔🤨

    • HannaH _
      HannaH _ Month ago

      Who are saying about mondler here?

    • Gabrielle Zuretti
      Gabrielle Zuretti Month ago

      This lacked serious emotion( if you loved friends you would understand) there was no emotion and the girls didn’t seem like they cared as much

  • Kimberly Henderson
    Kimberly Henderson Month ago

    Never thought Kimmie had a brother. I thought she was an only child

    • Kimberly Henderson
      Kimberly Henderson Month ago

      +susana92 lol. :-D and now she's going to or is related to Gibbler

    • susana92
      susana92 Month ago

      In Full House she stated to have an older brother but I guess the writers changed their minds

  • Jade Reid
    Jade Reid Month ago



    good fans

  • Nicole Castañeda
    Nicole Castañeda Month ago

    I know Michele as she says "she dosent want to be "public" she was the sunshine of the world

  • Full House Edits
    Full House Edits Month ago

    You can tell that Stephanie ain't the same without her little sister; she needs Michelle in her life.

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago +1

    It’s distracting, how fake that baby is.

    • susana92
      susana92 Month ago

      I thought I was the only one 😂

  • Angelica Hamillton
    Angelica Hamillton Month ago

    People love talking about the baby plot and the couples on this show but I personally love the friendship between the 3 ladies! There hasn't been any sitcoms with real female friendships in a long time. The She Wolf pack are definitely Squad goals!

  • Brandon Gingo
    Brandon Gingo Month ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwshe,s. So. Cute

  • Natalia Carter
    Natalia Carter Month ago +1

    for season five their daughter will have to be real so i can not wait for it!Unless she is a real baby cause you can see her moving her head eyes and mouth so she could not be a newborn but rather a few weeks to a month old.She looks real :D🤞👶

  • Nekino Capelle
    Nekino Capelle Month ago

    Looks like Kimmy is still pregnant

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago

    Why is it her baby when the other one had it

    • HannaH _
      HannaH _ Month ago

      Because the preagnant woman was her surrogate...

  • Jill B
    Jill B Month ago

    We just started season 2. My husband is totally disgusted with me.......I totally got him hooked on that sappy show. Oops! Lol

  • @LoveForWriting_
    @LoveForWriting_ Month ago


  • Nicole Barnes
    Nicole Barnes Month ago


  • Kaylee Valencia
    Kaylee Valencia Month ago

    The f!##

  • Krystal Rowan
    Krystal Rowan Month ago

    I wonder if they will call her Michelle to put the whole "Will the Olsen's play Michelle again?" to rest, I love the cast the way they are now, it's been a joy to watch as well as the introduction of new to series cast members (Fernando and Jimmy make me laugh so much!).
    Looking forward to how the new dynamic unfolds between Kimmy and Steph and what the baby's name will be, have loved how they have become friends/family.

  • Evelyn Reyes
    Evelyn Reyes Month ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the song at the beging

  • rashune knight
    rashune knight Month ago

    This made me cry it was such a beautiful moment

  • Carolae Barton
    Carolae Barton Month ago +1


  • Alexandrea Van Der Tuin

    Great ending! Didn't expect this this season. I was surprised. However, what's up with the doll? You couldn't hire a real newborn?

  • Susanne Fitz
    Susanne Fitz Month ago +1

    Maybe they will name her Danielle after Danny?

  • Beauty’s World
    Beauty’s World Month ago +1

    I’m surprised this season didn’t include the gibbler gallop

  • Christina Irigoyen
    Christina Irigoyen Month ago

    She should name the baby prudence and have the middle name Kimberly after Kimmy or or Pamela after her Mom