How does Induction Heating Work? || DIY Induction Heater Circuit

  • Published on Jan 15, 2017
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    Induction Heater featured in the video:
    Parts list:
    2x IRF540 MOSFET:
    2x 330nF Capacitor:
    2x UF4007 Diode:
    2x 220Ω Resistor:
    2x 0.1mH Inductor:
    2x IRF540 MOSFET:
    2x 330nF Capacitor:
    2x UF4007 Diode:
    2x 220Ω Resistor:
    2x 0.1mH Inductor:
    2x IRF540 MOSFET:
    2x 330nF Capacitor:
    2x UF4007 Diode:
    2x 220Ω Resistor:
    2x 0.1mH Inductor: -
    In this video I will show you how a common induction heater works, what kind of materials it can heat up and how you can easily create your own.
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    Plz share how to reverse engineer pcb circuit using continuity test . Because its is little meshy me and many :)

  • maheshpatil03
    maheshpatil03 5 days ago +2

    Drawing coil in diagram was biggest hassle for me in college days 😂

  • Ronnie Pirtle Jr
    Ronnie Pirtle Jr 8 days ago +1

    Insert the tip only.... that's only teasing it!

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    erfan media 15 days ago


  • McOoz FPVish
    McOoz FPVish 16 days ago

    Thanks very informative...

  • Agustin Rovero
    Agustin Rovero 17 days ago

    At what frequency does it oscillate?

  • Christopher Teale
    Christopher Teale 18 days ago

    But you don't need to insert the pot into the coil for the induction cooker. Is that done with a stronger magnetic field?

  • Pyro213
    Pyro213 19 days ago

    couldn't you hook something like this up to a simple mains voltage to dc converter to draw more watts thus more heating potential? Or would it better to use a larger coil?

  • Kaluvan Hariharan
    Kaluvan Hariharan 22 days ago

    Very nice and informative video. Pls explain What is the role of L2 and L3?.

  • Talha Munir
    Talha Munir Month ago

    how can we find the power of heating material by calculation?

  • James Reedy
    James Reedy Month ago

    Just the tip!

  • Based Centrist
    Based Centrist Month ago

    This channel is amazing

  • sanket kelkar
    sanket kelkar Month ago

    What is the power factor of induction heater?

  • paperman12
    paperman12 Month ago

    -9000 degree knife vs


    Hi, i was tried, when i increasing the Voltage form 0-3 v one MOSFET was getting over heat, at the same time it is drawing more than 3.5A @ 3.5V range, can you please let me know the reason.
    Please help me to resolve the issue

  • Paul Göbel
    Paul Göbel Month ago

    Man hört richtig das du deutsch bist

  • liquid paint 2
    liquid paint 2 Month ago

    Howz those metal getting hotter ? Is that because of semi conductors electron flow with resistance it self ?

  • Sören Boles
    Sören Boles Month ago

    Hey, i just tried to build a circuit following the schematic of your circuit but i always get a type of short circuit... Im not getting my powersupply to get out of the current limitation mode which suggests a short circuit. Do you have any idea where this could come from? I double checked the mosfets for pin errors etc but the circuit itself seems to be exactly the one you showed in the video. Thanks in advance!

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    My Own WAY Month ago

    you do very well

  • My Own WAY
    My Own WAY Month ago

  • arga giga
    arga giga Month ago +1

    Hey,Please make a video induction cooker.I can already use induction heater,Thank you for making the induction heater.

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    ime ferrariz Month ago

    omg 📕📕🖌🖍📌✒️🖋🖊

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Month ago

    old video but I gotta ask - did you try heating a silica rod?

  • AKA mechatronics
    AKA mechatronics Month ago

    Do your mosfets overheat?

  • Google support
    Google support 2 months ago

    Non professional don't understand this experiment it is related to electrical engineering ' hub of knowledge. When current is pass in the turns of a coil that produces magnetic flux likes with itself is known as self inductance or solenoid. The magneting force cut air which is to be equal to absolute permeability multiplied by magnetic field.

  • S H
    S H 2 months ago

    IRON, not IREN

  • ThomasHaberkorn
    ThomasHaberkorn 2 months ago

    the one thing which bugs me about this circuit are the 2 inductors (here: 100µH) at both sides of the main coil. Why are they needed?

  • My Own
    My Own 2 months ago

    Nice work.. schematic please.

  • Sanad Altarawneh
    Sanad Altarawneh 2 months ago

    "Simple schematic" 4:54

  • supickumaterinu
    supickumaterinu 2 months ago

    would i burn out induction heater driver if i drive it without coil? Could i put two electrodes instead of coil and point-weld li-ion battery strips?

  • sweta rai
    sweta rai 2 months ago

    Can it melt a soldering wire

    ZERAIGON 98 2 months ago

    may i ask if i want to pull out screw revit in a plastic cylinder does the plastic also melt or olny the metal screw rivet that will heat up???

  • waqar yousuf
    waqar yousuf 2 months ago

    Is possible coper pipe is het

  • Xeno Bardock
    Xeno Bardock 2 months ago

    Is it possible? If you increase amps/current to extreme degree and create enormous magnetic pressure at the center of induction coil, and then put a piece of pure carbon in it. Will the enormous magnetic pressure result in carbon turning into a diamond?

  • Юрий Михайлович

    Голос как одного из персонажей игры Galaxy on Fire 2

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 2 months ago

    With an inductor in an ac circuit wouldn't that cause the pharaoh magnetic rod in the middle of it cause it to to heat up?

  • Steve Morrisby
    Steve Morrisby 2 months ago

    Iron is not pronounced like it's spelt. It's pronounced ion.

    • Simon Quigley
      Simon Quigley 2 months ago

      And unless you're American it's aluminium

  • No Aim No Brain
    No Aim No Brain 2 months ago +2

    Are you German. Becuas kupferdraht ist deutsch oder bin ich dumm. Außerdem hast du so nen Akzent!

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    sri sri 3 months ago

    bro ur best in it

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  • Dominic
    Dominic 3 months ago

    Could be used for blacksmithing, just need to scale it up.

  • NoVaKane
    NoVaKane 3 months ago

    I would think steel would have the least amount of resistance and aluminum with the most

  • Mark Finlayson
    Mark Finlayson 3 months ago

    How long does the knife take to heat up

  • JAMES! Since the 70's
    JAMES! Since the 70's 3 months ago +2

    I usually avoid videos like this , but I figure this can't be one where things are heated, and just a lot if playing around, like the videos where they build fly backs, and make arcs the whole video, but this is much better, great video Mr Scott!!!

  • Bobby Coakachee
    Bobby Coakachee 3 months ago

    I saw coil like that melt steel

  • StickToIT
    StickToIT 3 months ago

    did you put the capacitors in parallel or in series?

  • haijeka elem
    haijeka elem 3 months ago

    Insert cotton there and give some liquid. WOW

  • Nothing Too Serious
    Nothing Too Serious 3 months ago

    Iron, eye ron, lol pisst say Ion, you don't pronounce the R bud, thanks for the upload 👍

  • sheriffdeen opeyemi
    sheriffdeen opeyemi 3 months ago

    there is no schematics

  • Stefan Olschewski
    Stefan Olschewski 3 months ago

    What an accurate and perfect handwriting! Chapeau!

  • random things
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    But can it melt steel beams???

  • Hossein Ebrahimi
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    I learned about a way to reverse engineering a circuit that had more value than the title for me.
    Thanks for the content

  • Leandro Lapeña
    Leandro Lapeña 3 months ago

    The coil doesnt get hot? If it does, it is proportional to what?

  • My Creations
    My Creations 3 months ago

    Please can u explain how this circuit works?

  • AzeemAnsari ExclusiveRj

    Can you tell me about the working of the induction coils of Arc reactor from Ironman?

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    I Like your videos , but your pronounciation....

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    I got lost 0:00 of the video, but got back on track at 6:29.

  • Alejandro Nava
    Alejandro Nava 3 months ago +1

    I am amazed by your knowledge and abilities. You indeed inspire me. Which software did you use for the circuit diagrams?

    • Szymon Nowicki
      Szymon Nowicki 3 months ago

      I think its Easy EDA. Its free on the web , and also available as computer app.

  • parlin marbun
    parlin marbun 3 months ago

    Wow, i like the way you explained the theory and the practical. I subscribed now. Thank you

  • Michel Chapoy
    Michel Chapoy 3 months ago

    Your hand written schematics are beautiful and I’m jealous haha.