Anthony Joshua: I BUSTED Andy Ruiz EYE STRAIGHT OPEN!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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    Anthony Joshua: I BUSTED Andy Ruiz EYE STRAIGHT OPEN!
    Interviewed after his 2X Championship Win
    #RuizJoshua2 #AnthonyJoshua #Boxing
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Comments • 1 846

  • Water Man
    Water Man 4 days ago

    All I see is 1 up DRAW

  • Marcelo Garcia
    Marcelo Garcia 5 days ago

    That's okay, but he busted your ass the first fight. One more time since your not fighting anyone else??

  • Cholo Flare
    Cholo Flare 13 days ago

    Yeah!! Jousha you busted Andy's eye.
    But Andy busted your jaw😂😂

  • Arthur Luna
    Arthur Luna 15 days ago

    Trash... he a cherry picker hopefully he fights a good name fighter next so we can see how trash he really is .....he’s a fucking track star with all that running

  • John Andrew O'Rourke

    Eddie Hearn dirtying the frame.

  • J Shine
    J Shine 22 days ago

    More deflection
    More avoiding
    More excuses
    Same ole cowardly AJ.
    Yawn 🥱

  • K O
    K O 22 days ago

    Mr Soji aderomola you are 100% a shame to your generation as you are a Nigerian and still talking trash about AJ.

  • K O
    K O 22 days ago

    To all people talking trash about this wonderful person. People like Soji Aderomola and co, you know nothing and I can confirmed that you can only sit down in front of screen to talk trash about sports that you will never be in that position. I am not surprised coz it happens in all sports when fans or just an ordinary spectator complaining about sport men or women performing is just ridiculous. In your own field is that how people put you down?. AJ uses everything he has to get what he wanted, Ruiz get the weight for a purpose and thinking he can still hit AJ in the back of his head and that didn't work for him and still saying AJ is running around the ring. Well done AJ and congratulations. Just train to the need of individual boxers you're fighting and let them keep guessing and not chasing anyone and lastly, F America what will be will be. If they want fight they should contact period.

  • Vantheman12 3
    Vantheman12 3 22 days ago +1

    He won’t be fighting anyone good anytime soon.

  • Dan Wall
    Dan Wall 23 days ago

    There was a time in boxing when if u were the champ u had no choice but to fight the top contenders now that was mandatory and I have no faith in him unless he does so ie. fury or wilder

  • alvshill
    alvshill 27 days ago +1

    Wow! Speak it AJ. Love the acknowledgement he is giving to Rob and his team.

  • castelnedd
    castelnedd Month ago

    What a champion and role model to the younger generation.

  • michael ougarezos
    michael ougarezos Month ago

    i knew he would do it this time. Anthony fought very professional and smart fight. Credit to Andy and he is a great boxer as well.

  • peych4444
    peych4444 Month ago +1

    fight audley A FORCE harrison next, give the fans what they want

    RAPTURE RTR Month ago +1

    AJ so full of 💩 if they're in they're plans wait wTf he just say WILDER'S belt should be in AJ's plans that 💩 translate to 🦆🦆🦆 EDDIE HEARNS claim to be the best promoter💥 in the world but cant put the biggest HEAVYWEIGHT fight in the world together 🤔

  • Stuart Hanna
    Stuart Hanna Month ago

    His eye wasn't busted, thats a complete exaggeration, I've seen much worse eye injuries in boxing.

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C Month ago

    Because he lose the1st, that's why is 2 times. Should be only ONE if AJ didn't embarrassed himself 3-4 times facing the canvas crawling like babies.

  • Edgar Salazar
    Edgar Salazar Month ago

    Wack wilder k.o s him he fought like a scared boxer he ain't no beast that dog dont hunt . Couldn't lay andy ruiz down once in the rematch jack Dempsey, jack Johnson turning in there graves.

  • Jasie1 Ar
    Jasie1 Ar Month ago

    he can say whatever but he still quit 1st fight.......

  • Joel Hundley
    Joel Hundley Month ago

    Andy Ruiz will be at ringside wearing red so you cant miss seeing at 400 pounds trying to get close to a microphone.

  • Joel Hundley
    Joel Hundley Month ago

    So you sparring partner for Wildman is going to swing a baseball bat at your head

  • More beautiful life
    More beautiful life Month ago +1

    At the moment Aj could have a video were he says one word and still get hundreds of thousands views..good on him he’s a humble gentleman with or without his belts he proven...

  • Premier productions Liverpool

    Boxing fans are getting bored now of the Wilder story!! Fuck him off

  • Lupita M
    Lupita M Month ago

    The boxing community knows who got knocked out and who didn’t Joshua lucky the ref stoped the fight the first time.

  • Ally Fe
    Ally Fe Month ago

    And Andy didn't need to bust your eye STRAIGHT OPEN to make you crawl around the ring 4 times.

  • J Gonzo
    J Gonzo Month ago

    Wilder is going to KO this wanka! (In my British voice)

  • Boris Karloff
    Boris Karloff Month ago

    I wish these gob shites would get over it,they slated AJ when he lost ,and still slate him when he wins,fuck off back to supporting darts players,it’s like football if your team plays different or a bit below parr and they win it’s a result,this man fought an intelligent fight,boxed clever,give respect we’re it due,

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas Month ago +1

    "I did feel good tonight". AJ should just do his thing & let others do theirs. If paths cross, then let's dance. If not, good riddance to bad company.

  • Radrook
    Radrook Month ago

    That was a horse and pony show.

  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray Month ago +2

    People who comment about he can’t box he’s washed out have no clue what could you do ??? Respect to every man or woman that step in the ring 1000000%

  • Karabo raleting
    Karabo raleting Month ago

    Reading through the comments on other comments.. I find it interesting how many MMA (boxing clueless) numb nuts fans are here ...

  • terrence samps
    terrence samps Month ago

    AJ honestly, your style although effective was built around fear. Take the fear out of it and you'll see you could've really pummeled Ruiz fat pudgy ass easily. I hope you take the fear out of your new style and you'll be very difficult to defeat.

  • Demud
    Demud Month ago

    AJ burst Ruiz eyebrow and then jumped on his scooter speeding around the ring while Ruiz chase in vain.

  • tharen Moore
    tharen Moore Month ago

    No risk was taken you c

  • tharen Moore
    tharen Moore Month ago

    Beuh fought like a pussy . No risks . Acting like he a boss . Fury and wilder will whoop his lil ass

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  • Marra Amsterdam
    Marra Amsterdam Month ago


  • Nemisis Finder
    Nemisis Finder Month ago

    Olympic Gold Medallist. Did that for no money i guess...then won the World titles at a relatively early stage in his career because the division was weak at that time and He took his shot and he was successful. Now he's a multi millionaire. Set for life. Lost his belts. Proved alot of people wrong by winning them back. AJ can box, his footwork for a big lad like him is very good. One suspects he is still maturing. Legacy in.
    its early stages...good luck to him, he's buzzing. He's back on top...Fury is on the Wilder trail so he's no threat to AJ. Daniel Dubois needs testing. Maybe with Joseph Parker or Joe Joyce. If he can beat Parker, a tough man, the belt champions should pay attention. Dubois is the boogy man.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    AJ won fair and square no doubt about it but one thing the world seen that night he wanted no part of a punching contest with Andy he knew what would happen if he tried to

  • Victor Leon
    Victor Leon Month ago

    What's more embarrassing getting knock down 4 times or boxing overweight untrained and still go 12 rounds with the well trained sprinter Joshua

  • Eric Chatman
    Eric Chatman Month ago

    I enjoyed every second of the fight
    A good display of what BOXING is
    Hit and Not get hit
    Great performance

  • Young John
    Young John Month ago

    All I know is deontay wilder is no 1 , Tyson fury 2 then probably Joshua/Ruiz 3 ......he will know somebody after fighting wilder and fury 🥊🥊🥊🥊🇳🇬

  • Coldblooded Reptile

    It's great AJ regained his belts but busting a Mayweather against Deontay won't work. Deontay has the height and reach to cut the ring off and sleep AJ.

  • Phoenix love
    Phoenix love Month ago

    Click bait title shit because he neva ment it in the way its depicted here.

  • bpompa1
    bpompa1 Month ago


  • Bryce Jackson
    Bryce Jackson Month ago

    Ppl say this man ran for 12 rounds. Shit how you bust a man eye open running. If they truly watch the fight, every single round, AJ had Ruiz head bouncing back. A few times he damn near hurt him. On top of that, AJ went inside to fight numerous times and he ate some.shots(same ones that knocked him down)dodge some, threw and.connected and then got outta there. He put on an excellent boxing performance

  • E Palencia
    E Palencia Month ago

    how come tyson fury dont challenge joshua that would be a good one too

  • Nick Widdecombe
    Nick Widdecombe Month ago

    Wilder or Fury would be to much for Joshua

  • Cedrick Alexander Fitness

    AJ is great in interviews. Everything is so calculated and articulate. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

      ADEDOKUN SAMUEL Month ago

      I quite agree with you... an intelligent man he is.

  • wil rodriguez
    wil rodriguez Month ago

    might as well fight lara so they can prance around the ring like ferries

  • wil rodriguez
    wil rodriguez Month ago

    canelo would hand it to him

  • wil rodriguez
    wil rodriguez Month ago

    scared to get knocked unconscious by wilder or fury

  • SlickDawg
    SlickDawg Month ago

    Can’t stand his accent it’s super annoying

  • Shano Gixxer
    Shano Gixxer Month ago

    He doesnt want a 3rd against Ruiz, he will loose again.
    Fight one he got knocked the fuck out.
    He coudnt hurt Ruiz.

  • CloudStrife
    CloudStrife Month ago

    AJ you got knocked the fuck out by fat boy stfu. You got exposed

  • lol lol
    lol lol Month ago

    Hes so boring

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker Month ago

    If you eva face wilder you beat him

  • leopldo alvarez
    leopldo alvarez Month ago

    yes you did but recall how many times you fall to the floor in the 1st fight looking around and thinking oh god this is it i never step in the ring again 😅

  • Luis Rascon
    Luis Rascon Month ago

    I must have missed that OPEN cut... but I didn’t miss him knocking Joshua out. He can say whatever will make him look good.. Andy was fat... and out of shape and you couldn’t do shit other then jab and move... You boxed, you didn’t get into a fight.. super gay..

  • Suhaib Anaqreh
    Suhaib Anaqreh Month ago

    Wondering what will happen when AJ meets Fury or Wilder