Video shows elderly man pushed off bus, causing his death

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Police in Las Vegas have released video that shows a woman pushing an elderly man off a bus in March. The 74-year-old man later died from his injuries, and the woman is charged with murder. Cadesha Bishop, 25, was arrested May 6 and charged with open murder of an elderly-vulnerable person. CBS News' Nichelle Medina reports.

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    xZANITY KEYON 15 hours ago

    Why do they keep saying they pushed him no she pushed him

  • J DIX
    J DIX Day ago

    A monster

  • sheyla
    sheyla 4 days ago

    She is absolutely pathetic and that’s coming from a 14 year old

  • some guy
    some guy 4 days ago


  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera 5 days ago

    She had to be black

  • Hunting Trapping 101
    Hunting Trapping 101 11 days ago

    Never let this demon out of prison!

  • Brandon Beamer
    Brandon Beamer 11 days ago

    Chug-A-Lug Doug NAH she deserves a DEATH SENTENCE/PENALTY FR THO

  • Jose Garza
    Jose Garza 11 days ago

    That’s the oldest 25 year old I’ve ever seen.

  • JTundra
    JTundra 12 days ago

    100k bail? hb no bail at all? we have video evidence and we give an option for bail?

  • Alexander Eller
    Alexander Eller 17 days ago

    Give her to me and I'll break her mind and I can always leave her with a gun with one bullet in it she could either shoot me or end suffering

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 17 days ago

    What did I just see?!

  • Brends Mitchell
    Brends Mitchell 19 days ago

    This video was so hard to watch. Extremely disturbing and disheartening that someone would abuse an elderly person. I hope they throw the book at her and put her where she obviously belongs!

  • Mark Ritzen
    Mark Ritzen 20 days ago

    Elder abuse is the most digusting thing. I would go life time too prison for this man just to make that womens life horror

  • kid
    kid 20 days ago +1

    That butch should be pushed and beaten up then slowly killed

  • Ascetic One
    Ascetic One 20 days ago

    And that's one more reason why I hate
    *Black* People!!!

  • Frank Bayer
    Frank Bayer 21 day ago

    They are the most violent people in society

  • Lamont wilson
    Lamont wilson 21 day ago

    I dont know why people didn't jump her after doing that.

  • Quincy Quinn
    Quincy Quinn 23 days ago

    Let me guess..She will be let off easy due to suffering from "mental health" issues and being a victim of society. We will pay to rehabilitate her

  • Wildboy5699
    Wildboy5699 24 days ago

    So since it's a black woman killing a white man, she's only gonna get charge with hate crime nothing else.

  • Bad Ash
    Bad Ash 25 days ago

    I have it in my prayers that I run into this degenerate on the street. Give me 10 secs Lord, it'll be her last.

  • Mason Eis
    Mason Eis 29 days ago

    Ya know what dont give her the death penalty make her live a shity life in prison

  • J Cortez
    J Cortez Month ago

    Someone should of ran her over with the bus for that. Horrible!!!

  • Jackson. R
    Jackson. R Month ago +1

    How tf does she have a bail?

  • Micheal Hunt
    Micheal Hunt Month ago

    Forget life in prison ,death penalty! we don't need people like that beathing air and using up resources.

  • Melo Mitchell
    Melo Mitchell Month ago

    I use to work with this woman at office depot

  • Spongebob Schwanzkopf
    Spongebob Schwanzkopf Month ago +1

    Hello JEWTUBE. Go and 🖕 yourself for your NWO "political correctness" censorship word filter..... You will NEVER avoid free speech, you Jewish fucktards... 🖕

  • Bill Barry
    Bill Barry Month ago

    Democrats are happy. They just figure the guy deserved it and it's one less racist Trump supporter.

  • Jeffrey Ledbetter
    Jeffrey Ledbetter Month ago

    Hate crime

  • your mother's favorite.

    Oh my goodness. What an evil woman.

  • Shaun Kang
    Shaun Kang Month ago


  • Jiri Pirinen
    Jiri Pirinen Month ago

    Prison for life baby!

  • Saurabh Shah
    Saurabh Shah 2 months ago

    The worst of humanity.

  • cobalt
    cobalt 2 months ago

    why do black ppl do stuff like this :/

  • Carson Murphy
    Carson Murphy 2 months ago

    I'm too soft-hearted to be watching this I'm literally crying right now this is really disturbing I'm only you know a kid and to sit here and watch somebody do this like he's like sitting here watching somebody do this to my grandpa and that's not okay that's what makes a society so immature and rude and disrespectful all he asked was for her to be nice and she put her hands on him that's not okay

    • 11I00OO1I0O1Il
      11I00OO1I0O1Il Month ago

      hey kid get off the internet. thats not a troll thats solid life advice.

  • Migle Leli
    Migle Leli 2 months ago

    I watch this... wishing I was there to catch the guy or to stop the woman

  • Damin Mance
    Damin Mance 2 months ago +1

    That is wrong! Jail time!

  • Faysal Khodr
    Faysal Khodr 2 months ago

    She should hang

  • Shaun Richards
    Shaun Richards 2 months ago

    God that really makes me wanna wipe out all the evil in the world.

    ISRAELITE GAMING 2 months ago

    I got 2 words to say, HA HA...

  • Aliizya
    Aliizya 2 months ago

    RIP elderly man. That woman is just a-

    *”mole face 25 year old”*

  • Ya Girl Ariana Londyn
    Ya Girl Ariana Londyn 2 months ago

    I cried because I was thinking if this was my grandpa

  • RainyBlox
    RainyBlox 2 months ago

    Whyyyyy ;((

  • Americanwaffle 101
    Americanwaffle 101 2 months ago

    I would push her off of the holly wood sign

  • Richard Ransom
    Richard Ransom 2 months ago

    That Lady needs to Rot in Prison

  • Marciano
    Marciano 2 months ago +1

    If it was a white woman pushing a black elderly man out the bus and killed him, then people call that "racism" yall are pathetic

  • sam _skits
    sam _skits 2 months ago


  • N0rdicPT
    N0rdicPT 2 months ago +1

    *cough* *cough* NI-...

  • vitoduval
    vitoduval 2 months ago

    she will plead mental problem

  • jayoloxl
    jayoloxl 2 months ago +1

    she got no eyebrows no heart and no brain we call that a THING

  • Barbara Jean
    Barbara Jean 2 months ago

    If she would have listened to him and been nice, she wouldn't be in prison.

  • Alicia Faz
    Alicia Faz 2 months ago

    And in Vegas most will stand by and watch you get beat to death rather than intervene but it’s for the best ig

  • Josh Bryant
    Josh Bryant 3 months ago

    We should blunt force trauma to HER head! To death!

    SAS ASMR 3 months ago

    May karma attack her 😥

  • Coolgamer 200815
    Coolgamer 200815 3 months ago

    Damn she owns 100,000 dollars to his family and is in prison for 23 yrs and if police bring her out of jail to get beat up I would beat her up every day like I u agree I mean come on his an old man go easy on him his on his last years 😐😐😐

  • Spxnels_Shcked
    Spxnels_Shcked 3 months ago

    She pretty but has an very UGLY DISGUSTING heart who gave birth to this women BAD CHOICE (inspired by odds1out)

  • Tori H
    Tori H 3 months ago

    Unbelievably vicious. Deserves life in prison w/ no parole. People need to start being responsible for their actions. Just by her actions you can tell she’s inconsiderate of others and has no respect either.

  • Anonymous Last name
    Anonymous Last name 3 months ago

    1000th like

  • cal Cutts
    cal Cutts 3 months ago

    Give the woman life in prison.. I wonder what would other inmates think about her charge's when she is in prison???

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 3 months ago

    Push someone your own age and you'll see the difference.

  • Rick Chop
    Rick Chop 3 months ago

    i feel sorry for the elderly man, he didn't tell her anything bad. my thoughts and prayers goes out to his family