Video shows elderly man pushed off bus, causing his death

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Police in Las Vegas have released video that shows a woman pushing an elderly man off a bus in March. The 74-year-old man later died from his injuries, and the woman is charged with murder. Cadesha Bishop, 25, was arrested May 6 and charged with open murder of an elderly-vulnerable person. CBS News' Nichelle Medina reports.

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  • mogaman28
    mogaman28 Day ago

    That video is clearly CGI. Women are beings of light uncapable of such awful things. You all know it........
    Sarcasm mode off.
    Jail her for a couple of lives in hard labor if possible.

  • Ellie Tozier
    Ellie Tozier 2 days ago

    She is insane. She is disgusting. Why would someone do that?

  • SirViving
    SirViving 4 days ago

    Toxic Femininity at work

  • T O
    T O 5 days ago +1

    HATE CRIME......if the judge doesn’t TRIPLE the sentencing guidelines on this one then the judge should be put in prison also. I’m not being overly dramatic here. You heard me: The judge should be held without bail for NOT putting this in the same box as hate. She is black, he was white. END OF STORY. Instant hate crime!! For the judge who gets assigned to this case: We’ll be watching to make sure you do the right thing. If you don’t, you will be arrested as well. #WATCHDOGGROUPFORJUDGES

  • z
    z 6 days ago

    Yes we can...
    Good job Obama.

  • boo boo bitch
    boo boo bitch 6 days ago

    Just why?

  • J G
    J G 8 days ago

    fill up a bus with the elderly mans family and friends and everyone take turns pushing her off the bus

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 10 days ago +1

    Absolutely unbelievable..

  • leila wilkinson
    leila wilkinson 12 days ago +2

    the man will come back as a ghost and haunt her for the rest of her life absolutely disgusting behaviour

    RICKY RICHARDS 13 days ago +1

    Black on white attacks have increased and so have black on brown attacks. No respect of age! Always watch your backs!

  • 7DK
    7DK 13 days ago +1

    actually so disgusting, literally a defenseless person

  • Archie Cunningham
    Archie Cunningham 17 days ago

    She’s currently on house arrest

  • Gamer Aisha
    Gamer Aisha 17 days ago

    now bring up your race card

  • いきすちそ
    いきすちそ 17 days ago +2

    I hope that happens to her when she’s old.

  • Lisa Toro
    Lisa Toro 19 days ago +1

    And she should go to prison !!!!!!!!!!!

    GOLDEN ANGEL 21 day ago +2

    So sad 😢, why nobody came to his Aid to help him 😩😞

  • Yoko Hooper cosey
    Yoko Hooper cosey 23 days ago +1

    I don't know the protocol of bus drivers...but was the police called out immediately?did the bus driver stop his route ??how is it that this woman is able to get off the bus...step over her victim...who has now died....without police not being there to arrest her on the spot??

  • Darlyn Martin
    Darlyn Martin 24 days ago +1

    And now she says she's sad it happened. She's sad she got caught

    BuST BLUH 24 days ago +1

    She deserves to be in prison for this! Has no right to put her hands on anyone especially an elderly man!

  • Richard Garcia
    Richard Garcia 25 days ago +3

    In court, she was crying, claiming she was remorseful... but the only reason she was crying was because she is losing her freedom! Obviously SHE feels like SHE'S the victim of racist American injustice wrongfully convicting her just because she's black. Not only were her actions not self-defence, she shoved the elderly, disabled, vulnerable white man off the bus without provocation! She feels like her actions were not only in self-defense, but also justifying! And despite her defense claims that she cried because she's remorseful, she didn't even check his injuries. Just a cold stare, like- "No one tells me what to do (to be nicer to people)! She wanted revenge! She didn't care that her actions were illegal; yet, she expects the judge, jury and prosecutor to agree with her not-guilty plea. She couldn't be anymore guilty of her crimes than she is. And as a reminder: She stepped on him after she got off the bus! Which is all why I hope this animal never gets her freedom back in her life!
    #ALifeForALife !

    • blue shadows
      blue shadows 22 days ago +1

      And look, his relatives just shrug their shoulders to avoid any repercussions about the truth. If it was reversed, there would be calls for blood.

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 25 days ago +1

    Rot !!!

  • Ben Maldonado
    Ben Maldonado 25 days ago

    "When keeping it real goes wrong"

  • CosmicPyrhha
    CosmicPyrhha 26 days ago

    Its fine bruh just get his reboot card

  • MarvelManiac 616
    MarvelManiac 616 26 days ago +2

    I hope she is killed. BRUTALLY. Like have a wolf or something eat her guts out while she is still awake.

  • Don't move to Houghton
    Don't move to Houghton 26 days ago +1

    hang the witch.

  • Rick Montgomery
    Rick Montgomery 26 days ago +1

    Should be million dollar bail. Bring back pubic executions.

  • Yandere Wolf
    Yandere Wolf 27 days ago +1

    The death sentence should be cutting her fingers arms legs body off slowly while making her wear socks and dipping her feet in orange juice.

  • Savagemari88 Marisavge89

    She needs to stay in prison for 90 days

  • In the end it doesn't even matter

    These racist comments are as bad as this video

  • Sean Sartor
    Sean Sartor 27 days ago +1

    UGH !!! This individual perpetuates a LOUD, IGNORANT, FAT, & UGLY stereotype. "Yeah I said if !"

  • LuvLuv BooBoo
    LuvLuv BooBoo 27 days ago +1

    They all should have beat that bicth nearly 2 for doing that 2 that old man. It's nothing but walking demon walking around on earth.😢😢😢😢so sorry for the family.

  • Jon King
    Jon King 28 days ago +1

    If anyone thinks this is okay how would you feel if that was your dad or grandpa or mom or grandmother

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 28 days ago

    This is nothing compared to all the black babies toddlers that where fed to alligators.

    • Lora A
      Lora A 26 days ago +2

      Wrong. An innocent man is dead. It is SOMETHING.

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 28 days ago +2

    Wow this black woman does not surprise me one bit. Hang her

  • Jason Cuyler
    Jason Cuyler 29 days ago +2

    Shoot her

  • Kwae Say
    Kwae Say 29 days ago +3

    Everybody #whatabitch

  • Abisatya
    Abisatya 29 days ago +1

    If she can escape from jail then social punishment should work....for example, diners can reject her or probably stores...put her picture here and there to make sure people remember what she did....that should work.

  • Super Mario logo an People.

    Who you gonna push next a kid

  • Marc king
    Marc king 29 days ago +2

    Let's create a perimeter around an island somewhere and put all the savages there to keep each others company.

    • Chris Chriss
      Chris Chriss 29 days ago

      like that movie escape from absolom lol?

  • james emond
    james emond 29 days ago +2

    Charge the piece of trash with a hate crime.

  • RPG 808
    RPG 808 29 days ago +1

    Las Vegas SUCKS! This liberal dump is home to some of the most corrupt low life's in the world. Remember, these are the most dumbed down people in the U.S. STUPID isn't the word for it...zombies is the perfect label for these morons. Do you know what these so called "cops" would tell this poor old man if he were still alive? Why don't you mind your own business! A**holes!

  • J Ribs
    J Ribs Month ago +1

    Life in prison

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams Month ago +2

    I am a peaceful man. I extend grace as much as possible. I believe everyone deserves the chance to redeem themselves. Maybe this girl will. That being said, if I'd been on that bus and seen that happen, I'd be hard-pressed not to break her arm at the elbow. R.I.P. old man.

  • steve coscia
    steve coscia Month ago +5

    What if race was reversed? Hate crime? National news, riots?

  • Sysiphus Syziggy
    Sysiphus Syziggy Month ago +2

    If Owebama had a daughter …..

  • GreatKingRat
    GreatKingRat Month ago

    Radiation from cell towers and cell phones is causing more & more violent and impulsive behavior.

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon Month ago +2

    It needs the death penalty for that! It won't be missed!

  • Staivean Bb
    Staivean Bb Month ago

    And those elderly white biotches should have been pushed right behind him. You all looked like spinless cowards.

  • Toxic Liquid
    Toxic Liquid Month ago +1

    That’s so wrong!! You never ever ever rush a elderly person!!! You must have patience!! They are slow now! They are not active as we young one’s are!! Be helpful to them ! Have some patience

  • Todd
    Todd Month ago

    With video evidence, seems like a guaranteed conviction.
    Good riddance to trash

  • Dante Inferno
    Dante Inferno Month ago +1

    hey at least now she can live life in prison, snakes all, she'll fit right in!

  • Julian Warren
    Julian Warren Month ago

    I would love to watch that stupid fat piece of trash that pushed that poor old man burn in the hottest of fires. I would smile the whole time watching her burn and hearing her screams.

  • Denis In
    Denis In Month ago

    No respect for anything. Family education badly need it.


    The Demon is out walking around till mid july.

  • Joanne Sincere
    Joanne Sincere Month ago

    Please kind Sir I pray you are resting in peace. May your family find comfort in the arms of our Lord and Saviour. To the offender I'll pray for you but I also pray for justice for the family of this innocent man. Now you have to explain to God why you acted in such an UNNECESSARY MANNER! How much would it had taken just to walk away! You don't have the right to put your hands on someone because they're asking you to be kind, we should all try to be more respectful courteous and yes, kind! At the most you should of just walked away. But did way to much! How would you feel if it were your Mom,
    G-ma...Pop pop. Now you've taken two people from their loved ones. Note to everyone...THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Don't be an idiot!
    People, please let God guide you, believe me He's a better Captain than you'll ever be!
    Encourage Enlighten Empower.

  • OutOfTheirSkulls
    OutOfTheirSkulls Month ago +2

    One word sums up Americas crime problem. Blacks

  • Archie Cunningham
    Archie Cunningham Month ago +1

    Horrible. Let’s hear how her attorney explains how this accident occurred before we jump to conclusions

  • Selacia King
    Selacia King Month ago +1

    😲😲pls put her to death and that a old woman she is not 25

  • Not Quite Right
    Not Quite Right Month ago

    Is it considered a hate crime? Probably not.

  • tijuana butts
    tijuana butts Month ago +2

    Sick to my stomach. I will never understand how anyone can harm an elderly person or child. She'll get what's coming to her... Hopefully the death penalty

  • Chris Chriss
    Chris Chriss Month ago +1

    They let her out on bail! ARE YOU SERIOUS? this is so disgusting on so many levels this is the exact reason why I would never join the military or serve this country. all those people on the bus did nothing, the bus driver just drove off why is she free?! she should be put in prison for life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT* my heart goes out to the family, neighbors and friends they must feel so disgusted and sick to there stomachs with the justice system and this animal I will pray that God brings blessings into your lives and he brings judgement to that vile creature.

  • Tom Nicholson
    Tom Nicholson Month ago +1

    she will go to jail. this is a tragic story everybody needs to chill

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez Month ago +1

    BT 1000

  • Carson Roddy
    Carson Roddy Month ago +2

    This is infuriating.

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B Month ago +3

    Why is any one surprised by this nasty hateful woman's is happening all over the country some where everyday.
    The elderly are targets for these rabid animals that are on the loose in this country.

  • truth betold
    truth betold Month ago +3

    If I had been there I would squash her fricking head like a grape And then take a dump in her eye sockets

  • Alicia Arol Lives On...


    JUST ME Month ago +3

    "Some" viewers may find the video disturbing? If it doesn't Deeply Disturb you, there is something VERY Wrong with you!

  • tack alla
    tack alla Month ago +2

    Hopefully she gets charged with a hate crime and gets life in prison. He was no more able to defend himself than a 10 year old boy.

  • prppn Cosmo
    prppn Cosmo Month ago +1

    If i was the judge i would give her 10 life sentences.

  • IMaximusDMI
    IMaximusDMI Month ago +3

    She should be pushed down concrete steps face first until death.

  • ben firthy
    ben firthy Month ago +1

    remember folks, the media says mixed marriages for white are a good thing, they are pushing it in all advertising, we must beleive them

  • Legendary Master Victor

    Death penalty

  • Roshea
    Roshea Month ago +3

    Is she going to be charged with a hate crime ?

  • Swade Ozzy
    Swade Ozzy Month ago +1

    This is what happens when you react without thinking, when you let your temper lead your life without restraints. Eventually it all catches up with you.
    Sadly her life too is ruined because she has ignored the calls for self control.
    I hope no little ones are depended on her.

  • Hope Dalton
    Hope Dalton Month ago +1

    The others present who did nothing should be held accountable too.

  • Faataatia Tupuola,Jr
    Faataatia Tupuola,Jr Month ago +1

    Give her the Death penalty 😎

  • Dojan
    Dojan Month ago +2

    Life sentence in prison or execution for this woman. Nothing less.

  • Mitch
    Mitch Month ago +2

    thats a hate crime

  • due whit
    due whit Month ago +1

    $100,000 bail POSTED!
    Convictability of crime HIGH(Certain......)
    Flight risk DUH!

  • forevergreyJV
    forevergreyJV Month ago +1

    I’m sure she’ll be charged with a hate crime too . Oh wait never mind

  • Linda McC
    Linda McC Month ago +1

    They have taken this video off NBC News saying it does not exist!!! WTH?! Thank you CBSN for telling the NEWS!!! I'm sick of the double standard all these politically correct so-called news stations are getting away with!! That heartless woman who pushed this old disabled man needs to be punished to the max!!!!

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey Month ago +7

    What we saw wasn’t a human being pushed simply.
    What we saw was an old man being attacked by a crazed wild animal.

    • Crazy FerretLady
      Crazy FerretLady Month ago +1

      Don't you dare offend innocent animals! That creature is a *monster* not an animal..

  • Gee Man
    Gee Man Month ago +3

    That needs to be put down

  • Nico L
    Nico L Month ago +1


  • Nico L
    Nico L Month ago +3


  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 Month ago +2

    Another result of leftists media propaganda. I bet this monster thinks she's a victim and this poor man was a racist evil white man because she saw some idiot liberal reporter say so on MSNBC or CNN. . This is what happens when we have a media that talks non stop about Racism, some illusion of white privilege and making it seem like every white person is racists. You cause these mental insane people who act like animals to get violent. I believe in freedom of the press but there should be laws pass that doesn't allow the media to be opinion base because what happens is when you push identity politics 24 hours day sooner or later some piece crap person like this woman is going to take it seriously and get violent.

  • Alfred Saxon
    Alfred Saxon Month ago

    F****** N*****

  • Yn̸g̲̅.LΩUIΣ _
    Yn̸g̲̅.LΩUIΣ _ Month ago +2

    This lady needs the death sentence

  • Bravo116 and OCMJ
    Bravo116 and OCMJ Month ago +2

    Clearly race-related, the only thing that I hate in life is a bigot and that woman is a bigot she deserves the death penalty.

  • John Lamphier
    John Lamphier Month ago +1

    Everyone was afraid of her, no one called anyone or confronted her

  • Private Lender
    Private Lender Month ago

    She'll be running the prison for the rest of her life (and probably be happy) and her child narrowly escaped being raised in a way that was sure to turn him bad--now hopefully there will be a relative that despised the way this woman acted and feared for the child's upbringing who will take over and do good by the kid.

  • Phillips Mom
    Phillips Mom Month ago +6

    No one on the bus including the bus driver did anything to help him. Disgusting

  • toddlerwipes
    toddlerwipes Month ago +1

    Funny how the fact that she is black is enough to spark controversy in the comments.

  • Tobin Prowant
    Tobin Prowant Month ago +1

    So if democrats get their way this woman gets her voting rights back. But the man loses this life. Can anybody still say priorities

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark Month ago

    Not that this matters, but there aren't a set of steps to get on or off a bus. You literally see that there is only the part where you step down/step up. So why did they add that to make this sad video even more dramatic?

  • Fawk Yu
    Fawk Yu Month ago +4

    Of course it's another one of them dindus, why am i not suprised?!

    SUPERGRANDPRIX99 Month ago +1

    rest in peace God bless you... on the other hand I was not surprised people like that do stupid s*** put her in jail put her under the jail put her on death roll smack her head on the wall I don't care I don't want her on our streets no more hurting other people

  • Fortune and glory.
    Fortune and glory. Month ago +2

    Imagine the outrage if the races were reversed. Charge her with a hate crime too. (unt.

  • GetBackIn TheKitchen
    GetBackIn TheKitchen Month ago +1

    I am so ready for this war. Let's do this this.