Video shows elderly man pushed off bus, causing his death

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Police in Las Vegas have released video that shows a woman pushing an elderly man off a bus in March. The 74-year-old man later died from his injuries, and the woman is charged with murder. Cadesha Bishop, 25, was arrested May 6 and charged with open murder of an elderly-vulnerable person. CBS News' Nichelle Medina reports.

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  • Jiri Pirinen
    Jiri Pirinen Day ago

    Prison for life baby!

  • Saurabh Shah
    Saurabh Shah 6 days ago

    The worst of humanity.

  • cobalt
    cobalt 7 days ago

    why do black ppl do stuff like this :/

  • Carson Murphy
    Carson Murphy 8 days ago

    I'm too soft-hearted to be watching this I'm literally crying right now this is really disturbing I'm only you know a kid and to sit here and watch somebody do this like he's like sitting here watching somebody do this to my grandpa and that's not okay that's what makes a society so immature and rude and disrespectful all he asked was for her to be nice and she put her hands on him that's not okay

  • Migle Leli
    Migle Leli 9 days ago

    I watch this... wishing I was there to catch the guy or to stop the woman

  • Damin Mance
    Damin Mance 10 days ago +1

    That is wrong! Jail time!

  • Faysal Khodr
    Faysal Khodr 14 days ago

    She should hang

  • Shaun Richards
    Shaun Richards 14 days ago

    God that really makes me wanna wipe out all the evil in the world.

    ISRAELITE GAMING 14 days ago

    I got 2 words to say, HA HA...

  • Aliizya
    Aliizya 16 days ago

    RIP elderly man. That woman is just a-

    *”mole face 25 year old”*

  • Ya Girl Ariana Londyn
    Ya Girl Ariana Londyn 17 days ago

    I cried because I was thinking if this was my grandpa

  • RainyBlox
    RainyBlox 19 days ago

    Whyyyyy ;((

  • blazey smells good
    blazey smells good 22 days ago

    I would push her off of the holly wood sign

  • Richard Ransom
    Richard Ransom 24 days ago

    That Lady needs to Rot in Prison

  • Marciano Liando
    Marciano Liando 25 days ago

    If it was a white woman pushing a black elderly man out the bus and killed him, then people call that "racism" yall are pathetic

  • Sam Reviews
    Sam Reviews 28 days ago


  • N0rdicPT
    N0rdicPT Month ago +1

    *cough* *cough* NI-...

  • vitoduval
    vitoduval Month ago

    she will plead mental problem

  • jayoloxl
    jayoloxl Month ago +1

    she got no eyebrows no heart and no brain we call that a THING

  • Barbara Jean
    Barbara Jean Month ago

    If she would have listened to him and been nice, she wouldn't be in prison.

  • Alicia Faz
    Alicia Faz Month ago

    And in Vegas most will stand by and watch you get beat to death rather than intervene but it’s for the best ig

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    we're watching you judicial system, and there better be swift and harsh punishment for this sub-human who is racist against whites . HATE CRIME

  • Josh Bryant
    Josh Bryant Month ago

    We should blunt force trauma to HER head! To death!

  • Army of dabbers
    Army of dabbers Month ago

    May karma attack her 😥

  • Coolgamer 200815
    Coolgamer 200815 Month ago

    Damn she owns 100,000 dollars to his family and is in prison for 23 yrs and if police bring her out of jail to get beat up I would beat her up every day like I u agree I mean come on his an old man go easy on him his on his last years 😐😐😐

  • Toasty WolfyUwU
    Toasty WolfyUwU Month ago

    She pretty but has an very UGLY DISGUSTING heart who gave birth to this women BAD CHOICE (inspired by odds1out)

  • Tori H
    Tori H Month ago

    Unbelievably vicious. Deserves life in prison w/ no parole. People need to start being responsible for their actions. Just by her actions you can tell she’s inconsiderate of others and has no respect either.

  • Anonymous Last name

    1000th like

  • cal Cutts
    cal Cutts Month ago

    Give the woman life in prison.. I wonder what would other inmates think about her charge's when she is in prison???

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago

    Push someone your own age and you'll see the difference.

  • George S
    George S Month ago

    Black America doing its thing

  • Rick Chop
    Rick Chop Month ago

    i feel sorry for the elderly man, he didn't tell her anything bad. my thoughts and prayers goes out to his family

  • RD D
    RD D Month ago

    Ghetto trash!!!!

  • Turk Mercs13
    Turk Mercs13 Month ago

    I hope that woman gets killed in jail

  • Rylee Johnson
    Rylee Johnson Month ago

    That’s not a woman that’s a whale.

  • Grayfox Gaming
    Grayfox Gaming Month ago +1

    May god rest your soul

  • thomas brattan
    thomas brattan Month ago

    Be honest. You just knew didn't ya.

  • Ton Villa
    Ton Villa Month ago

    yes life in prisons

  • KpopXLovers
    KpopXLovers Month ago

    that women deserves it

  • J G
    J G Month ago

    This "woman" is clearly mentality ill and needs to be put away forever. She shouldn't be around other decent people, especially her kids

  • Tr33smoker
    Tr33smoker 2 months ago


  • Jeremy Fisher
    Jeremy Fisher 2 months ago

    Let my have her

  • {InSuBoRdInAtE}
    {InSuBoRdInAtE} 2 months ago

    May she develop an inoperable tumor at the base of her spine and die an *AGONIZING* death as her friends and family watch in dismay.

  • Whipcreamys Lol
    Whipcreamys Lol 2 months ago

    She should be in solitary confinement for life instead of death because that’s a easy escape

  • ehalljay1
    ehalljay1 2 months ago +1

    Hmmmm... In America this happened? Hmmmm .... Not good.

  • Dimitri Putin
    Dimitri Putin 2 months ago


  • Victor Miguel Rivera
    Victor Miguel Rivera 2 months ago

    Where’s the outrage? The hate crime people? The mainstream media only loves minorities being hurt.

  • RedneckSpaceMan
    RedneckSpaceMan 2 months ago

    I'm sure it was racially motivated as well.

  • Briany McCune
    Briany McCune 2 months ago

    Amazing how low our society has gotten for people not to respect their elders. Sure, she might have gotten mad but no need to physically hurt another human. Just sad.

  • SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL
    SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL 2 months ago

    At least she didn’t leave him hanging from a tree huh....

  • Shapur Sassani
    Shapur Sassani 2 months ago

    RIP old man.
    I have a question, is this american culture? to not care about an old man? the bystanders didnt care?

    • White343
      White343 Month ago

      No, it was the White-hating Politics that infected the minds of many that forget the American Culture.

  • george street fighter
    george street fighter 2 months ago

    If it is the other way round then i would see CNN, MSNBC and democrats cursing white man, christians, white supremacist and president trump. Not to forget late night comedians like trevor noah having a field day. From singapore.

  • SMHDragon Ball Super Ace of Spades

    This woman NEEDS to FRY MY GOD if that had been my grandfather she would not have TO WORRY about posting bond I would of killed her MYSELF. PIECE OF HUMAN GARBAGE

  • Lorde is my queen
    Lorde is my queen 2 months ago +1

    That woman is ugly, inside and especially outside.

  • bout it bout it
    bout it bout it 2 months ago

    I would have knocked her out....brake her jaw out of her skull

  • Gamer B
    Gamer B 2 months ago

    This is unbelievable who would do such a thing
    One like = one prayer for Fournier

  • Marta Kostiuk
    Marta Kostiuk 2 months ago +1


  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 2 months ago +1


  • Cole Contreras
    Cole Contreras 2 months ago

    This is absolutely disgusting

  • Kalei A
    Kalei A 2 months ago

    Idiot lady