Types of Friends to Avoid

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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    Types of Friends to Avoid
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  • Walter Membreno
    Walter Membreno 5 hours ago

    Film theory how to kill dead pool

  • Kijuan Pompey
    Kijuan Pompey 12 hours ago

    Wait u booty bandit what u gay?🤣

  • Tyler Straka
    Tyler Straka 12 hours ago +1

    like if ud tapp the hot chick lol

  • Datch
    Datch 12 hours ago


  • Yeathatsdylan
    Yeathatsdylan 13 hours ago

    The friendzone thing i felt

  • RoRa26
    RoRa26 16 hours ago

    6:54 the song is allu trap bar XD

  • king _zay1209
    king _zay1209 16 hours ago

    Poor rhino
    1 like = one girl for rhino
    We support you rhino

  • SauccingBoi 510
    SauccingBoi 510 21 hour ago


  • Jayden Layne
    Jayden Layne Day ago +1

    you forgot that friend that always says ok that one friend with a blank personality that never cares about anything and if u tell them nvm they dont care am i the only one?

  • Piggies Love123
    Piggies Love123 Day ago

    I'm the loud one when it's my first day back with my friends. The friend that never pays you back is my mum. But I'll allow it because shes my mother

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez Day ago +1

    Ashley is fine asf

  • Boss Record
    Boss Record Day ago

    14:43 I'm sow like this like if you are to

  • Jayde Burns
    Jayde Burns Day ago

    I'm the angry issue
    But I'm fine with it

    What am I talking about

    SMOOF ROOF 2 days ago


  • brown nword
    brown nword 2 days ago

    Why at 7:50 Noah took a peek at her ass

  • Haley Luv’s Dances
    Haley Luv’s Dances 2 days ago +1

    The Texas roll part... had me died 😂👌🏾

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 2 days ago +2

    1:31 it kinda feels like a phone screen am I the only one?

  • Paper Airplane
    Paper Airplane 2 days ago

    You can get a Texas roll at my basketball center

  • Trillah
    Trillah 2 days ago

    for yall thirsty mf her @ is @ashley_goyette

  • lil k
    lil k 2 days ago

    We keep the ⚪ small

  • joy mccullough
    joy mccullough 3 days ago

    you are are so funny lol

  • RJtheBeast
    RJtheBeast 3 days ago

    NOTE: All LoveLiveServe videos are filmed in front of a live studio audience

  • B1G_Sm0KE_PR username

    19:33 that shit made me laugh so hard

  • Txroy !
    Txroy ! 3 days ago +1

    Bruhhhhhhhhhh I’m the debby downer 😔😔

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson 4 days ago

    God damn felt that shirt through the camera at shits lit fire 🔥

  • Young Magnus
    Young Magnus 4 days ago

    whats Noah looking at at 7:50???

  • Mega Z
    Mega Z 4 days ago +1

    should I make more videos? Idk I am kinda sad

  • Helen Bunch
    Helen Bunch 4 days ago +1

    Both of my friends act like they espeshially drama queens

  • CMM96
    CMM96 4 days ago +1

    I look like someone tried to draw drake and messed up LOL

  • Chris Gang
    Chris Gang 4 days ago

    The girls that be on their videos be finneeeeee as fuck😍

    CREEPING DEATH 4 days ago +9

    Rhino: Except for me i don't have friends
    Noah: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU*

  • Caleb Sanchez
    Caleb Sanchez 4 days ago +2

    This sounds like every friend in highschool lmao

  • Sylas Gahan
    Sylas Gahan 5 days ago

    Zeus’s lightening bolt Ashley THICC

  • Justin Borroum
    Justin Borroum 5 days ago

    Bow hello

  • j0rgE rAmireZ
    j0rgE rAmireZ 5 days ago

    I'm the one with anger issues...

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor 5 days ago

    I be the Debby downer sometimes but not to the extent 🤣

  • LIMT
    LIMT 5 days ago

    *DO* *DO* *DOUBLE INTRO* ...

  • Anderson Valdez
    Anderson Valdez 5 days ago

    The shirt feels like glass

  • character ideas x
    character ideas x 5 days ago

    6:25 have a friend like that sigh

  •  5 days ago

    7:52 I see you Noah🤣🤣💀

  • sean
    sean 5 days ago

    when i was 12 deadass all of the above was me

  • senuke nuke
    senuke nuke 5 days ago

    Booty what??😂

  • Kylz Matr
    Kylz Matr 5 days ago

    I act differently around the other gender as well (I'm a boi) but I'm not trying to hustle out of existence I just try to keep myself cool cuz I'm awkward as a bitch

  • Mikey Gaffney
    Mikey Gaffney 5 days ago +1

    And yesss she needs to be in more vids

  • Mikey Gaffney
    Mikey Gaffney 5 days ago +2

    Dude Ashley is my will never have crush 😫

  • Noob master69
    Noob master69 5 days ago +1

    Who else felt the shirt...just me okay

  •  5 days ago


  • Ronald Mcdonald
    Ronald Mcdonald 5 days ago +1

    The black guy looks like a skinny Denzel dion

  • saryn toews
    saryn toews 6 days ago +1

    My "friend" straight up told me she wished I had longer hair, bigger chest, and was taller.
    First off all, I'm blacker than hell,
    second I got that Afro American frizz so fuck you.
    Third of all, I can't control how tall I am.

  • Lauren-Kate Kush
    Lauren-Kate Kush 6 days ago


  •  6 days ago +2

    In reality, it’s your fault for putting yourself in the friend zone haha

  • Blu
    Blu 6 days ago

    noah was staring at ashley 7:50

  • SkyDome Official
    SkyDome Official 6 days ago +2

    Me: So who's the first friend to avoid?
    Also me: Oh... My friend should avoid me...

    I have a crush on my friend's gf...

  • Mythicals
    Mythicals 6 days ago

    7:50 caught Noah looking at Ashley

  • Eduardo Mccalla
    Eduardo Mccalla 6 days ago

    This is funny

  • Donovan Lennox
    Donovan Lennox 6 days ago

    After seeing @ 16:31 and then going through @ 16:49, I'm moving out f*ck that sh*t...

  • Donovan Lennox
    Donovan Lennox 6 days ago

    At 12:02 I wonder if this is their friend that plays Harvard at football...

  • Donovan Lennox
    Donovan Lennox 6 days ago

    The first and second one is the same nigga, before and after type shit

  • SolarXclipse
    SolarXclipse 6 days ago

    I hate to say it but Ashely is so fine, I wish I knew her or was friends with her

  • Amelia gameplays
    Amelia gameplays 7 days ago

    Who the FUCK took the FUCKING Texas rolls?!!!!!

  • Trevor Sanchez
    Trevor Sanchez 7 days ago

    Dammm she hella baddddd

  • ScAR Savage
    ScAR Savage 7 days ago +1

    1:32 it feels like glass though🤔 that cant be very comforting

  • naylla jacobo
    naylla jacobo 7 days ago

    who the f says "howdy!"love these videos!!😭

  • Private Guest
    Private Guest 7 days ago +4

    20:09 Me when my friends try to help me get a girl...

  • Jaxon Parris
    Jaxon Parris 7 days ago +1

    ik im late to this vid, but ESNTLS is made by a TheXvidr named TeachingMensFashion (i watch him so ik what ESNTLS is), so its cool that theyre sponsoring this video

  • YT Sp1keZz
    YT Sp1keZz 7 days ago

    Ashley highkey bad ASF!

  • Un jun kong meme xd
    Un jun kong meme xd 7 days ago

    2:42 starts

  • Rachel's Town
    Rachel's Town 7 days ago +1

    If I had a friend like that with anger issues like Rhino I would be dead by laughing at them

  • Celena Gonzales
    Celena Gonzales 7 days ago

    20:15-20:20 my fave part 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂

  • Celena Gonzales
    Celena Gonzales 7 days ago


  • Videogammer 227
    Videogammer 227 7 days ago +2

    Yo I have a friend that’s actually all of these

  • Night Monkey
    Night Monkey 8 days ago +1

    Almost all my friends act different around females 😂

  • Nom Dom
    Nom Dom 8 days ago +1

    Yo Noah I saw that you were looking at her ass at 7:50 bro

  • Its Jack
    Its Jack 8 days ago +1

    i want ashley's info NOWWWW!!!

  • Hussein Mazhar
    Hussein Mazhar 8 days ago +1

    Jose sunita hooked up rhino with some esntls