Doing Double Vision Makeup

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Here's the video that I followed by Roxxsaurus to create this look, check this out if you want to see someone actually succeed in life at this lol
    And here is (I believe) the creation of the double vision look by Dope2111
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  • Holliday Cox
    Holliday Cox Day ago

    spider beech
    spider beech
    shes a beech and u always knew
    shes so cute
    she got exposed
    and now she is the spider beech
    LOOK OUT here comes the spider beeeeeeeeeech

  • Angel High Pipe
    Angel High Pipe 2 days ago


  • Jesi Nau
    Jesi Nau 3 days ago

    I've always wanted brown eyes too and think guys with dark brown eyes are the hottest! They just look so big and bedroomy!

  • CC Kuhnighut
    CC Kuhnighut 3 days ago

    I want one of you talented motherfuckers to do this double vision make up but as Jenna's face and not your own

  • FH
    FH 6 days ago

    I love that Ezra Miller wore this to Met Gala ^^ I wonder if he at least saw her video

  • marmar shechez
    marmar shechez 8 days ago +1

    This was one of the more bizarre videos I've seen of yours, Jenna. And not because of the content but because at the end I kept finding myself looking at the wrong pair of eyes! Freaked me out! I did that at least twice!

  • George Gillespie
    George Gillespie 12 days ago

    I love that your never afraid to try new things. You always say in a lot of your videos that your not talented and you dont have skills and shit but you are WRONG. You did great and we love you. Live your dreams gurl.

  • Crystal Salas
    Crystal Salas 13 days ago

    Who are all those people she's talking to? Just random ppl?? Lol.

  • KneeClaws !
    KneeClaws ! 17 days ago

    Harry Potter: You’re Aragog aren’t you?
    Jenna: It’s me, Spida Beech 🕷 🕸

  • Emilee Sherwood
    Emilee Sherwood 17 days ago

    yo honestly if u turn the phone upside down it doesn't look half bad

  • Layith
    Layith 18 days ago

    I think if you do your makeup well, like the look you're going for. It really works for you. Not the eyes.. something here is working.

  • Katie
    Katie 20 days ago


  • Fatemeh
    Fatemeh 20 days ago

    Just started watching jenna and julian and i love them both so much :( thank you for brightening up my days. I love when she says BEECH in all variants :(

  • Erix Glass
    Erix Glass 21 day ago


  • Erix Glass
    Erix Glass 21 day ago


  • Erix Glass
    Erix Glass 21 day ago


  • dusty noodle
    dusty noodle 21 day ago

    i’m on a jenna binge right now and i’m having such a good time i love her

  • cloudburst
    cloudburst 22 days ago +1

    I want this to be the first video aliens see

  • Stockinette Siouxsie
    Stockinette Siouxsie 25 days ago

    Ngl, watching her recent content, it's hard to believe that she was completely different in the past and used to be a go-go dancer. She has really blossomed.

  • Michaela Murphy
    Michaela Murphy 26 days ago

    Look at it upside down

  • artehou no
    artehou no 27 days ago

    You have beautiful eyes

  • Erin Fitzsimmons
    Erin Fitzsimmons Month ago

    *2010 Jenna voice* say bye spider beech!

  • Ella123456789
    Ella123456789 Month ago

    Jenna : we are not married
    Fans: it’s cuz juliens an Aries isn’t it
    Julien: iTs ArIeS sEaSoN

  • Kayta Lafain
    Kayta Lafain Month ago

    Why is this couple goals

  • leberetframboise
    leberetframboise Month ago +1

    really surprised that the "we're an Us now" clip hasn't been included in any jenna marbles horror remix videos...YET

  • xoelenore
    xoelenore Month ago

    anyone else rewatch her videos to make you feel good because your life is a flaming dumpster fire and you want to die but Jenna and Julien exist and she gives us wholesome content

  • KayleeKakes
    KayleeKakes Month ago +1

    It’s me spider beech

  • Miller Orr
    Miller Orr Month ago

    i love julian in the background hahhaha

  • Trippy Hippy
    Trippy Hippy Month ago

    Hey its me , spider beech

  • Krystal Brizuela
    Krystal Brizuela Month ago +1

    We stan a spider-beech queen.

  • We Are Come in Peace

    I'm still curious if homie ever saw this video and got his confirmation that it was Jenna 😂😂

  • Avathy
    Avathy Month ago

    steven universe fusions:

  • Raymond
    Raymond Month ago

    ewh ezra miller definitely saw this video before his 2019 met look

  • Единорог Радужный

    Приветик с

  • Maggi Korn
    Maggi Korn Month ago +1

    Welcome to Jenna 2.0

  • jordy
    jordy Month ago

    What app was that?

  • Annalise L
    Annalise L Month ago +1

    In my family we went through a phase where we cut out a large picture of that honey bunches of oats lady from the box and hid it in each other’s rooms!! Behind doors, peaking out from atop a ceiling fan, tucked in bed, etc. 🤣

  • Fathom Soaps
    Fathom Soaps Month ago +1

    The Spider Man franchise missed out on naming Peter Parker “S’Peter Minn”

  • Fa B
    Fa B Month ago

    You’re not drawing 8 eyes,’re drawing 6, you’re supposed to have 2 real eyes, Jenna

  • Super Sprinkles
    Super Sprinkles Month ago +1

    *doing makeup in drunk glasses*

  • Camdyn Wiggins
    Camdyn Wiggins Month ago

    I've seen this video 4 time or more and I've never noticed til now that julien said "crape is ma favorite breakfast foOd" and now I'm deceased 😂

  • Meghan Johnson
    Meghan Johnson Month ago

    That one guy that knew it was you was pretty attractive looking

  • Ramon Barragan
    Ramon Barragan Month ago

    I only kept looking at Jenna's chin face

  • Alyson Ryan
    Alyson Ryan Month ago

    Everything about this video is amazing. 💜 especially the video chat.

  • Brooke Sprague
    Brooke Sprague Month ago

    If you cover everything on her face except for the bottom eyes nose and lips, it will 100% make your day. Thank me later

  • Onikalicious
    Onikalicious Month ago +1

    its me spider beeech 😏

  • Daiki Mimura
    Daiki Mimura Month ago +1

    reminds me Shpongle

  • JeNnA mArBLeZ
    JeNnA mArBLeZ Month ago +1

    1:08 hurt jddkdk

  • Trish Mro
    Trish Mro Month ago +1

    kay I know this is an old video, but I could watch Jenna just use that random face chat app talking to randos for a whole vid.

  • April Webb
    April Webb Month ago

    What app did she use to live stream?

  • Jocelyn Curley
    Jocelyn Curley Month ago

    the video that inspired ezra miller's met gala 2019 look

  • Alena16 20
    Alena16 20 Month ago

    This is maybe my favorite video of all time

  • shan ly
    shan ly 2 months ago +1

    Jenna that man from omegal was a keeper he was going to keep you WITH the eyes

  • mango juice
    mango juice 2 months ago +1


    • Tre Vibez
      Tre Vibez 2 months ago

      mango juice thank you 😈😂

  • - Pugggo -
    - Pugggo - 2 months ago

    8:22 the last this you see before death

  • Charlotte Buck
    Charlotte Buck 2 months ago

    just for men what about just for speder men and Jenna

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P 2 months ago +3

    "You drew a bunch of eyes at 2:30 in the morning."
    😂 dead

  • Fateema Patel
    Fateema Patel 2 months ago

    Skdhahjshs it’s me spider beech

  • katie jaksa
    katie jaksa 2 months ago +1

    just focus on the bottom eyes and her mouth. i couldn't stop laughing.

  • Prettypinkdork
    Prettypinkdork 2 months ago

    That one guy was so cool