Telling My Parents I Got My Girlfriend Pregnant (CRAZY)

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Comments • 9 401

  • Weezy
    Weezy 28 days ago +7403

    Sick video wasn’t expecting that reaction! Also great too see Deji happy again 😊

  • shutupndsmile
    shutupndsmile 5 hours ago +1

    We all know damn well you can’t add water to a pregnancy test and get 2 lines

  • asthmatic monkey
    asthmatic monkey 7 hours ago


  • ARIK4
    ARIK4 10 hours ago +1

    The only reason they were happy cause dounja ws there otherwise deji wouldve died

  • Erik Estrada
    Erik Estrada 23 hours ago

    Can i get a thumbs up deji

  • Bradwin bosch
    Bradwin bosch Day ago

    You are the best deji

  • Nick Cooper
    Nick Cooper Day ago

    Bet deji won't see this

  • Megat Hakim sing

    deji:she is one month pregnant
    deji's dad:oh congrats
    lol hahaha

  • Thomasina Mack
    Thomasina Mack 2 days ago

    Deji Jake Paul lives in Los Angeles

  • VitoPlays
    VitoPlays 2 days ago

    I love these videos dejiii❤️

  • Ragnorak Y
    Ragnorak Y 2 days ago +1

    This is the calmest reaction

  • Fake Unspeakable gaming

    You read thia? Prove it ping it if its not ping yoh LIED

  • Cooper David
    Cooper David 2 days ago

    Get waves 😂😂😂😂

  • Lord chak 5678
    Lord chak 5678 2 days ago +1

    The way Deji calls his mum is like a 8 year old

  • Bladen Sun
    Bladen Sun 2 days ago

    Times have really changed HAHAHA

  • Rasdiah 123
    Rasdiah 123 2 days ago

    deji mom: so you guys are accually pregent
    Deji: wait im pregnent too?

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx 3 days ago

    Sick vid wasn’t expecting that reaction! Also I have a question what happend to tank? Ty. Oh and also Is it true that if your late you don’t see my comment. 😪

  • Taygimoo
    Taygimoo 3 days ago

    I’d be scared to say that it was a prank after that

  • Kaizerdidrik YT
    Kaizerdidrik YT 3 days ago

    tought deji was going to get kicked out again

  • Defaulty MovingPurpleScar

    i hope u guys get a cute baby

  • dirtytv
    dirtytv 7 days ago +1

    This guy fell all the way off wtf, this is dry does his parents have TheXvid I rather watch them

  • H
    H 7 days ago

    Is that his actual girlfriend

  • Theepz
    Theepz 9 days ago

    That was a dead prank

  • thundertiger 9000
    thundertiger 9000 9 days ago

    Dejis mums lost loads of weight

  • Indi Seymour
    Indi Seymour 9 days ago

    Omg his mum looks soooo goooodddd she’s so cute

  • EwGaming4U
    EwGaming4U 9 days ago

    2:41 Me when England win a semi-final in 2020🤟

  • A2Z
    A2Z 9 days ago

    Man no offense but I think they are faking the relationship like Jake P

  • Averon Warren
    Averon Warren 9 days ago

    That is crazy you make Dunya pregnant

  • Carl Grimes
    Carl Grimes 10 days ago

    You're awesome deji. Love your vids

  • XD_ClApZ
    XD_ClApZ 10 days ago

    Deji: (I read all comments)

  • Rollies_ Jhn
    Rollies_ Jhn 10 days ago +1

    Pls like this comment

  • Kevin can
    Kevin can 10 days ago


  • Kevin can
    Kevin can 10 days ago

    Dunia is really beautiful

  • Mayka Lobaton Miranda
    Mayka Lobaton Miranda 10 days ago +1

    2:39 is when u pass ur gcse's

  • Steve
    Steve 11 days ago

    Yo yinka lost weight

  • I’m Peter
    I’m Peter 11 days ago

    “We just added water and it got 2 lines don’t ask how” tf is up with your water 😂

  • ali serunkuma
    ali serunkuma 11 days ago

    whoah whoah whoah!!!!!! has deji have a new girl

  • Laura S
    Laura S 11 days ago

    Your mom can dance lol. Well, she didn't get mad. Is junja really your gf , or was it a prank too?

  • AlphaxWolf
    AlphaxWolf 12 days ago +3

    Usually the African couture in each family the mum and dad but mostly the mum would whip the cells out of you but this one this got to be a backfire because if it’s not wooow

  • Mary Grande
    Mary Grande 12 days ago

    Deji if u r reading this....i love you 😌

  • Mason Lewis
    Mason Lewis 12 days ago

    If he read his comments he would see mine and like it

  • Blu
    Blu 12 days ago

    Wait is this a prank or what

  • WaveyLaceLondon London
    WaveyLaceLondon London 12 days ago +1

    Your intro is actual support of a girlfriend

  • Cillian Hegarty
    Cillian Hegarty 12 days ago +1

    This is so fake that it’s funny

  • Gudmundur Jonasson
    Gudmundur Jonasson 12 days ago

    If you rly read the comments then proof it and like my cmnt

  • Badman Fire
    Badman Fire 12 days ago +1

    😂😂😂 LMAO

    TKAUSHY SIMS 12 days ago

    Even tho this video floped it was still entertaining

    TKAUSHY SIMS 12 days ago

    Deji should like my comment cos im black

  • _xitsDexx _
    _xitsDexx _ 13 days ago

    bs u read all comments

  • lolxlmao
    lolxlmao 13 days ago

    You read every single comment yet you haven't seen mine

  • t_winndows10
    t_winndows10 13 days ago

    Comon deji bring it back g

  • Nuce Kalif
    Nuce Kalif 13 days ago +1

    Love ya deji

  • Keeez
    Keeez 13 days ago

    Just saying Deji I love you, you are amazing

  • Surfersideb
    Surfersideb 13 days ago

    Calm down

    ツSOLOFN 13 days ago

    Was it rlly a prank

  • Coren Rickard
    Coren Rickard 13 days ago

    Read this comment this is not fake

  • YouTube Fan
    YouTube Fan 13 days ago +2

    Except that reaction it made me laugh
    But ai kinda felt bad for Deji Mother because
    She was happy

  • Joshua Camilleri
    Joshua Camilleri 13 days ago

    you are trash

  • Avvid-A
    Avvid-A 13 days ago

    That was cute tbh, nice to see you happy man !

  • Micaela
    Micaela 14 days ago

    I don't think their parents minded because they have so much money