Cobra Kai Ep 1 - “Ace Degenerate” - The Karate Kid Saga Continues

  • Published on May 2, 2018
  • Thirty years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny Lawrence’s life has taken a rocky turn as he tries to forget a past that constantly haunts him. He seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. But the LaRusso-Lawrence rivalry of yesteryear is reignited when their lives become intertwined with the next generation of “karate kids.”
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  • Millerzmagic
    Millerzmagic 11 minutes ago

    What’s the song 25:26

  • 50ShadesOfGranny
    50ShadesOfGranny Hour ago

    Time to ré watch the serie. 10/10

  • Charles Butler
    Charles Butler Hour ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 great show. I loved the movie!

  • Ayanna Gallant
    Ayanna Gallant 3 hours ago +1


  • Pépé le Moko
    Pépé le Moko 5 hours ago

    Wow, awesome !

  • Tess Mohler
    Tess Mohler 7 hours ago

    Loving the 80’s music they’re playing in this ❤️

  • hungg 123
    hungg 123 7 hours ago

    This Movie Looks GTA.

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar 8 hours ago

    I really needed this. Thumbs up for the creators

  • shubham chhabra
    shubham chhabra 10 hours ago

    awesome before watching i decide to see comments if its waste no use to watch it and the starting scene yeah yeah great stuff man

  • Mag neto
    Mag neto 12 hours ago

    Your the best around........

  • Mikeyboy86
    Mikeyboy86 14 hours ago

    This needs a DVD release! Like this comment; get their attention!

  • Pavel Quispe Fernandez
    Pavel Quispe Fernandez 17 hours ago

    Would not it have been better for Johnny to go talk to Daniel's daughter and tell her who was the girl driving to give her the problem?

  • Super Kyle
    Super Kyle 17 hours ago

    4:09 How ironic that Johnny lives in Reseda

  • andrew seed
    andrew seed 18 hours ago

    Well we have all been there or will be there. Johnny misses the old days. He's stuck in the past, can't move forward. Struggling too. LaRusso although not struggling he too misses the old days.

  • Rosanna Danna
    Rosanna Danna 19 hours ago

    They really think I'm gonna pay premium to watch this? HAHA that's cute..

  • Trey Kolat
    Trey Kolat 19 hours ago

    Hey what’s up cobra kai I played fortnite with you my username is mr wafels

  • Mean Mach
    Mean Mach 20 hours ago

    Is it possible to get subtitles on this show?

  • Walt Lonsdale
    Walt Lonsdale 21 hour ago

    I love how Daniel rubs his hands together just before the final match then calls a medic!

  • Angel Valle
    Angel Valle 22 hours ago +3

    the networks dropped the ball this would be the hottest show on cable tv .

  • timmybmn
    timmybmn 22 hours ago

    Season TWO in a month! Oh man!

  • Ronald Allan Dela Cruz
    Ronald Allan Dela Cruz 23 hours ago


  • Sonu Mahto
    Sonu Mahto Day ago

    Hindi kab cobra CAI hoga please Hindi me rilij kijiye

  • jeanemlicar
    jeanemlicar Day ago +2

    I can't wait for the whole series to be released on DVD & Blu-Ray??? I'm so gonna get it.

    • Samuel
      Samuel 45 minutes ago

      I don't think it is going to be. They're keeping streaming only.

  • Rethi
    Rethi Day ago +1

    So so cool...German Sound please

  • Lipika D
    Lipika D Day ago


  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham Day ago

    On the house take it, the best offer you get.

  • Rinku Verma
    Rinku Verma Day ago


  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham Day ago

    Typical always assume the one standing up for the right is the bully.

  • Andrew Graham
    Andrew Graham Day ago

    Poiso. One of the greatest rock athems ever.

  • Md Omar
    Md Omar Day ago

    Kjbvh kaknke

  • Hanamant Yalladagi

    I'm also in karate Taichi

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks Day ago +6

    Watching the series makes me feel like I'm a teenager again.

  • Stryker
    Stryker Day ago +1

    Bet season 2 Johnny will give Miguel the red Leather jacket

  • SenseiHitman WayOfKempo

    I predict the death of Johnny s stepdad season 2 funeral with hardly no one mourning then Johnny has insight into fixing relationship w Robbie

  • Andrew Fenandez
    Andrew Fenandez Day ago

    It is nice movie episode but I wish that all episode is free

  • Zorsu Atilla
    Zorsu Atilla Day ago

    Où peut on trouver la version en francais ou même sous-titre en francais

  • StrangeProfile
    StrangeProfile Day ago

    Larusso sounds like one hell of a buiseness

  • Julian Thangarajah

    this is one the best shows i ever watched

  • Clint Robinson
    Clint Robinson Day ago

    i swear to god i do -_-

  • Clint Robinson
    Clint Robinson Day ago


  • Umesh Kumar
    Umesh Kumar Day ago


  • stevenpea
    stevenpea Day ago

    Vaya patadon al inicio

  • ayush gaur
    ayush gaur 2 days ago +1

    Thank you for refreshing my childhood memory.

  • Myke __
    Myke __ 2 days ago

    This Is similar Than Karate kid 🙄🙄😠😠👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Frank B Parker
    Frank B Parker 2 days ago

    I think the tv is more in the center of the room on the wall johnny put it on

    RITIK KUMAR 2 days ago

    Ohk so karate is Japanese form an I thought it's Chinese

  • so ge
    so ge 2 days ago

    did ali appeared in the series?

  • Gacha wolf
    Gacha wolf 2 days ago

    i love this show! and I cant wait for season 2!

  • Pollofri999 español :D

    I WANNA EP 11

  • Tiago Lopes
    Tiago Lopes 2 days ago

    faltou a dublagem em português Brasil!!

  • Shin
    Shin 2 days ago +1

    "I m not gonna be ur teacher
    I m gonna be ur sensei "
    I don't know why but I knew this was coming

  • Денис Соколов

    Cobra gay, cobra=penis?

  • HD 2Face
    HD 2Face 2 days ago +6

    I love the disgusted look on Billy Zabka's face when he says to the lady "I'm not homeless." "That's my car." LMAO!!!

  • Sahil Joshi
    Sahil Joshi 2 days ago

    This is not done....why you tube is not accepting my card? All details are right.

  • AstroPhysicsGuy
    AstroPhysicsGuy 2 days ago

    11:31 GTA in a nutshell

  • Santafunk
    Santafunk 2 days ago

    IRON EAGLE!!!!

  • ·alejandrok·
    ·alejandrok· 2 days ago

    Es como karate ki

  • Margaret Ann Casey
    Margaret Ann Casey 2 days ago

    Dan was kinda condescending to Johnny when they first met up again, wasn't he.

  • UFCWWEFan 619
    UFCWWEFan 619 2 days ago

    People saying fried bologna is gross...

  • Margaret Ann Casey
    Margaret Ann Casey 2 days ago

    Poison, Johnny? You've GOT to be kidding....

  • Elijah Nu
    Elijah Nu 2 days ago +1

    This by far is TheXvid’s best series they have ever made

  • Kenny Overby
    Kenny Overby 2 days ago

    Miagi 4 ever

  • Kim Howell
    Kim Howell 2 days ago


  • Kim Howell
    Kim Howell 2 days ago +1


  • smiffo lycan
    smiffo lycan 2 days ago

    who is that super hot woman that he said . "all right? Just quit bitching at me"

  • rigz
    rigz 2 days ago

    fuckin will smith the dad of dumbass 11 year old jaden smith american karate kid in china fucker is executive producer

  • geoffroy koumba
    geoffroy koumba 2 days ago

    pourquoi c'est en anglais ?

  • orlybabe
    orlybabe 2 days ago +2

    This is so amazing! And Johnny Lawrence grew up looking HOT 🔥

  • AnimeBloodSamples
    AnimeBloodSamples 2 days ago

    rewatching this for the 11th time now. 36 DAYS LEFT for S2!!!!

    ZUTERES 2 days ago

    Thats some real mid life crisis

  • Puia Ralte
    Puia Ralte 2 days ago

    Finally the real karate kid gets his moment to shine. Who cares about that scrawny nerd from new jersey, pfft.

  • Prateek Magarde
    Prateek Magarde 2 days ago

    It's copy of the Karate kid, Jackie Chan AMD will Smith son

  • Adam Zangara
    Adam Zangara 2 days ago +7

    NOW I know what to use my free TheXvid Red trial for :)

  • Pralay Kumar Roy
    Pralay Kumar Roy 2 days ago +1

    It's like karate kid

  • Santosh
    Santosh 3 days ago

    Why Jake Paul doing karate

    KOMA QEDRÎ CAN 3 days ago

    hello gais why tger isnt any arbic or Kurdish translation

  • Deok Selat
    Deok Selat 3 days ago

    Daniel sucks

  • Hardik Singh
    Hardik Singh 3 days ago

    Why does this keep popping up in my recommendations again and again...

  • kiroshi elma
    kiroshi elma 3 days ago

    Looo mejoooor youtu te amoo, estoy lakaaa

  • kiroshi elma
    kiroshi elma 3 days ago

    Estoo es otra ondaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Alligator
    Alligator 3 days ago

    original karate kid guy with the blonde hair is like the logan paul of today.

  • Jorge Alburquerque
    Jorge Alburquerque 3 days ago

    Solo los primeros 3 capitulos estan con subtitulos en español, a partir del cuarto capitulo (solo premium) ya no hay traduccion, solo es el gancho para pagar la membresia 👎👎👎

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 3 days ago +4

    Anybody else find themselves rooting for Johnny in this series?

  • rigz
    rigz 3 days ago

    The intro was awesome

  • Naraj 85
    Naraj 85 3 days ago +1

    Here after season two trailer anyone?

  • Chance’s Hybrid
    Chance’s Hybrid 3 days ago

    Logan Paul knocked out was the best part

  • xWolfie2x
    xWolfie2x 3 days ago

    Karate kid white people version

  • Colby Mcnally
    Colby Mcnally 3 days ago +1

    Best thing I've ever watch.

  • Rohan Rawat
    Rohan Rawat 3 days ago

    Karate kid movie ki copy hai its such a sham

  • Fer Enrrique
    Fer Enrrique 3 days ago +2

    Es ese momento en q te vuelves fan de lawrence y te vale verga larusso :v

  • Hmingthana Colney
    Hmingthana Colney 3 days ago


  • Shubham kanojiya
    Shubham kanojiya 4 days ago

    Karte kid copy something

  • aweas kmd
    aweas kmd 4 days ago

    Karate kid remake😒😒

  • saraswati Naskar
    saraswati Naskar 4 days ago


  • Manoj Sethi
    Manoj Sethi 4 days ago


  • NoZone _
    NoZone _ 4 days ago +1

    Teach me...

  • Aiman Jaseem
    Aiman Jaseem 4 days ago

    17:27 skull trooper

    EPIMETHEUS XYZ 4 days ago

    But I guess 1st series is better

  • Pramod Kumar
    Pramod Kumar 4 days ago


    SHI FTY 4 days ago

    Cobra ah Kai ah! Adei 😂😂😂